Our entire world changed on April 15, 1955, when the first McDonald’s opened in Illinois. Since that day, billions of people have been ser...

McDonald’s Is A Weird, Strange Place, And We’re McLovin It McDonald’s Is A Weird, Strange Place, And We’re McLovin It

McDonald’s Is A Weird, Strange Place, And We’re McLovin It

McDonald’s Is A Weird, Strange Place, And We’re McLovin It

 Our entire world changed on April 15, 1955, when the first McDonald’s opened in Illinois. Since that day, billions of people have been served hamburgers, fries, ice cream, and sometimes — disappointment.

Not every fast food joint is perfect, but McDonald’s has set the bar as far as what we expect. Frankly, it’s oftentimes not very much. The ice cream machine never works, and things just haven’t been the same since they stopped making pizza (yes, that was a thing you’ve probably forgotten about). But when people are planking on the golden arches, you know things have fallen off the rails. Read on to enjoy only the best from really any McDonald’s. They’re doing their best, I’m sure.

I Can’t Imagine What He Found In There

Now, I’m not saying you can’t find some good stuff in the trash can. If Oscar the Grouch has taught us anything, it’s that you can find beauty in even the most disgusting places. However, if this is like any McDonald’s I’ve been in, there’s probably a ridiculous amount of mayo and ketchup in there.

Photo Credit: Reddit / BaronOshawott

Also, there’s a really good chance that a few stale fries are stabbing him in the shins right now. Hopefully, he hits the bathroom after this and covers himself in hand sanitizer.

Look How Far We’ve Come

Photo Credit: Reddit / TatumStrangely01

Remember when planking was all the rage? People would go out and just lay on things and take pictures, and the world was a simpler, and easier place.

I think we all wish we could go back to the times we were all outraged that some kid would go out and lay perfectly straight on a park bench. Now, the kids are eating tide pods. What happened to us? McDonald’s isn’t just a great place to plank, it’s also a great place to throw a dance party, as you’ll see in a bit.

Only One Clown To Rule Us All

Photo Credit: Imgur

I feel that this McDonald’s is ready to start some kind of town takeover, and I for one am ready to bow down to our redhaired overlord. He has all the marks of a successful overload, but I think the most telling is that smile. It’s infectious.

An important part of taking over a town (or at least I assume) is having some sort of control over the population. By hoarding all of the chicken nuggets, this clown should be in charge by Friday.

When You’re Out Of Cones

Photo Credit: Reddit

It’s all bread, right? They’re famous for having ice cream machines that literally never work, so on the off-chance, you actually find a working one, you’d like to think it would be worth it. Instead, they decide to experiment with their new ‘ice-cream sandwich’ and completely ruin your meal.

I’ll admit, one of the most consistent parts of a McDonald’s meal is the bun, but there hasn’t been a time when I’ve thought adding ice cream could be the difference maker we all deserve.

More Than Just A Late Night Menu

Photo Credit: Reddit / FiveYearsAgoOnReddit

Who said you can’t have a dance party at McDonald’s? If you’re old enough to know that McDonald’s used to be the perfect place to host a children’s birthday party, you’re probably now old enough to realize that it needs a DJ.

Maybe you’re already passed your dance club phase, but if this DJ is playing ‘Don’t Stop Believing,’ you can bet it’s going to be lit. If your kid is having a breakdown, you’d better grab your phone and make sure you capture it for the ‘gram. 

He’s Always Watching Over You

Photo Credit: Imgur

Alright. Back to Lord McDonald taking over. Every Lord deserves a throne to sit on, but I don’t know why he chose this one. And what’s he looking at? This is no place for flash photography, and I don’t need a second squatter by my side.

I appreciate McDonald’s always having a watchful eye over the place to make sure everyone is safe and employees wash their hands, but I think the clown has gone too far this time.

I’m Sorry Boys, But You Need A Running Motor

Photo Credit: Reddit / redonculous

Life is all about finding the loopholes, but even these four freethinkers couldn’t convince this manager that their car deserved the drive-thru treatment. This will always be one of the most ridiculous rules we have in our world. How can a drive-thru be open 24 hours, but unless I have a car, I’m out of luck?

These guys took it upon themselves to go out and prove a point, and I’ll be honking in solidarity behind them.

I See You

Photo Credit: Imgur

This is just another reason why I stick to the drive-thru line. Sure, it might require me to sit in a car as I’m blowing carbon dioxide into the air and killing our planet, but if this is the alternative, please forgive me.

