Working in the fast food industry is not easy. Employees constantly have to deal with needy, frustrating people during the ...

@@ McDonald’s Worker Thinks Man Is Drunk – Then Her Life Changes Forever @@ McDonald’s Worker Thinks Man Is Drunk – Then Her Life Changes Forever

@@ McDonald’s Worker Thinks Man Is Drunk – Then Her Life Changes Forever

@@ McDonald’s Worker Thinks Man Is Drunk – Then Her Life Changes Forever

Working in the fast food industry is not easy. Employees constantly have to deal with needy, frustrating people during the day, and at night, it tends to be a more inebriated crowd.

Much of the frustration comes from customers who seem entitled, as if they’re better than these fast food workers, while they impatiently wait for the food that these people provide for them. Many “horror” stories take place at fast food restaurants, but the story of Vicki Anderson offers the most notable lesson of them all.

Flipped Upside Down

Vicki Anderson is a very dedicated McDonald’s employee in Wichita, Kansas. She often takes on early morning or late night shifts to support her life and her family. When Chris Ellis – a regular customer of Vicki’s — noticed this fact, he made a comment that turned her world completely upside down

The First Interaction

The first interaction Vicki had with Ellis, she didn’t know what to think of it. He was kind, friendly and she, without trying to place judgement, assumed he was drunk like most of her late night customers. Little did she know, her relationship with Chris would expand into something far more significant

A Unique Spirit

After a few times through Vicki’s drive-thru, Chris quickly learned she was unlike anyone he had met. She was a fun, sarcastic and playful spirit that gave Chris a bright outlook on his day. As time passed, their interactions became more important.

94 Cutlass Sierra

In early November, Vicki ran into a huge problem. Unfortunately, her 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierra broke down and needed extreme repairs. The money it was going to cost Vicki to repair her old, beloved car would have been more than the car was even worth.

Searching All Around

With her car breaking down, Vicki felt hopeless – especially because transportation is so important in her life. As a committed McDonald’s employee, Vicki needed a solution to this crisis… and she needed it fast. She began asking around for cars on sale that fit her personal needs.

Inquisitive Chris

When Chris entered the McDonald’s drive-thru once again, he was extremely happy to see Vicki. Throughout asking how she was doing, her car situation came up. Of course, she didn’t think anything of it as she was just responding to his considerate questions.

Cutlass To Pontiac?

After hearing about Vicki’s car troubles, Chris had an idea. He remembered that his son, Josh, was trying to sell his 2009 Pontiac GS. Chris knew that his son, Josh, was very open to an generous selling price, so he decided to take action.

Right or Wrong?

One day, Vicki’s manager told her that he needed her up front. She was panicking and thinking, “Oh boy, am I getting fired? What is going to happen? What did I do wrong?” Vicki had done nothing wrong. In fact, she had done something right.

Greatest Surprise

After all of the anxious thoughts, Chris reassured Vicki that she was not in trouble – not at all – actually the opposite. Chris threw a huge, generous bombshell on Vicki that she could not even fathom. Chris had bought her a car. However, there was much more to the story.

Just An Average Joe

So the story goes – Chris’ son, Josh, found himself in a situation that he explains as this: “I had a great truck fall out of the sky for me. So I figured, I could do the same for someone else.” This struck some chords with many people involved in the situation.

No Idea What’s In Store…

When Josh heard about Vicki’s situation, he sold his car to his father for – ULTRA – cheap and watched as this miracle unfolded. While Vicki thought she was for some reason in trouble, Chris stood at the front of the store with a smile on his face.

Vicki In The Dark

Chris and his son, Josh, took the car to get an oil change, rotate the tires and give it a full clean – and then they drove it to the McDonald’s that Vicki works at. As Vicki approached the front of the store, she really did not know what to expect.

“It’s All Yours”

Chris escorted Vicki out to the 2009 Pontiac GS and said, “It’s all yours. For real, it’s all yours.” Vicki didn’t really know how to react. She thought it was a playful prank from one of her favorite customers. However, after some time, she realized this was no prank.

Gift From Above

When Vicki realized that this insane act of kindness was real, she was at a loss for words. A random customer that regularly found his way through her drive-thru actually bought her a car. She could not explain this occurrence other than “a gift from God.”

Looking To Pay It Forward

“My windows didn’t even work, my air conditioner quit working. I had to climb through the passenger side. I’m so thankful. Somebody asked me today what I’m going to do for Chris. What can I do for Chris? And I have nothing to do. He said to pay it forward someday. Well, that’s what I’m going to do,” Vicki said.

Truly Amazing

Chris told, “Maybe the best day of my life. Don’t take that personally, Penny…” Chris jokingly said to his wife. “It was amazing. It’s still amazing. I watched the video today and cried twice. I believe she’s going to make good with it. I really do.”

A Changed Life

Vicki is extremely grateful for the kind acts from Chris and his son, Josh. As a hard working woman, she felt ashamed to have to ask friends and family to help her with rides to and from work. Now, Vicki can, once again, conveniently drive herself to her job. It is clear that this hard working woman deserves every bit of this kind deed – and like she said, she plans to pay it forward as much as she can.

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