Life in a small town

One of the most amazing things about living in a small town like the one Frank and Anne moved to is that the people who live around you, all without exception, know you.

You will be amazed how well your neighbors know you and it is a tight-knit community. Over the months and years, you talk a bit with everyone around you and at the end of the day, it’s kind of like a big happy family. Families are so close to each other that they even know the names of each other’s pets!

Friendly meeting place

In this small South Carolina town, the neighbors were all particularly gracious and friendly people, and all used to take their pets for walks in the town park.

It was a real meeting place, for the locals as well as for the animals. All the dogs were playing with each other and the cats were basking in the sun next to each other, and Miss Kitty was no exception. The inhabitants were never surprised to see her lying in the grass, enjoying the sun, and sometimes she allowed herself to be caressed by passers-by, it was her favorite place.

Dog-cat relationships

The relationship between dogs and cats is notorious for not being very friendly. This would be due, it seems, to a communication problem. For example, dogs wag their tails when they are happy while cats do when they are annoyed, which leads to misunderstandings.

In the vast majority of cases, these two animals, therefore, do not get along or have difficulty getting along. We’ve all seen those countless YouTube videos that cats and dogs tease each other all day long. It reflects the true nature of their relationships. But what Miss Kitty was going to do will make you think twice about keeping a dog and cat together as pets.

A neighborhood star

The whole town was therefore rather welcoming to the animals, each not failing to pet or please the other’s pet. Pets are very friendly to everyone.

Although Anne and Frank’s neighborhood had a lot of pet cats, of all the families living nearby, Miss Kitty was definitely everyone’s favorite.

Entirely white and always very clean, Miss Kitty stood out from all the other cats. Far from having a bad temper, the young cat always readily accepted the attention of passers-by. But the inhabitants of the small town were far from knowing her true face.

Deceptive appearances?

Kitty was apparently a particularly sociable cat. At least, that’s what the people around her had always perceived about the young cat. She hid her game very well and no one suspected her real nature.

Indeed, perhaps she seemed friendly to people, but soon all those impressions were going to be called into question.

The truth would soon change the situation completely. The little animal was going to do something unthinkable, and everything would change, for her as for her masters, far from imagining what awaited them. But why would such a cute little cat behave like this?

Changing behavior

Kitty appeared to be of a very calm and collected nature. She always listened to what Anne and Frank told her and had never been a mean pussy. She walked around exploring things and always came back wisely when she had to, and always stayed home without making a mess when asked.

But, one day, her owners noticed that something was wrong with their little Kitty. It was as if she was changing her behavior and personality. And it was not a positive change that was manifesting itself. Anne and Frank understood that the young cat was up to something very strange and the neighbors of the couple were going to be speechless when they discovered what the pretty ball of fur was hiding.

The neighbors bitch

The family who lived right next to the Jonas family home had a companion dog named Smoochie. Smoochie was a rather fussy and hyperactive black cocker spaniel bitch. Because of her young age, she loved to go for walks and play outside.

Smoochie was still a young bitch; full of life, she was still developing and had a lot to learn as a dog. She had a lot of energy to spend and on top of that, she was expecting little ones.

Miss Kitty’s life was turned upside down when she realized that Smoochie was expecting little ones, she did something really unexpected.


After a few months, Smoochie finally gave birth to five little black puppies, all of whom looked like her, like miniature versions of herself. Her family was more than happy to welcome this cute and large litter of Cocker Spaniels to their home.

Everyone seemed happy, with one exception. Outside, someone had noticed all of Smoochie’s new habits since giving birth to her babies. What she did, what time she was with her puppies, and when she left them alone, unattended. Everything was watched. Yes, it was Miss Kitty. As unbelievable as it might sound, the cat had plans in mind.

Take care of your little ones

Smoochie had a totally opposite nature to Kitty’s. The young dog was never calm, she was always running around, and was hardly ever home. She often left these puppies alone.

