@@ Boy notices strange pattern on a lake before experts locate an object buried in the mud

 A young boy walking through the woods on Kurtna Matasjarv Lake in Estonia noticed something unusual; he noticed a huge path dug into the lake’s bank area which further led directly into the water…The boy was astonished and started thinking about how this was undiscovered yet.

He shared this great discovery with some adults nearby. They too were surprised by the path and started doing their own research about it…Most people thought it was a general co-incidence and nothing major would come out of it…But soon enough did they came across an incredible discovery.

A rainy afternoon

On a rainy afternoon, a small boy from Estonia, walking through the forest on Kurtna Matasjarv Lake, noticed a very strange-patterned path that was leading him directly into the Matasjarv Lake. However, the path didn’t look natural! Something buried inside the lake must have dug the path.

He decided to share this huge discovery with the people because he wanted to know what was buried deep inside the lake. He alerted his parents who then told others in their neighborhood. By the time the word spread, Everyone was curiously fascinated.

With united forces

People waiting started trying to pull out what was deep inside the water, but soon it was clear that they could not do it alone. The ropes broke and the people were finally exhausted. No matter how much they tried, the object didn’t even move a bit.

Looking at what was happening, more and more people started gathering in curiosity. They were all looking at the lake in amazement and were trying to predict the object that was stuck inside. Soon enough, did they all realize that their tugging was all in vain. It was time to Alert the authorities.

A massive bulldozer

The authorities sent a massively huge bulldozer to take out what was hidden beneath the water in the lake. The massive bulldozer was driven into the forest area to use a few ropes in order to pull the object out of the water.

The ropes were supposed to be attached to the heavy object first so that it could have been pulled out of the lake. Fortunately, the authorities were aware of this fact and they sent their most-skilled and professional divers to the spot on the lake.

Heavy equipment

A few of the strongest ropes were attached to the object and then to the bulldozer by the professional divers. It was made sure that the whole horsepower of the vehicle was used in pulling the object.

The skilled-drivers dived into the water and disappeared for a while before re-appearing on the surface. Everyone crossed their fingers until the moment the divers came back on the surface and happily announced that the ropes were finally attached to the heavy object.

To the surface

By this point, the audience was already very excited. After attaching the ropes to the Bulldozer, the dozer finally pulled something huge to the surface! It was covered with mud and dust with shovels, revealing exactly what was submerged in the water.

Many people weren’t able to believe their eyes that something this huge could have been hidden in the lake for so long without a single eye noticing anything! Most people, by this time, had already started predicting what the object could be.

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