People are all selling their old things as online shopping is getting more popular. What if we told you that your old typewriter could be ...

These Rare Items Could Easily Be in Your Home, Sell Them Now and You’ll Make Thousands of Dollars These Rare Items Could Easily Be in Your Home, Sell Them Now and You’ll Make Thousands of Dollars

These Rare Items Could Easily Be in Your Home, Sell Them Now and You’ll Make Thousands of Dollars

These Rare Items Could Easily Be in Your Home, Sell Them Now and You’ll Make Thousands of Dollars


People are all selling their old things as online shopping is getting more popular. What if we told you that your old typewriter could be worth more than $100,000!

Keep reading and it could pay off in a big way. Learn which items in your house could be worth a small fortune!

Vintage Perfume Bottles


It’s less about what’s on the inside but rather what’s on the outside. Like these vintage perfume bottles. The perfume is long gone but the bottles have been turned into art pieces by glass-blowers.

This is where the wads of cash pour in. The bottles are antiques and sold for nearly $4,000 on eBay! Outside of online sales, antique collectors would pay a huge price for those antiques!

Vintage Lunch Boxes


These lunchboxes are more valuable depending on what decoration is on the outside. Some have rock bands and others have cartoon characters. They may have just been lunchboxes in their day but today you can assume they’re worth quite a pretty penny.

With collectors paying more than ten thousand times the cost, you’d be crazy not to go looking for your old one from when you were a kid. A 1963 Jetsons lunchbox was recently evaluated to be worth up to $1,650! The most valuable and sought-after lunchbox is the Superman one, with collectors paying up to $13,000 for this piece from 1954.

Antique Cookie Jar


Antique cookie jars can fetch an enormous price depending on when they were made. Ones from the ’40s and ’50s can make it rain provided you have one stashed somewhere.

In 2018 a cookie jar from the ’50s was sold for a staggering $1,200! The most a cookie jar has sold for was a Little Audrey-styled one that sold for $3,400 back in 2019.

China Sets


Have any fancy china left behind by a family member? Well instead of gathering dust in boxes or cupboards you should definitely consider seeing what they’re worth!

These china sets could be made from porcelain as they became popular at the end of the 18th century. They were meant to imitate China’s hand-painted ceramics and if you have genuine antiques they can be worth more than $5,000!

Vintage Advertising Signs


Remember sings that would hang inside bars, restaurants, and shops? This was advertising before the internet was around. This sign in particular is worth a pretty penny.

The Coca-Cola sign was sold off to someone on eBay for $5,700 in 2019! This seems like a lot but other signs can fetch a four-figure payday for whoever owns them!

Tiffany Lamps


Tiffany lamps can bring anyone who can find one in their attic a huge payday. They don’t really suit a modern aesthetic anyway so you may as well make some money!

Antique collectors are always looking for Tiffany lamps are they are highly sought-after items. The price jump is inconsistent with some fetching $4,000 while others could be worth a staggering $1 million!

Cuckoo Clocks


Who remembers their grandparents having an old cuckoo clock in their house? Well if you can dig it up and don’t feel any sentimental value you can make quite a lot of money off of them.

In 2019 a cuckoo clock was sold for $2,000 on eBay! Maybe you should go look for a garage sale and maybe you’ll find one you can flip.



Pyrex cookware was first established in 1915 and is known for being very sturdy kitchenware. The cookware can be heated to extreme temperatures with no effect on them whatsoever!

People who swear by Pyrex are willing to pay $50 or more for just on pot lid! A full vintage set can sell for more than thousands if you find the right buyer.



Really, who is not keeping things in a trunk that is hidden somewhere in the back of a garage or stashed somewhere in the attic? Now, as it turns out that the biggest thing is not the garbage in the trunk, but rather the trunk itself.

For example, Marsha Dixey says that trunks from the 1870s are worth about $700 because it was made strong enough to stand through rough wagon travel. If you have a luxury French fashion house truck, Eric Silver said you’re aiming for a few thousand dollars, like for example a Louis Vuitton.

