A Backyard Secret Looking for a place to lead a peaceful life, John Sims purchased a property in the suburban area of Tucson, Arizona. The...

@@ Man Found This in His Back Yard, And It Changed His Life Forever @@ Man Found This in His Back Yard, And It Changed His Life Forever

@@ Man Found This in His Back Yard, And It Changed His Life Forever

@@ Man Found This in His Back Yard, And It Changed His Life Forever


A Backyard Secret

Looking for a place to lead a peaceful life, John Sims purchased a property in the suburban area of Tucson, Arizona. The home seemed to perfectly suit John’s requirements and he was eager to move in. Little did he know how exciting his new life is going to be, until one day he heard a rumor about a secret buried deep in his backyard.


Creepy stories and old mystery tales were nothing new in the area. However, John was so intrigued by the rumor that something horrifying was buried in his backyard that he decided to investigate it. The only proof he had at the time were the tales that circled the neighborhood. Despite the lack of evidence, John was persistent and determined to get to the bottom of this myth so he began digging through his backyard. Stick around to find out what he discovered!

Moving Into the House

Just when John Sims was looking for a new home for himself, a friend of his happened to be selling his property in Tucson. John figured it would be a good idea to purchase the property from a friend, knowing it was well taken care of throughout the years. However, he wasn’t expecting his new home to come with a shocking surprise.


Upon selling him the property, his friend told him about the rumors surrounding the mysterious backyard. It seemed like a joke at first and John didn’t even think anything of it. It took time for him to realize that this was the beginning of a story that the whole world would be reading about!

Hint, Hint

John’s friend wasn’t hesitant to share the story about the mystery of the house. Even though he knew about the rumors for a while, he never further investigated them, as he realized that he might find something he doesn’t want to see. So the chilling secret of the backyard remained untouched for years, ready for John to begin his investigation.


His friend maybe didn’t want to get involved with the creepy secrets of the home but John surely had different plans. He just couldn’t sit around knowing that there was something in his own backyard, something that could be a life-changing discovery. He was certainly aware of the dangers that could come along but his curiosity wouldn’t let him sit still.

The Curiosity

At this point, John wasn’t even sure if the rumor was anything more than a false hope. Still, the chances of finding something astonishing buried in his backyard were 50-50. He couldn’t stop thinking about his backyard, as if there was something calling him to start digging.


Jokingly, John asked his friend for a shovel and, even though they both got a good laugh out of it, John was actually somewhat serious. However, he was aware that he would need more than a simple shovel to get to the bottom of this mystery. He needed a plan and adequate tools and, even though he didn’t have any of this, he had an idea.

So It Begins

Determined to put an end to the mystery, John took time to prepare for his mission. Even though he was excited to start digging right away, it took a while to get things started. Still, he never stopped wondering about what he could find in his backyard. At this point, the possibilities were endless and his imagination was going wild.


Unfortunately, getting to the bottom of this secret meant that John had to mess up his whole backyard. He knew things were about to get messy but he didn’t care much for the appearance of the property now that he knew that something could be hiding underneath it. Ready to uncover the truth, John started to dig up holes in his yard.

Hot Weather

As much as John wanted to find the treasure, the weather wasn’t really working in his favor. Arizona is known for boiling heats and this summer wasn’t any different. However, John was determined to succeed at his mission so he kept digging with nothing more but a shovel, despite the exhausting summer heats.


After hours of digging, nothing seemed to happen. There were no results of John’s hard work whatsoever. At this point, he began thinking that his friend was just leading him on. Either way, John wasn’t ready to quit yet, since things were just getting started. Maybe the shovel just wasn’t enough to uncover a secret this big.

Digging up the Backyard

After digging up four holes and turning his whole backyard into a mess, John found absolutely nothing. Even if there really was something under his backyard, it could have been completely destroyed by now, which would make all of his work pointless. Still, these were all just guesses, since John had no valid proof that the secret didn’t exist.


His first attempt at uncovering the truth surely was disappointing but it didn’t stop John from trying again. Even if there wasn’t anything hiding beneath his backyard, John was determined to keep digging until he is 100% sure that the rumors are fake. He knew that he would need a better plan if he wanted to get to the bottom of this, which is when he got a brilliant idea.

Finding Documents

In search for proof more valid than a simple rumor, John got his hands on official documentation. He found the municipal records of the area of Tucson his property was located in. He went through the documents until he found the right one. Among the records of the structure of his house, John found his best clue so far.


The papers stated that a company named Whitaker Pools had built something on his property back in 1961. It seemed official, since it did show up on the municipal records but it didn’t make any sense to John. Why would a company that builds pools create something underground? It surely wasn’t a pool. Still, this was more than enough to keep John on his track, as he was about to discover something truly unbelievable.

Bringing in the Tools

After finding the official documentation, John knew he had to get more serious about his mission. After all, a shovel surely wasn’t enough for this task so he decided to bring in professionals. He hired consultants who used metal detectors to investigate the backyard.


