Underneath the sea, there lies a whole different world. And humans have been equally interested in the underwater world and stories as muc...

A Regular Day Becomes Unforgettable When A Weird Creature Pops-up On The Sea Shore A Regular Day Becomes Unforgettable When A Weird Creature Pops-up On The Sea Shore

A Regular Day Becomes Unforgettable When A Weird Creature Pops-up On The Sea Shore

A Regular Day Becomes Unforgettable When A Weird Creature Pops-up On The Sea Shore

 Underneath the sea, there lies a whole different world. And humans have been equally interested in the underwater world and stories as much as the “non- Earthly” creatures, ie, aliens, and UFOs. We know almost everything about the sea but not everything. We all have heard stories of mysterious creatures that live in the deep sea.

Mermaids, monsters, dragons, serpents and many more that people have claimed to have seen with no proofs. Although science too uses the term ‘sea monsters’ for huge sea creatures like whales and colossal squids. But we’re not going to tell you something that you’ll doubt on. This story is of one fateful encounter with quite an active sea creature that made the day a memorable one for every person who was present at the very moment.

An Unexpected Visitorsea creature horizon

It was a regular day at Vancouver Beach in British Colombia, southern Canada. A normal beach scene with the sun shining bright and a holiday. Some were playing volleyball, some were sunbathing, a few families were enjoying their picnic and rest were out there for a quality peacetime. It was a calm afternoon, and everyone was enjoying it in their own style until when one person who was there to just relax figured out something unusual. For the rest, it remained a regular day but for this man,(let’s say John) it was a moment he would never forget. 

Luck On Camera

John’s plan for this day was to stay back and give his body and mind as much a privilege to rest. He was lucky enough that he didn’t have to recall all that was about to happen next. Whenever he talks about the incident now, he can simply show the video that actually went viral overnight at the very moment this guy noticed something strange, someone behind him decided to record it on his/her phone. One person was curious enough to know what this creature was and another one was ready to shoot it at the same time. What were the odds? The result that came of their bonding is now appreciated across the globe.

Something Strange Comingsea creature moves closer

So, it is a sunny day with sand and shade everyone was having fun. Out of the blue, a weird looking thing appears. It is floating, looking at this thing from far, John felt like sitting up to get a clearer view. It could be anything like trash or driftwood, or any dead fish or squid. In case, it is alive, it could be any deadly sea creature as well, which means he cannot just jump out and see what it is. Especially when he is aware of the fact that this beach area has a dark past. You just have to see what happened next when John makes a decision.

The Shore’s SceneImage result for vancouver stanley park beach

The Vancouver shores are known for its unfortunate past events. Where in the sea creatures have harmed people at different point of times, or at least that’s what the rumors are. At one place a kayaker said he saw a couple of orca whales playing and once a debate went on about a close encounter with a gray whale. The place stays crowded but stories like this made people more alert and so John was scared to take a step forward. The question is why should he take this risk?

Why Take The Risk?Related image

There’s a reason why he was ready to take this risk. You are aware of many incidents when poor sea creatures who are in need of human help approach people. Countless of those type of videos are on youtube. There was a chance that it was an animal like that who is trapped in wires or covered with industrial oils or maybe hurt or injured or sick. It could be that the creature lost the track of its way and is now forced to the shore by the waves. He wanted to help this little creature even if there was a tiny possibility that it is indeed a living creature in need of help.

Getting SupportImage result for vancouver stanley park beach

But soon John realized that he isn’t the only one there to notice this weird thing that was quickly reaching the shore. There were other people who were noticing it from a distance and were slowly moving in the direction of this thing. Seeing other people around it gave them a feeling of support and no one was actually scared anymore. They were standing right there on the shore and waiting for this thing that was directly heading towards them.

Not Getting Into The Waters

They decided not to get into the waters as this was way too much risky especially when the Vancouver beaches were closed for quite a while because of the high level of E. coli in the waters and recently the beaches were said to be swimming friendly. Honestly, they were standing there, trying to guess what this thing is and trying to record the moment in their phones in case it comes up as something worth keeping a memory of. And it was much more than any of their expectations.