Anyone who opts for the in-store option just to creep out everyone in line deserves their food in a timely manner, and I’ll make sure to stay out of the way. He can have my fries too if he wants them.

A Tragic Moment

Photo Credit: Imgur / slipcase

I think we’ve all had that moment when we drop our food or drink and have an immediate breakdown. Usually, it’s because of the tragic outcome — maybe we don’t have a backup snack, or maybe mom’s pulling into the driveway and you have to clean this mess up while also starving to death.

However, this kid just flat out gave up, and his dad found it all too funny. Instead of consoling his son, he grabbed his phone to take as many pictures as possible. This is me as a dad 100%. If you ask for cheese on the side, don’t be surprised when they deliver. More on that coming up. 

No One Cared Who I Was Before I Put On The Mask

Photo Credit: Imgur

I think one of the weirder things that have become increasingly common is fast food joints asking you for your name. Now, I get it. It should, in theory, make it easier to get ahold of whoever’s food is ready and get it in their hands as quickly as possible. However, it’s not that simple.

When 4 Marks all get a Big Mac, everything falls apart. Why don’t you just use the number that’s already on the receipt? People need to be held accountable for keeping track of their food. It’s not hard.

Back In Old Country

Photo Credit: Imgur / ejach2000

Like we said in the beginning, McDonald’s has been around since 1955. While some things have changed inside the restaurant, the biggest changes have occurred on the outside.

There have been advances in technology, and the cars you get through the drive-thru are pretty different from the four-wheelers of the ’50s. That being said, some people are still doing things the old-fashioned way. You’ve got to respect that.

Cheese On The Side

Photo Credit: Reddit / MatthewSabia

As much as I want to believe that this is some kind of joke, unfortunately, I’ve worked in the food-service industry. Things can get a little robotic, and you simply do what the instructions say. When someone orders a hamburger and add cheese instead of just ordering a cheeseburger, you just have to match their request.

So when someone orders a cheeseburger and asks to hold the cheese, and simultaneously add cheese on the side, you have no choice but to slap down a slice and call it a day. No one’s going to be happy with this order anyway. If you’re the ultimate McDonald’s fan, your competition is on the way. 

How Many Clowns Can Fit On A Subway?

Photo Credit: Reddit / technoks

When there’s a clown convention in town, you should probably just stay in for the weekend. There is literally no good that can come from walking out the door. These Ronald’s saw their chance to wreak havoc on the city, and it looks like their first victim is sitting in that stroller.

As we all know, McDonald’s got to us early in our childhood with toys and Happy Meals, but no one looks happy on this joy ride.

The Ultimate Happy Meal Toy

Photo Credit: Reddit / Hormander

Ok. Now we’re talking. Few things are sadder than the state of the toy selection at McDonald’s nowadays. I get that parents are trying to protect their kids from eating fast food, so curbing the toys that those very same parents got when they were kids is smart from their point.

But think of the children! There’s a world out there where a book is the perfect McDonald’s toy. A BOOK! What has this world come to in recent days?

The Final Boss Battle Over The Extra Pickles

Photo Credit: Reddit / andychon

There’s being a fan, and there’s being this woman. There are some design patterns out there that should never be adopted, so to see them on a seat and a dress just screams ‘fashion disaster.’

I wonder if the print went on sale, and they both just had to pounce. This is like going to prom and seeing someone wearing the same dress as you — but their actually a chair. How humiliating. If you thought Ronald was scary, this next clown coming up will make him look like… well, still a clown. But a much nicer looking clown. 

When Mom Thinks She’s Slick

Photo Credit: Reddit

Remember everything I said about those health-conscious parent’s who are trying to keep all the good toys out of the Happy Meals? Ya, this is them at home. Imagine sitting down to a nice family meal, and you mom sets this down in front of you. Imagine the horror?

There is nothing good about this, and we still DON’T HAVE A REASONABLE HAPPY MEAL TOY! Why do people think this is acceptable? I would probably have to walk out and get a new family.

I Don’t Think They Know Their Audience

Photo Credit: Reddit / rutefoot

This isn’t just for the typical McDonald’s customer, but really anyone who eats fast food… or steps foot out of their bathroom. Who can fit in a bathroom this skinny? This would be the ultimate challenge for anyone looking to order off the dollar menu.

While we’ve learned how to be a little bit more frugal with our purchases, I don’t think there’s a diet plan out there that will allow me to step through that door frame.

