Are you ready for a mystery that’ll blow you away? What about fifteen mysteries involving safes being opened with contents that were life-...

## Incredible Stories About Safes & Their Mysterious Contents ## Incredible Stories About Safes & Their Mysterious Contents

## Incredible Stories About Safes & Their Mysterious Contents

## Incredible Stories About Safes & Their Mysterious Contents


Are you ready for a mystery that’ll blow you away? What about fifteen mysteries involving safes being opened with contents that were life-changing? People have come across live grenades, money, and more. Get prepared for some bizarre findings that will have you ready to bring out the blow torch if you ever come across a mysterious safe. 

The Mystery of the Women’s Suffrage Capsule


For decades, an old and unopened safe sat in the corner of the New York City headquarters for the International Council of Women. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of ICW, members decided that it was time to finally open up the safe. Everyone had wild ideas about what could be hiding inside, however, no one expected what was finally unearthed.

The ICW Safe Findings


Finally, in 2013, the safe was opened and the contents were pretty remarkable. Inside there were items from the 1930s to 1950s that included a change purse with money from Mexico to France, along with letters containing ICW business and more. However, the coolest find was a replica of Susan B. Anthony’s gavel. 

Safe From Mexico Holds Interesting Treat


Back in 2013, a man living in Toldeo, Ohio bought a 1,000-pound safe from the Champion Safe Co. of Provo, Utah. Champion Safe guaranteed that the safe was crafted in Mexico. However, when the man opened up the safe he was shocked by a green surprise.

28 Extra Pounds

Image: Mexpro Insurance

Much to the man’s surprise, the safe contained an extra 28 pounds of marijuana. The packages were evaluated at $420,000. The man who bought the safe alerted the company and was cleared of all charged by the DEA. However, the driver who transported the safe is still missing. 

Next, we have a safe buried by the Third Reich…

Backyard Discoveries


While digging out a septic tank area in his backyard, a man living in Besh-Küngöy, Kyrgyzstan came across a mysterious safe. The man, Lukichev Dmitry, uncovered an army field locker that was originally used by the Third Reich. As he began cleaning off the safe, Lukichev quickly noticed how well-preserved it was. 

The Contents 


Lukichev noticed that the safe was a baggage parcel from 1944 or ’45. There was also a seal wrapped around the safe that kept moisture from getting in. Once he managed to open it, he found a time capsule that held a Wehrmacht officer jacket, gloves, sweater, braces, collar, dust masks, and even a clothes brush. 

Next, we have a safe filled with some of the most perverse things.

Craigslist Safe


A Reddit user by the name of “cakegirl8” posted a story onto the site. The user came across a Craigslist ad posted by a guy whose ex-tenants were taken to prison. He was trying to sell their leftover possession, which happened to be a safe. Cakegirl8 made the purchase and was shocked by what she discovered inside. 

Horrific Discovery


When cakegirl8 finally opened the safe she was almost ‘blown away’ by the contents. Inside she discovered a live grenade and a hard drive full of child pornography. She immediately contacted the local authorities about her findings. 

Our next mystery takes us to a Canadian safe that filled many with disappointment. 

Canadian Mystery Safe


What would you expect a mysterious safe in Canada to have hidden inside of it? Well, for years, a safe was kept in the historic Dineen building in Toronto. Many speculated that the safe would have hidden gold bars or jewels, however, the actual contents were far less valuable. 

Disappointing Find


Once opened, the contents were far less exciting. The safe contained some old documents and a pair of old skates. The owner of the building, Clayton Smith, tried his best to hide his disappointment during an interview with CBC: “It’s kind of nice to have stuff to mill through. There’s bound to be some interesting documents. There’s everything from what porta-potties rented for 55 years ago… It’s kind of neat in the developer’s world.”

Massachusetts Safe Filled With Unlikely Treasure


Until 2013, a safe the size of a small car sat in the heart of the Massachusetts State House. For years, no one had any idea what was hidden inside of it. Finally, the suspense got to be too much and the safe was finally opened. To much surprise, the safe was filled with tons of valuables from different times in history that’ll surprise you…

Surprising Massachusetts Find


Inside of the safe was a time capsule filled with Confederate money from 1864, WWI savings bonds, and metal stamps with the engraved signatures of former treasurers, including Foster Furcolo, who became the state’s 60th Governor in 1957. There were also beautiful vintage photographs and magnetic tape from 1971 that had some old computer files. The biggest mystery was how all of these items ended up in the same place. 

If you find Ted Bundy intriguing, then you’ll be blown away by this next safe discovery. 

Newsroom Safe


A safe locked away in the newsroom of the Glenwood Springs Post Independentnewspaper office in Glenwood, Colorado, was finally opened in 2017. The contents of the safe shocked everyone, as it was filled with strange photographs of Ted Bundy, one of America’s most notorious serial killers. So what kind of photographs were they?