Boy Scout Badges


Whilst proud parents usually prefer to pay tributes in Boy Scouts in America to the time of their boys, those who are ready to split their memorabilia can get a huge sum.

Some very collectible Boy Scout badges are selling at prices of up to $1,178 in 2018 according to Collectors Weekly. And the more age they have on them, the more you can sell them for, as it happens with most things. A Boy Scout sash was listed on eBay for $4.500 in August 2019 with 18 patches between the 1930s and the 1940s. Even Memorabilia from Air Scout sells for approximately $2,000.

Old CDs


So insane that CDs are ancient fossils in the scene of music now. While this may be sad, luckily for everyone who loves music, these tracks are still worthwhile: lots of cash!

The track of the 1993 signature series by Michael Jackson and the 1998 protection EP by Coldplay are worth approximately $1,500, according to several outlets. Yet even better a cover of the 2006 album by Paris Hilton, “London,” replaced Banksy in September 2006 with a revamped sleeve and an optional mash-up with D.J. Dangermouse, as a street artist. The album, reportedly available in the United States for $3,000 back in 2013, is listed at 9,995 GBP (approximately $12,134.19) on eBay by August 2019.

Old Coins


Is there anyone else who does not pay much attention to the coins in their wallet? If you are something like us, coins might be more irritating than anything else and definitely not worth it–not at least as good as their equivalents in the dollar bill. But as it turns out, you can actually pay a penny for the coins you have stashed off in the pockets of your pants or buried on the bottom of your bag.

Get loaded on this: in 2007, a 200-year-old coins stash worth $200,000 was uncovered by Jeff Bidelman, a former dealer at Rare Collectibles in Pennsylvania. You could even have a special Kansas state quarter in your hands if you don’t stumble upon ancient monuments. In 2005, “In God, We Rust” replaced “In God We Trust” by a lot of these quarters. Today, the error is rumored to be worth approximately $100 a coin!

Boom Boxes


Very few children know what a boom box was. Not only customized music consumption but also compact tape and CD players have been put on stage for these portable 1980s music players. And the price of boom boxes increased exponentially due to the demand for retro items from today’s hipsters.

Let us glance at the prices on eBay: in August 2019, seller a.redchenko70 sold a SharpGF-999 Stereo Boombox for $3,000 while seller astronette-8 sold a 1988 VTG 2 LasonicTRC-975 Ghetto Blaster Boombox at $8,250. Therefore, it may be worth placing it on sale for those of you who still have one of these stashed somewhere.



Another household item worth a lot is the weathervanes – or the metal ornaments sitting on the top of barns and homes to find out in which direction the wind blows.

It doesn’t mean that it’s any less valuable in terms of money just because they aren’t so useful today because now we can use our phones to collect weather metrics in minutes. Today, weathervanes from the 19th century are sold for $5,000-$7,000 at eBay. What is even greater: a Native American weathervane sold at the 2006 Sotheby auction for an astounding $5.84 million.

Costume Jewelry


The only money-makers in gems are actually not just diamonds. Old costume gems actually valued a genius pile of cash, so get them appraised before you stash away the old jewelry because you don’t think you can get any use of them.

An example of this: Elsa Schiaparelli, an Italian Fashion Designer in the 1920s who reportedly sold antique jewelry at auctions for up to $2,000, has recently sold for more than $5,000 to eBay in June 2019.

Old Stamps


In ancient times, collecting stamps was a bit like collecting modern magnets, and it makes sense to have inherited the practice from our ancestors. There are people out there who are lucky to have such an amazing collection, and you should know that there are people who are more than interested in the purchase of these seemingly insignificant objects.

As of August 2019, the sets of vintage eBay stamps sold nearly $90,000 and up to hundreds of thousands! Certainly, for some people, they are simply a piece of paper, but for some of them, they are ancient artifacts that provide a great view of the past.

