It was over 20 years ago when two women crossed paths at the same hospital. Pam and Laura had the pleasure of being hospital roommates. Afte...

// DNA Test Reveals A Shocking Truth About Two Mothers And Their Daughters // DNA Test Reveals A Shocking Truth About Two Mothers And Their Daughters

// DNA Test Reveals A Shocking Truth About Two Mothers And Their Daughters

// DNA Test Reveals A Shocking Truth About Two Mothers And Their Daughters

It was over 20 years ago when two women crossed paths at the same hospital. Pam and Laura had the pleasure of being hospital roommates. After both gave birth to their daughters at the same time, the two women struck a bond.

A Fateful Encounter

Little did they know though, that this encounter in the hospital would have a long lasting effect on both of their lives, right up until the present day. But what exactly happened that made Pam and Laura’s lives so intertwined?

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It All Began When…

Pam took a trip to the bathroom. Yes, you may be wondering how this could create such a rapid domino effect. But bear with us while we set the scene. Laura was lying down in her hospital bed in the same room she had been sharing with Pam. The two had become good friends after birthing their daughters at the same time. It was useful for the pair to have one another during this time in their life.

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A Special Bond

To have someone lying right next to them, who had been going through exactly the same sort of challenges for the last nine months, must have been considerably helpful for both Pam and Laura. They could empathize with one another and give each other advice and moral support. Sure, they also received support from their friends and families, but Laura and Pam were lying side by side at one of the most crucial moments in their lives.

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An Instant Connection Was Made

It must have been difficult waiting for the imminent arrivals. But both Laura and Pam admitted that it was comforting to have someone by their sides who could understand what each was going through. Since the first night they had arrived in the hospital, they had helped each other through the final days of pregnancy. And when the time had come for them to bring their baby girls into the world, Pam and Laura were ready.

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The Arrivals

Now they were in a perfectly fit state mentally, physically and emotionally to finally give birth. Only a couple of hours separated the births, but both baby girls arrived in good time and were healthy. Pam named her baby girl Kirstie, while Laura called her daughter Lindsey. “The night I gave birth to my daughter, they took my daughter to the nursery,” she said. “Pam was my roommate. We stayed up till 2AM, laughing and telling stories.”

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So Pam Went To The Bathroom…

Everything seemed to be running smoothly. But while Pam went to the bathroom for a few minutes, Laura stayed in her bed, waiting for her new found friend to return. “I got up to go to the bathroom, and my nurse asked me if I wanted my baby,” Pam said. She was desperate to go and couldn’t attend to her baby at that moment in time. “I said no, I’m going to the bathroom.”

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It Was Feeding Time

Suddenly, a nurse entered the room holding a baby and informed Laura that the time had come for her daughter to be breastfed. Pam was still in the bathroom, and as far as the nurse was concerned, this was Laura’s baby girl. And normally, Laura would attend to her newborn baby lovingly, sensitively and without hesitation. She had fed Lindsey a few times already, and felt very familiar with her little angel. But something just wasn’t right…

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She Didn’t Recognize Her

Laura could feel it in her gut. “5.30 AM, a nurse woke me up and she said ‘Laura, it’s time to nurse your baby.'” she said. “And she handed me this little girl all wrapped up in a blanket. As I was holding her, I looked down and I said, ‘this doesn’t look like my baby.'” She didn’t feel like this baby was hers. However, the nurse insisted that this was definitely Lindsey. So Laura went ahead and fed the baby.

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A Big Mistake

As Pam got back from the bathroom, she saw Laura holding the baby and was instantly convinced it was her own. Laura quoted Pam, saying, “‘where did you get that baby?’ and I said, ‘another nurse brought her to me’ and she said “Oh my God.'” Pam asked “what’s going on?” Immediately, the nurses wholeheartedly apologized for giving Laura Pam’s daughter. They said in unison that they were sorry and admitted that the baby that Laura was nursing belonged to Pam.

