The atmosphere in hospitals is always stressful. New patients are coming and leaving every day. Unfortunately, for some patients, leaving ...

## Woman Takes Wrong Person Off Life Support After Terrible Hospital Error ## Woman Takes Wrong Person Off Life Support After Terrible Hospital Error

## Woman Takes Wrong Person Off Life Support After Terrible Hospital Error

## Woman Takes Wrong Person Off Life Support After Terrible Hospital Error


The atmosphere in hospitals is always stressful. New patients are coming and leaving every day. Unfortunately, for some patients, leaving means spending their last days glued to the hospital bed. And, unfortunately, despite all of the latest technology and expertise, doctors still make mistakes once in a while.

In 2019, one family from Chicago heard some devastating news about a family member. They were preparing a painful, heartbreaking day when one strange call changed everything. How could they trust doctors every again?

Family Circumstances


Rosie Brooks always put her family first. Sadly, as the years went by, she found herself growing apart from her brother Alfonso. Rosie felt heartbroken, but nothing seemed to make their relationship work. 

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Rosie thought they would never be close again, but one day everything changed. Her brother came back to her life. But not because he missed her…



Rosie and her brother didn’t speak for years, but then he suddenly re-entered her life. The man reached out to Rosie for a very strange reason.

A Phone Call From Alfonso


One day Rosie received an unexpected phone call from her brother. But why was he reaching out after years of silence?

A Call That Changed Everything

Alfonso called Rosie in May 2019. The woman was shocked. Alfonso hadn’t spoken to her in a long time. Why did suddenly decide to call?

Answering The Phone


The woman thought it was strange, but answered the phone anyways. What she heard on the phone left her speechless. 

Bad News

It turns out, it wasn’t Alfonso who called her. The call was about him. But what did they want from Rosie?

Chicago’s Mercy Hospital

Rosie was shocked to find out she wasn’t speaking with her brother. Instead, it was Chicago’s Mercy Hospital’s staff contacting Rosie. She felt anxious. What was happening?


The medical staff called her from Alfonso’s phone with some tragic news. Something horrible happened to her brother. 

Alfonso Was Injured

Operation Rescue

The hospital had bad news for Rosie. Her brother was found unconscious lying on the street. Worst of all, he was also naked and beaten.

Rosie Was Speechless


Rosie was heartbroken. Not being a part of her brother’s life was painful enough. But learning he was found unconscious on the streets nearly dead was devastating. What had he been up to?  

The Beginning Of A Nightmare


As soon as Rosie heard the news, she called her sister Brenda. Then, both of the women rushed to the hospital. Would Alfonso survive? 

Praying For The Best

Unfortunately, Rosie and Brenda couldn’t see Alfonso as soon as they got there. The doctors were in the process of stabilizing him. Would he make it?

Waiting For The News

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Brenda and Rosie didn’t know what to think. Would Alfonso be okay? Would he make a full recovery? The women didn’t know what to think at that moment. 

Sad Truth


Brenda and Rosie were trying to stay positive. But what doctors told them was far from promising. 

Doctor’s Thoughts 


The doctors weren’t that optimistic in Alfonso’s future. He was injured so badly. It was difficult even to recognize him. But there was only one thing the doctors were sure about. 

The Man Was Alfonso

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The man was injured to the point it was impossible to recognize him. The old mugshots were the only way for the medical staff to identify Alfonso. Was there still a chance for his survival?

Confirming The Identity 

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Rose and Brenda confirmed that the patient was their brother once they arrived at the Intensive Care Unit. They couldn’t believe how badly Alfonso was hurt. They could only hope for the best.

Crucial Decision

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The verification process was crucial for Alfonso’s future. His family had to come up with a mutual decision about his health condition. What could they do? 

One Last Try


Unfortunately, the options weren’t so promising. Alfonso was in terrible condition. His family was grieving, and the doctors had only once choice left.

Critical Condition

Due to his critical condition, Alfonso had to be put on a feeding tube and ventilator. But what the doctors told Brenda and Rosie wasn’t so promising. 

Not Giving Up


The hospital staff told the women the chances for Alfonso’s recovery were very slim. His condition wasn’t improving, but that didn’t stop the sisters from hoping for the best.

Praying And Hoping

Brenda and Rosie had no other choice but to pray for a miracle. Deep down, they were hoping that Alfonso would recover. Unfortunately, soon the reality hit them. 

The Sad Reality


Eventually, Rosie and Brenda were forced to make a tough, heartbreaking decision regarding their brother’s life. 

The Final Decision

Alfonso wasn’t getting any better, and the sisters knew there was only one choice they could make. Brenda and Rosie didn’t want his brother to suffer any longer, so together with the Bennett family made a very difficult decision. 

Pulling The Plug

Alfonso’s family made the decision to pull the plug. They couldn’t watch the man suffer any longer. But would they regret it later? 

The Family’s Opinion

His loved ones couldn’t watch Alfonso suffer any longer. As the days went by, he wasn’t getting any better. Although, deep inside, they felt like they fail him. Little did they know what they were about to find out next. 

Planning The Funeral


Soon after the tragic decision, Brenda and Rosie got occupied with funeral planning. They were contacting Alfonso’s family, friends, picking a casket, and choosing a burial ground. Nevertheless, things didn’t go as planned.  

An Unexpected Visitor

The sisters were in the middle of the preparation process when one unexpected visitor showed up. Their jaw nearly dropped when they saw who he was. 

It Was Alfonso

The unexpected guest was, indeed, Alfonso. He was standing there right in front of them. But how was that possible? They had just pulled the plug on him a few days ago.

A Mistake Or True Miracle?

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Not only Alfonso was alive, but he looked perfectly healthy too! He thought it was hilarious when he found out his sisters were planning his funeral. He thought they were joking, but there was much more to this complicated story.

A Mix-Up

Alfonso, who was dead in their sisters’ minds, tried not to laugh when he heard the news. He described the situation as “I’m looking at them like, ‘Wow, I’m ready to like barbecue or something, and they’re looking at me like I was a ghost.'”

The Confusion


It turns out, Alfonso wasn’t the man who the sisters were crying over in the hospital. The person who the sisters pulled the plug on was a complete stranger. But how did the Bennett family get involved in this complicated situation? 

A Mistake 


Well, it all started when a witness told the police officer that the victim’s name was Elisha Bennett. However, police couldn’t find that name in the system, so instead, they entered him as Alfonso Bennett. But then things got even more complicated.

Another Fail

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The medical staff didn’t even bother taking fingerprints as they were experiencing some budget cuts at the moment. They entirely relied on the testimony of the family members and old photos to identify the patient and making a horrendous mistake.  

Pulling The Plug On A Stranger

Rosie and Brenda were mortified when they learned they pulled a plug on a random man. It was one horrible mistake. But it was the time to find out who was the beaten stranger in the hospital. 

Elisha Brittman


After some investigation, the police were able to identify the right man. His name was Elisha Brittman. The witness made the mistake of mixing up his name while talking to the police, and this is how it all started. Now both families faced substantial legal consequences. 

Alfonso’s Future

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The family of the dead man was mortified, to say the least. However, Alfonso’s disability and social security benefits were no longer valid once he was pronounced dead. Now he had to go through a long process of acquiring them back. And all of this because of someone else’s mistake. However, Rosie and Brenda were also going through a tough time. 

Rosie and Brenda’s Feelings

The women felt weird and confused about what happened. After all, they pulled the plug on a random person and ended his life. It was a lot to take in. At least, their brother turned out to be alive and healthy. 

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