Carrol Sullivan was the only baby girl in the family of 10. Born as one of the eight children to Nancy and Clifford Hawkins, she lived a c...




 Carrol Sullivan was the only baby girl in the family of 10. Born as one of the eight children to Nancy and Clifford Hawkins, she lived a childhood where she was the center of everyone’s attention. Among all her siblings she was pampered the most. In a large family, Carrol has looked at her father as her superhero. She shared the strongest bond with him. Her dad was her best friend and her all-time savior who could bring her princess out of any trouble big or small. Carrol assumed that she knew everything about her dad but all that glitters is not gold and the girl wasn’t aware of the biggest secret her father had been hiding from everyone. A secret that once unraveled will affect the Hawkins family and of course a father and daughter’s bond.

Normal Childhood

Carrol Sullivan’s family kept the girl far from all the negative vibes of the world. Her home was the best place for her where everyone was interested in knowing how her day at school went. She was the type of girl, nobody messes up with thanks to her seven brothers. The family looked like every other big family. Carrol’s parents used to spend a hectic day where they worked at the office, did home chores, and spend time with their children. The Hawkins children had a normal childhood until one day when one secret brought this large and happy family into tears.

Doubtful Behaviour

Carrol has always been responsible and understandable towards everyone in her family. She could tell who is stressed, who is overjoyed, and who is hiding something. At times, she was confused after seeing her dad’s strange behavior. Out of the blues for no obvious reasons he used to feel low. Carrol was a cheerful girl who wanted to keep everyone close to her happy. Hence, she tried the same with her dad but it never worked. It felt like something was eating him from inside. Those were the times when he preferred staying away from his family.


Locked up in his room, nobody knew what was the reason behind such behavior of a guy who was always known for his jolly nature. His friends and family never tried to poke him for his weird nature. All of us go through ups and downs, some of which we can only share with ourselves. Being the closest to his dad, Carrol was pretty sure that he wasn’t a type of man who’ll keep secrets from her. She tried enormous times to cheer him up and to know what’s bothering him. The poor little girl’s attempts went waste every single time. 

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After seeing her father’s dual behavior also Carrol lived an ordinary childhood but her school life was extraordinary. Her teachers were impressed by her as she was among the brilliant students and eager to take part in all the activities. She was a mingler and had a lot of friends because of her kind and humorous nature. However, there was something unusual with one girl at her school. 

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This girl always gave Carrol mysterious vibes. At first, she assumed that her introvert personality could be a reason. She didn’t hang out with anyone but Carrol was finally able to know her better and be her first friend. In no time they became good friends who used to study together in the school library. There was always something about this girl that made Carrol feel comfortable. But they never planned to meet outside the school and their friendship stayed within the school walls.

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Apart from her father’s periodic disturbing behavior, everything was perfect in Carrol’s life. Too many friends in school and too many siblings at home, she was always giving someone or the other company. Everything was on the right track until the shocking discovery was made by Carrol that broke the perceptions about her family especially her father.

The Bitter TruthRelated image

Every child idolizes their parents at least one point. Similarly, Carrol glorified her father and like most of the people, her idol was just another human whose life was not going so smooth. The girl who thought she knew her dad one day realized that she has never truly known her father. The truth was no matter how hard she tries to know what was wrong with her dad, she was a kid.

Post Marriage

There was a drawer in the study table which Carrol’s father never allowed anyone to touch; not even his wife. While everyone appreciated his privacy, Carrol was tempted to check what lies in the drawer. She just wanted to resolve her father’s weird behavior but never imagined this will result in changing her own life.


Whenever her parents used to come home late, Carrol being the eldest of all, used to look after her brothers. This made Carrol a mature girl before time. She could take care of 8 younger brothers without any hesitation.

Time Flies

Soon Carrol grew up to become a beautiful young lady. She married the guy who loved her the most. She left her parents and siblings but distances only increased her affection for them. Knowing that her parents are now old, she used to visit her childhood home every now and then. Even after getting married, her dad was her favorite man with whom she shared everything but her dad never did the same.