This is when things got real, as some of the more advanced tools got into play. Once proper gear was brought to the site, John was more than ready to carry on the mission. They went through the whole backyard with metal detectors and, sadly, the first attempt was a bust. Just when the team was about to give up and put the gear away, one of the metal detectors went off.

Marked the Backyard

Finally, after hours of searching, the metal detectors did their job. In fact, they didn’t go off once but two times at two different spots. John was excited to finally have a clue, which meant he will no longer be digging in the dark. He used spray paint to mark X signs on the two spots where the detectors went off and he was ready to continue the search.


It was at this point that John finally had evidence that the mystery was not just a rumor. He had a clue that told him to carry on and keep digging. Of course, with such an important discovery, his expectations went up. He took his shovel again and got back to digging. Surprisingly, the shovel hit something rock solid very soon. Was this the big secret?


Judging by the sound the shovel made when hitting the buried object, John was able to tell that it was something made out of metal. The closer he got to the metal object, the more hesitant John became. At one point, he even believed this could be septic tank, which made him rethink whether it was a good idea to keep digging.


John finally had the big breakthrough in his discovery, but this meant that he had to be even more careful with digging around, as he had no idea what the metal object actually was. Luckily, as he kept digging, he discovered that the object he came across was not what he had assumed. This is when things got even more interesting.

Here It Comes!

Soon after, John discovered that the metal object his shovel was hitting was actually a lid of some sort. The moment had finally come to open the lid, which lead to an even greater discovery. It seemed that John had found some sort of a secret entrance in his backyard. But, where did the mystery entrance lead to?


John and the crew had no idea where the secret entrance led to. Still, they were careful not to inhale too much, since the air coming out of it could have been filled with toxic gas fumes. When he got the courage, John took a peek inside the entrance and he was surprised with what was set in front of him.


A Strange Spiral

The newly discovered hatch seemed to have some sort of spiral blades inside of it. After taking a better look, John realized that these could actually be spiral steps, leading to a room underneath the surface. The more they looked at the blades, the more aware they became that those were indeed stairs leading to the buried secret.


John was so excited about his discovery that he wanted to rush into the hatch and find out what it hid inside. Luckily, he was smart enough not to do so, since he could’ve seriously injured himself. Instead, he decided to take a step back and plan his next move.

Staying Safe

As a fire department captain, John was well trained in rescuing people and, thanks to his vast experience, he was able to predict that walking into the entrance would only cause dangerous consequences. Keeping the potential risks in mind, he decided to take some safety precautions first.


It was obvious that the newly discovered structure was not so new. Everything about it was unstable and the stairs itself were sharp and rusty. Instead of exposing himself to unnecessary danger, John decided to hold back and come up with a plan. He had created a genius plan for moving forward with the discovery, but he wasn’t able to do implement it on his own.

Getting Help

At this point, it was obvious that John would need to assemble a whole team to help him out with further investigation. He called a few of his friends to come over and help him out. Besides needing their support, John needed someone present on the site in case anything went the wrong way.


Judging by the size of the lid he had discovered, John was able to predict that if such a structure fell on him, it would kill him on the spot. That is why he had another task to complete before looking further into the hole in his backyard. Luckily, he now had a team of people ready to assist him.

Making a Plan

Despite all the excitement surrounding the new discovery, John still kept safety in mind. He wanted to investigate the underground space in the backyard but he also wanted to be able to navigate it correctly. He surely didn’t want to walk in there unprepared, considering that he has no idea what hides behind the entrance.


He invited his friends over and they all sat down to discuss the next move. They were so serious about the project that they even created a blueprint and a method for further investigation. They had no idea what they were getting into but they were surely ready to find out.

Beginning the Process

After creating a plan, the team quickly moved to implement it. The first thing they did was repair the whole entrance. It was obvious that the structure was too weak to support any of them so they had to reinforce it with concrete. The rusted stairs were another obstacle that had to be taken care of.


So many things stood in John’s way but he was still determined to find out what was inside the hole. However, as much as he was eager to find out the truth, he knew he had to act smartly and avoid making unwanted mistakes.

Setting the Concrete

Along with his crew, John finished creating several layers of concrete around the entrance. The next step was securing the inside of the entrance. The team wanted to be completely sure that if someone was to go inside the hole, they would just fall right through it.


They worked hard to create a concrete structure that would keep the entrance stable. Throughout the whole process, none of the crew members were able to stop thinking about what could be hiding behind the entrance. They were getting closer and closer to finding out but something kept working against them.

Unbearable Heat

The crew was still dealing with unbearable heat of the Arizona summer. Besides the fact that they were overheating while working, the crew was also worried if the direct heat would affect whatever it is inside the entrance. To make sure their discovery is safe, they built a huge tent over the backyard to protect the entrance from direct sunlight.


