Having a new member in your family can be a big decision to make, and it can turn your life around, changing it in so many ways which coul...

Pet Dog Adopts Weird Habits And Ends Up Biting His Owner For An Unusual Reason She Had Never Thought Of Pet Dog Adopts Weird Habits And Ends Up Biting His Owner For An Unusual Reason She Had Never Thought Of

Pet Dog Adopts Weird Habits And Ends Up Biting His Owner For An Unusual Reason She Had Never Thought Of

Pet Dog Adopts Weird Habits And Ends Up Biting His Owner For An Unusual Reason She Had Never Thought Of

 Having a new member in your family can be a big decision to make, and it can turn your life around, changing it in so many ways which could some times be negative and some times positive. And what would happen if that new member is a dog?

Getting a dog for your family can be a strenuous task in the first place. They have a lot of bad habits and can be real mischief-makers but they can also be loving and caring.

The Davis family decided to adopt a dog. And this decision changed their lives forever because the dog they adopted turned out to have really unusual habits and ways. How would the decision of adopting a dog change the life of the family forever?

Little Pooches

Dogs are rightly called human’s best friend. They are always by your side, cuddling and loving you. They are loyal to their masters and would do anything for their family. The incident that you are about to read is an altogether different story with very unusual instances that took place in the Davis family. 

The Davis’

The Davis family is a small and loving family. Nola and Richard married each other and have two little kids, a girl named Clara and a boy named Andrews. They lived in a small house enough for the sweet family to keep them cozy and comfortable. But soon things were going to change. 

Kids’ Love For Dogs

There’s hardly any child who doesn’t love dogs. Yes, they are afraid of them at first, but once they get to know them and befriend them, dogs are their best of friends. And dogs too take care of the children around them like no one else.


Like almost every other kid who loves dogs, Clara and Andrews also wanted a dog for themselves. They wanted someone to play with which would be much more than a toy for them, a best friend and a companion in their childhood. 


Nola and Richard disagreed to fulfill the children’s demand because they did not want an extra responsibility. They wanted to concentrate wholly on bringing up their kids and did not want to make any compromises in that. Plus, raising a dog brings extra costs to bear along with it. And maybe their decision would have been the right decision to not have a dog, but.. 


Parents often have to bow down in front of the stubbornness of their children who were in this case adamant that they wanted a dog. So Nola and Richard did not really have any other choice than to agree upon getting a pooch for the kids. 


Nola and Richard got a cute little pooch that was up for adoption by its first family beacause of not being able to take care of him for some reason. They both decided to surprise their kids and packed the little pooch as a present and hid it in the back of the car. “We tricked the kids,” Richard said. “We had a dog hidden in the back seat and they couldn’t see it. They were looking in there going, “what is it?’” 


When the children finally found out what was hidden in the present, their happiness had no bounds. “I just lost it and I started crying ’cause I was so excited,” said little Clara Davis. They had finally got a new best friend, and that too a cute one. 

Meet Patch

The Davis family named then little pooch Patch. He mixed into the family so warmly that it never felt like he was new in the family. It seemed like he was a member of the family since the beginning and he belonged there among Nola, Richard, Clara and Andrews. 


But there had been two very unusual things about Patch that would both turn the coarse of the Davis family all together, in a way none of the members would have thought of. And something awful was going to happen with the family. 


The first unusual thing was that Patch was scared of water. It is true that many dogs are scared of water but Patch detested even looking at the sight of water and ran away like crazy whenever he saw water anywhere near him. He would hardly ever take a bath and considered it a torture and avoided going anywhere even close to the bathrooms. The bathroom would be the last place where you would find Patch. 


Patch started to grow, just like every dog is supposed to. But the problem was, Patch did not stop growing at all. His size kept on increasing with each passing day and he became unusually big which became a matter of concern for Nola and Richard. It was a very abnormal situation for anyone to face. 

Matter Of Concern

The parents became worried as to what they should do because they certainly did not have a house so big that would be sufficient for a dog as big as Patch was growing to be. “We didn’t have a big yard,” said Richard. “We didn’t really have a place for Patch to stay.” 

Maybe A Mistake

“As Patch started to grow, we realized that maybe we had made a mistake,” Nola said. “He was gonna be a big dog and the house was an awful small house.” Richard also lamented the matter. But little did the couple know this was just the start of something unimaginable for the family. 


The couple decided that they needed to do something about the problem. They discussed the matter with their kids who they knew were immensely attached to Patch. They put the possibility on the table of giving Patch another family where he would have a bigger house to play in and could bring the whole of his energy to utilization. 

Taking A Pause

The children were deeply tensed after they heard that their parents were thinking of sending Patch away. And Andrew was deeply worried, “I said ‘NO’. I said I would build a fence or something.” So the parents decided to withhold the decision for some time until they could think of a better solution. It would be revealed soon if they should have let him go, or it was the right decision to keep Patch with them.

