Image:  ET Canada / YouTube Rugged good looks, charisma and undeniable talent; these are just some of the reasons to like Brad Pitt. But f...

% Brad Pitt Couldn’t Help But Cry When He Revealed A Surprise For His Makeup Artist Of 3 Decades % Brad Pitt Couldn’t Help But Cry When He Revealed A Surprise For His Makeup Artist Of 3 Decades

% Brad Pitt Couldn’t Help But Cry When He Revealed A Surprise For His Makeup Artist Of 3 Decades

% Brad Pitt Couldn’t Help But Cry When He Revealed A Surprise For His Makeup Artist Of 3 Decades


Rugged good looks, charisma and undeniable talent; these are just some of the reasons to like Brad Pitt. But fans were given yet another reason to love him when he appeared on a heartwarming episode of Celebrity IOU. The actor went on the show to surprise an old friend. And once the end results of the home makeover were revealed, Brad couldn’t keep his emotions in check. You’re gonna need some tissues!

30-Year Relationship

The woman Brad was surprising has been in his life for a long time – 30 years, to be exact. Yep, she’s lasted longer than his romances with Paltrow, Aniston and Jolie put together! In this case, though, things have been purely platonic.

Longtime Makeup Artist

Jean Black has been Brad’s makeup artist since his 1990 movie Cool World. And since then, she’s been a constant presence in his life. In her, the actor found a firm friend and a place of refuge away from the constant glare of the media. So when the opportunity came for him to repay her kindness, he made the most of it.

No Looking Back

Over the years, Black has become a key part of Brad’s inner circle. But it was only by chance that their relationship was able to blossom. After working together on Cool World, Black got a job on 1992’s A River Runs Through It when another person in the makeup team didn’t make it on set. And there was no looking back; their friendship was cemented. But what’s the secret to their strong bond?

Cut From The Same Cloth

“Brad and I are both loners,” Black revealed in a rare interview with GQ magazine in 2017. “We had kind of a sense we could enjoy being in the same room without having to talk all the time. Although now that I think back I did for some reason always want to talk to him while he was reading or trying to sleep.”

Pretty Special

What’s clear is that Black had no idea how close she and Brad would become. She told GQ, “I would say you’d never think in a million years that you would be with someone 27 years and almost 30 films. [And] to have traveled the world with him.” It’s pretty special, huh?

Never Thought Possible

Of course, being friends with a movie star comes with its perks. From pitching up a tent in the wilderness on A River Runs Through It to accompanying Brad on glitzy photo shoots and events, Black has been given backstage access to the world of Hollywood. “It’s a whole life that I would never have thought possible,” she admitted.

Unusual Loyalty

Black and Brad’s relationship is extremely rare in Hollywood, and that’s what makes it all the more special. It’s not common for stars to work with just one makeup artist for the most part of their career. As Black herself put it, “It’s pretty unusual for someone like Brad, or someone in that position, to be so loyal.”

Unending Support

It seems being faithful is simply in Brad’s nature, as Black isn’t the only longstanding person on his team. “I haven’t done every movie with Brad, but once I really got started with him as a person, we’ve done pretty much everything we could together,” she told GQ magazine. “His sense of loyalty is quite unusual. He’s had the same manager even longer than me.” And judging by how he recently surprised Black, he’s obviously extremely grateful for his entourage’s enduring support.

A Star Is Born

During Black’s time with Brad, the actor has gone from being relatively unknown to one of Hollywood’s biggest names. Recalling how it felt to see the star rise, Black revealed, “I remember going to the premiere of Thelma and Louise and sitting there in the audience and thinking wow, I’m really watching a phenomenon about to explode...”

More Opportunities

And as Brad’s success grew, so did the opportunities for Black. Sharing some of her most cherished memories of working with the star, the makeup artist said, “I did love A River Runs Through It just because we both had our dogs and we camped out on the boulder when we were shooting. And I loved Snatch when we were in Europe.” Who wouldn’t?

