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 Almost all couples dream of the day when they’ll share a child together and go through the adventure of forming their own family unit. But for Ron and Natalie Trecroce, sadly, things weren’t so simple. Back in 1997, The Trecroces were a pair of newlywed lovebirds from Canada, eagerly anticipating the day they’d add a bundle of joy to the family. But they had some issues which made expanding their family a little bit complicated. As soon as the parents met the adorable little girl, they knew that she would come home with them. But that wasn’t the end of the story! The adventure had just begun.

In The Beginning

Back in 1997, The Trecroces were a pair of newlywed lovebirds from Canada, eagerly anticipating the day they’d add a little bundle of joy to the family.

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But they had some issues which made expanding their family a little bit complicated. But they were determined to find a solution.

Finding Another Way

It’s the devastating news that nobody wants to hear – when the doctor announces, after extensive testing, that there is no possibility of having your own biological child.

While it took some time to recover from that upsetting information, the Trecroces decided to plunge in, full speed ahead, in order to make their family dreams come true. The Trecroces knew that there were viable alternative options out there, and with gusto, began to explore what exactly they could do.

Trip To Romania

Adopting a baby was the logical first step for the Trecroces. But back in the ’90s, adopting a child in Canada was a time-consuming and expensive process that required tons of paperwork, lawyer fees, and waiting for up to several years.

So, the Canadian couple ended up exploring inter-country adoption, which was an easier process. They set their sights on Romania, where they hoped they would find a needy child who would finally make their little family complete.

When Fate Steps In

The two were drawn mysteriously to the city of Arad, which lays in the western end of Romania along the Mures River. There, the Canadians’ destiny became clear – in an orphanage, they met the gregarious Rodica Livinia Farcas.

As soon as the parents met the adorable little girl, the Trecroces instantly knew that this orphaned child, from such a far away part of the world, was destined to be their child. They knew she would come home with them.

Unexpected Turn For The Worse

Even though the three of them hit it off right away, it wasn’t smooth sailing for Ron and Natalie. They found out some news that brought them from cloud nine to crashing back down to Earth.

It was a rude awakening of the worst kind – the lovely little girl who was always smiling and laughing was suffering from some severe health issues. She had been consistently malnourished, and that could greatly affect her mental and physical development.

Something Had To Be Done

Rodica had been dropped off on the doorstep at the Arad orphanage just a few weeks after she was born. After Natalie and Ron learned about Rodica’s health issues, an orphanage administrator suggested that perhaps she’d been given up by her mother because of her illness.

But it turned out that there was more to Rodica’s story. She wasn’t just malnourished – she also had rickets, a condition caused by a major Vitamin D deficiency that significantly weakens children’s bones.

Whatever It Takes

But Ron and Natalie were already head over heels in love with the precious little girl and didn’t let any of the struggles that lay ahead demotivate them.

They decided to dig deeper into her medical background so that they could make sure she would get the help she needed back in Canada. The couple needed to know every last detail about her true condition so that she could get early intervention and hopefully begin a full recovery.

Completely Lost

However, the facts were quite hard to uncover. Both the city and country where Rodica hailed from weren’t exactly known for keeping good documentation, so the search for Rodica’s true medical history wasn’t going to be as simple as going down to the county clerk’s office and requesting files.

The Canadian couple began the tedious and arduous process of gathering information, but it wasn’t long before they were totally shocked by some wild information about Rodica’s family background!

Shocking Revelation

Initially, the Trecroces began their search in Rodica’s family tree. Very quickly, that plan was thrown off track when they found that there was almost no paperwork to be found regarding her biological relatives.

After an exhausting search, they almost gave up looking for answers about her biological mother and father. But miraculously, Ron and Natalie learned that Rodica wasn’t an only child. She also, shockingly, was not the only child that Rodica’s mother had given up for adoption!

Torn Apart

It turned out that Rodica had an older sister, who had also been handed over to an Arad city orphanage. But the surprises continued.

Natalie and Ron were stunned to learn that just because the pair were biological sisters didn’t mean that the Romanian social services cared at all about keeping the pair together. They had each been brought up in separate orphanages, and had no idea that they had a biological sister just a few kilometers away!

Love Knows No Boundaries

There was still no good explanation for why the pair had been given up by their mother, and finding the current location of Rodica’s older sister wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.

However, there was nothing that could stop Natalie and Ron on their mission. Instead of being alarmed, they found the fact that Rodica had a sister to be a blessing. They instantly knew that they had to bring both the sisters home with them to Canada.

The Life-Changing Reunion

After an exhaustive search, Rodica’s sister was located, safe and sound. Her name was Gianina Farcas, and Ron and Natalie were stunned by how alike the sisters looked – they could have easily passed for twins.

