3benny77/Instagram It all started with a home renovation project — and ended up exposing a mystery. Some of the strangest objects may well...

+ The Strangest Objects People Have Discovered Within The Walls of Their Home Are Finally Revealed + The Strangest Objects People Have Discovered Within The Walls of Their Home Are Finally Revealed

+ The Strangest Objects People Have Discovered Within The Walls of Their Home Are Finally Revealed

+ The Strangest Objects People Have Discovered Within The Walls of Their Home Are Finally Revealed


Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects

It all started with a home renovation project — and ended up exposing a mystery. Some of the strangest objects may well be resting soundly within the walls of your own home. From jaw-dropping cash fortunes to bygone relics or nostalgia triggers, these folks found that poking around inside the walls of their homes would yield some surprises.

1. Early Disney Throwback

Most of us don’t know who lived in our homes before we moved in. If those walls could talk, they’d tell stories from generations long before our time. When this person was renovating their home, they found a very telling remnant of their home’s former owners under the wall’s paint.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


This person scraped away the paint from his wall and was greeted by his two-eared, three-fingered childhood friend Mickey Mouse. As he continued removing the paint, more iconic characters like Snow White, Bambi, and Peter Pan began popping up. This wasn’t Disney wallpaper from the 1980s; it featured characters all dating back to Disney’s Golden Age.

2. Not Exactly Your Straight-A Student

Upon first look, one might assume that this is a homework assignment from 2009. However, it’s just a tad older than that — by a century. If the name “Millie” doesn’t give that away, the two tins of lip balm found with the homework will. While Reddit user Franklesteinex was doing some home renovations, he discovered this homework assignment tucked into the wall.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


We can’t help but wonder what kind of life Millie lived and how far she actually got, especially if she was in the habit of ditching her homework. Was this a one-off incident, or does she have other half-finished assignments hidden throughout the entire house? We suppose one can never really know at this point.

3. Under Cover Murals

These days, if we have some open space on our wall, we’ll go to Ikea and just buy a few eye-catching pictures or posters to fill it in. However, back in the old days, home-decorating was from being that straightforward. When one couldn’t find a picture at a store, they’d just use their wall as a mural and either paint something themselves or hire someone for the job.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


It’s hard to know just what what this Reddit user was thinking when he discovered these old murals behind his walls. The rather simple paintings look very Bob Ross-inspired, and while the dates on them could go back to the 1980s, they likely go back way further than that.

4. The Mail’s Long Overdue

In one heck of a Throwback Thursday to stumble across while renovating one’s home, this Reddit user happened upon some rather outdated mailboxes walled into his home. What’s all the more remarkable is that the mailboxes still have the names of the former tenants on them.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


One can’t help but wonder how long those mailboxes have been buried in the wall. Hopefully, he was able to open them up and found some ancient mail hiding inside. That’d definitely give us some answers regarding how old the mailboxes are. If this person was really lucky, maybe they’d find an old birthday card with some money inside.

5. Next-Level Retro Toys

While most parents today won’t hesitate to tell their kids that they played with better toys back in the ’80s, this isn’t something that our great, great grandparents could have claimed. Let’s take a look at the first Gothic Revival home in Forest River, Illinois, first built by a Civil War veteran named Herman Yalding in 1869. He got married and had four kids in that house.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Fast forwarding to 2014. While the house was going through some renovations, these relics were discovered inside its walls. It turns out that this is in fact a very old toy boat with a string attached, a slingshot, and a baby’s left shoe, all of which dated back to the 19th century.

6. Cool Beverages Behind The Wall

Usually when you find something behind a demolished wall, you’re expecting it to show its age. It’d likely be full of dust, grime, and even rust if it was made from metal. However, there are always a few exceptions. How do you think these homeowners felt when they discovered these rare gems behind their wall?

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


The design of the soda cans tell us that these have to be at least as old as the 1970s. The Pepsi can is sporting colors that haven’t been seen since the 1990s, and Grape Crush doesn’t even exist anymore. While some people would be tempted to see how the sodas might taste, others would capitalize on the big bucks collectors are willing to pay for these fizzy relics.

7. Some Breaking News

Imagine digging into your wall and finding a piece of history that’s not only way older then yourself, it’s also perfectly preserved. That’s exactly what happened to this Reddit user. He was doing some work on his house when he came across this newspaper from December 21, 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Suddenly, this fellow found himself transported back to a time when the Axis and Allied powers fought for the freedom of the world, and nobody knew what fate had in store for humanity. We can only wonder what was going on in the mind of the person who took the folded-up paper and stuffed it into the wall. Did they want future generations to see and learn?

