He Stumbled Upon It

Dermot was walking past a pile of logs when he swore he heard something. It stood out among the natural sounds of the landscape. He tried listening more intently at the log pile, soon he’d find that it was far from an ordinary log pile.

He was frozen in place, he needed to cry out for help but nothing came out of his mouth. He knew it was useless anyway, with him so far from any form of settlement. The only option was to inspect the log pile.

Love For Hiking

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Dermot had a passion for hiking. When he set foot on a trail he loved the smell of pine and the crunch of dirt beneath his boots. He would spend every opportunity in the wild.

But little did Dermot know that he would stumble upon something on a Sunday morning like any other, as he put on his boots and walked out the door.

Small Town


Dermot lived and grew up in a town called Riverwood. The town wasn’t very big so everyone knew each other by name. Everyone was neighborly and would always help out if someone needed help.

Seven months before Dermot decided to start his Sunday walk. There was an event that shook the town and hung over everyone for a long time.



Alice was an 11-year-old girl that lived in Riverwood with her parents. One day she decided to visit her friend but never came back. The only clue they could find was her pink bicycle that was left on the side of the road.

Her parents were struck with worry and grief. Maybe she couldn’t find her way home? Since the town was small soon everyone heard about it and pitched in to help. Still, there was no sign of anything.

A Helping Hand


Around 100 town locals decided to help the family search for their little girl. Dermot volunteered as soon as he heard what had happened. The local police aided in the search when everyone started at Alice’s house.

They met with the parents and got ready for a long trek through the night. Everyone wished and prayed that little Alice was okay. They would search for as long as it took.



100 people marched in different directions. They searched the fields near the town and on either side of the road going into the town. They all cried out Alice’s name, hoping for a response. Dermot didn’t feel good about his, not at all.

There was no trace of what could have happened to her. At least that meant there were no signs that contradicted that she was alright. Everyone stayed calm and tried their best to keep their chins up.

Days Go By


A resident and family friend of Alice said, “It was stressful and emotional. We were all out there just walking back and forth, from one end to the other, yelling her name,”

As days went by people began to feel more and more disheartened as they searched for Alice. The search had turned into a disorganized bunch of people walking around aimlessly calling out her name.

A Week Later


After a week had passed, there weren’t nearly as many flashlights as day one. A lot of the volunteers had resumed there day to day lives. The people that remained also found it difficult to keep the search up.

Alice could be anywhere and no one had any idea where she was. Maybe she’d be somewhere they’d never have thought of. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. But then, there was the sound of chopping…

Police Step In


Police soon starting helping the search for the girl. Helicopters started searching the thick woods with heat-sensitive cameras while units on the ground used dogs to sniff out her scent.

But even with all the advanced aid from the police. There was still no sign of Alice. Days soon turned into weeks and most people lost hope. The question was still burning in everyone’s minds – where was Alice?

Helping Out


Dermot felt for the family and felt awful about Alice disappearing. He helped out in his own way, searching by himself out in the woods. But without any kind of police equipment he felt that it was a lost cause.

It was like Alice had just disappeared into thin air. Dermot thought she probably miles away. He didn’t actually know how close he was…

Feeling Hopeless


As an experienced hiker, Dermot felt he was most useful searching through the tough terrain of the mountains that surrounded their town. He could get into places others couldn’t.

But as the helicopters and dogs had no luck locating the little girl, Dermot felt he was throwing sand against the wall and asking it to stick. Still, he felt he had to do something! Little did he know however, that his decision would turn this mysterious case on its head.

Seven Months Later

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It was now seven months since Alice’s disappearance. The young 11-year-old girl had still not been found. Some people moved on with their lives, but not Dermot. Every time he went for a hike, he finds himself searching new areas of the wilderness, just for her.

He grabbed his bottled water and walking gear, and headed out into the mountains once again. Only this time, life as he knew it would change.

On His Hike

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Dermot had been hiking for just under an hour. He started to break a sweat, and could feel the burn of a workout beginning to take hold in his muscles.