Moving Closer

The beachgoers who were with their kids were maintaining distance just as a precaution if this thing is harmful in any way. And the rest who were now certain that it wasn’t a piece of log or any of the trash but some sea animal for sure and it was alive too tried swimming towards it. As it was floating and moving in a different direction as the waters. It was surely ready to head towards the shore and the people too wanted to see this creature on the sand. So everyone was eagerly waiting for this thing to hit the land. But that wasn’t about to happen.

Here It ComesRelated image

When the long wait was over, the sea creature turned to the part of the sea from where it was hard to record him. While everyone including John was trying to figure out what it is, he was ready to give it a shot. He did something that everyone criticized him for. But he didn’t care about people’s opinion at that moment. And that’s the reason why it became once in a lifetime experience for him. So what did he do? Most importantly, what did this creature do? Bit him or what?

Brave? Or Crazy?woman recording

Was he being crazy or excitement took over him? John was equally clueless and no one else but he decided to jump into the waves and get closer to the mysterious being. Within no seconds, he was right there and this creature was swimming around him. He wasn’t hesitating and his brave decision also revealed the true identity of this creature. But there was one confusion. As per what he was thinking, it seemed like a rare creature for that place. Rare enough that it was never seen on any of the Vancouver beaches ever before!

Give It A Guess

They live “on their own”, so much, that they keep a few stones in their loose skin in the armpits to crack open the clams. Contradictory to “on their own” concept they sleep holding hands to keep themselves together. They just float on the water surface and dive in to get food. Food is more than just important for them as they eat more than 25% of their body weight each day, hungry enough! Can’t guess? We are talking about the animal with the densest hair on this planet; 1 million hairs per square inch! You are very close to the answer.


When this creature was getting close to him, he realized its an otter! If you know anything about otters at all then you’ll be knowing that they’re not used to getting close to humans and there have been incidents related to the same where otters have attacked humans. Yet this was going to be the most unusual encounter with an otter ever.


A few years back, a river otter attacked Sydney Sainsbury, a Montana woman, who was floating on the rivers. She was tubing on the Madison River at the time she first saw the otter around 20 feet away. According to her the moment she looked at the otter, it suddenly attacked her. After the incident, she got eight stitches on her head.


“It was just on me, it was just attaching itself to me and biting me so it was really hard to get it off of me and that was what was really scary was being mauled by like a rodent type animal that I was never scared of before,” she recalled the ‘unprovoked’ attack in an interview. Similarly, an otter seemed to be cute to an old woman until it attacked her while kayaking. So now you know in what situation John had put his feet in.


Don’t go on there cute images and adorable smiles. If we tell you about male otters’ behavior towards female otters you’ll be forced to change your mind about these so-called lovable animals. Male otters are quite violent in nature when it comes to sexual intercourse. They keep biting their female partner’s face while they are at it, just to maintain the grip. As a result, the females get plentiful facial wounds. Many poor females die because of drowning or due to infectious wounds, which is a very common thing to happen according to the stats. Are these otters equally violent towards all other creatures? What will happen to poor John?

Poor BabiesImage result for otters seals baby

After reading this you’ll surely understand the seriousness of the moment, John was in. As the number of female otters is less, male otters even have sex with baby seals! Otters don’t stop even when the baby dies of trauma as they are known to copulate with their bodies for over a week. Scientists called this behavior “misdirected sexual activity.” This is some serious stuff we have just discussed and now you know one dark side of otters too. But John was going to be lucky that day.

Not Really!

Otters are generally said to be very active and playful animals. The otters that people usually encounter are river otters, sea otters are rarely seen. In fact, 90% of the sea otters spend most of their lives on the coast of Alaska. Then what was this one doing here? So far from the place, it belongs? And on top of it, what was it doing getting this close to humans? Just for your information, it is not at all normal if a sea otter comes to any random sea shore like this.

