Regardless of our ethnicity, we have been conditioned to believe that family is an integral part of our lives. They also say that we shoul...

@@ Mother Just Experienced A Surprise Of A Lifetime @@ Mother Just Experienced A Surprise Of A Lifetime

@@ Mother Just Experienced A Surprise Of A Lifetime

@@ Mother Just Experienced A Surprise Of A Lifetime

 Regardless of our ethnicity, we have been conditioned to believe that family is an integral part of our lives. They also say that we should honor our family and make them proud every chance we get. That’s why a lot of advertisements we see, promote education to make sure that we succeed later in life.

However, what happens when you have to give up your own education just so your children can get their own? Being a parent, especially a solo one at that, is never a walk in the park. It means that you will always have your children’s interests at heart, and be there whenever they need you the most, even if you have somewhere important to be.

Some parents are given the opportunity to finish their education but what if your graduation ceremony was on the same day and time as your child’s? What would you do?

Here is a story of a selfless mother and how she’s experienced the best surprise of a lifetime.

Making It Work Despite The Odds

When kids grow older and into their teen years, most of the time, they would not admit to needing help from their parents. During this stage, parents tend to leave their kids be and find ways to pass the time, if they aren’t already working two odd jobs on top of a full-time one. And this is where sometimes, parents consider going back to school to finish their degree.

It will take a lot of time and adjustments at first, but it will soon work out. The parent and child connection will become the basis of the education dynamics at home. It’s going to be a challenging decision to be juggling so many things at a time but consider it an opportunity to grow alongside your children.

Leap Of Faith

When this mom of four realized that her children were going to do fine on their own, she immediately came to a life-changing decision. She took a leap of faith and decided to finish what she started prior to her life as a mother. She knew she had to get things done before it was too late.

By deciding to continue her education, she was adamant to take on the challenge. She wanted to see how far she can go with juggling kids, work and education. She reckons that with her children there with her through this journey, she would be able to make it work.

Time For Graduation

Sharonda and her son, Stephan, rode the waves of education together. They each worked on their bachelor’s degrees while making sure their home life wasn’t compromised. And with their hard work, graduation day was just around the corner.

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and daisies for the pair, but they had trudged through the challenges with the end goal always in mind. Their hard work needed to be celebrated. In order to feel complete and proud of the achievements they have made, they were getting ready to receive their diplomas and bask in the limelight.

Mixed Feelings

No doubt, being able to hear that your son would be graduating is more than enough news to make you proud. Sharonda was clearly elated however, she would soon find out something very disappointing. When she found out the date of her graduation, her heart sank.

Turns out, she would be graduating at the same time and date as Stephan. There were no words for what she felt. She dreamed of the day so many times that she just wanted her family to see what she had worked so hard for all these years.

What Had To Be Done

Putting her feelings aside, she knew what had to be done. She was a mom after all. And being a mom meant that she would have to sacrifice her time and attend her son’s graduation rather than her own.

She was so proud of Stephan and there was nothing that could change her mind. Even though deep down, she acknowledges that it is disappointing. But she wasn’t about to dwell on it because she needed to put all feelings aside and just be present for her son.

Proud Mother

Sharonda had supported Stephan in all his endeavors at school. She was so proud of the man he had become. She even made sure to show all her support by promoting his recitals on her social media profile and made sure people knew where to find her son.

Stephan has always been a talented child, so it wasn’t a surprise that he studied musical theater. Even though it was such a competitive environment, Stephan stood out and thrived in it. However, the news about his mother’s graduation would soon come to find him.

Supportive Son

To those who know the mother and son duo, it is no secret that the two are especially close. So, when Stephan found out that his mom would not be able to attend her own graduation, he was devastated, to say the least. He knew he would not be able to cheer her on.

Because of the gravity of the situation, he was at a loss for words. He did not know how to help, either. Both of them already knew that there was nothing much they could do except wait and hope that they make the best out of the whole situation.

Simple Facebook Post

Of course, given their circumstance, Stephan had no other outlet to vent this unfortunate situation, than on social media. He expressed how disappointing the whole thing was and how upset he felt after learning of their conflicting schedules. Naturally, the news also affected the rest of his family and friends who were just about as happy as they were when they first heard that they were going to graduate together.

As you know, with social media, everything you post becomes available to your friends. One friend of Stephan’s, in particular, was a student worker at the office of President Davies in Central Michigan University. The post was then showed to the president in hopes of making a difference.

Graduation Day

Finally, graduation day came. Stephan was very excited. He had prepared his cap and gown and had already envisioned himself receiving his diploma. Sharonda, on the other hand, was also excited for her son and his achievement alone made her feel complete and proud.

They arrived at the ceremony with much anticipation for the big day. Stephan had already dreamed of this day just like any other student and Sharonda dreamed of this day just like any other proud parent. No words can ever describe this achievement.

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