There is always that one house in a neighborhood that everyone talks about. A similar thing happened in Germantown, Tennessee. There were ...

@@ When She Heard The Noises Coming from the House's Walls She Realized The Reason Behind Them @@ When She Heard The Noises Coming from the House's Walls She Realized The Reason Behind Them

@@ When She Heard The Noises Coming from the House's Walls She Realized The Reason Behind Them

@@ When She Heard The Noises Coming from the House's Walls She Realized The Reason Behind Them

 There is always that one house in a neighborhood that everyone talks about. A similar thing happened in Germantown, Tennessee. There were rumors that one house was haunted, but, in reality, something entirely else was the case. Something that would shock the whole world.


The homeowners started hearing an unusual sound every now and then. However, the sound gradually became more frequent, until the owners started hearing it nonstop. Then, they knew they had to do something. Little did they realize that this would change their home for good.

Keep reading to find out more about something incredibly strange that was lurking behind the walls of one home.

Just an Ordinary House

These homeowners lived in what they thought was just an ordinary house. Their home is located in Germantown, a small but friendly town where everyone talks to everyone. In addition, the house was in a desirable neighborhood. This family was really glad that they live in Tennessee.


However, when this family purchased the house, they weren't aware that later on, they would have to do so much work to be able to live peacefully in their home. Shortly after moving in, a weird noise started haunting them.

An Older House

This house was a bit older, so the family expected to hear some noises throughout the house. They got used to the occasional creaking sounds and similar noises. But this particular noise was something they have never heard before.


The family was happy with their home, despite its age. There are plenty of charming historic homes in Germantown, and people tend to renovate them so they could make them appealing again.

But, what was that noise inside this home?

How the Noise Appeared

The first time this family heard a strange noise in their home, they thought it wasn't a big deal. They would hear it every now and then. In addition, when one person heard it, the others didn't, so they thought it was nothing to worry about.


Then, all the family members started noticing the sound. First, it would appear rarely, but then it started occurring more frequently.

A Quite Bizarre Sound

Usually, when you hear a noise inside your home, you can figure out what it is. Sometimes we hear water dripping or a creak. But, it was impossible for these homeowners to figure out what this bizarre sound was.


Not only were they unable to identify the sound, but they also couldn't find where the sound was coming from. It seemed that the noise traveled around the home.

Soon, things would get even worse.

The Endless Noise

At first, the noise was heard every now and then. However, later on, it became incessant. The homeowners knew they had to do something. It was impossible to live in a home knowing there was something weird going on.


The owners were really worried that maybe this noise that was lurking behind the walls could do some serious damage to their home. After trying to figure things out, they got an interesting idea.

There was only one way to find out where the noise was coming from!

Could It Be a Rodent?

Sometimes, a mouse or a rat can get stuck in the walls. When that happens, the homeowners hear a distinctive clicking noise. However, these homeowners were quite sure that this noise didn't come from a rodent.


And, if it was a rodent, then there had to be plenty of them stuck in the walls. Maybe there was an entire rodent family? The homeowners didn't want to take any chances and were determined to get rid of them for good.

Soon, they would take some action.

Pest Control to The Rescue

As soon as they became worried, the family called pest control to the rescue. After some time, they were able to locate where the noise was coming from. This made it easier for the pest control to get the pesticide in the walls of the house.



The company came to the home, marked the walls, and put in as much pesticide as possible, hoping that it would kill the rodents or at least make them escape. However, still, nobody was sure what exactly was inside the walls.

Would the pesticide work? Keep reading to find out.

The Noise Remains

To the disappointment of the entire family, the pest control company didn't help out at all. The annoying noise was still there. The homeowners would hear it all the time and they were sick of it. But, they didn't know what to do next.


If pest control didn't help, what else could? The family was starting to lose hope. They didn't know how to identify the problem nor solve it. Luckily, they came up with something else soon. 

A Haunted House

Since pesticide couldn't help them resolve their problem, the family started thinking that their house might be haunted. Whatever was making the noise should have been killed by the pesticide.


