If you have a pet then you might be able to relate to the situation where you come back home all tired and the moment you enter the house ...

Ex Does The Unexpected To This Kansas Woman’s Pitbull Forcing A Stranger To Intervene Ex Does The Unexpected To This Kansas Woman’s Pitbull Forcing A Stranger To Intervene

Ex Does The Unexpected To This Kansas Woman’s Pitbull Forcing A Stranger To Intervene

Ex Does The Unexpected To This Kansas Woman’s Pitbull Forcing A Stranger To Intervene

 If you have a pet then you might be able to relate to the situation where you come back home all tired and the moment you enter the house you see a four-legged animal coming running towards you, wagging his tail like a fan because of all the excitement he is in just by seeing you. Isn’t that an amazing feeling? Their unconditional love can’t be compared to anything in this world and that’s a fact.

The story of this woman who lost her beloved pitbull in the cruelest way anyone could imagine was left heartbroken. She felt so lonely in her house and things weren’t looking good. She thought her pet won’t be coming back anytime soon and it was all because of her boyfriend’s doing. She was angry, frightened and hopeless at the same time. But then her dog returns in a most unexpected way. There’s a saying, “if you want something in your life and that too really bad, the universe responds to it.” The same happened to her. Believe us, her dog came back to her in a most amazing way. But why did her boyfriend did such an inhumane thing in the first place?

Single Mother

Ikea Mosley, a single mother of two kids lives in Wichita, Kansas. Along with her two kids, she is also a mother of a pitbull, Zimba. She works as a Food Production Professional and being independent knows how to handle her professional and personal lives. She is a loving mother and considered Zimba as a member of the family. She and her two kids were in tears when their Zimba didn’t come back home that night. What happened to him?

Zimba The Son

Zimba and Ikea’s two kids used to wait for her to arrive back from the office and seeing her mother back from the work Zimba would jump from the couch to greet her. Zimba also has this habit of eating besides her and in the night he used to sleep on the same bed with her mother. Before Ikea, Zimba never felt the love and was left alone when her spouse left her. But Ikea showered Zimba with all the love and care he wanted.

A Walk To Remember

It’s almost 8 years now and since then Zimba and Ikea are living peacefully with each other. Just by looking at them people could tell that they are inseparable. Zimba follows his mother everywhere both inside and outside. And it was because of Zimba, Ikea met a handsome man when she took Zimba out for his walk in the nearby park.

Friends To Couple

Zimba’s daily routine walks turned into small dates for Ikea and meeting this new guy became a habit. She didn’t even realize that she has started falling for him and somewhere guy was feeling the same in his heart. If only Zimba could speak he would have described the moments both Ikea and this guy shared with each other. Zimba was a good boy and a good boy deserves all the love and care. Now, he was getting all the love from this new guy too. If he loved Zimba so much, then why did he do such a horrible thing?

Found A Dad

Zimba is a pitbull and everybody knows that they aren’t that friendly like other dogs. Even Zimba didn’t like Ikea’s boyfriend in the start but seeing her mother spending most of the time with the guy laughing and enjoying, he got attached to him as well. At last, Zimba found a Dad for himself. Both of them spent most of their time watching soccer on the sofa and Zimba was happy with him. But who would have ever thought that Zimba would face this cruel fate in future that too from his loved one?

A Roadtrip

One sudden day, Ikea’s boyfriend told her that he is planning a road trip to Maryland and it would be good if Zimba could tag along with him. Ikea was very excited to hear that because of her job she couldn’t make it on the trip. But she was happy that Zimba would have a great time with her boyfriend and they might get to know each other better. The moment Zimba sat in the car he was barking in excitement and little this innocent dog knew that this trip would change his life forever.

Let’s Go!

So, where is Maryland? It is located in the mid-Atlantic area of the United States and is famous for its beautiful oceans and beaches. It is one of the favorite destinations for the people who like to go on a road trip. Everything was going perfectly that day and both Zimba and Ikea’s boyfriend were excited about the trip but you know how cruel can life be sometimes. Things started to get worse and it was Zimba who was on the receiving end.

The Break-Up

So, Ikea called her boyfriend to inquire about their whereabouts and soon a simple call turned into a terrible fight between Ikea and her boyfriend. Their fight eventually ended their relationship and Ikea was crying on the phone because of the turns of the event. She didn’t realize and soon slept on the sofa. The last thought she had in her mind before she went into a deep sleep was of Zimba. She just wanted her pet to be back in her arms in the situation like this.

Tale Of A Revenge

So, just to get back at Ikea, the boyfriend decided to take revenge through her dog Zimba. This emotionless guy didn’t even think about all the good days he spent with the dog and in the heat of the moment due to a normal break-up that happens all the time in every corner of the world made him do this to Zimba. Zimba was sensing the bad vibes he was getting from the guy and what happened next will shock you.