Another Jump

Carrol stopped thinking about her father’s issue when she got indulged in her own life. Time ran quickly and Carrol never got a chance to check on the drawer. Once she had her first baby, she was completely lost in her family and rarely got time to visit her parents. Carrol was now a 60- year old lady and the final time came when she was so close to this secret of her dad’s.

Not A Regular One

Once Carrol got busy with her kids and husband she almost forgot about her father’s grief. Her father, on the other hand, turned worse from bad. He used to stay alone most of the day. He was sick and was asked not to leave the bed for a few days. His health deteriorated day by day and everyone assumed that it was because of his old age. However, when they took him to a doctor they understood that it wasn’t the effect of age.

A Call

Carrol stayed back with her mother while her brother took their father to the doctor. He called Carrol from the hospital itself and gave her the sad heart-breaking news; it was Leukemia. She was emotional but she had her family to look after and she has to take care of her mother as well. She could feel her father’s pain but it wasn’t for too long that her mind was about to get diverted towards the biggest concern of her life.

Bad News

After a few advanced tests, doctors said that Mr. Clifford was at the last stage of Leukemia and will not hold on to life for too long. All the relatives and friends came to meet him and bid their final goodbyes to the man who lived a successful life but none of them knew what he hid from everyone throughout his life. It was just so huge that no one could imagine in their strangest of dreams. 

Back To House

Carrol was staying with her parents’ as she wanted to help both of them. Moreover, she wanted to spend more time with her favorite person. But the home didn’t remind her of childhood anymore as her dad was on the verge of death. Sorrow and grief overflowed in the house.

Do Not Touch

One day when Carrol was looking for any books to read when her eyes stopped at this drawer she was given strict instructions to stay away from since her childhood. She has always wanted to know what lies inside it. This time as no one was there, she decided to take a step ahead as she can’t control her curiosity anymore.


She was nervous, she knew her dad wouldn’t like it at all. He never wanted anyone to see what was inside the drawer. She was guessing it to be some ancestral thing that his father didn’t want to show anyone as long as he lives. But what she was about to found inside this drawer was not just another object. But something she couldn’t have imagined in any way.

Drawing Out

Standing in front of the drawer, she looked around to assure herself that no one was watching her. When she opened the drawer, she was thrilled to see that the drawer was not having any ancestral thing, in fact, nothing at all just a paper. Seriously? So much concern just for a piece of paper? She couldn’t believe that a paper was it! She recalled her father’s concern throughout his life and his concern about the drawer and she immediately grabbed the paper as she was scared to death with the possibilities of what could be written on it.

Something Came Up

For sure this paper was no ordinary one. By the time Carrol read it all, she was crying and she could now understand her dad’s miserable condition for these long years. The secret her father kept from everyone was the biggest thing for the Hawkins family. She wanted to know how much part of what’s mentioned in the paper is true. She kept the paper in her wallet and drove straight towards the hospital.

The Confrontation

Carrol knew her father’s serious condition but she also knew that this secret would remain a secret forever if she didn’t ask now. While on her way she was praying that her dad would deny this letter as a joke. But she knew that chances of that happening were feeble.

A Letter

It was a letter written by someone named Kathy to Mr. Clifford. The woman mentioned in the letter that she didn’t have any siblings and was raised all alone. Kathy wrote that her mother brought her up alone and told her anything about her father. every time Kathy asked about her father, her mother started crying and that’s how years went without knowing anything. Until one day, when she got a hold of her birth certificate. It was made right after she was born and  Mr. Clifford Hawkins was written in the place of father’s name. 

Clarifying Things

Carrol told her father that she knows about the letter and wanted to know if it is true or not. If Kathy was his daughter or no? Mr. Clifford said that he couldn’t say it for sure as the mother’s name was nowhere mentioned in the paper. Carrol decided to call the number that was mentioned. Carrol recalls thinking, “He’s not going to survive, If this is his daughter, we have to do something about it.” She took her dad’s permission, Carrol asked her father, “There’s a phone number, do you mind if I ring her?” She called and realized the essential discovery was yet to be made.