Off-Set Friendship

But Brad and Black’s friendship extends beyond the time they’ve spent together on set. “Brad and I do things in life,” The makeup artist told GQ. “He and some friends will come over to the house and have drinks here, or I’ll go over there. I’ve spent more time with him and all these years than anyone else including my family...”

There For Each Other

“He’s there for me, and I’m there for him,” Black added. “Just recently I had an accident, and he was there for me. Those kinds of things – especially when you’re away from home and family – are very important. He knows that I’m always there for him should things come up, and something always does come up one way or the other!”

Keeping It Professional

Despite their connection, Black says she always keeps things businesslike on set. She explained, “When you’re in a relationship like that, you have to have it be sort of a family situation and also a professional situation as well. When I’m working with him I try to be as professional as possible, but it’s pretty obvious to people that he and I are quite close.”

Getting Close

That being said, there have been points in Black’s relationship with Brad when she’s had to go above and beyond the call of duty. Yes, the actor revealed more about these incidences in the debut episode of Celebrity IOU in 2020 – including a time when the makeup artist had to get a little too close for comfort.

Awkward Moments

“There was a time, on Legend of the Falls, she had to make up my butt because of bad tan lines,” he said. “When it comes up, we can’t really look each other in the eye.” Okay, guys, try not to get too jealous!

Through Thick And Thin

But the odd awkward moment aside, Brad and Black’s friendship appears pretty much perfect. They’ve stuck together through life’s many ups and downs, including the actor’s relationships and break-ups. And riding this roller coaster of life together is perhaps what has made the pair so close.

Weathering It All

Black explained to GQ, “I’ve transitioned with Brad from his early days through all these years, and many things have transpired. And life has brought the greatest things and sometimes the most devastating things. You’re there with that person, and there’s just a bond and you’re able to share. You know, it’s beautiful. He’s such a fantastic human being.”

Grateful For Her Services

As for Brad, it appears that the feeling is very mutual. “She’s a dear old friend,” he told The Property Brothers on Celebrity IOU. “There’s people in your life that fate brings together and I’m forever grateful… [I] love her with all my heart.”

Secret Transformation

And what better way to prove that than to secretly transform a section of Black’s home? Brad appeared on HGTV’s Celebrity IOU, a show where the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathon, do incredible home renovations as a way of repaying the special people in celebrities’ lives. And they had the perfect idea for Black.

Updated Garage

Brad wanted to update Black’s garage at her home in Los Angeles. Before the actor arrived, the makeup artist had been filling the 400-square-foot space with a load of her belongings. But Brad knew she had bigger ideas for the area. Apparently, Black been saying for ten years that she’d rather it become a cozy place where friends could come and stay.

Much-Needed Renovation

And given their relationship, there was a good chance that Brad would be one of the first guests to crash in Black’s newly renovated space. “If I’m over here on the west side I’ll pit stop here, get a nap on the couch,” he revealed on the show. So a new fold-down bed was at the top of the list!

Asking For A Lot

But that wasn’t Brad’s only request. He wanted Black’s guest area to be the bee’s knees, after all, and asked for good storage space, a bathroom, a makeup station and a kitchen! Yep, he even admits he demanded a lot, telling the Property Brothers, “I’m going to ask for the impossible.”

One Month Deadline

On top of meeting Brad’s challenging demands, the Celebrity IOU team had under a month to finish the renovations. And so it was a good job that the actor wasn’t afraid to get stuck in and help. He even leaped at the chance to rip down some walls, telling viewers, “If I’m not building I’m dying.” A man of many talents, it seems!

Relaxing Space

Alongside the clever fold-down bed, Black’s new guest space included a walk-in closet hidden behind a disguised bookshelf door. Yes, just like what you’d see in the movies! The team thought this would be perfect for Black’s makeup tools. And outside, there was a brand-new patio area ideal for relaxing in the sunshine. Bliss.

One Specific Detail

The size of the space obviously didn’t matter to the Property Brothers, who’d thought of every little detail. Brad, unsurprisingly, was blown away by the end result. “This is amazing. It’s fantastic. I’ve been waiting so long to see something happen to this dump,” he says on the show. But there was one area that got him all choked up.