Of course, this sounds a little bit unreal, but the family was out of options. And, they weren't sure what to do even if the house was haunted. Maybe some holy water would help? It seemed as if there was no way to escape the noise.

Also, the family started worrying about their safety. Click "Next" to read more!

Worried For Their Safety

Whatever was in those walls, it was alive. The homeowners knew that they would have to make it leave, no matter what it was. If it was a ghost, making it leave would be a bit more problematic, right?



Nothing made sense anymore. If it was an animal, the pest control should have killed it, no matter what. But, the pesticide didn't work. So, if this wasn't a solution, then what could it be?

What do you think was stuck inside the walls?

Finding New Solutions

The homeowners realized that there was no way their home was haunted. Something else must be causing all this trouble. So, they turned to Google for help and started looking for new solutions.


Of course, Google pointed out dozens of possible problems and solutions for each problem. The family started reading posts on a few forums, determined to find out what was going on in their home.

However, it turned out that their problem was unique.

A Unique Problem

As it turned out, the noise and the intruder the family was dealing with was unique. No user could figure out what the noise was or where it was coming from since the owners themselves were unsure. So, they realized they would try to describe the sound as specifically as possible.


The next step was to wait out for the noise to appear so that all family members could hear it at the same time. They sat down for a few hours and remained quiet until they could figure it out and turn to the forums again.

The next time they heard the noise, it was worse than before. Keep reading to find out what was causing it!

The Noise Becomes Louder

The noise was louder than ever before and it sounded as if something quite big was causing it. When the homeowners heard the noise at the same time, they agreed what the noise reminded them of. It was almost like some kind of vibration.


Something living was causing this vibration. And now, it seemed that the thing in their walls was more alive than ever before. The family had to figure this out as soon as possible.

What creature could be causing the vibrating noise? Keep reading to find out!

Walls Start Buzzing

A few moments later, the noise became much clearer. It was some sort of vibration combined with a buzz. That is when the homeowners realized they were in a quite unusual situation. Now, they decided to go and spend some time in the yard.


No, they didn't go outside to get some rest. Instead, they wanted to make sure that they were correct about the sound this time.

You won't believe what the homeowners wanted to do next.

A Brand New Idea

The homeowners went out and they approached one wall. They believed that the sound was coming from that wall, and they were right. However, not only did they hear the sound clearly now but they also saw one little bug crawling around the window.


Was this an ordinary bug? Yes, of course, it was. Apparently, one little bee was crawling on the wall and then it snuck in.

But, was one tiny bee the cause of the buzzing sound?

Reaching Out to David Glover

The family now realized they might be having a bee problem and they wanted to call someone to help them out. After searching the Internet for some time, they finally found one local man that could help them. His name is David Glover.


Don't worry, the homeowners didn't want to kill the bees. If the bees were truly the cause of the weird buzzing sound, they wanted to get rid of them but without doing any harm. And, there was no one better for this task than David Glover.

This man is known for his amazing skills!

David Glover's Work

If you ever have a bee problem, David is the one you'll want to call. Many people think that if there are bees intruding your home, you should call pest control to get rid of them. On the contrary, you should call someone like David to help you resolve this issue in a completely different way.


Bees are on their way to become an endangered species, so killing them would be a big mistake. David Glover is the man who rescues bees. He goes into other people's homes, gets the bees out, and then finds a new home for them.

Is David going to be able to help this family out?

The Bee Whisperer

David Glover is also known as the Bee Whisperer. He got his nickname because he does something that is very difficult and also dangerous. Imagine handling hundreds of bees and rehoming them...


His hard work definitely pays off. Once he rehomes the bees, he gets some honey in return, which he sells of course. In addition, he offers something called bee venom therapy. But, that's enough about David. Would he agree to help this family out?

Keep reading to find out David's response.

Are Bees Making the Noise?