The cardboard structure they created above the entrance also kept them protected from the heat, making the job much easier. After the cement structure was finished, it was almost time for the team to go down into the mystery entrance. However, they still needed to take care of one more detail

Setting up the Electric Line

To make sure everything goes smoothly, the team decided to install an electric line. Whatever was hiding under John Sims’ backyard, the crew wanted to be able to see it clearly. They weren’t satisfied with the idea of using flashlights so they decided to get even more serious and use proper power tools.


During the finishing touches, they installed a pipe to funnel in fresh air. Once everything was done, the crew was ready to uncover the secret that was sealed for over fifty years. John and his team were excited to find out what piece of history this backyard was hiding for so many years.

Slowly Progressing

Once the work was done, the tunnel entrance was looking much better than when it was first discovered. The hard work John and the team put into the project had truly paid off and their persistence despite the heat and all obstacles was truly admirable.


The moment everyone was waiting for had finally come. John and his team were confident that the entrance was safe enough to go inside, which is exactly what they decided to do. At this point, John had a hunch about what exactly he might find underneath his new backyard.

Dangerous Stairs

Just when the team was about to enter the mystery space, they came across another obstacle. Despite strengthening the structure with concrete, the inside of the entrance was still not safe enough. The spiral stairs were covered in rust and one could easily cut themselves onto the sharp metal.


However, there was absolutely no way to fix the stairs from the outside, which meant somebody had to go inside the entrance. Stairs were obviously not strong enough to support any of the crew members but this wasn’t going to stop John.

Entering the Tunnel

It was time to enter the mysterious tavern. However, John had to find another way in, since he couldn’t use the stairs. There was no way for him to jump in, as the hole was too narrow and he would surely cut himself along the way. His idea was to insert a ladder, which he would use to lower himself into the entrance.


From the first day of moving into the house, John had dreamed about the moment he entered the secret space beneath his backyard. Now he was so close to solving the mystery, which made him more excited than ever. He lowered the ladders into the entrance, a step closer to his big discovery!

Time to Explore

As he lowered himself using into the hole using the ladder, John realized that he was the first person to enter the hidden space for more than half a century. He entered the shaft and, to his surprise, before him was a whole complex of underground space.


The room in front of him was quite clean and there was no excess earth or material he would need to remove. He walked across the concrete structure, which was in great condition considering how long ago it was built. He kept walking through a dome-shaped door, witnessing a sight he surely wasn’t expecting.

A Place with History

John found himself inside an underground concrete chamber. Its ceiling was covered in old fiberglass material. Naturally, the material is coming off, considering how old the chamber was. At this point, John began realizing that the structure will need some more reinforcement.


The fiberglass could be a potential hazard for bare skin and the overall condition of the chamber could impact breathing. Even though he knew that more work needed to be done, John was very happy with the treasure he had found. He wasn’t going to throw it away just like that!

Discovering the Truth

It seemed like the treasure John Sims had discovered hadn’t been used by any previous owners of the property. The structure was over 50 years old yet still in an impressive condition. John had expected to see something collapsed or at least damaged but the chamber seemed to have survived past 50 years just fine.


Even though the chamber was completely empty with no objects or furniture whatsoever, John and his team easily figured out what it was. The place John was standing at was built by Whitaker Pools, as stated in the official documentation. However, it surely wasn’t a pool.

An Astonishing Discovery

Soon after, the crew learned that they had found a true historical relic. The mystery buried in John Sims’ new backyard was actually a nuclear fallout shelter built during the Cold War tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union. The space was planned to be used as a shelter in case of nuclear attacks.


During this time, Whitaker Pools expanded their business to building nuclear fallout shelters, since no one needed pools during the Cold War. The structure John had found was another one of their bomb shelters and, interestingly, it wasn’t the only such structure built in the area.

Not the Only One

John soon learned that he wasn’t the only one who had a structure of this nature in his backyard. In fact, there were plenty of bomb shelters located in the area of Tuscon. After all, they were in high demand during the critical years of the Cold War.


Those who built bomb shelters during this time were considered responsible people who were looking for a safe place for themselves and their families. The threat of nuclear attacks was way too possible at this time that people didn’t hesitate to invest in structures such as these. However, this wasn’t the only secret Tuscon was hiding.

Tucson - The Town of Missiles 

The bomb shelters aren't the only hidden mystery in Tucson. The city once held a total of 18 ballistic missiles, which were so advanced that they could fly across continents. Measuring 110 feet in length and 10 feet in width, these rockets could destroy and area of 900 square miles.


The city of Tucson was not only full of shelters, it was also a weapon silo. Obviously, the government kept this a secret during the war and even half a century after it. John and his crew wondered whether there were any rockets still around the place.

Disabled Rockets

Luckily for us, the rockets have been desabled after the Cold War. John later learned that almost every nuclear shelter in Tucson was destroyed in the 1980s, after the whole nuclear situation cooled down. For some reason, the shelter located in his new backyard continued to exist. We wonder if it was left there for a purpose...