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Disappointed With The Nurses

Pam was also perplexed by the entire mix up. “When I came out of the bathroom the nurse was standing there, but…with a different baby,” she said. But she had mixed feelings from what she saw, saying that “I wasn’t shaken by Laura breastfeeding my daughter. I just wanted her back in my arms.” Pam wasn’t bothered that Laura was breastfeeding her child, but she was upset with the nurses’ lack of judgment and poor organization skills.

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A Life Of Confusion

Now Pam and Laura had to maintain faith that they were bringing up the right girl into the world. But it would not be easy for either mother. From that point onwards, neither knew for sure whether Lindsey was Kirstie or whether Kirstie was Lindsey. Did one small mistake ultimately take each other’s daughters away from them? What made matters even more problematic, was that Laura’s daughter, Lindsey did not resemble any of her family members.

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Lindsey Was Unrecognizable

Laura has been a lot more expressive about her concerns regarding the potential switch up at the hospital. “This entire time, I have never been sure if the daughters were mixed up,” Laura said. Even as Lindsey blossomed into a beautiful young lady, it never got any clearer for her mother. She still showed no resemblance to anyone in her family. “I don’t know if Lindsey belongs to us. She doesn’t look like anybody in our family.”

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A Change In Scenery

After staying friends for seven years, Pam would make a huge life decision that would eventually make her lose touch with Laura. Pam decided to pack her bags with Kirstie and seek a new place to live in. Her family moved to Spokane, where they started a new life. The move signified a change in perspective for Pam, who wanted a quieter life after an incident which had undoubtedly played on her mind for the first seven years of Kirstie’s life.

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A Troubled Young Lady

For Laura’s daughter, Lindsey, things only started to get complicated once she was in her twenties. “When I was 24 years old my mom told me that I may have been switched with another baby at the hospital,” she said. After she found out this shocking information, Lindsey was determined set things straight. She commented that she “reached out to Kirstie and asked her if there was a possibility that we could have been switched at birth.”

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Kirstie’s Side Of The Story

But for Kirstie, the mystery was never really much of surprise. This is because she was informed about the incident at a very young age. “The first time I found out about this was when I was six years old,” she said. “My mom told me that I breastfed on another woman.” But Kirstie never thought much of it. Like Pam, she just gave the nurses the benefit of the doubt and got on with her life.

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All It Took Was One Message

Despite what she said, Kirstie surely must have thought about the situation over the years. Something that could prove to be so important must have played on her mind from time to time. So when Lindsey wrote to her on Facebook, she must have been intrigued by the idea of not only discovering for truth, but simply reconnecting with her childhood friend. The message was the catalyst which kick-started Lindsey and Kirstie’s search for confirmation about their past.

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They Started Working Together

After Lindsey got in touch with Kirstie, the pair began to brainstorm some ideas of how they could solve this mystery that had spanned over three decades. “So we both agreed to take a DNA test to find out,” Lindsey said. This seemed like the most logical way to go about things. But Kirstie decided to go one step further. “Then she mentioned, ‘well why don’t you call The Doctors?’ So I did and…here we are.”

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A Similar Case

But before we go any further, let’s touch upon a similar story where a mix up potentially happened between two families. Two best friends from a small town in Winnipeg, Canada, began to grow suspicious once they had reached their twenties. Their friends would always comment on how one looked a lot like the other’s mother and vice versa. Leon Swanson and David Tait Jr. Decided to take matters into their own hands and have a DNA test.

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Absolute Heartbreak

When the results came in, they couldn’t believe what they had discovered. The tests confirmed that Leon and David had in fact been switched at birth. The hospital had officially made a terrible mistake all those years ago and now the families were left to pick up the pieces. Both men were completely devastated by the news, knowing that they had missed the opportunity to be loved and raised by their biological parents. But back to the case in the point…

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What About Lindsey and Kirstie?