Just because the homeowners saw a few bees around one window didn't mean that they had a bee problem. There were few more checks that needed to be done before it could be finally determined whether the bees were taking over their home.


David knew that no one was more suitable for this job than himself, so he decided to pay the homeowners a visit. Only when he checked out the home in person would he know the truth.

Keep reading to find out what David found out.

A Familiar Situation

When the homeowners called David, they complained about an unusual buzzing sound that was bothering them for quite a while. They described the sound like something more than just a buzz. The sound was more like an overwhelming swarm. The homeowners worried that, if the bees were really stuck inside their walls, they could be in danger.


In addition, they were worried that the bees might ruin their home. David didn't hesitate for a second and he decided immediately that he would help this family out. The situation they described sounded very familiar, and David knew what he had to do next.

Checking the Home Out

David wanted to calm down the homeowners and to check the home out himself. Only by checking out the walls in person could he determine whether there were bees or not. So, he decided to pay the homeowners a visit.


David packed the one thing he always brings to work - his bee suit. Apparently, this piece of equipment tends to shock everyone once David puts it on. However, he can't do his job properly without it.

Using a Special Camera

Even though David is amazing at his job, he doesn't have superpowers. In order to see whether or not there are bees inside a wall, he has to use one special gadget - a thermal imaging camera. This special camera helps David see if there is a heat source inside a wall.


When David opens the camera, if the color red shows up, it means that the camera detected a heat source. So, if there is red in the photo that appears, then that means that bees could be hiding inside a wall. This was the only way for David to be entirely sure.

What would show up in the photo?

The Camera Lights Up

Now we get to the part where it gets kind of insane. When David pulled out his camera, not only did one wall light up but the entire house. The color red was all over the camera and even David was a bit shocked. He couldn't find the spot which the bees used to get in.


When he took a closer look, he noticed that the heat source was leading to a small weep hole, which was a result of how the houses in the south "breathe" due to the humidity. This hole must have been their entry point.

It’s Definitely Bees

When David paid attention to the camera, he knew there was only one answer - the homeowners definitely had a bee problem. But, once he took into consideration how the house was built, David knew that this was going to be a big project for him.


David wanted to help the homeowners out but he wasn't sure how to do that. It seemed like there were so many bees and since the house was built out of brick, it would be very hard for David to find the exact location of the hive.


Will David take up this challenge?


Relocating the Bees

Luckily, David is one hell of a bee man. Once he realized how many bees could be stuck in the walls, he knew he had to do something. Not only were the bees disturbing the homeowners, but they were stuck inside the walls and their lives were in danger as well.


David decided that he would relocate the bees. However, he had one condition and the homeowners had to agree to it.

What was the condition? Would the homeowners agree to this? You won't believe what happens next!

Doing Some Damage

In order to extract the bees, David knew that he would have to do some damage to the home. And, of course, he wouldn't do it without approval. His job was getting the bees out safely. Luckily, the homeowners agreed.


The poor family was so sick of hearing the constant buzzing sound that they agreed to have some of their walls demolished. This was going to cost them a bit, but the homeowners would do anything to be peaceful once again.

From this point, the story only gets more dramatic.

The Most Difficult Bee Removal

David was excited because he wanted to help the homeowners and the bees as well. However, he knew in advance that this was going to be one of the most difficult bee removals he had ever done. Usually, the heat sources he came across were much smaller than this one.


He knew that the hive was quite big and that the house would be giving him some trouble. There was so much brick that he didn't know what to expect at all.

What would this challenge end up being like? Keep reading to find out!

Brick Makes Things Worse

David Glover hated one thing - working with brick. What makes this material specific is that it crumbles and can be very hard to remove. Sometimes, trying to remove brick can damage the hive and make the bees very unhappy.


In some cases, all the effort can be in vain. So many things can go wrong when dealing with brick, and this house was made entirely out of it. David didn't know what he was getting himself into and the suspense was killing him.

Removing the First Brick

David removed the first brick with difficulty. The removal left him shocked. There was such a small space between the brick and concrete. David thought that once he's done with removing the bricks, there wouldn't be many bees left to save.


