Fox News In 2016, a Florida man became an unexpected hero by simply listening into a phone call. Priscilla Cercone was talking to her husb...

@@ Husband Hears A Concerning Whisper As His Wife Leaves Her Phone On @@ Husband Hears A Concerning Whisper As His Wife Leaves Her Phone On

@@ Husband Hears A Concerning Whisper As His Wife Leaves Her Phone On

@@ Husband Hears A Concerning Whisper As His Wife Leaves Her Phone On


Fox News

In 2016, a Florida man became an unexpected hero by simply listening into a phone call. Priscilla Cercone was talking to her husband through a Bluetooth earpiece as she drove home from work on a Tuesday. When Priscilla stopped responding in the conversation, her husband became suspicious. As things progressed, the situation started getting extremely intense.

Priscilla was having a typical after-work talk with her husband, filling him in on her day and chatting about work. Her husband was at home awaiting her arrival. When Priscilla’s husband heard a soft whisper, he immediately panicked. This day left everybody with a surprise they could never have predicted. The chain of events was terrifying.

As Priscilla got out of her car to fetch her mail, she was approached by a man that put a gun to the back of her head and demanded she open the back car door. The man then demanded that she start driving. Priscilla followed the robber’s orders and drove. What the robber didn’t know was that her Bluetooth was picking up everything he said. Priscilla’s husband was in a panic on the other side of the phone as he listened to the chilling words this man was saying to his wife.

Priscilla was absolutely terrified. She was just going about her day and minding her own business when she was high jacked. This man turned her day upside down with his horrific agenda. She was not sure how this was going to turn out. She had no idea exactly what this man’s plan was. All she knew was that she was in danger and she hoped for some way out.

Priscilla’s husband knew he had to act — and fast. Who was this man? What was he doing in his wife’s car? Why wasn’t she responding to his questions? When he realized she was in danger, he jumped into action with hopes of saving his wife.

This story became more and more chilling as the details surfaced. Priscilla’s official report left everyone in shock. This was an unfortunate turn of events with a number of twists that no one could have expected.

When Priscilla got out of her car to get her mail, all that was on her mind was getting home and relaxing with her husband. Her whole night shifted when a man, later identified as Bernard Deandre Owens, approached her. He placed a gun to the back of her head and demanded that she open the back car door.

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Priscilla was smart enough to continue her phone call with her husband but made sure to stay silent. As Owens ordered directions in her right ear, her Bluetooth earpiece remained on in her left ear. As you can imagine, her husband was terrified as he picked up bits and pieces of the situation. While the situation was horrifying, the outcome was unpredictable for everyone involved.

Owens demanded that Priscilla empty her pockets and give him all the money she had. When she admitted that she had no cash on her, Owens became extremely pushy and demanded to find another solution. With his gun to her head, he started barking directions at Priscilla. She obeyed and took him where he wanted to go.

It is important to remember that while all of this was occurring, Priscilla’s husband was still on the headset in her ear. As he shouted to her, asking if she was okay, what was going on and if she needed help, she remained silent and assumed that he would get the hint.

In an interview with CBS, Priscilla said, “My husband heard when he said to me, ‘open the back door and let me in because if not I’m gonna shoot you and kill you.’ I just had to be calm and brave and just get it over with.” She also stated it was the longest drive of her life, understandably.

Owens demanded that Priscilla drive him to the nearest bank, so she drove him to Chase bank. When he told her to empty her account, she tried to withdraw $500, but she didn’t have enough. Priscilla then proceeded to withdraw $400 and handed it to Owens. This is when the pressure started to increase for everyone.

Owens was extremely dissatisfied with the amount of money that Priscilla handed him. She explained to him that she is not a rich woman and that the $400 was all that she could give him. However, the money was simply not enough for him so he proceeded to demand more and more from her.

Hollywood Detective Kristopher Doyle stated that “While this entire thing was happening, this incident, her husband was still on the Bluetooth and [Owens] was not aware of that,” Doyle said. “Her husband, I’m assuming, put two and two together and realized something was going on because he hung up and contacted the police.” Which caused a serious twist to the story.

Things got messy when Owens told Priscilla that he’d kill her and her family if she called the police. She knew that her husband was suspicious and she began to panic. Although she seemed to be cooperating as much as possible, she was terrified that things would start to fall apart.

Owens took Priscilla’s purse and personal belongings, including her cell phone, which she handed over effortlessly. He then proceeded to ask about her valuables at home and if anyone else was home at the time. Although he thought things were going his way, Owens was in for a rude awakening.

As they started en route to Priscilla’s house, they passed numerous cop cars. Every time they came across a vehicle of authority, Owens started screaming for her to take a different way home. As Owens started getting nervous, the pressure really intensified for Priscilla. Things were about to really heat up for everyone.

As they approached the home, police cars surrounded the area. Priscilla made the brave decision to continue driving towards the house and jump out of her moving car. As she ejected herself from the car, Owens did the same. Owens’ day did not turn out the way he expected.

When Owens jumped out of the car, he attempted to run away from the police but they eventually caught up to him. Needless to say, everyone was grateful that he did not get away with this. Later on, they also found his firearm and realized he had thrown it while trying to run from the police.

Owens was arrested at the scene and taken to jail immediately without bail. He was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping. After what he put everyone through, this man clearly belonged in jail and finally got what he deserved. After the story came out, claims from Priscilla brought everyone to tears.

Police ended up sharing information with the public including that Owens was already a convicted felon. He is now charged with “robbery with firearm, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon, kidnapping and false imprisonment of an adult, and kidnapping to commit a felony”, according to

During an interview with American Now, Priscilla stated, “Always carry your phone. Always carry somebody on your ear (on your Bluetooth). Wherever you go, tell them where you’re going, because sometimes you believe that nobody has to know what you do and nobody has to know where you’re going and doing or your decisions in life, but you always need somebody to know where you are.”

On the website “Mad World,” this story was presented and one commenter said the following: “Her husband is better than me.. I would have blown his brains all over the front yard. Can’t rehabilitate garbage. Give him 10 years in the pen. He will come out harder, stronger, angry, and [with] more knowledge. Next time he will kill his victim.”


Priscilla has taken more than tragedy out of this occurrence. She says that she wakes up every day feeling blessed to be alive. She makes it clear that she truly thought she might die and she refused to let that happen. The way this played out, she was extremely lucky and it is important to always stay alert and aware of our surroundings.

With Owens in jail and Pricilla alive and well, we can acknowledge that modern technology is extremely beneficial in a lot of ways. After all, Pricilla Cercone could have possibly lost everything, including her life, without her Bluetooth earpiece. We are lucky to live in a time with such beneficial technology.

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