@@ After This Mother Saw A Note In Her Son’s Lunchbox, His Teacher Got Fired The Next Day

 This mother smiled after opening the lunchbox of her son. She saw the note she left for him earlier that day, however, something made her do a doubletake. There was one more note in there, one that wiped the smile off her face.

As a mother, she would only want to see her son smiling and happy. But what was beside the note that she had written that had suddenly swept the smile off her face?

She Always Tried Her Best

She definitely did not write this one. After reading what it said, she started to get angry.

There was no way she was going to let something like this go unpunished, no way. Someone had to pay for this! Her motherly instinct didn’t let her rest knowing that someone who had done such a thing was still at large.

Like Tug Of War

Francesca Easdon of Texas was a loving mother who was all too aware that it was not easy to raise a child.

She had a son called Kyler, who recently developed rather extreme eating habits. It started with his refusal to eat any type of green veggies. She was concerned about it because she loved her son and wanted him to remain healthy.

They Reached A Compromise

Not long after that, the list of what the young boy would eat kept getting smaller at an alarming rate.

This made dinnertime at their home very difficult. This concerned mom could tell that his pickiness went too far after he started to pack on extra weight.

Trying To Encourage Him

The more she tried to force food on him, the more the little boy pushed back. Francesca knew that it was a losing battle for her if it went on like this.

Every evening was an ordeal as she tried to goad Kyler into eating what was in front of him. She was getting excessively worried as her son was clearly not okay.

She Put Love Into His Lunch

She had tried to bribe him, but it did not work. It was time for her to try a new tactic.

She did her research and tried to compromise with her stubborn little boy. She started to reintroduce more nutritious choices into his lunchbox little by little. She was a devoted mother and wanted to do all that it took for her son to start eating healthy once again.

A Small And Sweet Favor

The concerned mother talked to Rocking Horse Kingwood, his daycare, about the concerns she had regarding his eating habits.

It seemed like the staff understood the predicament. Well, they said that they did at the very least. She was unsure of it though.

She Did Not Expect The Reply

It turned out that this was not the case. Francesca, the mother, had no idea that it was going to backfire very badly.

Every single day, Francesca wrote a small note of encouragement to Kyler and added it to his lunchbox. But that didn’t seem to be of any use and she was getting frustrated and worried.

Going From Despair To Fury

This was her attempt to soften the blow of losing his favorite treats from the typical lunch rotation.

She would replace crisps and Twinkies with healthier food products like egg, salad, sandwiches and carrot fingers. But he would not always eat those and come home hungry instead.

Time To Get Revenge

Things were finally beginning to look up since he was starting to make some progress after such a long time. He would now eat the healthier things his mommy would put in his lunchbox.

However, it only took one very rude teacher to undo all the efforts that she had made. Uh-oh! So Francesca was losing her mind over such an inhumane act by his teacher.

A Personal Attack On Him

As per usual, Francesca prepared his lunch for the day the previous night.

She made sure to make the food look colorful and pleasant so that he would feel more enthusiastic about it and want to eat it. She had put all her heart and love into preparing his lunchbox.

She Did Her Homework

Francesca was beginning to introduce healthier and healthier food to her son every day. For that day, this loving mom went with a wholegrain ham sandwich, cherry tomatoes, and apple slices for his meal.

She paused after realizing that it was the middle of the week. It would not hurt to give Kyler a little treat, right? And that’s what she did.

The Post Went Viral

After this, she wrote a sweet little note that served as the root of the problem. “Please tell Kyler that his mommy loves him so much and I’m thinking about him,” Francesca wrote on a piece of paper.

That was the exact same note that his teacher had so heartlessly used to write her bad words for the innocent boy and his loving mother.

Finding Inappropriate Content

The note was meant to be read out loud by the teacher at lunchtime. This did not sound like an odd request.

There was no way this mom could have guessed that it would elicit such venom from his teacher! She would have chosen another way for her son to read the lovely note if she ever knew that this request would lead to such a horrible experience for her son.

Updating Her Followers

Francesca noticed that her son was less talkative than usual once he got home from school.

She tried to shrug it off in the beginning. Not once did she think that her loving and innocent note would make his teacher react in such a terrible way. It was totally unexpected.

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