Whenever you move into a new property, it is not uncommon to have a look around and give the place a really close inspection. Most of the ...

** Man Discovers Mysterious Holes In His Wall, Then Learns The Surprising Truth About Them ** Man Discovers Mysterious Holes In His Wall, Then Learns The Surprising Truth About Them

** Man Discovers Mysterious Holes In His Wall, Then Learns The Surprising Truth About Them

** Man Discovers Mysterious Holes In His Wall, Then Learns The Surprising Truth About Them

 Whenever you move into a new property, it is not uncommon to have a look around and give the place a really close inspection. Most of the time you won’t find anything exciting, probably just some leftover junk the previous occupants couldn’t be bothered to throw in the trash. We all have hopes that the stuff we might stumble upon in those circumstances is worth a fortune, but generally, that is not the case.

One man had a look around his home and discovered some very mysterious holes that he couldn’t forget about. And once he noticed these holes, he couldn’t leave them alone. He needed to know what was going on behind those holes that had been filled in not so discreetly. So instead of living his life completely unaware of what could be lurking inside, he got his power tools out and started exploring.

The man’s name is unknown, but he broadcast the whole experience to social media website YouTube to share his experience with his viewers. What he found left him confused and actually seemed to raise more questions than it answered. This is one man’s investigation of his home and what he found during the process is something that left him questioning how it all came about.

Finding holes everywhere

It all happened back in 2011. The YouTuber, Cyrex686, had been relaxing at home when he noticed some mysterious holes in the wall of his home that had been filled in not so expertly. There were two of them almost staring at him, which came as a bit of a surprise to him as he had not noticed them before. He was unaware that these holes would lead to a crazy discovery that would have him questioning what used to happen in his home. He used to think his home was just an average house, but once he started digging a little deeper, he found out it was hiding a few secrets.

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Exploring the wall

Cyrex686 had simply been fiddling around with the walls of his home when he noticed some bumpy circles that he had no idea were there. He thought it was a little strange not to have noticed it before and his mind was soon racing around trying to think what they could be and mean. He was desperate to solve the mystery of the holes so started to tap them with a hammer, and to his shock, they sounded hollow. Filled with a feeling that he was on the verge of a big discovery, he found his drill and quickly began making a hole in his wall, soon it was large enough to peer through.

A problem shared is a problem halved

He spoke to his friends about the mysterious discovery, but they were not quite sure they believed him. They discussed what the holes could lead to at length without coming to a satisfactory conclusion. They knew they had to get through the wall, and were willing to deal with the risks and consequences no matter what. They soon discovered the circles were wooden plugs used to hide whatever was lurking beyond the wall, finally it was possible to see what was hiding in Cyrex686’s home.

Why is this sealed off?

Although he was aware that the building used to be an industrial facility centuries ago he wasn’t sure why this space had been sealed off. He shone a torch inside, but because it was so dark, he couldn’t make out what was going on. The mystery continued to roll on as Cyrex686 was still not fully aware of what it was he could see through a relatively small hole in his wall. A couple of theories were cooked up as he and his friends were staring at the hole.

The building

The man’s home is actually centuries old. It was originally constructed to serve as an industrial facility, and then several years later it was adapted to serve multiple commercial units. It has undergone many facelifts throughout its history, but it managed to keep a few secrets hidden from the people who were now living in it. There were some things left over from its first time as an industrial facility that would leave many in surprise and wonder.

Taking a risk

The property was now renovated to accommodate residential housing, and Cyrex686 was renting the property from his landlord. Drilling holes in the walls was most likely against the tenancy agreement, so he was taking a gamble as his landlord could have thrown him out. Amazingly during his noisy work, no one heard the crashing and banging coming from the apartment, and he didn’t have anyone approaching him asking to stop. Finally, after a lot of hard work, the hole was large enough to fit through.

Not what was expected

Cyrex686 had fully expected to find something entirely underwhelming, most likely there would be some pipes or something that would explain the holes. Once able to look inside he was amazed to have discovered a suspicious looking cavity, large enough to fit several people. Now he wasn’t happy to be on the other side of this space, so he needed to find a way past the wall inside his home to get a much better look.


Everything during the whole process was being recorded, and then it was later broadcast to YouTube. Now those viewing the video finally had the chance to see what was inside the hole. Cyrex686 was taking a large risk as he was climbing into the unknown when he passed from his safe and cozy home into the pitch black of the hole. For all he knew there was something very dangerous back there, and he was blindly stumbling into real danger.

Viewer comments

As the intrigue began to rise about what the room had been used for, speculation was rife among the viewers of the video on YouTube. Many thought it was a place used to torture people, while others thought it was somewhere that could be used to make illegal narcotics. Stumbling around in the dark, Cyrex686 was hoping that he wouldn’t come into contact with anything of the sort. He had taken a risk in getting into the room, and he had so far come through unscathed.

Ghostly aftermath

When stuck in such a dark room, many people’s thoughts turn to ghostly spirits lurking around. Feeling a breeze on the back of your neck can feel as though someone is watching you and many of the viewers of the whole experience were assuming there would be some ghostly spirit awaiting Cyrex686. Luckily, any ghostly spirits that may have been lurking in the room didn’t show themselves when the YouTuber found himself alone in the room.

Some kind of mini factory

As he made his way around the small room in the dark, he gradually uncovered a few features inside the room. There were small pipes that looked as though they could have been used for ventilation and suddenly it seemed as though this little room might have been used for some kind of illegal activity that someone didn’t want anybody to find out existed. Was this finally the explanation that Cyrex686 had been waiting for?