Calling Her

A lady picked up the call and introduced herself as Kathy. Carrol wanted to confirm if she wrote the letter, Kathy told her that she was the one who wrote it herself. Kathy told that she never heard from Mr. Clifford. She wasn’t expecting any calls from anyone now but there it was. Both of them chatted for like a couple of minutes before realizing the stunning fact.

Old Acquaintances

After a few minutes of conversation, Kathy interrupted Carrol in between and asked her name. With a momentary pause, they both understood they have known each other for years. Kathy recalls, “A cold shiver went all down my body.” She said to Carrol, “I think I know who you are. I think we were in school together.”

Knowing The Truth

For Carrol, it looked like a dream when her regular life stopped all of a sudden. She remembers, “I just couldn’t believe it. I got off the phone, and I was just ecstatic.” They were still the same people. One an introvert and another one an extrovert.

So Much In Common

To their surprise, they stayed just a few miles away. “We lived just around the corner from each other,” told Kathy. They attended the same school and have been friends for a long time back. She had three other siblings who attended the same school as Kathy and Carrol. They too remembered Carrol as Kathy’s childhood friend.

Loved It

Kathy told, “I asked my nanny before she died. She said, ‘Ask your mom,’ but no one would tell me. It was like a big family secret.” After seeing her birth certificate, she was so excited that she sent a letter to every person named Clifford Hawkins. Sadly, no one ever replied to her. She assumed that maybe the name on the birth certificate was a fake one.

Only 4 Weeks Left

When Kathy understood that Mr. Clifford was indeed her father. After knowing his health, she immediately wanted to visit him. At that time, there was hardly 1 month more left with Mr. Clifford. One thing was still to be done before letting Kathy meet her father.

The Family

Kathy has to inform her family and she couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. No one was able to believe her at first. They never heard anything about it from their mother and everyone was doubtful. Kathy’s brothers investigated about Carrol and her family but everything seemed to be factual.

The Dilemma

Kathy was overwhelmed with the idea of finally being able to meet her long-lost dad but was her dad ready? Carrol decided to take her dad’s permission before Kathy plans to visit the hospital Nevertheless, she asked her dad about it. Well, the idea did make him uncomfortable. But on the constant insistence of his favorite daughter, he relented. He did not how was he going to face her. The woman tried her best to reach him but he on the other hand, never responded. The moment was indeed going to be historical.

Face To Face

Mr. Clifford agreed and the day arrived when this father-daughter were to reunite. Kathy recalled, “I just cuddled him and gave him a kiss. He’s so nice. Also, Carrol’s mom has accepted me into the family.” Within hours Kathy was one of the family members for the Hawkins family. Carrol just got what she always wished for; a sister.

Like Sisters

Carrol and Kathy were so good together that nobody could say that they just met a day back. They seemed like sisters and act like sisters. Clifford, their father was the happiest to see his daughters’ amazing bond. But Clifford didn’t have much time left.

Short-Lived Happiness

Three weeks after their first meet, the 84-year-old Mr. Clifford died. Carrol said, “He would have liked to have a relationship with Kathy even earlier, which was very sad for both of them.” Even though Kathy didn’t spend too much time with her father, she was glad that before died he finally met her.

Just In Time

Kathy further added, “I say it’s a miracle, because how did I find my dad just before he died? I would never have found him and I never would have known him.” Everyone feels that this truth was revealed so that Mr. Clifford’s soul could rest in peace.

Better Late Than Never

Kathy tells, “I didn’t [give up], I knew I had a dad, and I found my dad. It’s never too late.” Her story is nothing short of a miracle. But the timings restores people’s faith in destiny. This whole chain of incidents eventually brought the ladies together in their old days.

Finding Each Other

“I’ve always wanted a sister. I was always looking for a baby sister somewhere over the horizon, and I found one. And it was beautiful, really,” Carrol explains. Kathy was a dream come true for her. And the coincidence that they’ve been together in the same school gave them common memories that they can share.

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This is so outstanding and unbelievable that in today’s world one can find a person they don’t even know existed with the help of a letter. Carrol and Kathy are best friends and both families have accepted this relationship open-heartedly. If you like the story of Kathy and Carrol then do share it with your friends!

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