Occasionally, workers make honest mistakes. An oversight might create extra expenses for the company or more work for the employees. But t...

Hilarious Workers Who Couldn’t Care Less About Their Jobs Hilarious Workers Who Couldn’t Care Less About Their Jobs

Hilarious Workers Who Couldn’t Care Less About Their Jobs

Hilarious Workers Who Couldn’t Care Less About Their Jobs

 Occasionally, workers make honest mistakes. An oversight might create extra expenses for the company or more work for the employees. But that’s not what we’re here to show you. These workers did not show up to do their best work. It’s entirely believable that some of these individuals actually went out of their way to screw up the job. Some of the mistakes captured here are relatively harmless, like a misspelled sign, while others are enough to drive people insane. 

This Isn’t Hard To Figure Out

While we’re sure that it’s not an easy job to get the huge advertisement installed on the side of a structure, the order of the two panels is common sense. It’s not like there were a dozen panels here for the workers to figure out the layout, there’s just two: the model’s torso, and the model’s lower half. 

Photo Credit: Lost In Internet

Even a two-year-old could tell you that there’s something screwy with this ad. Apparently the job is done and the workers have left, so we assume it remained this way and was money down the drain for the advertiser!

Who Is This Stop Sign For?

Photo Credit: Blazepress

Not only is ‘stop’ misspelled (how hard is it to spell stop?!) but the actual stop sign is posted incredibly low to the ground. Not only is this set-up not helpful, but it’s distracting and confusing.

Most people could probably figure out what the worker intended on spelling out in paint stencils, but it’s just painful to look at. This has to be one of the laziest attempts at setting up an intersection that we’ve seen, and at least we’re thankful for that.

You Were So Close

Photo Credit: AcidCow

Anyone with OCD will be extremely uncomfortable looking at this photo of a walkway. The designer thought that it would be more interesting to include a few stripes of colors along the paved path, but they didn’t expect their design to be executed like this. 

What, did the worker lose one of the red pavers and found it later? Couldn’t they fix it, once they caught the problem? We’re sure this could have been avoided.

The Laziest Mac and Cheese Of All Time

Photo Credit: Imgur /joeystar

Can you remember the first food you learned how to make when you were younger? Mac and cheese might be one of the first ten things you learned how to make; it’s just that easy. Well, except for this individual. 

Whoever was working the kitchen cooked the pasta and decided to throw some cold cheese slices on top and call it mac and cheese. But they’re not fooling anyone. Look at the platter next to it, nearly empty, while no one wanted to try this pasta cheese slice disaster.

Wrong Stall…

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Was it a female worker who set up this bathroom stall configuration? Because by the time guys reach adulthood, we’d hope that they would know how to use a toilet vs a urinal. Clearly, whoever set-up this stall door didn’t think through the logic behind it. 

Here we see the urinal user with a door for privacy, while the person who needs to use the toilet in full view of anyone else using the facilities. This is uncomfortable, to say the least!

Missed a Step

Photo Credit: KNODY

Sometimes you can make a mistake at work and no one will notice. This is not one of those instances. When you work in media, your mistakes are literally broadcasted for all to see. After interviewing this man, someone was supposed to add their name to the caption, but clearly, they didn’t. 

This poor soul probably called his family and friends and let them know he was interviewed and would be on the news that night. But then when they all tuned in, this is what they saw. His fifteen minutes of fame has been botched.

I Don’t See This On The List…

Photo Credit: Reddit / Elijah-Welch

Back to school shopping is supposed to be a fresh start for kids. If they’re lucky, their parents will hook them up with a new backpack, binder, and a few fun accessories to take with them on their first day of school. However, we don’t think culinary knives are on any elementary school’s supply list. 

Whichever worker set up this store display either wasn’t paying attention, thought it was funny or was just plain lazy. We’re sure this display caused plenty of parents to do a double-take!

No One Is Getting Out

Photo Credit: MemeMuseumCurator / Imgur 

Looking at this screwy parking lot situation from the aerial perspective is confusing enough, but imagine driving around in it! We’ve all been in parking lots before, right? The purpose is to be able to park your car and then leave whenever you please. 

This lot is designed for you to spend the rest of your day here, until all of the cars who parked behind you are ready to leave, in the proper order. But who knows, maybe you’ll make some new friends.

Wait, Who Died?!

Photo Credit: infoaut

We get it, names can be hard to remember. But under no circumstance should you mix up the president’s name and a terrorist’s name. Someone really messed up on the set this day, captioning the segment with a name combining POTUS and a terrorist, and going even further and saying their dead.

