According to   Raising Multiples , only 35 sets of sextuplets have survived throughout history. Some may remember the Gosselin sextuplets,...

++ After 6 Years The McGhee Sextuplets Recreate The Photo That Made Them Famous ++ After 6 Years The McGhee Sextuplets Recreate The Photo That Made Them Famous

++ After 6 Years The McGhee Sextuplets Recreate The Photo That Made Them Famous

++ After 6 Years The McGhee Sextuplets Recreate The Photo That Made Them Famous

 According to Raising Multiples, only 35 sets of sextuplets have survived throughout history. Some may remember the Gosselin sextuplets, but there’s another famous set that came after. Rozonno and Mia McGhee became the proud parents of six in 2010, which completely flipped their lives upside down. From childcare, schooling, expenses, and more, the McGhee’s certainly haven’t had it easy, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Now, it’s time to catch up with the McGhee sextuplets over a decade later.

Meet Rozonno And Mia McGhee

It seemed as if fate brought Rozonno and Mia McGhee together when they were only teenagers, but they fell in love hard and fast. Within a few years of dating, Rozonno proposed and they were married before turning 20.

The McGhees shared similar values and knew they wanted to get their education, find safe and reliable careers, and start their family as soon as possible. Mia went to college and became a realtor, while Rozonno started a carpet cleaning business, but something was missing.

Adding Another Family Member

The McGhee’s lives seemed to be going as planned as they settled into married life with new and exciting careers. Mia had grown up without a father figure, so it was important for her to start a family of her own.

She had found everything she wanted out of a husband with Rozonno, so she thought their early 20s were a good time to start trying for a child. This would be the missing piece to their puzzle.

Things Didn’t Go As Planned

A few more years had gone by and the McGhees became frustrated that Mia was unable to get pregnant. They knew it was time to turn to outside help by starting their family with IVF.

The McGhees didn’t have much money, but decided that this was something they were willing to spare no expense for. Within a short time, Mia found out that she would be expecting twins. They couldn’t have been more excited that their prayers had been answered.

The McGhees Get Devastating News

The McGhees were ready to become a family of four and did everything to prep for their two new bundles of joy. Mia carried the twins to term, but wasn’t ready for what was next.

Her water broke and they rushed to the hospital. Upon arrival, the doctors informed them that both twins would be stillborn. This was the most devastating news the couple had heard in their entire lives and were left grieving what could have been.

Another Round Of IVF

The loss of their twins was something that could discourage many parents from trying to have children again. The McGhees knew that while things could still go wrong, they needed to try IVF again.

They were immensely lucky by getting pregnant so soon after trying again, but they were in for more than they bargained for. While multiples are common for IVF patients, they didn’t expect to find seven viable embryos this time. Their lives would never be the same.

That’s Right, Seven Kids

Since very few sets of septuplets have survived to adulthood throughout history, the McGhees were told that it was unlikely that all of the babies would make it. The pair were ready for whatever circumstance came their way and were already starting to embrace their life as a family of nine.

Their due date approached and the couple prepared for the worst. The pregnancy went mostly as planned and almost all of the babies arrived with no complications.

The Sextuplets Are Born

On June 9, 2010, the McGhee sextuplets entered the world. There were four boys and two girls including Rozonno Junior, Isaac, Josiah, Madison, Elijah, and Olivia (oldest to youngest).

Unfortunately, the seventh baby girl was stillborn. While Mia and Rozonno had to grieve another stillborn baby, they were fortunate to become the parents of six new babies. Also, the McGhee sextuplets were the first sextuplets born in Columbus, Ohio. It was finally time for the McGhees to embrace their life as a big family.

Time For A Family Photo

While the McGhee sextuplets had become well-known around Columbus, Ohio, it wasn’t until they took a certain family photo that made them go viral. It had Rozonno taking a nap with the babies while Mia looked on lovingly.

All the babies were posed all around him with a couple on his back, one in his arms, a couple to his side, and even one resting on his head. All of those babies posed in an adorable way with their parents caught the attention of thousands.

The McGhees Meet Oprah

oprah winfrey meeting the mcghee family on her show
Harpo Studios/CBS Television Distribution

Their family photo was shared all over the internet and news outlets, so it was natural that it got picked up by one of the biggest talk shows at the time. Oprah Winfrey saw the photo and invited the McGhees on her show.

Winfrey was aware that both Mia and Rozonno didn’t come from the greatest circumstances, which had been amplified since the birth of their sextuplets. She gifted them a $250,000 Walmart gift card and an all-expense-paid honeymoon to Las Vegas. That wasn’t the last they would hear from her.

