Image:  Deborah Ervin / Facebook When one Chicago woman noticed that a fellow pet owner left his dog alone at the park for close to an hou...

## Good Samaritans Confront Man Trying To Abandon His Terrified Dog At The Park ## Good Samaritans Confront Man Trying To Abandon His Terrified Dog At The Park

## Good Samaritans Confront Man Trying To Abandon His Terrified Dog At The Park

## Good Samaritans Confront Man Trying To Abandon His Terrified Dog At The Park


When one Chicago woman noticed that a fellow pet owner left his dog alone at the park for close to an hour, she made sure to express her concern about the animal's well-being once he returned. However, it was the man's response that left the entire park in shock.

Animal Lover

If you were to look up "animal lover" in the dictionary, you'd find the likes of Deborah Ervin — she's the Good Samaritan from the dog park. The Chicago photographer is the proud parent of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Cooper and even runs her own pet photography business.

To the Dog Park!!

Being the dedicated pet owner that she is, Ervin makes sure to walk Cooper regularly, often taking him to the popular Fred Anderson Dog Park in South Loop. But on the morning of November 9, 2017, her visit to the dog park was anything but a pleasant one.

Up and At 'Em

As Ervin un-leashed Cooper to give him a chance to stretch his legs, another park patron did the same with his own pooch. However, instead of taking a seat alongside the other pet owners, the man simply got up and left.

Where's Pops?

Image: CBS Chicago

According to Ervin, the dog immediately went into a panic, clearly confused as to where his owner had gone. "He was there by himself," another witness told CBS 2. "He was nervous. He was shaking. He was looking for his owner."

Action Required

Image: CBS Chicago

Ervin and the other pet owners approached the stressed canine, though when they got close, they discovered that he had no tag or collar to identify him or his owner. Believing that no one would return for the dog, Ervin took action.


First, she opted to wait ten minutes just in case the man did come back for the poor pup. But after those ten minutes passed without sign of the owner, Ervin contacted animal rescue to come collect the dog.

His Huge Return

However, before anyone from animal rescue could arrive, a familiar vehicle pulled up at the park. To the surprise of Ervin and the other park-goers, the dog's owner had returned for his pup.

Like He Was Never Gone

The man strolled into the park and went right for his dog, leashing him up as if nothing had happened. Ervin, however, was troubled by this — after all, the man had left his pet alone here for well over a half an hour.


Hoping to talk some sense into the owner, Ervin voiced her concern for the dog and explained that what he'd done wasn't okay. The man refused to listen and instead became hostile and stormed off with his pet.

No Cameras, Please

But Ervin wasn't about to let this neglectful pet owner get off that easily. Taking out her phone, she pursued the man into the parking lot, only there he continued to grow even more aggressive.

Law Enforcement

"You're not a f***ing cop," he exclaimed as Ervin followed him to his car, making sure to get a clear shot of his face and his license plates. The dedicated animal lover was barely concerned for her own safety, even as the man got in her face and shouted, "get the f*** off my car!'

Crossing the Line

Things continued to escalate as the man had clearly had enough of the pursuing pet owner's reprimands. After yanking his dog up by his leash and tossing him into the car, he turned around and spat at Ervin.

Off He Goes

Climbing into his vehicle, the man then made a last-ditch attempt to get Ervin to stop recording. He rolled down his window and swiped at Ervin's phone, though she managed to hang onto it and continued to film as he drove away.

Shared with the World

Returning to the park, the other pet owners commended Ervin, explaining that this wasn't the first time the man had abandoned his dog at the park. Ervin was shocked at this news, and so, in the hope of dissuading any future abandonment attempts, she shared her video to Facebook.

Such Anger!

Ervin's post was flooded with an outpouring of support, with many fellow animal lovers condemning the actions of the hostile pet owner. However, a number of users were also quick to point out the danger of the situation, warning her that things could've gotten violent at any moment.

Repeat Offender

Image: CBS Chicago

But Ervin's only care at the time had been the well-being of the dog. "If this man is proven to be a repeat offender – obviously from the video he has some anger management issues – perhaps [my efforts] will help to keep this very sweet pup safe," she told CBS 2.