So much darkness

Even though there was a hole large enough to fit a man through and a torch and recording equipment had also entered the darkness it was hard to see what was going on in the dingy cavity. All that was certain was that beyond the wall was another room. Now he knew what had been hiding behind his walls, the man was still left without much of a clue why the space existed. Was he about to find something sinister hiding in one of the corners of the room?

Still looking for answers

While his viewers had come up with all kinds of wacky ideas about what the room could have been used as there was no real evidence to support their theories. Which meant that Cyrex686 was still left in the dark over what had been going on inside his house at some point during the past. We were no closer to discovering why this mysterious room had been completely sealed off and hidden from anyone entering the building.

What the man himself thinks

Although many of his viewers had come up with their own theories, we had not really heard much from Cyrex686 and what he thought the room was. He went into the potentially dangerous chamber and inspected every inch to try and come up with a plausible theory about what had happened in that room previously. He found no evidence of any illegal activity, and there was definitely no signs that anyone had been locked in there or anything bad had happened in the space.

Penny for your thoughts

The man who entered the room believed it was used as a storage facility. From his estimations, he reckons there used to be a range of chemicals that were stored there. As he looked at the entire building with more scrutiny, he noticed there were some hookups that linked with a rail spur the factory used to use. As this was just a theory, Cyrex686 decided he needed to do some research to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Industrial solution

We established the building was used as an industrial facility but is thought that chemicals were not stored in the room but something a little bit simpler. Water. On the walls of the mysterious room were some lines that looked as though they could have been made by changing water levels. It would also explain why there was no entrance to the chamber in Cyrex686’s home, as a tank’s opening would likely be from the top. Years ago this could have been used to store rainwater that gathers on the roof.

Closer to the truth

This chamber has the hallmarks of similar cisterns used throughout history. They would be made from fiberglass, cinder blocks, steel, or concrete and were commonly located in a concealed room. To aid with the storage of water, there would need to be some drainage, including gutters and pipes to direct the water to and from the cistern. Cyrex686’s discovery was still in workable order should he want to reinstate the cistern, but as technology had advanced, there was little need for it.

Where it all began

This is where it all started for Cyrex686, this curious looking circle on his wall that led to a major project. It had the potential to be very dangerous for the man, but he took the risk and found what was on the other side. It wasn’t as exciting as many people had hoped it would be but the video has had over 2 million views since it was first published on Youtube in 2011.

Finally an explanation

The mystery has finally been uncovered, it was a cistern all along. Not an illegal narcotic making factory, not somewhere to hide a dead body, just an innocent place to store rainwater. Many of us always want more space in our properties and Cyrex686 had managed to find some in the most fortunate of circumstances. Though we aren’t sure how much his landlord approved of the discovery. Amazingly he wasn’t finished finding hidden secrets around his home and managed to uncover yet another.

Another discovery

Later on, the YouTuber amazingly found yet another secret room next to the original hidden room. In his property he found a mysterious door that didn’t have a handle. He fiddled around with the suspected door until he managed to pry it open. On the other side of the door were some paint supplies which had been there for several decades. It seems as though Cyrex686 has found that he has a talent for uncovering mystery storage locations in old buildings.

Possible usage

The second room was different than the first room that Cyrex686 had discovered. Although it contained painting equipment from a few decades back, some commentators suggested that the room was could have actually been used for cold storage. Back in a time where there weren’t refrigerators, it could’ve been used for storing cold food. It was also a good place to store canned goods, pickle jars, jams, salted meats, and many other things. Although it would be interesting to know whether this is true, we’ll probably never know.


Many people were curious and amazed to see Cyrex686’s journey of exploration, as he found his way into the secret room he had discovered in his home. But other people thought that his discovery was not only useless, but was unfair towards the owner of the house, whose walls he was tearing through to find what lied behind them. They thought he should’ve asked for permission from his landlord, or at least stop after making the initial hole and seeing nothing was there.

The box

Cyrex686 also took heat for something else. During his second video about the secret room, you could vaguely see something that looks kind of like a treasure box on the floor. We don’t know whether it is a box or something else, but some commentators on his Youtube channel noticed it and wondered why Cyrex686 just passed over the box when he was filming and didn’t take the time to see what was in it.

Finding two more rooms

After going through all of that, from noticing the holes in his wall, to digging up and discovering the secret rooms in his house, that wasn’t it. Apparently, this house was full of secrets, as he had actually found two other rooms as well. It would be very interesting to see the new rooms Cyrex686 had discovered, but he has yet to upload the videos online. We can only wonder what all these rooms used to look like in the old days.


Despite having found such amazing secrets in the house he was renting, Cyrex686 is no longer residing in that house. He told one of the followers of his Youtube channel that he had moved to Ontario, Canada, and is currently living in a stone manor house which was built in 1830. He also added that he had found some “cool stuff” in his new house, and that he was thinking about creating a Youtube channel dedicated to secret rooms.

Not the only one

While it’s a most curious and interesting case, this man isn’t the only one who has found interesting secrets in his home. Many people have discovered secret rooms, basements, and even underground passageways and caves, in their homes. Old houses can sometimes contain remnants of the past, some more interesting than others. So next time you see something in your walls that looks a bit funny, maybe it’s a secret of the past. But explore with caution…

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