Despite his struggle, he powered through, enjoying the stunning scenery as he breathed in fresh air. He closed his eyes and smiled as he took a deep inhale of the scent of wild grass and oak trees. Suddenly, his eyes shot awake. The smile vanished from his face.

A Strange Sound

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He held his breath as he identified the strange sound. It was a voice. A very faint one, but Dermot had no idea where it was coming from. Suddenly, he thought of Alice. The sound made his blood run cold.

He shouted out into the empty space around him, “Alice?!”. But there was no response. Then the voice suddenly stopped. What was going on?

Game Time

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Dermot cautioned forward as he looked around on hyper alert. Was this a joke? Was that all in his head? He felt sick to his stomach.

He wanted to run forward and scream out for little Alice, but he also knew that maybe that wasn’t the best decision. Afterall, he had no idea what he was walking into. Then as quickly as it disappeared, he heard the same voice that sent a shiver up his spine. Only this time it was closer.

Pile Of Logs


Dermot is frozen in his tracks again. He steadied his breathing to try to identify where the sound was coming from. Then, once more, it stopped. Heart racing, he ran forward, and then he saw it.

A random pile of logs. What were they doing there? Curious, he walked towards them to inspect it. Once he reached it, his eyes popped. He wanted to run and scream for help, but who would hear him in these hills?

What Were They Doing Here?


He knew he had to be quick. With his hands trembling, he picked up his phone and dialed 911. He hoped it wasn’t too late.

Dermot paced back and forth as he waited for help to arrive. He didn’t know what to do. He had never been in a situation like this before. All he could do was not mess with the evidence and listen out for the voice again. He was so close. He could feel it.



The police headed out to the mountains immediately after hearing Dermot frantically telling them what he saw on the phone. “Come quick! Now! Please!” Dermot pleaded with the cops before his voice broke.

What had Dermot discovered? It took them just under 30 minutes, but finally, the cops arrived. They had no idea what was waiting for them.

Just Look Over There

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When the cops arrived at the hills, they were stumped to find a pile of logs and a distraught-looking Dermot. “What exactly is going on here?,” one officer asked, his tone stern and authoritative.

Dermot walked up to the officer with tears tricking down his cheeks. “Just look over there,” he said and pointed to the unfitting pile of logs.

A Bad Feeling


The officer made his way over to the pile of logs, bracing himself for what he would find. With each step he took, an uneasy feeling crept up his spine.

He didn’t know why, but he had a bad feeling about these logs. When the officer got closer to the logs he saw what Dermot saw. He felt sick to his stomach. What was it?

A Clue


From a distance, the pile of logs looked like just that; a pile of logs. However, upon closer inspection, the officer got suspicious of the perfect rectangular shape, and black lines.

When he realized what this pile of logs actually was, a terrible feeling grew deep within the pit of his stomach.

Not As It Seemed


The odd-looking lines on the pile of logs were actually windows! What he thought was a pile of logs, was actually a secret hideaway.

But what exactly needed to stay hidden away from everyone to see? When the officer and Dermot looked inside the secret cabin, they were absolutely horrified.

Inside The Cabin


Inside the secret cabin was a small accommodation Then suddenly and shockingly, a young girl emerged from the corner of the ‘room’.

The officer yelped in surprise at seeing the young girl. He took a closer look at the girl and realized exactly who she was. He was lost for words. Dermot was in tears of relief. This had become personal for him.

Missing Girl Found


The mysterious case of the missing 11-year-old girl called Alice, was finally progressing. After 7 long months of hopelessness, she was finally found! The officer was startled at Dermot’s discovery and perseverence. But what was she doing there?

The officer immediatey called for back up and got the little girl to safety. But was it too late? Were they still in danger? Who owned the cabin?

Getting Her To Safety

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More cops arrived at the scene in no time and took the disorientated Alice back to the station for questioning. Alice told officers that a man had kidnapped her and put her in the secret cabin.