Running Through His Mindattracting attention

As we told you an otter is never seen on the beach in Vancouver. The person might have thought of it to be a dog or cat who swam far off to reach till the land. But it was an otter and for goodness’s sake, it seemed to be in a good mood. The otter was holding John’s leg and kind of playing with him. And when a cute looking animal does that who would stay behind from caressing it?

Better Otters

A group of otters sleeps with holding hands are known as a raft. Even the baby otters, called pups, sleep on top of their mothers as their fur is too thick to float. Now, this is even more questionable, animals like otters who believe in sticking around each other can stay apart and go as far as the shore!

Seeing The Beast Up Close

This beast was getting friendly and John showed guts to touch this furry creature that seemed to be wild yet joyful. Well, let’s just tell you that nothing was casual at all about this as this otter did the most extraordinary thing. This otter went on giving the most unexpected reaction to his first human contact.

Where From?touching the sea otter

As otters have no blubber and their furry skin surely doesn’t allow them to stay in warmer places and this wasn’t a good place this otter to be in. At this point even if this otter was lost, getting close to him with bare legs and no protection wasn’t a good thing to do. However, this little dude was here with a mission, a mission to change human’s perspective about otters and he succeeded in it.

A Powerful Creaturea risky moment

While John was making best of this moment, rest of the onlookers were worried if this friendly fuzzy otter might bite him anytime. They were concerned and they were enjoying this otter’s playful nature at the same time. For a moment everyone’s heart stopped when this otter acted in an obvious manner.

sea otter nips legs

The otter grabbed John’s right leg with both his front hands and brought his mouth close to him. Everyone surrounding him thought, “this is it”. And the otter at first kind of bit him but the man stood there calmly as he knew his reacting to it loudly will not be of any help. Even John’s heart started beating faster than ever before. But as we said before, this otter was here to surprise everyone not to do what was obvious.

Attracting A Crowd

Most of the crowd that was now gathering close to the otter and John, screamed out of the fear of this young man getting bitten by the otter. The guy called this trouble on himself and he himself was going to be responsible for anything that goes wrong. To everyone’s surprise, the otter didn’t bite John but it seemed more like a tight hug which was almost unbelievable. The otter wasn’t yet done though.

Trying Like A Toddlerman approaching sea otter

The otter left John’s leg and started trying to climb on him as toddlers do. First, it held his shorts and then tried to get a grip on his tee. But couldn’t exactly get till there and no doubt his grip was a bit harsh too. It was like a game going on. And everyone watching was enjoying it. Even zookeepers maintain distance from these creatures and only get close to them while they are in their safety costumes.

Confused Otter

The otter after giving this man kiddish nips on his bare legs and failing to climb up. Made its way away from him as if it was angry. Acting hungry and would rather eat John before finding any fish. Something came to his mind and he suddenly turned in the opposite direction away from John. Only God knows what would have come to his mind that he turned around and came back to John.

A Frightening Moment

The otter returned to John and after doing all that he could. The otter was amusing everyone on the beach. He made his way back to the guy and was sniffing him this time. Maybe he found his food in the guy!

A Sigh Of Relief… Or Maybe Not?

Not only John but everyone at the beach was feeling lucky to be there to welcome this little sober looking monster. And John was not touching the otter this time like the first time but he stayed still without moving just recording it on his phone was enough for him. Seemed like he didn’t want to take any more risk than he had already invited himself into.

Homey Beings

Otters aren’t migratory animals. They prefer to stay close to each other and in their homey environment. They are found in most of the parts of the world but there are almost 13 different types of otters. Which means they’ve their own area and stay in their own sea boundaries. This differently behaving sea otter was just not ready to leave John.

Time To Say Goodbyesea otter retreating

The playtime was over and the otter was ready to go back to his way, trying to find out his troop; where they belong.  It was time for him to get back to his search operation and after a bit of fun, he was ready to head back to the oceans. The only question that everyone was left with was why was he so friendly? And researchers have an answer ready to explain this.

