Girlfriend Sells Soldier Dog On Craigslist While Deployed



We all understand the indescribable and loving connection that we have with our dogs. This compound is unlike anything else in the world. But what if someone can get this protective blanket out from under you? Here’s what happened to Private Robert Gabbert. During the deployment, he discovered that his girlfriend sold his partner Baxter to Craigslist.

Robert was completely devastated when he discovered that his girlfriend was selling Baxter on Craigslist.

Even worse, the family that Baxter bought from a friend refused to return the dog to Robert. Children have become too attached.

But after the campaign on social networks and the distribution of news, the family changed course. “I think the people who bought the dog read stories and felt bad,” Mr. Gabbert’s father, Robert Sr., told Mail.nline.

“I guess, there have been so many people supporting Robbie, that the family came forward with the dog and they’re going to return it.” The soldier was completely overjoyed that Baxter was going to be returned to him.

Robert raised Baxter as a puppy, and his Facebook page is full of photos. He made this collage before leaving. “I’m thinking of turning this into a blanket,” he wrote.

However, the family that Baxter bought did not go empty-handed. Of course, they did not know that the dog was being sold against the will of the owner. Robert Gabbert Sr. said he plans to send them money so they can find another dog for their children.

“I do feel bad for them. They bought him and didn’t know that he wasn’t hers to sell. The kids should have a dog.”

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