This specific shelter was built back in 1961, which was the time of the biggest nuclear war crisis in the world, also known as the Cuban Missiles Crisis. There was no doubt that what John's backyard was hiding was a historical relic. The only thing he wasn't able to predict was the popularity this discovery would soon begin.

Finding a Purpose

John created a post on a Reddit page where he wrote about his recent discovery. Soon after, his story went viral. He was proud to have discovered something so astonishing but he was also aware that he wasn't the only one. He did some research and found other people who also had bomb shelters within their properties in Tucson.


John was now left to figure out what he would use the new tavern for. His friends suggested many great ideas from turning the space into a vine cellar to turning it into a cigar bar. However, John came up with a better idea. He decided to create a collection of Cold War relics and bring the shelter to life. But, how was he going to do that?

Raising Funds

It was obvious that he needed some money to bring his dream to life. Thinking creatively, John created a GoFundMe campaign where he told his story. “Hi, Im John and I need some help restoring a vintage Fallout Shelter that I have uncovered in my back yard," he wrote.


The structure was in decent shape so he didn't need too much money. However, John hoped to restore the entry, build a better concrete structure and also repair the rusted stairs. His little renovation project went perfectly and the results of his efforts were stunning.

Doing Research

From the moment John found out about the rumors surrounding his backyard, he was set to discover what was hiding underneath the surface. He soon learned that it was a historical bomb shelter and he wasn't planning to leave it empty. His decision was to turn the shelter into a Civil Defense Museum and one of the coolest man caves in the United States.


As soon as he linked the shelter to the Cold War, he did some research on that specific period in history. He was intrigued by the idea of people building such nuclear shelters only half a s
century ago. He also believed that the space deserved to be used as memorial of such a significant period in the history of the United States. He then gathered vintage, Cold War memorabilia such as HAM radios, Geiger counters, sanitation kits, and water supply barrels and displayed them in the shelter.

Finished the Staircase 

430 shares later, John Sims was able to collect enough money to carry his project to the next stage. His initial goal was to raise 2000$ and he managed to collect 350$ quite quickly, which proved that people truly believed in his vision.


John used the funds he collected to repair the rusty staircase and add safer reinforcement materials to the overall structure. This made entering the shelter a lot easier and safer. He also made sure to share every step of the process with the people who donated the funds for renovation.

Final Touches

John took his time with repairing the staircase, as he wanted to make sure they are secure enough. To strengthen the structure, he made the first step two times wider than the rest of the steps and connected it to the concrete wall, which made the overall structure a lot more sturdy.


After the staircase was done, it was a lot easier for John to continue the renovation. He quickly turned the shelter into a habitable and comfortable space to be in. Believing in his vision, people kept donating more money for the shelter, turning it into the coolest man cave in the area!

Next, you won't believe what a couple revamping their 1940’s home discovered hidden in the roof... Wow!

A Secret Buried Deep in Their 1940's House 

 Renovating a house can both be a fun and stressful time. A certain Ohio couple decided to push through renovating their two-story 1940’s house. Little did they know what sort of finding is lurking behind the basement’s plywood. The couple was in for a discovery of a lifetime. 


Demolition Commences

The couple is about to see a particular object that required more probing on their end. Curiosity was bound to rise to a heightened level, and never in their lives have they thought of being in contact with the FBI for any matters relating to their house. 


Cutting Out Here and There 

The husband started to cut away portions of the walls filled with graffiti like a normal make-over of an old and worn-out house. Still clueless at the time, the basement he was working on had more secrets than what they can imagine. 

Screenshot 3

Secrets Enveloped the House

As he continued to clean up, significant wall markings, drawings and scribbles were found after taking off the old wallpapers. Quite puzzled, the husband was still far away from realizing the real secret of the house he has been living in. 

Screenshot 6

An Object Way up High

The next thing he found was an object stuck in between the ceiling and the subfloor. Something that really had to be checked on closer, he decided to take it out despite its considerable difficulty. The item got stuck in the rafters quite tightly. 

Stuck In The Ceiling

A Strange Discovery

The homeowner was determined to give his house the renovation it needed at the time. Hammering and cleaning became the drill for the day. He also decided to make use of his camera to document his ‘exciting’ home renovation journey. 

Screenshot 1

Suitcase Filled With Mystery 

As he checked out the ceiling to do some work, it was inevitable for some part to get demolished. While doing the labor, he had a surprising find in the ceiling. The husband saw a suitcase. At the time, he had no idea whatsoever what he got himself in. 

Screen Shot 2018 10 10 At 12.18.31 PM

Puzzled By the discovery 

The green and grey colored suitcase left the man so puzzled. Why is it there? It appeared too that the luggage was intended not to be found by the looks of it. As he pulled it out, he was astonished as to how heavy it was. 