Cause Of Worry

It was almost a week and there was no sign of Zimba and the guy. Ikea was worried and kept calling the guy. She couldn’t believe that this guy was doing something like this to her. He kept ignoring her calls and she kept calling him on a repeater mode. But as expected from the kind of the person this guy was, he didn’t have the courtesy to pick the call and tell her about Zimba. This guy had something different entirely on his mind.


Every time Ikea dialed his number she heard the same automated voice in response. In a hope to hear the guy’s voice, she didn’t hang up the phone and kept trying. She was freaking out with all the negative thoughts on her mind and she was seriously worried about Zimba. She was aware of the fight she had with her boyfriend the last time she called him and that was the last time she heard his and her pet’s voice. She was missing both of them really badly.

Where Are You

The most difficult time is the night where you just can’t keep calm. You have these thoughts which put in you a very difficult situation. the same was happening with Ikea. She tried sleeping but her mind didn’t let her. She kept searching for Zimba on her bed where he usually slept beside his mother. She was cursing her decision of sending her dog with the guy she thought would be nice and support her in a situation like this. To Ikea, nothing was making sense, all she wanted was her dog in front of her eyes. She had no idea something this terrible would going to happen based on her last fight.

Grey Clouds Of Thoughts

All she kept thinking was about her dog. Did something happen to Zimba? She could sense that something wasn’t right. She picked her handbag and rode her car to her boyfriend’s place with the thought that they might be back and he hasn’t informed her yet because of the fight. Being angry was very natural and she was ready for it. But little did she know, things became worst the moment she went to her boyfriend’s house.

Visiting His Place

She waited for her dog to return for over a week and now she was impatient. She knew she had to do something about it because thinking about it won’t make any difference. She thought he might be in the house chilling with her dog. But what she saw swept away ground under her feet. The house was locked and there was no sign of anybody. She found some past date mails outside the door that made her realize that they aren’t back, still. What’s going on? Where the hell are they?


When Ikea found that her boyfriend’s house was still locked and it was over a week they haven’t returned from the road trip, she went to meet some of his boyfriend’s closest friend. Maybe, they are back and he decided to stay at one of his friends’ place. She went from door to door to inquire about her boyfriend and she got the same answer, from everybody. Nobody knew about his whereabouts. Ikea was not literally afraid. Being a nice human, she was even worried about her boyfriend along with her son Zimba who meant the world to her. “Are they even in Kansas?” She thought to herself. Where are they?

1300 Miles Away

Ikea’s emotionless boyfriend did this unexpected thing to her Zimba. He left Zimba in the middle of nowhere in Maryland to get back on Ikea. He thought it would be a very nice break-up gift for and he left this innocent dog abandoned. Zimba was 1300 miles away wandering god knows where. He must be so terrified from being alone in a strange place. We think Zimba was hearing his mother’s silent weeps. But how will he manage to get back to his mother?

Lucky Enough?

Fortunately, this woman was passing by from Maryland when she saw Zimba standing in the middle of the road. This woman saw the collar on Zimba’s neck and she knew he might be somebody’s pet, but there was no one around to whom this pit bull belonged to. She knew about the pit bull is an aggressive breed but he was looking pale and lost. But what this woman did next was really surprising.

Any Hopes?

This woman picked Zimba and dropped him to the Caroline County Humane Society who provides shelter to both abandoned and stray dogs. They also provide adoption facility for the people who really want to give these beautiful creatures a new life and home. They were more than happy to take Zimba in. They thoroughly examined him to see if he has been injured. They found something on his collar. What’s that?

A MicroChip

While examining Zimba, the volunteers found which looked like a microchip on Zimba’s collar. Now, what in the world a microchip is doing on this dog’s collar? The CCHS knew that Zimba wasn’t some stray dog but somebody abandoned him in the middle of nowhere. They were intrigued to see the microchip and when they scanned the chip they were left speechless.

The Impossible

They found that the dog belonged to someone who lives in Kansas. They knew that there is no way a dog could travel this long distance and were sure of the fact that somebody left Zimba here alone. Who would do such a cruel thing? They wanted to find out the story behind Zimba’s situation.

Contacting Ikea

The volunteers at CCHS tried their best to find out about the owner and their hard work paid off. They contacted Ikea Mosley in Kansas and told her about Zimba and his situation. She couldn’t believe that her ex-boyfriend abandoned left her beloved dog in a strange land like he was nothing. She was happy to hear about Zimba being in a shelter and was properly taken care of but how will he return back to her? But then this amazing thing happened.