The Photographs


The photographs inside of the safe were taken while Bundy was awaiting trial in 1977 on a murder charge in Colorado. The oddest part was that the photos were taken right after he was captured trying to escape prison. The photos were labeled ‘Bundy Capture’ and no one knows who took them or why they ended up locked away in a safe.

Mystery Goo In Washington Safe


Back in 2015, the entire city of Washington D.C. freaked out when a safe was discovered with a mysterious liquid goo. In fact, the fire department, US Secret Service officials, and an Army explosives team were all brought in to inspect the mysterious contents. The biggest fear was that the goo could have been a secret liquid bomb. 

Testing The Goo


Despite doing an array of on-site tests, the goo couldn’t be identified. However, when it had a chemical reaction to water, the goo was quickly transported to a lab for further investigation. A spokesman for the DC Fire Department told the Washington Post: “We took the extra precautions. We wanted to be as thorough and careful as possible when we moved it.”

eBay Buyer Gets A Big Surprise


Back in 2012, an eBay user purchased an old safe off of eBay for $122.93. However, when he opened up the safe, he discovered $26,000 in cash waiting inside for him. James Labrecque, the seller of the safe, claimed the entire thing was a hoax but his email exchanges with the buyer told a different story. 

Email Exchanges

Image: Bangalore Mirror

According to the emails sent between Labrecque and the buyer, Labrecque wanted a cut of the money. However, the buyer allegedly emailed Labrecque saying,  “What you see is what you get, no returns, and no money back.” 

Next, a safe discovered in Alabama only brought about more mystery with its discovery. 

Mystery Safe Filled With Mysteries


A safe uncovered in Irondale, Alabama, was filled with some pretty underwhelming stuff. Inside was 51 cents in pennies and an IBM cash register key. Det. Sgt. Michael Mangina told local reporters: “The contents appeared to have been old and weathered.” Despite reaching out to several local businesses, no one has yet to come forward to claim the safe.

North Carolina Museum Safe

Image: Visit North Carolina

The Robeson County History Museum in Lumberton, North Carolina, had a safe that was left unopened for an unknown amount of time. When a new owner finally took over the museum, they finally decided to figure out what was hiding inside. They hired a team to crack it open and were blown away by the weird artifacts left inside.

Strange Artifacts


Inside of the safe, the team discovered photos from WWII, featuring men, tanks, and mules along with postcards that were dated in 2006. There was also a stock certificate for the Thompson Memorial Hospital in Lumberton dated 1926 and a check for $1,100 drawn on the National Bank of Lumberton dated 1959. Talk about an odd discovery. 

Heroin Bust


During a routine traffic stop, Crystal Lynn Hall and Dustin Delmont Spohn were driving their truck which held a safe. When police opened up the safe, they found 100 bricks of heroin inside. However, despite having eight bricks of heroin in her possession, Crystal swore that she had no idea what the heroin was doing in the safe. The story only gets weirder.

Key To The Safe


Both Crystal and Dustin denied knowing about the heroin, despite Dustin having a key to the safe. The duo said that they had no idea what they were transporting. Overall, the police confiscated about $51,000 worth of heroin. 

Can you imagine finding a large safe in your new house’s basement? Well, that’s what one group of New Zealander’s quickly discovered. 

New Zealand’s Largest Safe


A group of New Zealander’s moved into a house that once allegedly belonged to a “drug gang.” Inside the basement of the house, the group discovered a huge safe in the basement with a dial that didn’t have a code. The team worked endlessly to unlock the safe to no avail. Then one day, someone new took over.

New Tenant


Eventually, the group moved out and made room for a new tenant to move in. The man had been following the mystery for a while and finally managed to open the safe with a crowbar, drill, and a saw. However, the mystery of the safe was a big letdown when all he found was a bunch of spiders. The man ended up turning the safe into a cool downstairs bar.

The Craziest Safe Find

Image: Harrison Daily Times

An old safe inside of the Boone County District Courtroom in Harrison, Arkansas, piqued Judge Robert Hathaway’s curiosity. Hathaway eventually consulted with a historian who took some pretty big guesses about who the safe could have belonged to. According to the historian, the safe belonged to late former federal Judge J. Smith Henley. Finally, they managed to crack it open. 

Wild Contents


Finally, the safe was broken into and the contents were absolutely wild. Inside of the safe was a piece of paper with the combination. Talk about a wild goose chase for nothing. Our final mystery involves a safe that opened up a string of mysteries for the people of West Plains.

40 Year Mystery


A huge mystery surrounded a safe that was left unopened in West Plains, Missouri, for nearly 40 years. When a locksmith finally managed to open the safe, they found a manila envelope inside. The message inside the envelope was pretty cryptic.

Mystery Message


The message inside of the envelope read: “This iron safe will no doubt last 100 years – If this envelope remains with it, you will have a list of the articles buried in the capsule on Court House lawn which is scheduled to be opened July 4, 2000-76. Our best wishes to you – and the future.” No one knows who owns the safe and the mystery is still being investigated.

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