Terrified Stray Puppy Shakes Whenever She’s Touched Until She Learns About Belly Rubs

 We’ve all seen those super emotional commercials on TV that showcase animals needing rescue.

This is Mina. And here is her story.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Mina was rescued by Howl Of A Dog, a small nonprofit animal rescue organization in Romania. Mina, and two other pups, were rescued from a public pound and in pretty sad shape.

Howl Of A Dog states that “they are in extremely bad condition, emaciated and so weak that they can barely stand on their feet, suffering from skin infections and mange.”

Source: Facebook/Howl of a Dog

Mina’s story has a happy ending.

At first Mina was afraid to be touched in any way by a human. She would shiver, cower, and cry whenever approached.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

As this video shows, she was luckily able to overcome her fear quickly, once her medical needs were met and belly rubs became a part of her daily routine.

There’s just something about a belly rub.

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For dogs, a good old-fashioned belly rub is a comforting activity that helps them to bond with the person giving the belly rub. Belly rubs also help dogs overcome their fear of human touch.

For Mina, this oft-times daily belly rub changed her life.

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Just 1 week.

That is how long it took for Mina to trust the human touch. That is pretty amazing! The staff at Howl Of A Dog must be some pretty amazing belly-rubbers.

What is Howl Of A Dog?

Howl Of A Dog is a rescue based in Romania, that relies solely on volunteers and donations, with no government funding at all.
While a dog is in the care of Howl Of A Dog, which is actually their personal house, they provide all veterinary treatments, food, training, playtime, and BELLY RUBS.

Howl Of A Dog works closely with other countries and finds homes for these dogs throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Source: Facebook/Howl of a Dog

Mina’s happy ending.

After receiving a few months of medical care, and lots of love and belly rubs, Mina was ready for a new forever home. She was adopted by a wonderful family in Germany and has adjusted very well to her new home.

The importance of adopting dogs from a rescue.

Unfortunately, not all dogs receive as much love and care as Mina did. And sadly, not all rescue dogs are able to find their forever homes.

Each year, according to the ASPCA(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty for Animals), approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters. Of those 3.3 million dogs, approximately 1.6 million are adopted each year.

Sadly, this leaves too many dogs stuck in shelters still needing their forever homes to have a second chance at living a happy life.

Source: Facebook/Howl of a Dog

Are you ready to open your life to a new pup and bond over belly rubs?

Adopting from a local rescue has many benefits once you’ve decided to add a new pup to your family.

By adopting from a rescue, not only can you find an amazing canine companion, but you will also be giving a pup that had a rough start to life a second chance. You will also be helping that rescue by freeing up space so they can continue to house and care for desperate animals that need their intervention in order to have a second chance at living a happy life.

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