Then, something surprised him. When he completely removed the brick, he noticed that the hive was left untouched. All the bees looked and sounded happy and healthy. David was now more optimistic.

Things are about to get crazy. Click 'Next' to see what else would David discover.

Bee Problem Confirmed

After removing only one brick, David realized everything. The house was definitely infested with bees and the hive was strong and in perfect form. It seemed as if these bees knew exactly what they were doing.


David assumed that the bees had been there for quite a while. He had no idea how big this hive might actually be. He removed only one brick and it was swarming with bees.

What exactly was hiding in those walls?

Observing the Hive

David observed the hive and noticed that it was in perfect condition. The bees were frantic and he knew that there would be so many more of them. There were already so many bees flying around him.


At this point, David realized that removing the brick would take hours since he had to do it carefully. He managed to remove only one and wasn't sure what removing the others would be like.


How Many Are There?

David had been in the bee business for quite a while. However, he wasn't able to estimate how far the beehive would go and how long it would take him to get all the bees to safety. He knew that this would be one of his most interesting projects ever.


The fact that David had no way to know how much brick he'd have to remove, the homeowners started worrying that the entire project could cost them a fortune. They weren't sure whether to proceed or not.

Would David be able to finish this project?

Removing More Bricks

It took David quite some time to remove the bricks and reach the hive. He had to be extremely careful and remove the bricks one by one. He had to do this so he wouldn't hurt or anger the bees. Imagine if he caused a swarm in the neighborhood...


Of course, he also kept the homeowners in mind. It would have been easier to simply smash the bricks. However, he kept their expenses and the structure of the home in mind as well.

Click 'Next' to see David's next revelation!

Removing Two Lines of Brick

After working for hours, David managed to remove two full lines of brick. He thought that this would be enough to get all the bees out. However, he was shocked to see that the hive was still as full now than it was when the first brick was removed.


This only meant that there was more work to be done. At this point, the buzzing sound became very intense. David knew that the bees weren't pleased by the fact that someone was invading the home.

Things started to heat up! 

Removing Five Lines of Brick

After some time, David managed to remove five lines of brick. Things started getting very interesting. David noticed that there were seven narrow honeycombs which mark the starting point of the settlement of these bees.


The five lines of brick might have been enough, but David decided to keep going! This was going to be the most insane project he had ever done!

What other shocking secrets would David find out?

The Hive Keeps Getting Bigger

David was a bit excited when he saw that the hive kept getting bigger and bigger, even if it meant more hard work for him. He realized that the bees were stuck in the walls for far too long and he was happy to help them out.



However, dealing with hive this big, David worried that he wouldn't have enough supplies to get all the bees home safely. Were there really so many bees inside the wall?

This was so exciting for David!

A Project Like No Other

David Glover never imagined that rehousing the bees could turn into such a massive project. He had so much experience with bees that he thought of himself as a bee whisperer. However, he had never dealt with something this massive before. Luckily, he was prepared and knew what to do.



What makes David so special and good with bees is that he knows how to make them stay calm. It takes a lot of calmness and bravery to work with bees and not freak out. Fortunately, David has one special item that helps him out. 

Click 'Next' to find out what this special item is.

A Special Bee Suit

A lot of people wonder how David isn't afraid of getting stung by bees. That's because he has a special bee suit. The suit covers and protects his entire body. But, still, bees do get in sometimes and sting him.


The more you get stung by bees, the less you become sensitive. Even if a bee does sting David, it doesn't hurt as much as it did in the past. Sounds pretty cool, right?

However, the story is about to get interesting. You won't believe why the bees chose the walls as their home.

Making Their New Home

While David was removing the bricks so he could get to the hive, one peculiar thing happened. A dozen of bees landed on David's shoulder and started making their home right on that spot. That is how comfortable David is around bees!