A Step too Far?friendly stroking

People have admired the video and experts have criticised the easy-going behavior of John. They have warned that people should be more alert and in straight words, stay away from otters.  As per Tessa Danelesko, a mammal expert at the Vancouver Aquarium “they can behave unpredictably.” 

A Truly Rare Sightingtouching the sea otter

As per the San Diego Zoo, sea otters “rarely come to shore”, ie, it is not at all easy to see an otter on the shores. They are normally used to resting, eating and grooming on the water itself. Researchers said there could be a weird reason behind this otter’s behavior.

Missing A Company

The amusing explanation behind this whole scenario is that the otter might have been away from his fellow mates for quite a while. Staying alone is not an otter’s thing and that’s the reason why he might have looked towards John for a bit of comfort.

A Horrible Threatoil spill

The number of otters has been decreasing at a rapid speed. They’ve been in the endangered species category for quite a while now. Global warming isn’t the only reason, human hunters are also one big reason for their population going down. Even the oil spills harm them and most of the times they are unable to breathe and eventually die.

Getting Up Close And Personal

Nowadays, scientists are trying to know more about otters by using drones. It not only helps in estimating their numbers but also gives a deeper look in there living methods. There are several organizations that are completely dedicated to these animals’ research work.

With Stunning Resultscandid otter shot

As the awareness about their numbers has been raised, many organizations collect funds to save the endangered species. People get known to their playful nature in the zoos and rest don’t even know that they exist. But these animals are one of their own kind. Saving them isn’t only necessary on an ethical level but also because they are important for our environment too.

More Dangerous Than They Look

dangerous sea otter

One of the scientists told about otters that they are “powerful enough to crush shellfish, they are more than capable of taking fingers and toes. Animals can also transmit diseases to people.” Now staying away from them is one good thing everyone should do.

Curiosity Killed The…sea otters can be curious

In case, you think these warnings are not relevant, then you really need to know that otters are still endangered but they have also shown improvement in their numbers in the last years. And now they are becoming more curious about humans than ever before. Previously, otters preferred to stay in their own area now just like our today’s hero otter, many times otters have shown their curious nature when they come close to humans.

Human Vs Otterotter eating

People have been alert about otters and have raised complaints in the past when they have seen an otter in the nearby areas as they are scared of them coming close to their kids and family. While otters too have started popping to the shores much more than before.

Keep Your Distancefriendly sea otters

After all the previous incidents that have taken place in the past, it is suggested to stay away from them. People like John, try to be daring and end up getting hurt. John and the cameraman and the rest of the people were lucky but most of the people aren’t.

A Keystone Speciessea otters and sea urchins

Sea otters are also known as the Keystone Species. Which means they are very important to keep our environment balanced. Otters’ diet include sea urchins which are harmful to the ocean kelp if spread. Thanks to otters, kelps grow faster.

A Knock On Effect

Sea otters simply live on lobsters and crabs. If sea otters go extinct, this will stop food production for enormous fish species. Again causing a big disbalance in the sea world. This will directly impact the bigger fishes in the oceans. Little otters keep the sea world maintained by their natural appetite.

A Cautionary Tale

Here’s a tip for the people: Otters look cute and clicking their pictures will surely bring you some fame but it isn’t good for either party to get close to each other. It hard to resist but you’ll feel a hero inside if you see a sea otter coming close then just stepping aside. Stay safe and let them feel safe too.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

If you are an animal lover and you really want to meet this creature than try going for it but with all the precautions. Keep a camera handy when you make a trip to the otter friendly areas. And you never know when you too might get a chance to get the otters clicked and uploaded and get famous.

The Video

The video is so amazing after knowing so much about these little creatures who shows both a wild as well as a friendly side. A woman named Allison Moo uploaded this video on Youtube and got lucky. Don’t forget to share this amazing encounter!

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