8. Long-Lost Birthday Letter

Over half a century ago, a kid named Mike took out a notebook and wrote about the magic of his 11th birthday. He recalled helping his dad fix the sink after a guy named Bob sat on it and broke it off the wall. It definitely doesn’t sound like an 11-year-old’s ideal birthday celebration.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


He then stuck that note into the wall and urged that the person who’d discover the note in the future to contact him. Mike’s note was eventually discovered, but there is no way of knowing if the person who found it actually reached out and made contact. Mike would be in his sixties now and we can only imagine his reaction upon getting that call.

9. A Little Present From The Past

Today, people will start a renovation project and finish before they even know it. Half the time they’ll be looking down at their phones and just waiting to fall back into their comfortable routine. Back in the ’90s, the mentality was quite different — and this present from the past proves it.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Someone opened up their wall and found these two sodas with a note that said, “To whoever finds this note, enjoy! From: Red, Fay, Daryal + Ed. Feb 24 – 1991.” These people likely enjoyed renovating that house so much that they even thought of leaving something for the people who’d open up that wall possibly years later.

10. Money For Nothing

While one lucky couple was renovating their home, they came across a strange lunch pail hidden in their ceiling. Oddly enough, this lunch pail didn’t look like something from the 21st century. They cracked this concealed box open — and they couldn’t believe what they found.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


The couple found stacks of $20, $50 and $100 dollar bills inside. Despite the money having been minted during the first half of the 20th century, they would still be able to fatten their wallets significantly. They immediately thought about investing the new funds into their home. Just when they thought they couldn’t get any happier, they discovered something else.

11. Couple’s Second Strange Discovery

While exploring their attic, the couple discovered a crawl space they had never seen before. Despite some initial reservations, they decided to explore the spooky discovery. At the end of the attic, they found a locked door. After a couple minutes of tinkering, they managed to get the door open.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Inside was a small soundproof room with some white tarp covering up the floor, containing a black safe and briefcase. Concealed within the briefcase were an array of riches; envelopes full of foreign money, a wooden box containing some expensive watches, and some silver ingots. They had to have been feeling like this was their lucky day, but they wouldn’t be feeling that way for long.

12. Retro Home Videos

After discovering a lunch pail full of money, a secret room, and a briefcase of goodies, the young couple couldn’t wait to rip open that mystery safe. However, little did they know, they were about to open a vault of nightmarish proportions. Inside, they found stacks of old cassette tapes.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


While one would assume they were cool home videos from a time gone by, the ominous labels didn’t support that notion. One had a label that said, “No, no, no, no, no.” and another had one that said, “Save yourself.” After watching one, the police were immediately called and a full-on investigation went underway. Chilling!

13. This Dad Would Be Proud

Anyone alive and of age in 1997 will recall how incredibly popular the Spice Girls were. They had a string of successful albums and a movie. You couldn’t avoid the pop group if you tried. If you loved them, it was a pretty good time, but if you weren’t a fan of the music, you were definitely not having fun.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Reddit user Angeb1818 knocked out a wall in her house and discovered this cry for help written on the wall that used to be there. It was a message from a dad in 1997 and apparently he was so fed up by the Spice Girls, he couldn’t help but leave this message on the wall. Thankfully for him, the Spice Girls aren’t such a big deal anymore.

14. Walled-In Beehive

How does this even happen? We’re guessing this Reddit user heard some buzzing in their walls and decided to ignore it. When they saw a few bees buzzing around in their house, they probably figured they had just flown in from outside. When honey started seeping from the walls, they likely guessed they had accidentally stained it themselves.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


That said, nothing could have prepared them for the horrors waiting for them when they decided to renovate their home. The owner discovered 11 giant honey combs inside the wall. While they didn’t document what happened after the initial discovery, but we hope they got some professional help.

15. A Hidden McRelic

The late ‘80s and ‘90s were great times for McDonald’s. If there was a popular trend, one can best believe that McDonald’s would quickly jump on it and double their burger output. It only made sense that they would become one of the 1988 Olympics’ biggest sponsors.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Looking back over three decades, one would see the Olympics logo on all their cups and bags. While they came in the millions back then, that packaging would definitely be considered a collector’s item these days. Imagine the surprise when this guy dug into his wall and discovered this retro cup awaiting him.

16. The Best Hair Of The Fifties

When people think of the best head of hair in the 1950s, most of them are going to be thinking about Elvis Presley. That coiff he was sporting was so stylish that obviously some company was going to pay The King big bucks to name their shampoo after him.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


This Elvis-branded shampoo came with all the promise of making the average man’s hair as cool as their favorite singer’s. We doubt it actually worked that well. If it did, a full bottle probably wouldn’t have been found languishing in the ceiling of this Reddit user’s home. With that, we can’t help but wonder what the shelf life of shampoo is. Could it possibly still be used?