However, as hard as they tried to piece together what happened, the police had no leads. Alice was returned back home safely and the case is still open to this day. But, half a world away, another child had also gone missing. But unlike Alice, he was only found 31 years later…

A Mother’s Worst Nightmare


This was the moment she was waiting for. Finally some truth, some answers. No mother should go through what Lyneth went through. Never in a million years would she wish what she went through on anyone, not even her own worst enemy. Which at times, was herself.

Arriving at Connecticut Airport, hundreds of miles away from her home in Canada, Lyneth steps out into the pickup area, hoping that she’ll finally be given answers about her son’s disappearance. She had been waiting 31 years for this moment.

She Couldn’t Wait To See Him

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

It was a warm summer day in June 1987 when Lyneth pulled up to a dollar store on Islington Avenue in the north of Toronto. She was picking up her son Jermaine, from his father Alan who had arranged to meet Lyneth there at 4 pm.

Jermaine was just a baby when the two parents decided to separate, but despite this, Jermaine was a happy child, with a smile and laugh that could light up a room. She couldn’t wait to see him. But she had no idea what was to come.

She Knew He Would Love It


Lyneth had spent the day doing all the typical things you do when you’re child-free for the day. Grocery shopping, daily errands, etc.

She even bought Jermaine a toy, a fluffy plush lion with big brown eyes – just like Jermaine. Lions were his favorite. She knew he would love it. But little did she know her whole world was about to come crashing down.

Where Were They?

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The clock has just gone 4 pm and Lyneth watches a family across the road. They’re laughing, smiling, and enjoying each other’s company. Lyneth smiles to herself.

Strangely, the little boy, who’s clinging onto his father’s shoulders, resembles her own son. He waves at Lynteh and she waves back before checking her watch. It’s now 4:09. Where were they? As the minutes passed, she could feel a terrible feeling in her stomach.

Her Heart Is Pounding


Lyneth’s heart is pounding. She can feel it in her chest. The time is now 4:20 pm and Alan and Jermaine still haven’t shown up. Suddenly, a swarm of anxiety hits Lyneth and she stumbles to the ground, dropping the toy she had personally picked for Jermaine.

As she gets up and races into her car, she dials 911 and speeds off. Leaving behind a cloud of smoke and Jermaine’s teddy bear.

An Empty Home


The sound of silence fills the empty home of Lyneth. Perched on a chair in her kitchen, Lyneth’s eyes are sore and her head is throbbing.

It has been 48 hours since she waited at the dollar store. Since she waited to see her little boy and give him his teddy bear. But now she has neither her son nor his teddy bear.

This Couldn’t Be It, Could It?


A couple of months passed and even after the Toronto police conducted an extensive search there was no trace of Jermaine. As expected, Lyneth was devasted.

And slowly but surely, those couple of months turned into a couple of years, and the next thing Lyneth knew, she was celebrating what would be Jermaine’s 25th birthday in her empty home. This couldn’t be it, could it?

All She Had Left Were Memories

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Over the years, numerous agencies had attempted to solve the disappearance of Jermaine. But there were still no leads. Even the Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC) became involved but still, nothing. All Lyneth had left were the memories in her mind and a few images of her little boy. But Lyneth refused to give up. In 1989 she appeared in The Toronto Star hoping to raise even more awareness.

There were suspicions that Allan had abducted Jermaine, and taken him over to the United States, but there was no concrete evidence. However, there would soon be a crack in this heartbreaking case that would change everything.

Adamant To Find Jermaine

The Toronto Star

Across the border, in the United States, there was an equal dedication to finding out what happened to Jermaine. His story was featured on the Charley Project, a database dedicated to publicizing missing person cases in the United States.

Unfortunately, this still didn’t give police a lead. Despite all this, there was still one person that was adamant to find Jermaine. And he wouldn’t rest until he did.

A Break In The 3-Decade Old Case


A ray of light in a world of darkness, former policeman Ted Davis had been investigating for MCSC for three decades. After meeting Lyneth and watching her wear her heart on her sleeve, Davis made a promise to Lyneth and her family that he’d do everything in his power to make sure Jermaine was brought back home.

