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Watching from the sidelines.

Source: Pexels/Tom Fisk

Have you ever sat off to the side while watching others have fun?

Rupert, the bright red parrot, watches other birds—galahs, kookaburras, and magpies—connect with their lady friend.

As Rupert observes his friends cheerfully chatting with their human confidant, Kat, he decides now is the time to decide whether or not to trust her.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Bonds between humans and parrots.

At first, Rupert watches from the trees. He eventually becomes a little braver and decides to jump down to the fence.

So excited to still be safe, and realizing how much fun his friends are having talking to this magical lady, Rupert works up his courage and jumps onto her shoulder. Sensing how happy she is to have him approach her, Rupert begins chatting excitedly with her.

This woman is now his friend for life. Rupert, knowing that he can now trust this woman, returns a few days later with a friend and introduces her.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Is the parrot human bond real?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a bond is defined as the formation of a close relationship (as between a mother and child or between a person and an animal) especially through frequent or constant association.

How the bond was formed.

The best way to bond with birds is to be patient, social, friendly, and to offer them their favorite treats. By placing herself outdoors for extended periods of time each day, this lady was able to bond with these birds in ways that not many of us have experienced.

After watching this video, there is no doubt that a bond is formed between Rupert and this lady.

This bond was formed between the lady and all of these birds because she took the time to get outdoors each day and immerse herself in nature. These bonds will not be forgotten and bring this woman intense joy on a daily basis.

Source: Unsplash/Lingchor

How did you spend your time during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Many people, including the woman in the video, found security and comfort by spending more time in nature.

According to a study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports in 2019, People who spent 200-300 minutes per week in nature reported good health or higher well-being than people who did not.

This quote by esteemed motivational speaker Katrina Mayer encourages people to spend more time in nature:

“Time spent in nature heals your body, mind, and spirit.”

Source: Unsplash/Joel Holland

During the stressful times we are currently living in, spending time in nature should be an integral part of our daily routine. Becoming one with nature has so many benefits for our minds and bodies.

Source: YouTube Screenshot sites these 10 following benefits of becoming one with nature:

  1. Helps your memory
  2. Makes you feel happier
  3. Can literally heal
  4. Better concentration
  5. Prompts weight loss
  6. You absorb Vitamin D better
  7. Reduces stress
  8. Keeps you youthful
  9. Strengthens your immune system
  10. Brightens your mood.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Take some time to become one with nature and you just may find your own “Rupert”.

Source: Unsplash/Allison Cochrane

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