Waiting For The Reveal

A Heavy Luggage

A normal person would be left fairly curious upon stumbling into something like it. Thoughts of treasures and other possibilities came rushing to his mind. However, he knew he had to be cautious about it. It is still mysterious luggage after all. 

Screenshot 8

Eager to See

Though he could not wait to just open the luggage, he also knew he needs to have a careful approach to it. He decided to wait for his wife’s arrival and open it together. Revealing its contents with his partner seem the right thing to do, at the same time have a witness. 

Screenshot 5

Questions and Mysteries

As he waited for his wife, he continued to inspect the external side of the suitcase. It struck him as to why it was hidden to such an extent deep in the basement and why it was so heavy. It is simply filled with mystery. 

Screenshot 10

An introspection on the Suitcase’s Contents

From the outside, the suitcase appeared fairly small. However, he was certain it carried big secrets with it. These secrets intrigued him so much. Whether it may benefit the couple or not, he was sure something in it was of high value. 

Big Dreams In A Little Suitcase

Could Be Nothing

Anyone in the man’s predicament will be left with the same questions and emotions. It was an overwhelming situation to be in. The moment his wife returned, he immediately shared his discovery and his thoughts about it. 

Maybe It Was Nothing

Similar to Unboxing a Gift on Christmas Eve

The couple was filled with excitement as they approach the suitcase. It has been ages since they felt like kids unboxing presents on Christmas eve. The couple gathered around the luggage and contemplated further as to what it could have inside. 

Screenshot 8

The Couple’s Thoughts

As they conversed on the suitcase’s possible contents, they did hope to find high-value items like jewelry or cards in there. Though hopes of a treasure-box find are in their mind, they knew they had to lower their expectations, and for a good reason. Disappointment is the last thing they wanted. 

Screenshot 7

Opening It Finally

The two decided to open it together. At first glance, all they could see were rectangular objects wrapped in wax paper. It does not look promising for the couple, but they knew they had to investigate further. To hide a box in such a manner only to contain wrappers does not sound right for the couple. 

Unwrapping The Mystery

Filled With Money

As they took out the rectangular objects on top, things slowly came to light. What was the purpose of those wax papers on top? Were they to protect something of value? They sure did, but what exactly is in it? 

Full of Money

A Jaw-Dropping Discovery

The moment they took out the entirety of the wax paper, it was clear for the couple that it was hiding cash inside of it.  Not just cash, but a thick stack of it made up of $20 bills. Their hearts started to race as they slowly realize it was just the first of many in the suitcase. 

Speechless Over The Money

Cash Everywhere

As they dig deeper into the stash of money, they came to realize these were classic cash bills. It was a treasure-box find kind of feeling for the couple. They were amazed as to how much money it hid. Who could hide it there and for what reason? 

Screenshot 1

More and More Cash

In a later interview with reporters, the husband could not contain his excitement as to how much old $20 bills it had. There probably was a couple thousand in there. The experience proved to be so unreal for the couple, and probably for anyone caught in the same situation. 

And More Money

A Massive Cash find

There were still bundles to be unwrapped for the couple and bit by bit their hopes of finding more cash went so high. Their hearts knew the bundles would have roughly the same contents as the first.

Endless Cash

Anyhow, a sense of thrill was obvious for the couple. 

Surprise Just Gets Better

Hoping to spot more of it underneath the bundles, the couple was not in it for disappointment. Their expectations were way exceeded when they failed to spot $20 bills.

At First It Was Funny

They found $50 and $100 bills this time around! The couple was thrilled to the bones of their finding. 

A Vintage Find

Looking closer, the second bundle was nowhere like the first. This time it contained a bunch of $50 bills. The couple felt so lucky to have stumbled to such discovery, and the value of their find only increases knowing these were decades-old money.

Old Money

The third one only gets better being filled with $100 bills. 

Understanding Their Discovery

To put it simply, the couple found a treasure box inside their old house that is filled with money. At first, it was simply a fortunate type of feeling that filled them, but later realized it is something that needed more investigation.

Dating The Cash

Who hid it there? Why did they hide it there? 

The 1950s It Was

The couple came to realize very sensible questions. Where were all these cash bills originally from? They were certain it is of a vintage origin, initially thinking of the 1920s and 1930s.

From the 1950s

Decades have passed, and its value will only definitely increase. The most interesting question the couple thought about was how to get started in counting the money. 

A Fortunate Surprise

The pair still could not believe what is in front of their very eyes. They had to look at it over and over again. One thing certain for them as it was old money.

A Pleasant Surprise

Not exactly educated in vintage matters, the couple knew they had to figure out something to understand their situation better. 

A Paper That Might Help

The astonished couple started to unload all the cash from the suitcase. While on it, they found a piece of newspaper lying at the bottom of the luggage.

They Had A Normal Life

The couple thought it may help clarify a few things for them. Having a newspaper means having the capacity to see relevant dates and information. 