17. The Beginning of An Epic Journey

When a house is over a century years old, there is no telling what can be found in the wall, under the foundations, or even in the attic. While doing renovations, this Reddit user discovered possibly one of the coolest hidden treasures out there: an old sword right there in his home.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


While the discovery sounds like it could definitely be the premise behind some wacky 1980s adventure flick or the beginning of the plot for an old Nintendo game, he likely just put the sword over his fireplace to serve as a new conversation piece. Also, it makes a very unique way to ward off intruders.

18. Possibly The World’s Oldest Calculator

These days, a calculator isn’t something that you need to buy at the store and remember to put into your backpack before heading off to school. Every phone comes equipped with a handy calculator, and if you need something more advanced, there is most likely an app for it.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Back in the pre-cellphone days, a calculator could get pretty pricey if you wanted something beyond the basics. We can’t really imagine them getting any more basic than they were back in the 1990s, but when this Reddit user was cleaning out their home, they came across this ancient piece of technology.

19. Ditching Those Candy Wrappers

Anyone who has ever munched one of those Mini Milky Way or Snickers candies has likely taken that little wrapper and stuffed it between the couch cushions or “accidentally” dropped it when you thought nobody was looking. Someone back in 1961 got a little more innovative when getting rid of the candy wrapper.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Back in 1961, a sweet-toothed snacker stuffed that wrapper into the wall, where it’d remain there in mint condition for nearly 60 years. It’s lucky that someone had the sense to actually check the date on the wrapper, because many of us would have just trashed it without a second thought.

20. Before The Internet

Before the Internet revolutionized our world, we couldn’t watch certain movies without taking that long walk of shame into the back of the video store and sneaking behind a beaded doorway. Apparently someone had one of these old videos in their possession and would hide it in a place where it’d never be found.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Likely years later, a Reddit user found an ancient adult video hanging mysteriously on a pillar in their garage. Believe it or not, finding an old adult video in the wall actually doesn’t seem that strange. Owning one could have been seen as a big offense back in the day.

21. Hiding The Evidence

When you find a pair of vintage underwear inside your wall, you can almost bet it has an interesting story behind it. Maybe the pair of underwear was at the center of a steamy affair and they were left behind by one of the culprits. The wall definitely seems like a good place to hide them.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


We can’t imagine someone casually looking inside of their home’s wall. They could have also been thrown in there by a lazy teenager who didn’t want to clean his room. We’re guessing that we’re about as puzzled over this underwear find as the person who discovered them.

22. So Much For The Sanctity of Marriage

One of the milestones of many people’s lives is walking down the aisle and hopefully marrying the person of their dreams. This isn’t something to take lightly. You’re going to want to hang onto that dress, frame all those photos, and keep that marriage certificate somewhere safe.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


This couple were likely extremely laid back about it. They didn’t tuck their marriage certificate in a box of valuables, they just stuck it inside their wall. From the looks of the certificate, it had been in that wall for a very long time. Hopefully, this couple treated their marriage with a lot more care than that.

23. A Look at Medical History

You can imagine this Instagram user’s shock when they discovered some vintage medicine in their very own apartment. Based on the look of those bottles, they have to date back to the early 1960s. It doesn’t take a genius to know how much medicine has changed since then.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


Who knows what trying some of that ancient medicine would do? Chances are pretty high that it would cause a different kind of reaction than our modern Advil. That said, we have to keep in mind that it’s also over half a century old. They’d be better off just giving those bottles over to the museum.

24. Hangers Once Had Style

It goes without saying that our modern-day clothes hangers come with a complete lack of elegance. This is especially true when talking about wire hangers. They’re made with little regard for the shoulders of the jackets or shirts meant to hang on them. If you went back five or six decades ago, however, you’d find that hangers looked much different.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


This Reddit user discovered a vintage hanger hanging behind the wall of his garage. To begin with, he didn’t quite know what it was. However, once he got a closer look, he realized it was a hanger. We can almost promise that he had never seen a hanger crafted with such care and regard for the clothes that’d be hanging on it.

25. Those Darn Reds

If you hold on to anything for too long, it’ll likely end up with some value. This Reddit user found an amazing piece of history folded and tucked away in his wall. We can only imagine the trip down memory lane he went on when he flipped open that paper and read the buzzwords of yesteryear, like “Soviets” and “Cuba”.

Strangest ObjectsStrangest Objects


While the Soviet Union only pops up in history books these days, it actually wasn’t too long ago when it was a trending topic. Many folks of a certain age can remember the days when Russia and the United States had their rockets pointed at each other and any slip-up could mean a nuclear disaster.

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