Complexities Grew

Patch’s unusually big size continued to bother Nola and Richard and they were unable to think of an alternative to the problem. They were perplexed about what should they do until one winter evening when everything changed after what Patch did to the Davis family. 

One January Eve

On the 12th of January in 1999, when the Davis family was spending what they thought was a normal and regular day and there was nothing different, God had planned a drastic change for the whole family which they had no idea about.

Last Bath

That evening Nola was in a good mood and decided to draw a relaxing bath for herself. She was enjoying in the tub with music on full volume when she saw Patch coming towards her. He came running straight into the bathroom, the place which was his least favorite of all the places in the house.


Nola was shocked to see the expression on Patch’s face. She had never seen him like this before. And before she could think why Patch was behaving this way, he bit Nola on her wrist which was hanging out of the bathtub. 

No Words

Nola could not understand what was wrong with Patch. He had never reacted like this ever before. Was it possible that he got to know of the family’s plan to send him away to some other family? Was that the reason for so much aggression?  


While all these questions were arising at the back of Nola’s head, she realized that Patch was not really biting her but trying to pull her out of the tub to take her outside somewhere. What the view was, was going to change everything in a fraction of second. 

Horrifying Scene

Nola instantly got out of the tub and put her robe on. She opened the door of the bathroom to see the most horrifying scene of her life to date. The whole house was covered with flames and smoke. Thankfully neither Richard nor the two children were in the house at that time. 

The Guide

The whole house was on fire and Nola and Patch were in between the flames. But Patch was determined to take Nola out of the house safely. He grabbed Nola to guide her out of the house from in between the flames. Since dogs are known to have a stronger vision, it helped him look past the smoke in which the house was covered. 

Back In Fire

Once Nola was safely outside the house with the help of Patch, she wanted to run back inside and fetch her car keys. She was worried that the fire would increase and the car would explode too. As soon as Patch saw her trying to go back inside again, he started growling at her to prevent her from going in, and he did not stop until she dropped the idea of going inside.


The whole family stood together with their neighbors and watched their house burn, with tears in eyes. Suddenly the house exploded. It was then that Nola realized what could have happened to her if Patch would not have stopped her from going in to get the car keys. 

Twice A Savior

Patch saved Nola’s life once when he got her out of the house and a second time when he stopped her from going back inside the house. He had become a savior for Nola not once but twice in a day, risking his own life and not caring about it. 

Leaving Home

The family’s house was all burnt down and everything they owned, with it. They had to leave the house now since there was no other option. The electric short had finished everything that was there for the Davis’. 


The Davis family decided upon moving to Montana and they got a new house for themselves. Except for this time, the house was bigger and they had made sure that it has a big yard for Patch to play in. And what about the idea of giving him away? 

Keeping Forever

It was all gone and for good. After all, how could Nola and Richard give away their guardian angel to someone else? Their four-legged hero was going to be a part of their family forever. If they would have let him go that day, Nola would not have been safe on the day of the mishap and even worse could have happened. 

Patch The Hero

Patch knew that he had been a hero and done a good deed by saving his mother from extreme danger. “He was walking with pride,” Clara said. “Like, ‘oh, I’m a good dog.’ He knew he did something, and every time you gave him a treat, he was like ‘I did this and now I get all the attention!’” 

Furry Companion

Patch stayed with the Davis family after that day. The family knew what a gem a dog is and they could not let anything so precious go away. Patch proved it right that dogs are truly human’s best friend. 

A Guardian Angel

Patch was an Angel in disguise who saved Nola’s life. They were doubtful of this precious thing at first but he out-stood everyone’s expectations. Patch is priceless and so is every dog. 


For the brave deed because of which Patch had risked his life, he was awarded and honored with a bravery award from American Red Cross. He is one of the brave dogs of America who have been courageous and have gone an extra mile for the welfare of humans. 

Unknown Consequences

Imagine what would have happened if Nola and Richard would not have decided and agreed upon gifting Patch to their children or would have given him away to someone else for the reason of him growing to be too big? 

Everyone’s Security

Dogs have a built-in security system and are their for everybody to protect them no matter what the problems or conditions. They will always protect you with all that they have and never let you face any dangerous situation alone.

Long Due Wish

Nola and Richard had personally always wanted a dog themselves too, but they were always in a dilemma because of the children whom they wanted to concentrate fully on and because of the extra cost that would be the price to take care of a dog. 

Responsible Dog

But the Davis family soon realized that Patch was not a burden but a blessing in disguise for them. He considered it his responsibility to personally take care of the whole family without thinking about his own life and without being scared of anything at all. 

Comforting Animals

If you have dogs around you, you would know how comforting it is to know that you have a four-legged cute guardian around you all the time who would not let anything happen to you. 

Healthier Life

And did you know, dogs help you live a healthier life as well? They have the power to detect diseases like cancer in a human’s body when their chemical equations in the body start to change. Dogs are a big yes if you ever think of getting one in your family.

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