And so finally, in 2016 – almost 30 years after Jermaine had disappeared, there came a break in the 3-decade-old case.

Fresh Leads


That same year, Ted had attended a conference alongside members of the Toronto police and representatives of the United States.When at the event, the attendees started to discuss Jermaine’s disappearance which ultimately sparked further interest. As Ted left the conference little did he know investigators would have some fresh leads to follow.

A Crucial Clue


By the end of summer 2018, investigators had got in contact with numerous people who were Allan’s acquaintances. With each person they spoke to, investigators hoped they would be able to get some vital information.

Some suggested that Allan may have made his way 500 miles east of Toronto, residing in Connecticut. But it wasn’t until they spoke to one of Alan’s closet friends that they would land a crucial clue that would finally lead police to Jermaine.

Jermaine Is Alive?

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Supposedly, Allan had created a new name, a new alias, and a brand new identity. Going by the name as Hailee Randolph DeSouza, police knew they were one step closer to finding out what happened to Jermaine.

They searched official databases and social media and finally, they found a match; an elderly man and aged man living in Vernon, a town close to the Connecticut capital of Hartford. Could this be them? If so, does that mean Jermaine is alive?

A Match Made In Heaven

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

With the mystery finally about to be solved, investigators enlisted forensic experts to help join the case. They examined the driver’s license photo that was on record for DeSouza’a’s son.

And slowly but surely in October 2018, the team was able to confirm what they had all been hoping for: that DeSouza’s son and Jermaine were probably the same. They had a match! But first, they had to catch Alan.

Tracking Him Down


Investigators were excited that they finally had some answers. But they knew they needed to make a move; they had to find Allan before it was too late.

An anonymous source claimed Allan often spent his time at the local KFC; he was friendly with the staff and he sure did love the food! And so, investigators set off to the KFC ready to bring Allan to justice and make him pay for his crimes. But would that be the case today?

The Arrest


“This is the police,” screams a member of the Connecticut Police Department as they race inside the KFC restaurant. The team scanned the room looking for Allan, while startled and confused employees stand around. Then they notice an elderly man sitting in the corner of the room.

He puts his hands up and the police immediately corner him and the man confirms that he is the fugitive they’re looking for. But where was Jermaine?

A Crucial Encounter


Police suspected that back in 1986 Allan had fled Toronto with Jermaine and traveled to the United States with the two reportedly sharing an apartment in Connecticut since 2004.

Handcuffing Allan before leading him outside, the police hear a voice. “Dad?” Suddenly, a middle-aged man walks around the corner. A middle-aged man with big brown eyes. Just like Jermaine.

Living A Lie


The father and son duo – unbeknownst to the son – lived a life of lies for decades and decades. After fleeing Canada, Allan had managed to acquire fake documents, residing in New York, North Carolina, and then settling in Connecticut.

When living in Vernon, Allan found employment as a trucker and as an engineer, while

Jermaine worked for the state. Little did Jermaine know, his whole life had been a lie.

The Truth

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

All his life Jermaine had questions about his mother. His dad told him she passed away during childbirth, but he was pretty ambiguous about the details.

Jermaine remembers seeing his friends get picked up from school by their mothers. Jermaine never had that. And it wasn’t until he turned 33, that the truth about his mother would come to light.

What Kind Of Father Would Do This?


Standing and weeping in court as his father’s lies and deceitfulness came to light, Jermaine sobbed into his tissue. How could his father do such a thing? His heart stops to hear that Allan would not be facing charges for kidnappings. Instead, he would be extradited to Canada to face further charges.

As he steps out of court, Jermaine is lost for words. With thousands of questions running through his mind, a sudden realization hits him. His mother is in fact, alive.

The Call That Changed Her Life


Lyneth is speechless. She has just got off the phone with Ted. They’ve found Jermaine. Her baby boy. He’s alive. He’s safe. She had been waiting for this moment for 31 years.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Lyenth breaks down, tears falling from her face. She’s going to see her baby boy again.