After hearing about previous cases of hospital mix ups and how damaging they could be to people’s lives, Lindsey and Kirstie were apprehensive and scared as to what the outcome could bring. Cases like Leon and David’s gave them nightmares and when push came to shove, they seriously hoped that a mix up did not happen. But Lindsey was desperate to know. “I needed it for my mom, just as much as she needed it for me,” she said.

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Time To Call The Doctors

As Kirstie suggested, the pair sent their story to The Doctors, a chat show that was originally a spin-off from Phil McGraw’s popular CBS show Dr. Phil. The show mainly focuses on health and medical related situations and acts as a safe platform for viewers with medical queries. The Doctors is hosted by former The Bachelor participant, Travis Stork who also happens to be an emergency room physician. Stork also featured heavily on Dr. Phil.

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After Lindsey and Kirstie sent their story to The Doctors, they were successful in their application and were asked to come on the show, where they would be given a chance to find out their results on daytime television. The prospect must have been daunting for everyone involved. But nevertheless, they were brave and appeared in front of an audience as well as millions of viewers. Travis Stork started the episode by asking Laura and Pam to come on stage.

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Rolling Back The Years

It was confirmed on the show that Pam and Laura had remained friends for seven years after the birth of their daughters. However, this was halted when Pam moved away, which meant that it has been nearly a quarter of a century since both the mothers and the daughters had been together. Lyndsey and Kirstie used to play together when they were children, but they had not seen each other since they were seven years old.

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Different Views

When the daughters were brought on and asked if they were in the right family, Kirstie said without hesitation that she always felt like she was with the right mother. Lindsey was less convinced, saying “I didn’t question it until I reached out to Kirstie when I was 24 years old and said ‘is Kirstie hidden? Were you born at this hospital on this day?’ She said ‘Yes. Are you calling to me that you think we were switched at birth?’ And I said, ‘yes!'”

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The Truth Can Hurt

But mother Laura didn’t always share the same enthusiasm as Lindsey to find out her true lineage. She explained that “I didn’t want to have a DNA test when she was younger because I loved her, and I was like, ‘what if I found out she wasn’t mine?'” The truth was clear: Laura was afraid to find out the results. She didn’t want to hurt herself or the baby she had raised as her own all those years ago.

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Could The Results Change Everything?

So here they were, finally about to find out whether the daughters had been living with the right families or not. When asked how the results could change their relationships, Lindsey said “I think it’ll just make my mom have two daughters and Pam have two daughters. We’ll be like sisters.” In Lindsey’s opinion, either result would only strengthen the relationship between the four women, and maybe even give them a new family dynamic.

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The Envelope With All The Answers

The moment had arrived and Travis pulled out an envelope which he presented in his left hand. He explained that, despite not usually having these type of episodes, they felt compelled to help. After the two pairs got in touch with the show, The Doctors followed through with their wishes. The results were processed by Family Tree DNA. But before Travis opened the envelope and revealed the truth, he had something else to say…

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The Choice Was Theirs

Travis did the professional, courteous thing and gave Laura, Lindsey, Pam and Kirstie the choice. “Here’s the deal, and I mean this,” he said. “If you are all happy now with the status quo then we don’t have to open this.” But Laura looked at the others and spoke on their behalf. She said, “Lindsey needs to know…The girls need to know, for medical reasons.” So Travis opened up the envelope and read the results, saying “the DNA test shows…”

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The Results Are In

“…You were not switched at birth.” There was never any switch! Both girls had been exactly where they belonged all along! The audience erupted with cheers and all four women jumped with absolute joy. Elated by the news, both mothers and daughters embraced each other with a sense of relief and euphoria. Pam and Laura looked at each other, laughing uncontrollably. A weight had been lifted off their shoulders and they could now move on with their lives together.

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All Four Were Connected From Birth

After decades of mystery and uncertainty, even after bringing closure to the whole situation, a truly special bond had been shared between the four women. As if their lives had been interlocked to bring them to this very moment. Both could celebrate their timeless bond as mother and daughter, while the two pairs became dear friends as a result of the shared experience. And the whole world got the chance to witness this magical moment of truth.

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