Holding Back Tears

That’s right: the renovations to Black’s garage weren’t all about the practicalities of a guest room. Brad was also eager to inject some sentimental value into the space. And so he put up a photograph of his friend’s late parents, pride of place inside her new makeup closet. And when he saw it, he had to work hard to hold back his tears.

Taking A Breath

Being so close to Black, Brad knew why it would mean so much to her. “Her father passed when she was very young, and then her mother when she was a young lady and they were very, very, very t–.” But before the actor could even finish his sentence, he had to pause and collect himself.

Tears On Television

It wasn’t like this detail was a surprise, though, as Brad was basically the brains behind the whole renovation. Even so, the actor started to well up when he guessed how Black might react to the photo. “That’s going to get her,” he said. “I’m the guy who’s going to cry on television. I can’t take it all in just yet.”

Prediction Comes True

But Brad didn’t have to wait long to see how Black felt about her new guest room and, more importantly, the sentimental photo. As the makeup artist entered the room, she was stuck for words. But it was seeing her mom and dad’s smiling faces that really got her going – just as Brad had predicted.

No Idea

“There’s my mom and dad!” Black exclaimed, while struggling to maintain her composure. “I can’t wait to take a picture for the family... I lost my dad when I was 14, so it’s just really special that you did that. Really, really special.” Aw. Who knew Brad had such a soft side, eh? And the story gets even more heartwarming.

"I Made Brad Pitt Cry!"

According to Drew, Black wasn’t the only one who got emotional at the reveal. “When [Brad] saw her tear up, he couldn’t hold it back. And all I thought in the back of my mind was ‘I made Brad Pitt cry,’” he said in a chat with Entertainment Tonight.

The Best Reward

For Brad, seeing his friend’s reaction to her new guest house seemed to be the perfect reward for all his efforts getting stuck into the renovation. And as for fans, well, it’s fair to say they got more than they bargained for when the Hollywood heartthrob’s softer side was revealed. And they couldn’t get enough of it.

Fan Love

After Entertainment Tonight posted a segment on Brad’s Celebrity IOU appearance on their YouTube channel in 2020, the comment section was flooded with praise for the star. “It’s so sweet he treats his makeup artist so good,” one user wrote.

Humble And Empathetic

Another comment read, “Brad Pitt, the toughest dude you will find in any movie he’s in and yet so humble and empathetic in real life. Great actor, great person.” And one fan even went so far as to say the actor had “the whole package – handsome, talented, funny, humble, sensitive. It’s simply impossible not to have a crush on this man!” They’re not wrong.


And the love for Brad just kept on coming. One commenter said, “I’ve had a huge crush on Brad Pitt forever! He’s the most beautiful man I have ever seen. And that personality! He’s got it all!” Another simply said, “Cool dude, did not forget about his roots. Money and ego can spoil you. Not Brad.”

Fan Favorite... Still

So it looks like Brad’s appearance on Celebrity IOU made him more popular among fans – just when you thought it wasn’t possible! But that’s not why he went on the show, of course. It was all for Black. “To be able to do this for her is a dream because this is a dream for her,” he explained.

Getting It Done

“It’s something she’s always wanted to do for 10 years,” he said. “But it was never going to happen unless the [Property] brothers came in here and got the thing done.” And in the end, the renovation was the perfect way for Brad to show his makeup artist just how much she means to him.

40 Films Together

Yep, to Brad, Black is so much more than a work colleague. “I don’t even have the words to describe what a value she’s been to me and my life,” he said. It’s made the 40-some-odd films we’ve done together that much more enjoyable. I love her with all my heart.” Aw.


What made Brad’s surprise even more special was that Black didn’t see it coming. When she’d looked around the renovated garage, she said, “I know Brad’s generosity, it’s huge. But for him to do this, it’s really more than I ever thought could happen. I am so touched by this. I could really not thank you enough.” We’re not crying; you are!

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