What was really a shocker to the Canadian couple was how perfectly the four fit together. It felt as though it was totally natural. In the way that the two had joined their souls in marriage, it was almost the same with the Farcas sisters.


But there was more to the story. It wasn’t just Gianina and Rodica in the Farcas family. Amazingly, after the four returned to Canada, they discovered that there were an additional six Farcas siblings in Romania!

That brings the total up to a whopping eight kids! Unfortunately, due to the messy state of the Romanian bureaucracy, it wasn’t possible to find their locations or names. No additional records which could lead to getting in contact with them were ever uncovered.

For The Best

When you think about how the size of the Trecroce family doubled – from two to four – in merely a few days, it’s probably fate that the rest of the Farcas siblings weren’t able to be located.

There’s no way that the Trecroces, despite their pure hearts, could have possibly handled bringing all eight of the children back to Canada with them. Discovering the other kids’ whereabouts also could have led to a Sophie’s Choice situation, which was thankfully avoided.

A Selfless Act

To show that Gianina and Rodica had truly come home to their new lives in Canada, the couple decided to rename the two girls with monikers of their choosing.

Gianina was renamed Sophie, and Rodica was given the new name of Danielle. The transition wasn’t as rough on the girls as their parents had originally feared, and the new names were a good way to embrace the future and start healing from the difficult past. And yet…

Remain True To Yourself

The Trecroce parents didn’t want their girls to grow up feeling like they had been ripped away from their true home, and realized it was important for them to honor their heritage.

Therefore, in addition to their new North American-sounding first names, the Trecroce girls were given their Romanian first names as middle names. In a nod to their roots, they still kept the flavor of the Eastern European country where they were born and spent their formative years.

Countless Parentless Children

Tragically, Sophie and Danielle’s story was not unique in any way in the time and place in which they were born. During the 1990s in Romania, orphanages were packed to the brim with unwanted children.

Why? Because at the time, Romania was ruled by a despotic dictator named Nicolae Ceaeuşescu. He was extremely religious and believed that a large population would strengthen Romania, so he completely outlawed any and all forms of contraception in the Eastern European nation.

Escaped A Horrible Fate

This led to situations where families were overwhelmed by having so many mouths to feed. In desperation, many parents gave up one or all of their children.

The lucky kids ended up in bare-bones orphanages where they got the minimum standard of care – but many other children weren’t so lucky, and were abandoned in the countryside to fend for themselves. Danielle and Sophie should be thanking their lucky stars. Few other children got a happy ending like they did.

A Compelling Story

Sophie and Danielle’s story generated a lot of media attention, and the reason is simple. In today’s day and age, it’s rare to hear a story with such a storybook ending for orphans coming from an impoverished country.

A documentary filmmaker approached the modest Canadian couple because their story was so inspiring and asked to make a film about them. After careful consideration, Ron and Natalie agreed, in the hopes that it would raise awareness about the benefits of adoption.

Enormous Crowds

A few years after the documentary was released, Sophie watched it and decided to put her own spin on it, making it into a short film. She uploaded the new video on YouTube, not expecting much of a response.

The video went viral immediately and touched the hearts of tons of viewers all over the globe. After realizing exactly how powerful her story was, Sophie had a major epiphany, which led to her making a few very grown-up decisions.

Sparked Passion

Creating the viral film led Sophie to realize something significant about herself and her talents. The success of the film made Sophie realize that she was actually a very talented visual artist.

She discovered that she was extremely interested in photography. When the time rolled around for her to enroll in university studies, she chose to go after her passion and study photography in a formal educational setting. We’re sure that she’ll be a pro in no time!

A Journey Towards The Truth

More importantly, Sophie realized just how thirsty she was for information about her and her sister’s background. She and Danielle decided to make finding their biological family in Romania a full-time project, and the dynamic duo is planning on flying to the Eastern European country soon.

However, things haven’t changed much on the bureaucratic front since the time they were adopted, and it’s still frustratingly difficult to come across even basic details. We wish them luck on their mission!

Life Goes On

Danielle has given multiple interviews since her story captured the hearts of millions worldwide, and in a recent interview, she revealed more about her plans and feelings about Romania. “I would love to go back to explore the country!” she said to a journalist.

Adoption story

She has loose plans of visiting sometime in 2018. Right now, Danielle is a college student working towards her Bachelor’s degree. The two sisters are as inseparable as ever, living nearby each other and seeing each other regularly.

When Everything Clicks Together

Some might call it fate, others might call it destiny, but everyone can agree that the story of how the Trecroce family was formed is nothing short of a miracle.

Sometimes life takes us by surprise, but then, in the end, we see that everything was truly for the best. Although Ron and Natalie were initially devastated that they couldn’t have biological children, that setback ended up with them saving the lives of a pair of beautiful girls.

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