Air Jordans

Air Jordans are certainly an item that you will remember with a bit of nostalgia. If you had them then you had the coolest shoes on the schoolyard. If you just stashed the old Air Jordans into the shelves, it is time to go and pick those bad boys up.

One on-line customer forked over $18,257 for a pair of Jordan 11 shoes with Derek Jeter’s styling. That’s not everything: other models sell for over $20,000. So clean those sneaks and measure your worth and make sure you thank Michael Jordan for being there, while you are making money.

VHS Tapes

VCR days have passed. However, old VHS tapes continue to have great worth at present times. Less popular movies that did not manage to leap to a DVD version can be worth a lot like certain horror movies.

Controversial movies that have been banned like Disney’s Song of the South can be worth a huge amount.

Rocking Chair


It seems that rocking chairs have more meaning than just as a tool to help babies sleep. Such pieces of furnishings were produced in the 1700s and are still standing today in various living rooms and porches. And boy, for those of you who still own one, we have good news.

E-bay records show for example, that even the little rocking chairs of children from anywhere from the 1950s to the 1970s sell for almost $5 000. It sounds like a little lovely money, right? For the people with an antique chair, you know that some really big bucks lie ahead.

Game Boys

Perhaps those old games, which children from all over the world were once asking their families to buy, weren’t a waste of money after all. The Game Boy was first published in 1989 and quickly became a toy that every single child just had to have. However, their influence did not stop there.

Since we can no longer go to the store to buy one of those handheld consoles, the resale market has significantly increased the value and now is selling between $750 and up to $2,000 everywhere. On August 18, 2019, an unopened, and thus new game boy sold on eBay for just a bit over $4,000. And all the little kids of the nineties now yell “I told you it was worth it!” To their family. And possibly to their friends.



While the typewriters are not around that much today, people are probably sitting on gold that has passed them from their ancestors. They are amongst the most recognized relics of the not so ancient past, which some buyers consider as worth a lot of money.

A special Hooven Automatic Typewriter, Branford House Antiques announced that in 2018 it sold for an amazing $7,500. Nevertheless, this is not anywhere near the value of some other versions from afar. The Malling-Hansen Writing Ball claims to be worth about US$100,000, considered to be the Rolls Royce of the typewriters. Yeah. Amazing!

Signed Yearbooks


Your seemingly usual old annuals are less likely to be considered as household items that are a moneymaker. We now know exactly what you have on your mind right now. What can an old yearbook filled with awkward school photos have? Okay, let us explain it to you.

If you, your parents, or your grandparents are “lucky” enough, you could be sitting on a big cash prize, if there is somebody in that yearbook who has been in the spotlight since then. A yearbook with a photo of James Dean seems to sell for more than $10,500 online. Also, if the now-famous person signs the yearbook, you see the price at the end with even higher nulls.

Vintage Comics


Opportunities include some retro comic books, out of all the collections you may have had as a kid. The comic book heroes are here to stay as we can acknowledge from the blockbuster movies still dominating Hollywood and producing sequels after sequel. However, what about the old comics you stashed off to collect dust? The best way to know if they are worth something is to get them appraised as soon as possible.

The prices depend on the date and number of copies, but for example, The Incredible Hulk’s first comic book introduced a stirred $320,000 at the 2014 auction. If the superhero in your comic book has a superhero movie, your odds are even higher.

Vintage Band T-Shirts


Vintage group t-shirts are worth a large stack of cash as examples of the biggest moments of music history. For example, the Nirvana Tour Tee in Utero that was only reserved for members of the crew supposedly sold for nearly $7,000 according to the adventure-packed Red Bull website. But this is not the price we found most shocking.

Have you ever heard of the album cover “Yesterday and Today” banned by The Beatles in 1966? Thanks to the gorges of musicians wearing butchers with dust pieces, it was immediately recalled. Back in 2011, koshercollectibles appeared to post an original shirt from the 1970s with the cover of the album on it and it’s the kicker: the price was $20,000. I guess it’s time to walk over to your wardrobe and see what might be lurking in the back.