It Was A Weird Rebranding Effort

Photo Credit: Reddit / Igiveoutupvotes

Ronald McDonald has such an iconic look, so let’s be thankful that their rebranding efforts haven’t been able to give him a new age look. Quite frankly, they’ve found a way to make the least-terrifying clown possible, so any changes are only going to be for the worse.

That being said, there are still some people out there that are pushing for a complete makeover, and I’m at the very least intrigued. This renegade clown in the background of this photo has a certain look about him that says “I’m hungry, and could use at least $12 worth of burgers.”

A Match Made In Heaven

Photo Credit: Reddit / travisofarabia

It feels like fewer relationships are standing the test of time. Divorces are at an all-time high, and marriages are becoming a thing of the past. So when you see two obvious soulmates get married at the top of a McDonald’s-sponsored slide with Ronald looking over them, you can’t help but weep.

Love is clearly still in the air, and we should all believe that that one special someone is just a McFlurry away.

They’ve Had One Too Many

Photo Credit: Imgur / mcfist

Everyone knows that comfort food is only good in moderation. There’s a reason why you shouldn’t hit up the drive-thru menu every day, and it’s largely because your body just can’t take it.

Super Size Me taught us that having McDonald’s every day can really ruin your body, and they taught me that lesson on meal number three. This guy had one bad Big Mac, and now Ronald has to use whatever skills he learned before dropping out of medical school to become a clown.

Big Mistake, Pal

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Everyone is in a hurry sometimes, so that opens up the door for forgetfulness. Rushing out of the house and you might forget your wallet. Rushing out of a McDonald’s bathroom stall and you might ignore the toilet paper on your back.

This lady grew a tail out of nowhere as customers looked at her and chuckled. Hopefully, whoever took this picture had the courtesy to approach her and let her know. If not, that would be fine too.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Flinstones are over, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still live through their fans. There aren’t many who would have the courage to attempt this. Major props are in order for this group of friends.

Even the employee working the drive-thru had to pause and take a picture. And who knows, this might not be a joke and is just how they get around. We wonder what the other cars were thinking.

Australia Is Very Interesting

Photo Credit: Pinterest

After seeing this, you might want to reconsider eating from an Australian McDonalds. Why would they want to have ownership of your waste? That’s not even the main question at hand. How long has this been going on?

We hope they don’t use human feces for any of their meals. And if they have, how often do they use it? There are so many questions that this picture brings up, but we’ll just let it go now.

This Seems Odd…

Photo Credit: Pinterest

A man with a horse head and a guy in pajamas walk into McDonald’s. That sounds like the start of a great joke, but the only thing here is that this is no joke.

There’s no word on what the horse ordered, but we think the guy in pajamas is as confused as us. However, why did he show up in a full pajama set that little kids would wear? This is Mcdonalds.

That Doesn’t Seem Appropriate

Photo Credit: Pinterest

For some reason, McDonald’s gave customers more than what they paid for. This guy is enjoying his and also enjoying what’s on the screen. He looks content, but what about everyone else?

Some families come in with kids. You can’t have little children out here looking at things like that. Perhaps this guy hacked the TV somehow so he could enjoy it on his own. Well, maybe that didn’t happen, but maybe it did.

Time For Homework

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What better place to catch up on homework than McDonald’s? You’ve got your food steps away, free wifi, and free refills! But seriously, why on Earth did this woman bring in a whole desktop?

If she had brought a laptop, this wouldn’t be a big problem. No, she dared to bring in that ancient piece of hardware. We’re surprised the company let her do that. That thing probably sucked up a ton of energy.

May I Speak to Your Manager?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

We’ve all seen those people who get too upset and ask to speak to the manager. Sometimes the manager isn’t around, and that only makes the customer more infuriated.

This McDonald’s figured out a way to end all those problems. Make a cutout of the manager and place them right next to the cashier. From now on, whenever someone asks to see their boss, all they have to do is say he’s right here.

Take This, Employee!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Piggybacking off the last slide, we weren’t joking when we said customers like to get upset. This lady had enough, and things got physical. And the employee has two things against him. One, she’s a lady so you can’t hit her. Two, the customer is always right!

Putting someone in a headlock over some fries and a burger speaks volumes about your character. But we don’t know; maybe he said something about her mom.

The Tables Have Turned

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Unless you want to end up like this customer, maybe sometimes you shouldn’t get as rowdy with Mcdonald’s employees. They’ve been serving rude people all day, and all it takes is the wrong statement.