Words Couldn’t Express It

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So, Lyneth had finally received the news that she had been hoping and waiting for — for the last three decades. “Words can’t express what I felt,” she said at a press conference in 2018.

“The words, ‘Your son is alive; we’ve found him,’ that is breathtaking.” The overjoyed mother then boarded a plane to Connecticut. She couldn’t wait to reunite with her long-lost son.

The Reunion


Standing in the pickup area at Connecticut airport, Lyneth is about to be reunited with her son after 30 years. She can’t believe it. What will he look like?

Suddenly, a tall, dark figure appears, walking towards Lyneth. Instantly she recognizes the face and those big brown eyes. Her heart stops. It’s her son. It’s Jermaine.

Never Letting Go


Running towards each other with tears streaming down their faces, Lyneth and Jermaine crash into each other with a warm embrace. Both are crying and overwhelmed with emotion.

Squeezing each other tight, they both have so many questions. But for now, they just hug each other tight, refusing to ever let go again.

The Same Eyes

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“I grabbed him and squeezed his head; I want to feel if he’s real,” she said through tears. “I touched him, and I said, ‘Oh my God, my baby.’”

Although Jermaine has declined to give any public interviews as yet, Lyneth mentioned that he made a touching comment when they met — he said that they shared the same eyes.

Home-Cooked Dinner

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After Lyneth was reunited with Jermaine at last, the pair were able to spend some quality time together at last. Lyneth was eager to learn about Jermaine’s life and what had happened in the last 31 years.

Lyneth even bought ingredients to make Jermaine a home-cooked dinner – only to find out that he is a vegetarian. But Jermaine decided to make an exception. “He said, ‘You know what, Mommy? Cook the chicken. I’m gonna eat the chicken,’” Lyneth recalled.

Never Apart Again

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For the time being, it is unclear if Lyneth will relocate to be closer to her long-lost son. However, the happy mother did tell reporters that she will do everything in her power to make sure they are never separated again.

Then, Lyneth went on to open up about the devastating actions that Allan had taken all those years ago.


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“I just thought it was sad for him to have done what he did,” Lyneth confessed. “You never take a child from its parent – no matter what.”

The mother also coming to terms with the fact that her son had a whole other life before she came back into the picture. “I have to respect the fact that he was a child; he didn’t know anything,” she explained.

He Had No Choice

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“So, what was given to him, he had no choice but to live with that,” Lyneth continued. “And so, if the name that he has right now, he would like to respect that, then I’m gonna stand with him.”

With that being said, however, Lyneth admitted that calling her son by his new name may always be difficult. “To me, my son has always been Jermaine, so yes, that sticks for me,” she explained.

Giving Thanks

United States Attorney’s Office, District of Connecticut

During a news conference, Lyneth also took the time to give special thanks to all those people on the case — all those people who never gave up the search for her missing boy.

Lyneth made special mention of the MCSC and the authorities on both sides of the border. Furthermore, she hoped that her story might inspire other parents in her situation to never give up their faith.

“Be Strong”

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“I am the proof that after 31 long years of suffering – 31 long years – one should never give up,” Lyneth explained. “But be patient, be strong, and believe that all things are possible and that anything can transpire.”

Meanwhile, John Durham, Connecticut’s U.S. Attorney, spoke about all of the investigators who had worked so long and hard to bring Jermaine home.

In Violation

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“After taking his son away from his son’s mother, this defendant is alleged to have lived a lie for the last 31 years in violation of numerous U.S. laws,” Durham said in an official statement in 2018.

“We thank the many law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and Canada that have investigated this matter, worked hard to apprehend this fugitive, and finally provided some answers to a mother who has suffered with her son’s absence for far too long.”

An Unusual Case

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And, according to the experts, Jermaine’s disappearance is an exception to the rule in what is actually a surprisingly common crime.

“This is believed to be the longest case in North America – if possibly not the world – where an abducted child is reunited with a parent where they’re both in safe condition,” Banks explained.