Original Star Wars Toys


Grab on tight to those prequel toys; as far as it hurts us to say that, indeed, they will probably be worth a fortune one day too. For now, it’s all about the toys that were first created to come out with the original Star Wars trilogy. When A New Hope was released in 1977, very few knew it was going to go so well or how large it was going to become, so there weren’t even toys to support its publication.

In the following years, as Star Wars strengthened its role in the popular spirit, products were dizzying. Today you can earn $25,000 if you own an original toy from Luke Skywalker. Check out an original Falcon Millennium ship and you could get up to $3,000!

Pokémon Cards


Here is a fair warning to all those Pokémon card traders of the past: take a tissue box before reading on. It is very possible to miss an enormous opportunity for past card retailers who threw away all of their old cards or perhaps even traded their ultra-rare cards with friends.

On eBay, the full standard collection of Pokémon Mill cards are selling for a lot of dollars, while rare, individual cards are sold at prices of thousands. The first edition of Charizard 1999, for example, was sold by vendor dh25253 at $12,499.99 on 5 June 2019. But that is not everything. A PSA 9 Mint card from the 2001 Tropical Wind Trophy was advertised on eBay for $500,000.

Christmas Ornaments


When people receive Christmas ornaments as presents one of two things can happen: throw it into a storage box, or put it on their Christmas tree and have it on there for many years afterward. Yet many people do not know that there’s a third option: online and lucky people, strikingly rich at large sales, can check their value.

The evaluator, Eric Silver, says antique sleds are priced at up to $100 but at the same time blown glass ornaments will cost an astounding 1,700 dollars. Yet those who have Kugel ornaments from Germany between 1840 and the start of the 1940s, are the true jackpot winners, as these ornaments sell for a stunning $18,000! Is there anyone else who now regrets giving Christmas decorations away all those times in the past?

American Girl Dolls


Girls who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, this one is for you! Go back to when, after the American Girls show, you read and adored the book and explored different historical periods through girls’ eyes. Maybe you can remove yourself from it because she is now worth a gold mine- That is if you loved her enough to buy the doll along with all her accessories.

The Samantha doll was sold on eBay for $4,200. The others, however, still get you quite the dollar pile and you could market them for decades, even if they’re out without the original packaging.

Original Barbie Doll


First released in 1959, if your mother or her mother owns an original Barbie Doll it could help pay the mortgage a few times over! It just depends on what condition the doll is in.

If it’s a well-used doll, it could sell for an enormous $8,000, and that’s not even the most one can go for! A mint-condition Barbie Doll was sold at auction for a staggering $27,500! Better start looking in those attics.

Polly Pocket Toys


The Polly Pocket euphoria emerged in the 1990s, among other remarkable things. These high-end toys have become an essential element in many playrooms for children and you can auction them online for a good deal of change. Over the years, you can only stick miraculously to all of their small pieces.

Polly Pocket toys have crossed to eBay, where they’re viewed as an expensive collector’s item, like most things on this list. Since August 2019, bigger packages cost approximately $1,900. However, it’s not just the figures of Polly Pocket who deserve the big dollars; All of Polly Pocket’s accessories are also quite valuable. One example is a Polly Pocket pencil case which sold for an incredible amount of $810 on eBay on 16 July 2019.

Video Games


You were once smacking the dust off your hands, knowing the right angle to blow it out, was always able to make it work somehow, but now it has been retired to a corner of your videogame stash. It is time to remove all these obsolete PlayStation and Nintendo cartridges as people are prepared to pay huge money for them.

For example, you might carry hundreds of dollars from an old Mario Kart 64 cartridge. On the market for upwards of $1,000 can be found additional consoles such as games for Super Nintendo and PlayStation 4. Don’t just throw them out-sell them!

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