The McGhees Become Reality TV Stars

Viewers of Oprah’s show thought they had a heartwarming story and continued to send them thoughtful donations of diapers, car seats, and other baby items after their episode aired. However, this wouldn’t be their only TV appearance.

After Oprah ended her talk show, she started her own network called OWN and one of her first reality shows involved the McGhees. They were given a series similar to Jon and Kate Plus 8 called Six Little McGhees.

The Babies Grew Up On Camera

Six Little McGhees premiered on OWN in 2012 and ran for three seasons. Then, they were rebranded for a new network called UPtv with a series called Growing Up McGhee, which ran for an additional two seasons.

This meant the McGhee kids were almost constantly being filmed from the ages of two to eight. The family got used to all the cameras, which almost felt like another member of their family. Viewers were able to see the kids start to grow up and get to know more about Rozonno and Mia.

Adjusting To Life With Six Big Kids

The McGhee sextuplets aren’t babies anymore. As they look forward to their 11th birthday, their parents have been through the wringer raising them for over a decade.

“Many people ask me if it’s easier now that they’re older, but I beg to differ. The older age and their awareness makes it difficult and, oh my goodness, my kids are everywhere at the same time. They have their own opinions, personalities and identities…our house as it stands today is in a bit of an uproar. It truly is Ro and I against them,” said Mia.

The Sextuplets At School

According to Today, Mia and Rozonno decided to hold the sextuplets back a year for personal reasons, so they are about to finish fourth grade. Their parents would always dress them the same, but made sure to put them into six individual classes.

It was important for the children to get the best education possible without having to be compared to their brothers and sisters. Similar to most families, their schooling routine changed drastically once the pandemic hit.

What At-Home Schooling Is Like For The Sextuplets

While the world has needed to adjust to the pandemic, it certainly isn’t easy for a family of eight living under one roof. School used to be the time where Mia and Rozonno had a break to get work done at their jobs and around the house.

Now, they need to make sure the kids are still getting a great education at home. The benefit of having sextuplets is that they can help each other with their schooling. However, the sextuplets are sad they can’t see their school friends.

They Couldn’t Be More Different

While the sextuplets are growing up together, their parents say they couldn’t be more different. After almost 11 years, the children have developed their own personalities that set them apart from their siblings.

“Josiah smiled all day, Olivia was clearly Daddy’s little girl, Elijah just wanted to cuddle, Rozonno Jr. was the most laid-back of the six, Isaac would get jealous if one of his siblings received more attention, and Madison displayed a feisty attitude,” said Mia.

They’re Really Growing Up

The McGhee sextuplets certainly aren’t babies anymore. This means that they are given plenty of chores and responsibilities around the house to make life easier on their parents.

Even though they were given their own reality shows, they don’t take anything for granted. The sextuplets sleep two to a room, do their best to focus on their schooling, and still have plenty of time for breaks where they can play outside. The McGhees manage to make it all work to keep the chaos under control.

How Mia And Rozonno Are Doing Today

Mia and Rozonno have spent over a decade getting the hang of parenting. Mia was able to go back to work as a realtor, while Rozonno runs a successful carpet and upholstery cleaning business.

The McGhee parents know their situation is something most parents couldn’t imagine. “Each one is an individual and it’s amazing and crazy to watch. The house is in a frenzy and the once-had-it-together parents are taking each day one at a time and picking our battles wisely,” said Mia.

They’ve Become Closer As A Family

While the kids miss going to school with their friends, it has given them the opportunity to spend a lot more time together as a family. Mia and Rozonno bought a 12-passenger van, so they can take all their car trips together.

“Ro and I are literally figuring this thing called ‘parenthood times six’ out. I love their love for each other. They fight hard, but they love even harder. I call it built-in best friends,” said Mia.

They Don’t Take Anything For Granted

Mia and Rozonno think about where they came from and know how lucky they are that they get to live happily in a large, loving family. While parenting six kids isn’t a small feat, it’s their most rewarding experience yet.

The couple credits their good fortune to their strong faith, which they try and instill into the sextuplets. They know that without the support from others and their faith in God that they probably wouldn’t be where they are today.

Mia And Rozonno Get A Funny Idea

the kids posing around their parents in brown tank tops and jeans
Mandy Maphumulo/Twitter

It was quite daunting when Mia and Rozonno realized that their sextuplets will never be those little babies again. When it was time for a new family photo, the couple had a hilarious idea.

They decided to recreate the photo that made them famous with the kids in matching brown tank tops and jeans. Mia and the children posed around Rozonno with him being the only one napping this time. Hopefully, they’ll recreate the photo multiple times as the kids age.

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