Whatever this guy said must have been bad. For this employee to pull the guy out of his car is ridiculous. We’re pretty sure he got fired after this and even had to go to court as well.

Watch What You Say

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Now, the only safe place for your thoughts is in your mind. You can’t even have a private conversation in McDonald’s anymore. We’re not sure why they think this is a good idea, and honestly, we wouldn’t want to step foot in there.

Sometimes people have stuff they want to get off their chest and don’t want to worry about cameras listening to their private lives. Sorry everyone, keep your matters out of Mickey D’s.

No Time To Go To The Bathroom

Photo Credit: Pinterest

She knows there’s a restroom a few steps away. She knows how impolite it is to do something like this in public. But have we forgot where this is happening? In the land of McDonald’s, anything is possible.

The child probably had an accident that was so severe it had to fix it at once. Because it’s a baby there’s a bit of slack you can give her. For the most part, this isn’t correct.

Take A Seat, Ronald

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Hey, clowns need love too. Even if they have been helping with the rise of diabetes and they’re not real. This girl is down for some fun with the one and only Ronald McDonald.

We’re not sure why she chose to do this, but at least you can’t see her face. The world may never know who is the one giving clowns lapdances for free. Hopefully, someone dared her to partake in this.

You Can’t Hide

Photo Credit: Jewels du Jour/Pinterest

Imagine walking into McDonald’s and seeing this huge version of Ronald. Some kids might scream and cry. Others might become a bit surprised, but it won’t be much of a big deal.

If you think this creepy looking Ronald isn’t a big deal, then think again. No one wants a giant clown staring at them while they eat food that isn’t good for them already. Adding this to the mix makes things worse.

Good Luck With That

Photo Credit: Rachel Davis/Pinterest

We get it, McDonald’s has some of the best french fries the world has to offer. They are almost always the first thing gone from the meal you order and still the stuff you share the most.

This family had enough with sharing. They decided to get a whole lot of fries. No word on if they finished them yet, but if they did, we hope no one ended up sick. Who thinks they finished it in one sitting?

Patience Is A Virtue

Photo Credit: Pinterest

There’s not much we can say about this photo without stating the obvious. These two customers must love McDonald’s with all of their heart. The sign says “Open AT 5 AM” so how long were they there?

Maybe this was the day the McRib came back, and they wanted to be first in line. There are a ton of ways you can spin this, but in the end, it still looks bad for the customers.

A Classy Date

Photo Credit: Eleanor Sieber/Pinterest 

Red Lobster, The Yard House, and Macaroni Grill would have been a better choice for a first date. This couple decided to take their love to McDonald’s and have a fancy happy meal.

They brought the candles, wine glasses, but must have forgotten their wallets at home. Their outfits look like they were heading to the Captains Dinner, but ended up at the clown house. Chances are, she dumped him two days later for being so cheap.

Fish Fillet!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

What we have here is a rare Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West sighting. The Chicago artist takes his wife to the McDonald’s and not Ruth Chris. Some would be surprised to see this, but Kanye already foreshadowed this day in his music.

In his chart-topping song with Jay-Z, Kanye asks, “What she order? Fish Fillet!” It looks like the rapper wasn’t playing when he rapped those lyrics. Sorry Kim, maybe he’ll get you something better next time.

The McWedding

Photo Credit: Pinterest

You only live once. That means if you want to have a wedding or the wedding reception at McDonald’s then you better do it. You may never have another chance. That’s what we’re assuming this couple’s thought process was.

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the decision. All we’re saying is we hope this is the choice that their hearts were set on. Hopefully, they don’t wake up and regret this one day.

Nothing Gets In The Way

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Not even a blazing fire can stop some people from getting their Micky D’s. Just look at this guy pulling into the drive-thru with a car engulfed in flames.

We hope he or she made it out of this situation fine. Whoever was driving this truck must have been on a mission to make it to McDonald’s. Those fries are highly addicting, so we can see a person pulling a stunt like this to fulfill their urges.

No Thanks Micky D’s

Photo credit: Ashley Kitzman/Pinterest

Maybe they should have spent a little extra time with the letter placement on this one. Whoever overlooked this would have been a legend if they left it alone on purpose. Now, it looks like they are serving ten-pound bags of mice.

That would be helpful if this were a Petco, but it’s not. The snake owners might have been happy to see a sign like this. Who knows how much ten pounds of mice costs?

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