Sometime in 1951

As they read through the newspaper, they came to realize that it was dated way back on March 25, 1951. It was from an issue of the Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper.

Screenshot 2

The discovery of such old paper alone seemed so surreal for the couple. Everything is of value in the suitcase. 

Need Help From the Authorities 

Aside from realizing the probable date of the package’s age, they came to understand that the person who hid it was based in Cleveland.

Had To Contact The Authorities

They felt like detectives unearthing something so precious! One question still bothered them though. How much money is in it really? 


Life happens to everyone and coming across as something like this is extremely rare and lucky. As they settle themselves, the couple realized that many of the bills from the case were star bills.

More Things To Uncover

Many of them never even got out in the market. Decades-old cash bills lying around and unused sure is a shocking discovery. 

Discovery Does Not End

Exhilarated and still quite confused, the couple decided to reach out to a lawyer to help them figure out the total cash’s value. After all, there is a fair bit of math to do.

Never-Ending Findings

In present-day money calculation, the luggage has been hiding around $23,000 bills in total. The basement sure possessed shocking secrets. 

Going Back to Routines... or Not

 When faced with such an astonishing discovery, going back to routines does not come so easy. The couple was elated for a week, but then still had to finish home renovation and get back to work.

Person Holding Grinder

Their world still had to keep going. 

And They Thought That Was It 

The discovery of $23,000 in a suitcase is life-changing. However, the lucky team still had to push through with their renovations.

Screenshot 5

Just when the excitement started to settle down, another suitcase popped right before the man’s very eyes while working on the ceiling. 

More Weight Than the First Suitcase

The man could not believe what he just saw. Is it another suitcase that could be filled with valuable items again?

Heavier Than The First

Full of disbelief about his new find, he decided again to wait for his wife before checking its contents. 

Another Luggage

Sharing his unbelievable experiences on Reddit at a later time, the man claimed it was such a wild time for them. They were just typical people working every day of their life to live and pay off the usual mortgage.

The New Suitcase

They never thought in their wildest dreams that they would find such unexpected money that can help them. 

A Variety of the Same Kind of Surprise

All along the husband was able to document his ‘excavations’ for their home renovation through his camera. This helped him relay what exactly he saw at that very moment.

Same But Different

Having more surprises of the same kind seems too much he thought. But luck never left their side as he found another suitcase! 

Kept Looking

Now bumping into another discovery, their curiosity peaked with the thought that there will be more than the two suitcases they just saw.

Two Blue Metal Storage Boxes

More mysteries are waiting to be carved as they go along their renovations. They kept working on the house while keeping an eye on any possible discoveries. 

Fortune That Keeps Getting Bigger

It was not long when the couple found another suitcase of the same appearance. This time they felt way too stunned to manage things on their own that they decided to check with the FBI.

A Bigger Fortune

Nevertheless, they continued with the fixing of the house. 

Time to Open

The patient husband waited for his wife to get back home before opening the second case. We can imagine the excitement he had to contain while waiting. When the time came, what flooded their eyes were stacks of money.

Big Dreams In A Little Suitcase

Later on, when they found out the amount, it made them grow pale in astonishment. 


Is There More Than What They Can See Right There?

Just before flipping the suitcase open, they were hoping for more fortune inside of it but they also knew they should be prepared for another kind of surprise.

What Else Was Hiding Here?

True enough, the surprise was more than the first. They could not believe how lucky they were when they saw the opened case. 

What Was In It

The discovery of the first suitcase was enough to send their spirits through the roof but finding another case with potential greater surprise made them unsure what to feel already.  

Screenshot 9

When they got it opened, they could not see any bundles of wax paper like the first suitcase. 

The Final Value

Two suitcases possessing astonishing amounts of money were a lot to process for the couple. Feeling way too lucky to be in that situation, he could not help but feel that there is more in the house that needs exposure.

A Secret Door

Opening the case with his wife and determining the final value was the next step. 

Chamber of Secrets

The house now had two identical suitcases flaunting in front of them. With the first luggage filled with cash bills, spotting the second luggage easily gave them the idea that it might exactly have the same stuff inside of it.

Big Secrets

Extremely optimistic, the couple was excited to see more surprises. 

A Mysterious Door

Like all other exciting aspects of life, things started to settle down for the couple. Again, they went full-on with their home renovations. The next thing they encountered was a mysterious door situated on the house’s second floor.

What They Found There

The couple always found the door intriguing but never really explored it themselves before. The truth was about to come out. 

Hidden for A Reason

The couple was among the few lucky people who had the chance to experience opening a literal treasure box. Much like popping out of a fantasy book, their curiosity to figure out how much exactly was in the second case was later answered.

Finding Hiding Spots

The whole amount was way bigger than the first for sure. Is the house all about money? Or Are there other secrets waiting to be found? 

Palpitating Hearts

Everything felt like total disbelief for them. Of all people, they were the lucky ones to be in owning that old house filled with valuables.