She loved walking around the neighborhood and everyone knew her as the mischievous little dog around. Having puppies was definitely not something the young bitch was looking forward to! She now had to stay with her little ones, ensure their safety and put aside walks in the neighborhood for a while.


After the puppies were born, Smoochie’s owners noticed something extremely bizarre. Only 3 days after their birth, one of the puppies of the litter disappeared, without leaving a trace!

The puppies were in a pen and normally couldn’t run away, but strangely enough one of them was able to. After looking around the house and around the house for him, no one was able to figure out where the little one had gone. Smoochie didn’t seem to know either, the young bitch had looked everywhere for him, but in vain. It’s weird for a mother not to be worried about the disappearance of one of her young ones.

The fate persists

Over the next few days, this both sad and bizarre event happened again. The next day another puppy disappeared without a trace. The family had not been able to find the first puppy, and lo and behold a second was also missing.

What could possibly be going on? Was there a puppy thief in their neighborhood? How could they protect the other puppies in the litter? And did they have any hope of seeing the missing little furballs again? This mystery worried the family, losing a puppy can happen, but losing two is a big deal.

Neighborhood under high surveillance

After the disappearance of two barely born puppies, neighbors of Smoochie’s family began to monitor every move of the people in the neighborhood. They all wanted to help Smoochie and her family find her cubs.

But none of the neighbors could have expected to discover such a truth. In the evening, as some of the neighbors were having a good time with their kids and pets at Trailer Park, they noticed that young Miss Kitty was carrying a black puppy in her mouth. Seeing this, the inhabitants approached to be sure of what they were seeing. But, feeling spotted, the young cat hurried to go and hide.

The disappearances continue

It was then that the owners of Smoochie announced to everyone that a third puppy had unfortunately still disappeared during the afternoon. People who had seen Kitty carrying the puppy didn’t understand what she was doing with the puppies of the neighboring cocker spaniel, but now they were afraid of the young cat and her very strange behavior.

That same day, all five puppies were gone, and Smoochie’s owners were truly heartbroken. They were desperate and very worried about the fate of these newborn babies. It was then that the neighbors informed Smocchie’s family, as well as Kitty’s family, that they had seen the little cat carrying the puppies, one by one, in her mouth. Anne and Frank, like the owners of Smoochie, were speechless when they heard the testimony of their neighbors.


It was then that Anne and Frank remembered that they had noticed that Kitty was often away from the house and that she had seemed particularly busy for a few days and that they did not know what.

But it was very hard for them to believe that their little Kitty could do such a thing. She was so sweet and didn’t really like mingling with others, surely not with neighborhood dogs. Anne and Frank found it hard to imagine why she would take the puppies from the neighbor bitch! Everyone then started looking for Kitty, hoping to clear this up.

Wanted poster

While everyone in the neighborhood was busy looking for Kitty, the young cat had hidden in a corner of the park, inside a trailer, working on her plan. It was then that one of the neighbors saw Miss Kitty heading to her secret hiding place.

Everyone ran to the trailer to see what Kitty was doing, and if Smoochie’s puppies were okay with her. They all thought she was a sweet, sweet, calm cat. But then why had she stolen Smoochie’s puppies? Were they at least alive? When the locals peeked inside the trailer, everyone was surprised at the scene unfolding before their eyes.

Kitty with puppies

Neighbors and Kitty’s owners spotted the little cat hiding in a corner of the trailer, and she was indeed not alone. In the twilight, everyone present could see that she was surrounded by babies within Smoochie’s reach.

All of Smoochie’s cubs appeared to be perfectly safe and in excellent health. All the puppies were with Kitty, it was she who had “kidnapped” them. The mystery was finally solved and the whole neighborhood was in shock after the discovery. But why did she do this? What was her plan for these puppies? Why had she stolen them that way? It was still weird for a cat to act like that.

Kitty’s Secret

In fact, a few months before, Miss Kitty had also been pregnant and expecting babies. Anne and Frank were beyond excited and they had prepared Kitty for the big day, taking care to help her as best they could.