Some of the bees even started flying around his head and buzzing in his ear. For David, this was only relaxing music that helped him passed the time while he was trying to remove the bees. The buzzing sound or the bees don't bother him anymore. Actually, he enjoys their company.

He Loves Bee Company

The majority of people is afraid of bees and that is perfectly normal. David, on the other hand, loves bee company. For him, bees are fascinating creatures and he frequently posts about bees on his social media accounts so we could learn more about them.


Did you know that, without bees, life on Earth would be impossible? If they didn't pollinate the plants, then none of them would be able to grow. Without bees, we would lose 1/3 of our food!

Holy Huge Honeycomb

After working for hours, David finally removed all the bricks. The sight left him shocked! He called this honeycomb the Holy Huge Honeycomb. The hive was incredibly large in size and he was shocked that the bees managed to survive in there for so long.


This discovery meant a lot to all David followers on social media! They had never seen a hive this big and they were just as excited as David that the bees will finally get a new home.

But, the story is about to get a new twist. Read more about the unfortunate event that happens next.

Unfortunate Turn of Events

Unfortunately, David saw something else; something that made him a bit sad. As he removed a few more bricks, he saw something that broke his heart. Some pesticide that the pest control used got inside the wall and killed some of the bees.


He found a lot of dead bees in the corner of the hive. Luckily, the beeswax managed to prevent the rest of the pesticide from harming the other bees. Even though some bees were killed, the rest were alright.

Pesticide Killed the Queen

Among the bees that were killed by the pesticide was the queen. Without their queen, the rest of the bees cannot survive. The queen bee is the one who keeps the hive in order and encourages repopulation.


This was bad news for the Bee Whisperer, but he didn't give up. He knew that he could try to make things better and he started to move the hive.

Would the bees be able to survive without their queen? Keep reading to find out.

Well Behaved Bees

Usually, when the queen dies, the rest of the bees become aggressive and misbehave. But, this was not the case with this special hive. They were very well behaved bees and David started being optimistic about their future.


In addition, it seemed that none of the bees died, except those who were harmed by the pesticide. Now, David had high hopes that he could make the hive successful again.

Were there any other revelations about this beehive?

Two Enormous Honeycombs

One of the most shocking revelations about this unique hive is the size of the honeycomb. Usually, there are plenty of honeycombs that are small in size and broken up. But this huge hive made two enormous honeycombs.


This in itself was an incredible achievement and he had no clue it would turn out to be so big! As David continued to explore, things got even more interesting.

Keep reading to find what else David found!

The Biggest Hive Ever

It turned out that this was the biggest hive and the biggest honeycomb that David had ever seen, and he had been in the bee business for quite a while. People were shocked by this discovery and the homeowners couldn't believe their eyes.



If a honeycomb was that big, then how many bees would David have to relocate? This was the question, and David was eager to find out the answer.

You won't believe how many bees the hive ended up having!

More than 35,000 Bees

After trying to count every single bee, David concluded that there were about 35,000 of them. There could have been even 40,000 but counting them precisely was very difficult. This was such an accomplishment for David! However, he was a bit worried that he might not be able to keep them all.


Could he capture and keep all of these bees? They seemed to be willing to stick close to the hive, but he was still unsure whether or not he would be able to catch them. Luckily, his special equipment makes even the hardest tasks possible.

You won't believe how David captures bees!

Capturing All the Bees

When David transfers the honeycomb, most of the bees will follow him and stick close to the honeycomb. Most of them want to stay with their hive, so this makes it easy for David to capture the vast majority.


But, there are always some stragglers left behind and David has to be quite creative to transport the bees without harming them. Believe it or not, he manages to do this with the help of one strange household tool.

Can you guess what is the tool that David uses?

A Vacuum Cleaner

It may be a bit hard to believe this, but David uses a vacuum cleaner to capture the bees that are left behind. However, he makes sure to empty the vacuum and use gentle suction so he wouldn't harm the bees.


This way, the bees can breathe and the vacuum actually keeps them protected!

Click 'Next' to see what David does once the vacuum sucks in the bees.