Sigh Of Relief

As we already told you, Ikea was a single mother of two kids who worked in Food Processing Company. She couldn’t just drive 1300 miles leaving her two little kids behind like that. Even the company wasn’t giving her any off from the work. She couldn’t decide if she should leave the job and bring her dog back from the shelter. She was hanging in the middle. But something amazing happened that changed everything.

Help Please

Ikea contacted the CCHS and told them about the situation. She asked them to help her in any way they can. Sadly, even CCHS people couldn’t help her. She wasn’t angry at them as they were already doing their best to keep Zimba safe in their shelter. Ikea even called the airlines to provide her cheap tickets so that she could bring her Zimba back but there was no help from that too. When she almost lost every hope, Zach Holt came to her rescue.

Zach To The Rescue

Zach Holt who was now working as a bartender used to work with CCHS. He is an animal lover and heard about Zimba’s situation from his girlfriend who works in CCHS. Though he has left the job at CCHS he still helps when they are need of an extra hand and Zimba’s situation was something like that. He did what many wouldn’t have dared to do.

Happy To Help

Zach said, “Though am working but am up for this good deed. I am a bar attendant and I work only on weekends, i.e. Saturdays and Sundays. Am free on the weekdays and I guess a week would be enough to drive to and fro to Kansas and Maryland.” Zach was more than happy to help Ikea.

Road Trip Again

Zach knew how much Zimba has already suffered in the last two months and he didn’t want to see him in further pain and separation from his mother. Zach talked to CCHS people and told them about his plan of taking Zimba back to Kansas by road. Though a job of bartender looks cool enough from the outside it is not. Even Zach didn’t have that kind of money and traveling To Kansas wasn’t a piece of cake. He needed money. But how?

Fund Raising

The CCHS are really good people. They had an amazing idea which they were sure would work in their favor. They shared Zimba’s story on their official page telling about his struggle and their urge to help the dog meet his family again. Zimba’s story melted hearts and attracted so many people who wanted to help in some way. CCHS couldn’t believe what they have done.

Raised Enough

From all around the world people read this heart-warming story and wanted to reunite Zimba with her family. CCHS received a very good response from the people and they were able to manage the trip to Kansas fro Zach and Zimba. The CCHS people provided Zach with the expense that would be used on the road trip from fuel to food. Everybody was just waiting to hear from Zach about the reunion.

Happy Updates

The CCHS provided the audience with every update from the duo’s trip as promised. Zach made this trip he won’t forget in his life and clicked several photographs with Zimba on every stop they stopped to refuel or eat. The pictures were soon viral on the social media and everybody was showering their love for the duo.

Love From Everywhere

It was like everybody wanted to help in any way they could. But there was this woman named Jessica Pruett who commented on one of the photos saying, “I live just outside of Wichita… our family would love to provide this man a meal and a tank of gas for his way home.” This is kind of gesture define us and people around. This is the true meaning of being a human.

Almost There

Zach was so much into this trip that he didn’t stop any further and drove like crazy day and night. He wanted to reach Kansas as soon as he can. He was waiting for Ikea’s reaction which he could share with the world. He wanted to show people the unconditional love our pet has for us that doesn’t just vanish like the love between Ikea and her ex-boyfriend. Ikea was waiting for the duo to arrive and she knew they can arrive anytime soon.

The Much-Awaited

Ikea was sitting on the porch of his house when he saw a car coming towards her house. Her heart was beating rapidly and she could see her dog looking from the car window. At last, her son arrived. Three months long separation bought tears in her eyes. She just opened her arms to hug her Zimba once again. Ikea didn’t even realize that several local media channel were covering the priceless reunion. This was a special moment and nobody wanted to miss it.

Tears Of Joy

Everyone was in tears from the sight of love that was all around. The dog kept licking Ikea and she kneeled down to properly hug her dog after a three months long separation. Zach was watching everything closely and even he was in tears. This was the reunion he would never forget in this lifetime.

Thanking Zach

Ikea met Zach and hugged her for the help he did to her. No words could really thank Zach for the work he has done. There are not many in this big world who would do such a thing and too someone who they don’t even know. Ikea said in the interview, “I told Zach I’m very blessed to have him in my life, It is his efforts only that today Zimba and I could see this bright day in our lives.”

CCHS Spreads A Message

It was CCHS who posted the photographs of this beautiful reunion and with the photos, they even spread the message to the world about the importance of microchipping your pets for a situation like this. Zimba was now back with Ikea only because of the chip. We wish Ikea and Zimba a happy life ahead. And Zach you brought back the lost faith in humanity. Nobody can become a Batman but being Zach is really easy. All you need is a caring heart.

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