While this one (we’re hoping) is an honest mistake, someone behind the scenes dropped the ball on perhaps the biggest story they’ll ever report on.

Is That What The Kids Are Calling Them?

Photo Credit: Blazepress 

Another example of a worker who needs to go back to basics. At what age did you learn to name fruit? Kindergarten? Sooner? This grocery store worker somehow made it this far in life without knowing the word for ‘banana’. 

Instead, they threw “long yellow things” into the sign format and called it a day. Luckily, everyone should be able to identify the bananas without reading a sign, other than to check the price. But this is just embarrassing.

What a Hypocrite

Photo Credit: Distractify 

The irony of this sign placement was not lost on whoever took this photo. A construction crew set-up this sign to let drivers know to give cyclists an extra buffer of space when they bike along the side of the road.

That’s a great message, but the execution is what caused this massive fail. The worker decided to place the sign right in the path of where the cyclists travel. Maybe the sign guy thought we talking about outer space…

Got… What?

Photo Credit: Providr

We hate to give into stereotypes, but these cheerleaders aren’t helping their reputation with the misspelling on this game-starting sign. There’s plenty of room for another ‘i’ to be added to ‘spirit’ but someone gave it a good old fashioned try and missed the mark. 

The football players on the other side have no idea why the students in the bleachers are laughing as they’re about to take the field. Once the banner is ripped, they may never find out. Luckily, someone snapped this photo just in time.

When You Forget Cubicles Only Have Three Walls

Photo Credit: Elemens

Sometimes you just don’t get the sleep that you need, yet you still have to go into work. This woman made it into the office, but that’s about it. Here she decided it was entirely appropriate to lay on top of her office desk for a nap in the middle of the office. 

By the looks of it, she’s totally asleep and isn’t fooling anyone. One of her coworkers decided to stop by her desk after not getting a response, and found their answer.

Read Before You Stack

Photo Credit: eAvisa

Sometimes you can get so caught up in getting the work done that you forget to pay attention and make sure that you’re doing it right. Either that or this worker really, really did not care. Whatever the contents of these boxes are, they aren’t supposed to be stacked. Yet, here we are. 

Hopefully, whatever is inside of the boxes survives. Apparently the worker was more focused on stacking everything up like its Jenga instead of doing the job right!

This Could Cause Problems

Photo Credit: 22words

Most of the flubs on this list are irritating, but this one is down-right dangerous. This welder is laser-focused on the task at hand, and in doing so, completely forgot his surroundings. 

We can’t bash this guy for being lazy, because he’s actually working. He’s just working on burning the entire building down when one of those tanks finally gets set-off. Rather than him, we’ll place blame on the guy who decided to take a photo instead of moving the tanks.

Tough As Bricks

Photo Credit: Funnyjunk

This worker has seen too many commercials promoting clear wrap for your dinner leftovers. Yes, they told you it was strong, but that’s when we were talking about uses around the kitchen. Saranwrap is not strong enough to hold up a pillar of bricks, that is holding up the awning of a building! 

We can only imagine what their boss would have to say about this beautiful piece of work. We’re hoping this was a temporary fix and someone with a better idea follows up soon.

K, One Sec…

Photo Credits: Onida

This woman has a long line of people in front of her, waiting for her to help them with something. However, on the other side of the glass, this worker is more interested in her game of solitaire! 

To be fair, she’s probably had a long busy day, and maybe she’s on her ten-minute break… who are we kidding, she clearly doesn’t care about her job. The dozen people in line only wishes she did.

Just Doing My Job

bad employees

Cones, ‘no parking’ signs and other indicators that there will be work done on the street later shouldn’t be ignored, and this is exhibit A of why. We can empathize with the worker who more than likely is frustrated after dealing with this type of person regularly, but we wouldn’t have taken it this far. 

He showed up to do his job and wasn’t going to let a rude vehicle get in the way of getting the job done, even if that means the truck becomes apart of it. Guaranteed the driver wasn’t too happy when they got back to their truck! 

Ditch Delivery

Photo Credit: moviepredators

On the bright side, this customer’s pizza is making it to their door. On the downside, the pizza delivery driver’s car is not in such good shape. She was busy locating the address and failed to notice the ditch on the side of the road ahead of her. 

Even though the front of her car is face-planting into the grass, rear tires in the air, she calmly exits and walks to the customer’s door as if nothing happened. 