On the Lamb

Image: CBS Chicago

Still, that didn't stop Ervin from filing a police report against the man, as spitting at someone is technically considered battery. The man was later identified by local police, though according to CBS 2, they weren't actively searching for him at the time.

Fred Anderson Dog Park

Though Ervin came out on top in her confrontation with the pet owner, the altercation left behind some lingering effects. Despite support from other park-goers, she explained that she wouldn't be returning to Fred Anderson Dog Park any time soon.

Trouble That Day

Even though she'll have to take Cooper elsewhere to play, it's safe to say that wherever Ervin goes next, she'll be greeted by plenty of thankful pet owners. One of Ervin's biggest supporters is the Ringstaff family, who have completely adopted Ervin's stance on neglected pets.

Dog In The Road

The Ringstaff's told Ervin that not long before her encounter at the dog park they had been driving down the highway on a 2-hours trip when in the opposite lane, they noticed a great, hulking dog, lying still in the road. Cars swerved to avoid him.

Checking On The Pup

The Ringstaffs were concerned that the dog had been hit by a car. Melissa's husband Mykal, a pastor, flipped on the car's hazards lights and pulled the truck over. They got out of the vehicle to inspect the canine.

Heartbreaking Realization

But as soon as Melissa and her gang stepped into the road the dog stood up and walked over to them, curiously showing no sign of injury. It was then Melissa saw the heartbreaking reason the dog was staying so still...

Fallen Friend

Off in the ditch lining the highway, another dog had been hit by a car. Tragically, he didn't live to tell the tale. By the looks of it, the dog in the road had been guarding his fallen friend. The sight "broke my heart," Melissa wrote.

Giving Him Space

The Ringstaffs tried luring the dog into their truck, but he refused to leave his friend behind. Heartbroken, the family left the stubborn pooch for the moment (they were, after all, on a day trip). But ten hours later, they returned.

Returning To Help

The dog hadn't left, though he'd moved out of the road. So, committed to saving the world in front of them, the Ringstaffs hoisted the massive dog into their truck. Like so many other lost dogs, they'd find his home, too.

Learning His Story

But as the Ringstaffs drove with the dog in their truck, searching for the collarless dog's home, local after local told the same story—one as tragic as the lost dog's situation.

Abandoned By Owners

Those dogs, the locals explained, belonged to someone who moved away. They left the dogs behind to fend for themselves, leading to one's demise. The abandoned and lonely Great Pyrenees had no home to return to.

A Bold Decision

Worse, the dogs had apparently been living on the side of the highway for a couple of days. So, hearts broken once more, the animal-loving Melissa and her family knew what they had to do: make this dog's world a better place.

Doggy Spa Treatment

The Ringstaffs brought the dog home, fed him, bathed him, and gave him a haircut. When night fell, she led him to a brand new kennel. But the dog didn't sleep.

Breaking Out

Instead, he broke from the kennel in the dead of night and disappeared from the Ringstaff home. The second Melissa spotted the kennel with a now-broken door, the family went out searching for him. It should've been easy. It's not like the big dog was in disguise...

No Sign Of Him

All day, the Ringstaffs searched, asking everyone they passed if they'd seen an enormous dog teetering along. They drove to the Humane Society and police stations. They couldn't find the Great Pyrenees anywhere.

Days Of Searching

In fact, the Ringstaffs spent three days looking for the dog, putting over 100 miles on their car driving around the small Kentucky town. Finally, they spotted the pooch.

Making It Official

Just a few miles from the Ringstaff home, the pooch sat on a stranger's porch, happy to see Melissa and her kids! The next day, Melissa bought him dog tags—with his new name.

Finding His Name

Image: Hachiko, LLC

At first inspired by the 2009 film Hachi: A Dog's Tale, below, they called him Hachi. Like the dog in the film, Melissa wrote, "we'd found him loyally staying with his buddy who died." But they ultimately chose a happier name.

Tucker Ringstaff

"In the end," Melissa wrote, "we named him Tucker." Though simple, the name somehow perfectly fit the dog's personality. "He's incredibly sweet, very gentle, and we've yet to hear him bark." He's Tucker. And he's a Ringstaff.

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