He Felt Nervous

Upon appraising the second case’s contents, it summed up to $45,000. They felt like winning the lottery without even buying a ticket! 

Was There More?

Having felt dream-like though definitely wide awake, the couple tried to keep themselves on the ground and continue with life.

Screenshot 7

Although unspoken, they had an inner wish to hopefully find more interesting findings in their old house. 

Mystery Keeps Getting Bigger 

Renovating a house with known valuables hiding in it gave the couple a thought that there is more than what they have already found. They had a gut feeling they will find more secrets—money or not.

Another Big Mystery

However, not in their wildest dreams that they thought of ever collaborating with the FBI. 

The House Never Failed to Surprise

Digging on to continue their renovations, the lucky team were already wide aware that the mysteries did not end with the two suitcases they found.

Screenshot 4

They felt keener to explore the house, and not long they knew where to look. 

Opening A Closed Door

When they bought the house, the house realtor mentioned a secret door where the water heater is situated. No further questions asked, they left it at that for years.

Tearing Down The Door

Now in the middle of renovation and exploration, they realize that mysterious door is the next best place to look at. 

Mysteries Kept Unlocking

Wasting no time, the husband went to check on the secret door on the second floor of the house. Their detective instincts were right. The door had a massive secret in it. I

He Found More Mysteries

t was not a hot water system in there but something more mysterious. 

Fooled for Years

Realizing that they were fooled as to the real set-up of the house, they felt extremely estranged from their place of residence. They bought a strange house which looked ordinary on the outside.

Screenshot 10

Upon opening the secret door, things got more unbelievable for the couple. 

Concealed Room

Now that the secret door is exposed, they found out how large of a space it was. It was lined with a carpet that eventually led them to another set of revelation.

Screenshot 1

Realizing the unfamiliar set-up, the husband told his wife to stay back while he explored the unknown. 

Another Passageway Next to the Secret Door

The confused yet thrilled husband had to muster the courage to explore his house’s unknown.

Screenshot 11

As he made his steps, he could not help but formulate theories in his mind as to what could be in there. 

A Disturbing Feel

As he went closer to the second door, he discovered it was locked. It had a master lock and bolt, but that only made the man keener to open it.

Something Sinister

Determined to push through, he grabbed a hammer from downstairs to forcefully open the locks. 

They Needed Back-Up

Looking at its surroundings, they could tell the room was utilized for quite some time. Not in the best shape when they discovered it, it was too dark and moldy.

Screenshot 1

They could not help but think why would someone hide such doors so well? 

It Gets More Disturbing 

As they went along, the couple felt strange knowing that they have lived there for years now yet had no clue whatsoever about its mysteries. Their home renovation plan turned out to be the first time for them to explore their house.

Screenshot 1

The next weird realization they had was how well the secret room was soundproofed. 

It Never Ends

The Couple eventually thought that such a set-up appeared to have been made for a sinister-like reason.

More Mysteries Down There

Feeling like entering a ‘criminal den’, all of the room including its ceiling, floor, and walls were soundproofed with a tarp. 

Finding Something 

What exactly was this secret room hiding? Certainly, it was not a playground, but more of a serious vibe on it.

File:FBI Police Car (27730742495).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Their curiosity mixed with apprehension only made them want to dig deeper into the bottom of the mysteries. 

Jam-packed With Jewels

The secret room had a large messy space inside of it. But it was not totally empty. There was a briefcase lying on the floor! Now more anxious than thrilled, the husband had to pause and think before his next action.

Full Of Jewels

After all they have done, stopping now is not on their list. He then grabbed the suitcase. 

An Odd Room

Finding a place filled with hiding areas does sound thrilling and can be unsettling as well. Why were these places created in the first place?

Screenshot 12

Unless it is made for simple amusement, the other reason is usually troubling. When he broke the lock, what exactly did he see? 

Opening the Unopened

The briefcase, unlike the first two suitcases, had a rather interesting mixture of items inside of it. He saw a wooden box, a jewelry box, rings, watches, 4.1 oz silver ingots, and envelopes filled with cash of various currencies.  

The Strange Safe

Who owned these things? Why were they left locked? 

What is Going On? 

As mentioned, they bumped into another secret door inside the hidden room. How big and mysterious could the house get? Discovering that it had heavy soundproofing material and a white plastic tarp, only made the husband feel eerier.

What Was Going On Here?

A fantasy feeling slowly turned into an ominous feeling. The man thought it appeared like a torture chamber! 

A Frightening Message

As they went deeper into the house’s mysteries, they soon found something that made them feel petrified. It appeared like the setting of a horror-thriller movie right before their very eyes.

A Terrifying Note

As they kept looking in the room’s relics, they could not shed off the thought that they now needed the authority’s backup. 

Starting to Feel Horrified

Their excitement for exploring the unknown slowly became fear for the unknown. Things became stranger the more they look at them. The first two pieces of luggage they discovered were nothing but great.