Step Into My Office

Photo Credit: Mandatory

This mailman had been walking all morning and decided to post up in his favorite dropbox for his 15-minute break. Either that, or the mail slot is malfunctioning and they decided they needed someone there full time to accept your snail mail. 

This guy clearly doesn’t care what onlookers think as he takes a load off on the job. Maybe that’s why it takes so long to get your mail…

Is It, Though?

Photo Credit: moviepredators

Watermelon and corn on the cobb are two very different foods. They’re different in size, shape, color, and taste, yet somehow someone managed to screw this up. This grocery store must have a very odd inventory count, as the workers aren’t even sure what the foods are. 

This mishap isn’t as dangerous or frustrating as others on this list, but it really makes you question the people around you… Do they even know what corn is?

Angry With Wet Hands

Photo Credits: Astoundable

This is laziness in its purist form. Not only do they not have paper towels to provide customers with, but this worker decided to throw in a snarky comment for good measure. We get it, sometimes you might forget to order a substantial amount of paper towels, but that’s no excuse for this. 

We wonder how this individual still has a job! Clearly they are doing to bare minimum on the job… or less.

Not What They Had In Mind

Photo Credits: Breaker

Adding icing to a cake isn’t the worst job on the planet. There’s sugar, you can to throw in some creativity, and make something nice for a celebration. But this worker is clearly over their job at the bakery. 

They were asked to decorate the cake with the iconic Olympics logo and took the easy way out, by far. It’s not like it’s difficult to draw circles, right? No doubt this cake customer was disappointed with the result.

Not What You Bargained For

Photo Credits: Distractify

The lazy worker in this example was working in the cannery! It might get confusing, having multiple products being placed in the same size packaging, but we wonder how many of these cans labeled ‘tomatoes’ were filled with peaches before someone noticed and stopped it. 

Apparently, even when they caught the mistake, they shipped out the product anyway. Tomatoes and peaches are very different, to say the least. We hope whoever bought this can and brought it home has a good sense of humor.

Well, This Is Embarrassing

Photo Credits: dailydawdle

As times change, older generations harp on the younger generations, oftentimes about work ethic and taking the easy way out. It’s likely the worker, in this case, wasn’t lazy, so much as he was ignorant. What even is a phone booth? 

We don’t see too many of these around anymore, but you would think that whoever’s job it was to install the phone would get the concept of it, right?


Photo Credits: weepytiki

Everyone has to start somewhere, right? It’s likely that the Subway worker whose boss told them to put something on the sign is working his first job at this fine sandwich establishment. He hasn’t had much experience, and he can’t think for himself. 

He was under the impression that he’d be making sandwiches all day, and wasn’t mentally prepared to select a sentence to post on the marquee for all to see. That duty was out of his skillset. 

That Doesn’t Fit

Photo Credits: heroicbill

Some way, somehow, this package made it to its destination. If a customer brought in a package wrapped like this, no doubt the worker would tell them that they need to find a bigger box. This leads us to believe that the packer was an employee at the shipping center. 

Maybe they were out of larger, more appropriate-sized boxes for the contents of this package, or maybe those boxes were just out of reach for this lazy worker. 

Well, Your Face Is Covered, At Least

Photo Credits: ExamProblems / Twitter 

It’s almost like whoever installed these bathroom stall doors had never used a public restroom before. The concept of the stall door is simple: allow customers privacy while they use the restroom at the same time as a bunch of strangers. 

This dynamic installation makes the space a very awkward social interaction. It’s likely that many of the patrons who walked into this restroom turned back around and left. That’s what we would do.

Look, It’s Better Now

Photo Credits: Pinterest 

Someone messed up installing this bathroom stall door, making it swing open towards the toilet instead of out. However, they didn’t just walk away from the problem. They put on their thinking hat and decided to make it right. 

Their solution was to cut a toilet seat-sized hole in the door to allow it to swing open. But how gross is that door going to be? And now there’s a hole in the bathroom door for people to see in! 

Now Everyone Knows Who He Is

Photo Credits: Pinterest

This news segment is attempting (and failing miserably) to educate the public of a suspect of assault in their area. They’re hoping that by identifying him, people will be on the look-out and it won’t happen again. 

This isn’t going to be of much help, though, since whoever’s job it was to plug in the suspect’s name totally blew it. This seems to be one of those “Hmm, I’ll come back to this later…” instances where clearly that never happened.