After a while, the young cat had stopped coming out and started staying safe at home. After about two months of gestation, labor began for Miss Kitty, and that’s when things changed for the young cat. All of these efforts would eventually pay off, but what they all dreaded happened.

Difficult moments

Kitty had given birth to several kittens, but unfortunately, none of them survived. The reason was unclear, as Anne and Frank had really taken care of Kitty and her kittens.

But, even during her gestation, Kitty had behaved strangely at times. Her appetite had significantly decreased and her body temperature had also dropped. Everything indicated that something was not going to be right. However, it is important to know that it is very common for animals to experience difficulty when giving birth for the very first time.

Animal feelings

Many people are convinced that animals have no feelings and that they cannot feel or think anything, but they are wrong. Kitty had had a hard time coming to terms with what had happened after giving birth and it had been felt through her actions.

The young cat was very sad to have lost her kittens and never left the house. And, while Kitty was going through a very difficult time in her life, Smoochie was too young to expect cubs. The young dog didn’t really want to take care of her little ones. She was not yet able to attach herself to them. It was too early for her to assume the responsibilities of motherhood.


Smoochie wasn’t at all kind to her babies and didn’t even breastfeed them. The family was very worried because they feared that the puppies would suffer from this situation. Smoochie wasn’t even interested in their safety.

She only thought about playing and running around like any young dog her age. Smoochie didn’t care about the puppies, and the puppies really needed their mothers to survive their first few days. It was a critical moment for them. But, despite the family’s best efforts, Smoochie didn’t mind her litter. So it was lucky for the family that Miss Kitty decided to take care of it.

See a chance

Miss Kitty was ready to be a mother, but fate hadn’t given her the chance. Smoochie, on the other hand, was not at all ready to be a mother and was too young for this responsibility, but she had been fortunate enough to give birth to perfectly healthy puppies.

Kitty couldn’t get over the fact that none of her kittens survived, so she was thrilled when she saw Smoochie’s litter in front of her. The young cat had been able to see that Smoochie had ignored them since their birth and therefore took advantage of this opportunity that life offered her. She had another chance to be a mother and that’s what she did with the puppies Smoochie had brought into the world.

Become their mother

The litter of young puppies needed the affection, warmth and care of a mother. And their own mother was unable to do it for them. Kitty then began to walk around the garden of Smoochie’s owners every day before deciding to carry out her plan.

Kitty had planned that if Smoochie wasn’t going to love her little ones, then maybe she could take care of them because after all, that’s all newborns need: love, presence, and security. Yes, she had decided that she would take care of the puppies instead of Smoochie. The puppies would probably have died if Miss Kitty hadn’t decided to take care of them.

Surrogate mother

Miss Kitty had taken the young ones into the trailer, one by one, and had looked after them from day one, as if they were her own kittens. She had become a mother figure to them.

And Kitty was more than happy to be able to be with these little babies. Surprising as it may sound, Miss Kitty’s body was still reacting to the effects of gestation and her instincts naturally took over when she was around the puppies. Thus, her body continued to produce milk and the cat readily breastfed them, something Smoochie did not want to give to her puppies.

Let Kitty do it

After seeing how Kitty handled things with the young puppies the two families decided it was okay for the young cat to take care of them, there was no reason to stop Kitty to take care of the young puppies.

After all, she took care of them as if they were her own little ones. It seemed like fate had decided that Kitty and the puppies were together to take care of each other. Mother Nature had truly done a miracle in Kitty’s case after her gestation and painful loss. Families were happy to leave things as they were. It was for everyone’s good.

The love of a mother

This incident was nothing short of a miracle for all residents of the trailer park. It really wasn’t common for a cat to take care of puppies, especially knowing that cats and dogs usually don’t get along.

But Miss Kitty had not seen dogs this tiny, she had only seen babies in need, abandoned by their biological mother. As they say, “a mother’s love is stronger than anything”. Lucky for these puppies that Miss Kitty’s genes have taken over the rivalry that naturally exists between dogs and cats. The puppies are in very good hands and will grow up with the love of two mothers.