He Was Terrified

Now looking at another suitcase, they thought it may be the same as the previous one. 

A Note of Warning

Now filled with more fear than excitement, the couple still kept themselves optimistic that the third suitcase will also be a good find. When they opened it, it was not exactly like the previous ones.

One More Warning

Still, with their camera handy, they snapped a photo of what they found. 

A Detail That Sent Shivers to Their Spines 

It is understandable how the couple wanted to document every step they took while they explored the house. This event is a once-in-a-lifetime thing after all.

An Unsettling Detail

Now visualizing the case’s contents, it had watches, four silver ingots, and a ring. 

We Need Assistance

Aside from the fancy items they saw, there was also a stash of multi-currency bills mixed in it. The discovery did not end there though. They caught sight of a Sentry safe situated in the corner of the room.

They Needed The Police

What could be inside of it? 

Distressing Footage

Now realizing how deep they are in the house’s mysteries, finding that secret safe well within two secret rooms only got them filled with an even more disturbing feeling.

Some Disturbing Footage

Judging by everything they have unearthed, whatever was in the safe was more than just cash and precious gems. 

An Investigation Is Inevitable 

The husband was now hesitant to open up the safe. He felt oddly unsafe now that they are in the deepest part of the house.

An Investigation Of Epic Proportions

The secret that was hiding in the safe did not feel like a typical treasure box vibe like before. 

FBI Is Required

Despite all his gut feeling that things are going way too weird for them to handle, the husband eventually decided to keep going. He cracked the safe open.

The FBI Is Here To Help

What he found was an unsettling discovery. It had a note stating, “Save yourself.” 

Thoughts on the Note 

The two words they read were like coming straight out of a psychological horror movie. The penmanship with black ink only gave it a more eerie vibe. Who could have possibly written it?

Person Writing While Using Phone

What purpose is behind such a disturbing set-up? 

A Bigger Story 

Knowing the real deal behind all the mysteries would never come to light if they stopped right there and then. Curiosity still prevailed, and with further exploring, they eventually thought things were too uncomfortable already.

They Got Lucky

They found something that made them decide to leave things to the authorities. 

Curiosity Versus Fear

With everything they have found so far, stopping due to fear seemed to be something that requires more solid data. Intrigued, the man opened the safe. He saw several tapes inside.

How Can You Be Sure

What was creepy was the note saying, “Do not.” 

VHS Tapes Were Found

Having lived in an era of VHS tapes, he knew right away what the contents were. To fully understand the situation, he had to watch them himself.

VHS Tapes

Before deciding to hit the play button, he closely examined the tapes. What could have been recorded in these tapes? 

More Recent

As he gazed at the tapes, it dawned on him that the items were a lot more recent than the rest of the items they have discovered. The tapes had number markings on them like labels.

Person Holding White Blank Card

Externally, those were the only observations he could tell. 

A Call for the Police

Out of the six VHS tapes he found, one of them had no label. What are in these tapes? Are these just simple and harmless pranks? Or are they more twisted than they are prepared to face?


It was a step they could not proceed with so easily, so they decided to call the cops. 

Curiosity Can Be Harmful at Times

Though now contemplating handing things to the authorities, the husband’s curiosity was way too high to be stopped that he thought of checking out the tapes himself.

The Curiosity

He managed to watch only for a few seconds before he was fully convinced it is a thing for the authorities to see and manage. 

Seized by the Authorities

When the authorities arrived, they immediately seized all the tapes. No one except the footage maker, the agents, and the homeowners can tell what was in those mysterious tapes.


Although left unknown to many, the man could only say that it was something he utterly wished he never saw. 

Mystery Sometimes Remain a Mystery

Although no one can shed light on the tapes’ contents aside from the primary people involved, there were speculations as to what could have been recorded in it. Media had their theories of crimes done in the soundproofed room.

A Mystery

Again, these theories were never verified.  

Issues Surrounding the Matter

The subsequent investigation was inevitable. The couple soon found themselves filled with questions and never fully understood their house.


With all the money, hidden rooms, and mysterious tapes, the couple just had so much to take in. 

Unknown Secrets

Most likely, the house had more mysteries than the couple was able to expose. If you stumbled into something like it in your very home, what could you have done? What would you feel?

Other Secrets

If you own of those classic houses, how certain are you that you know your house that well? 

Still Fortunate 

Bumping into treasures early in their home renovation journey was already a lucky turn for the couple. Discovering disturbing mysteries later on and handing it to the right authorities, still was a good move for the couple.

l Fortunate 

Bumping into treasures early in their home renovation journey was already a lucky turn for the couple. Discovering disturbing mysteries later on and handing it to the right authorities, still was a good move for the couple.


With an exciting, thrilling a bit weird experience, their story is something that will go into the future generations of their family.

With an exciting, thrilling a bit weird experience, their story is something that will go into the future generations of their family.

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