It’s a Stretch

Photo Credits: Valery Phyalkovsky/Pinterest

So, does the worker who installed this bathroom have arms that are way longer than the rest of us? Otherwise, we don’t understand why this is functional. There’s a perfectly good wall on the other side of the toilet that would have allowed the patron to actually reach the toilet paper…

But no. This perfectly clean looking bathroom is totally useless because of a design fail. We suppose you can plan ahead and grab the paper you need before sitting down!

Downstairs is a Doozy

Photo Credits: Rhonda Caldwell/Pinterest

Apparently, this worker had extra handrailing with them and decided to go ahead and slap it on there. The people walking up the stairs are going to be confused, but its the people walking down the stairs that we should really worry about. 

Imagine taking a sharp right turn down the stairs to be clotheslined by a metal bar. We hope this isn’t at a school with young kids running down the stairs! Then again, maybe it will teach them to slow down…

Mmm… Grape Berries

Photo Credits: Imgur

Earlier you saw a can of tomatoes that turned out to be peaches. In all fairness, they couldn’t see through the can to make sure that every one had its proper contents. However, this case is totally avoidable. 

It’s not like you can’t see through the clear packaging and identify that these are grapes instead of strawberries. However, they decided to send them out anyway and confuse customers are the grocery store. So are you charging me for strawberries, or grapes?

Do You Dare Enter?

Photo Credits: Wanda M. Long/Pinterest

If you came across a sign like this one, what would you do? If it were a door to anything else, you’d probably take the risk and open the door to see which it is. When the sign in question is outside of the bathroom, however, the situation changes. 

You don’t want to be a guy walking into the women’s bathroom, or a woman walking in on a bunch of men using the urinals… It’s best to just keep walking.

It Would Have Taken You One Minute To Fix This

Photo Credits: Olivia Coulson/Pinterest

This looks like a condiment dispenser that’s found at a ballpark. Judging by the industrial size of it, this is where you load up your large (and over-priced) ballpark dog with all the fixings. Most of us would probably take a look at the color of the contents, and realize that the mustard and the mayonnaise have been mistakenly switched. 

But, any poor soul that reads the labels instead might end up with a whole lotta mayonnaise on their hot dog.

They’re More of A Nilla Fan, Thanks

Photo Credits: UC Santa Cruz areer Center/Pintrest

A worker at the grocery store was tasked with setting up the Oreo’s display, complete with signage that it’s the 100th birthday of the frosting-filled cookie. It appears that this worker is more of a vanilla person, over chocolate, because they refused to display the Oreo’s. 

We get it, vanilla vs chocolate is the age-old question that’s still debated today, but to overthrow an entire cookie display over personal preference is a little passive-aggressive.

More Grammar Lessons Would Be Good, Though

Photo Credits: Reddit

Teachers enjoy being recognized by their students for their hard work and this student wanted to make sure that their teacher knew they thought they were awesome. It was just the execution that went a bit haywire. 

This sign is misspelled with ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ and that’s not going to be lost on the teacher. Initially, we’d think that it’s the student’s mistake, but if this is engraved, it’s definitely the fault of the worker who stenciled it. This teacher will be haunted by this glaring grammar error the rest of the school year.

Someone Behind The Counter Is Having A Bad Day

Photo Credits: sliptalk

We all have bad days, and you still have to go to work anyways. Whoever was working behind the counter at this fast food joint was having a bad day, and he decided to take it out on the customer’s food. 

No one in their right mind would want the mayonnaise on the outside of the bun, but that’s what happened here. What a mess to have to pick up the fried chicken sandwich and try to eat it like this! Thanks for nothing, man!

Seems Legit

Photo Credits: sliptalk

If a product is damaged, typically workers will either take it off the shelf or discount it. That’s not the course of action that this worker decided to take, however. When a bottle of supposed Clorox lost its label or was returned without one, they simply scribbled on it with a sharpie and placed it back on the shelf. 

Who would buy a bottle of mystery cleaner? It’s full of chemicals and you aren’t entirely sure of its contents. We’ll go ahead and pass.

Good Job Doing It

Photo Credits: sliptalk

“Contration, you done it” says this cake. But why? They misspelled ‘congratulations’ and threw in some bad grammar for good measure. Their squiggly-doo’s are pretty fancy, but this cake designer needs to work on their English. 

While the cake probably tastes good (we hope) the person who is presented with it most likely won’t be as impressed as they would if the messaging was correct! But you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

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