Bees Go to Rehab

The bees that are left behind have to go through some sort of rehab so they could adjust to their new hive. In order to make this happen, David has to put in a lot of time and effort.


David uploaded so many photos to his Facebook and everyone loved them! His feat even managed to go viral and Holy Huge Honeycomb made it even to the news. David was starting to become famous!

However, would this be a good thing?

Would The Bees Accept Their New Home?

Yes, actually. Spreading the news about David's accomplishment helped him to successfully rehab the bees. His new fame allowed him to talk to other 'bee whisperers' and share knowledge regarding bees that didn't have a queen. The first step was getting the bees to accept their new home. Since these bees lived in a tight space for some time, David thought of something that could help them.


He decided to move them into a vertical hive and become their beekeeper. He hoped that the bees would even make some honey so he could get an additional income!

Keep reading to find out how David managed to help the bees.

Finding a New Queen

Bees can't produce honey without a queen, so David made sure to find a new one for this hive. He was able to do this by transporting a queen from another hive of his to this one. However, this was not an easy task since the bees can reject a new queen.


This was the moment of truth for David. Inserting a new queen would determine the fate of this hive. If they accepted her, the hive would survive. David was incredibly worried and his followers were waiting nervously for an update.

The bees had the craziest reaction to their new queen!

Aware of the New Queen

As soon as the new queen was inserted, the bees became aware of her. They had been without a queen for quite some time and it was expected that the new one would attract attention. The bees started flying around their new queen and David observed them nervously.


The bees seemed as if they didn't want to have anything to do with the new queen. David started worrying both for the bees and for the queen. If the bees turned against her, David could lose a good queen.

Click ‘Next’ to see if the bees accepted their new queen!

All Hail the New Queen

Thankfully, it all turned out well. The bees bowed down to their new queen and started getting well along with her. In order to know that the queen was officially accepted, David needed the bees to start laying eggs.


Luckily, it didn't take long and David soon noticed eggs in the honeycomb. This was a very exciting event for David and all of his followers celebrated as well.

Will the hive be successful?

The Bees Start Laying Eggs

The process of laying eggs is quite interesting. The larvae grow in the honeycomb and they use a mixture of pollen and honey as their food. This enables them to gradually grow into adult bees.


The worker bees do most of the work, and the queen is the one who just wants to try and find a moment’s rest whenever possible!

Still, David worried that his hard work and effort could be for nothing.

The Bees Don't Give Up

Soon, David noticed that the hive stalled and he worried that all his effort would be lost. Luckily, bees resumed their duties shortly after. Everyone was fascinated by the story of this hive. Not only did they survive stuck inside a wall but they also got used to their new home quickly.


David assumed that the hive had been growing in the wall for about two years. The homeowners couldn't notice them at first. But, as more and more bees joined the hive, the buzzing sound became louder.

Just when we think that this story is over, another twist is about to appear.

Producing Honey

Gratefully, the bees started making honey soon. As soon as they began producing, David felt a huge relief. He knew that this rehoming job was finally done. This was one of the most challenging rehoming projects he had ever done.


Saving all the bees made David happy but it also paid off. The bees made so much honey and David is more than proud to show off his collection.


Click ‘Next’ to see one of the coolest pictures you can find on the Internet.

The Colors of the Polen

Most people think that pollen is yellow, and that’s why the honey is yellowish in color as well. But actually, pollen comes in all different colors! All these colors combined together make a beautiful rainbow.


David posted a photo of the Holy Honeycomb bees and their pollen inside of their honeycomb. The photo blew everyone away!

What happened to the bees in the end? 

Happy Ever After

Six months after David saved the bees, he posted an update on his social media. He let everyone know that the bees are doing incredibly well and that they absolutely adore their new queen. All the worker bees want to get close to her.


While the homeowners hope that they would never have to deal with bees in their walls, they were really happy that now their former intruders are safe and sound. They were even proud of themselves because they did help David find and save the bees!

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