Search When Rebecca searched her husband’s car, she found empty cans and pill bottles all scattered in the car. But there was something ev...






When Rebecca searched her husband’s car, she found empty cans and pill bottles all scattered in the car. But there was something even bigger that was going to be the nightmare for Rebecca. This was just the starting of the destruction of her life. 

Hidden Stuff

“I did some digging and found empty pill bottles and many empty beer cans in his car,” Rebecca said. The wife found out that her husband had been hiding his substance abuse problem from her, all of which he hid in the same car in which he drove his own child to school. 

Further Discovery

The pills were not the only horrifying thing that Rebecca was to come across. She decided to search further in the car that she was always kept away from. She searched under the seats and in the trunk of the car. As soon as she opened the trunk, she was taken aback by what she saw in front of her eyes. 

Another Surprise

The trunk was full of several years of mail, all of which were addressed to Rebecca. Her own husband had been keeping letters from her that were from collection agencies, various bills, birthday cards and a lot of other things. But why did he do this? Why had he been keeping so many secrets from his own family? 


“Confused, hurt, and angry were my only emotions for the next few days. I was running on fumes and couldn’t eat or sleep. I felt so stupid for not seeing the signs. I had been so busy with raising a child and building my practice at work. I was married to a drug addict”, told Rebecca. But this was only the start of the list. 

Endless List

The addiction, the stealing, the lying, as if all this was not enough that something even more hurtful was to follow in Rebecca and her little daughter’s life. The picture was soon going to uncover itself, and the man Rebecca had married would suddenly be like someone she has never known. 


With tears in her eyes, Rebecca said, “He had been lying to me for YEARS, and my credit was unfortunately ruined because of it. I had no idea how easy it was to open credit cards and take out personal loans in your spouse’s name. I thought I had stayed on top of my bills, but had no idea he was secretly hiding things from me over the course of our 7-year marriage.” 

False Story

On further investigation, Rebecca found out that he had not only lied about the money but about his whole character, “He lied about being in the Marine Corps, he lied about his education and his job. I had been living nothing but lies for almost a decade of my life!” 

Blamed Herself

Rebecca felt like a fool who had been ignorant all through her married life about who her husband actually was. He had been taking undue advantage of her love for him and had been using her money for his own personal needs. But the most painful thing was yet to unfold itself. 

Shattering News

Rebecca’s husband had been married to another woman, and not just that, he even had another daughter and Rebecca was unaware of this. She said, “I thought to myself, ‘How could life be so cruel? How could I be so dumb?'” 


When Rebecca confronted her fraud husband, he abandoned her and their daughter without giving any clarifications or answers about anything. Rebecca and her daughter had been left alone in the middle of a crisis, but life had a very big and drastic change in store for them. 

Next Step

After Rebecca realized that she and daughter were on their own now, she became strong and came back to her senses. She rented a hotel room and straightaway went to a supermarket to buy clothes and toiletries that would help them sustain for a few days till she could figure out something else.

Hiding Tears

Rebecca was hurt but she was trying hard to hide it all inside her and be happy. She said, “My daughter and I tried to make the best of our ‘vacation’ as I called it, while I cried over the things we had lost, wondering how in the world I would sort through this mess. My sweet baby girl lost everything, and we had no support there.” 

A Decision

After much thought, Rebecca decided that the only feasible solution at that time would be to go back to her parent’s house. She was heart-broken that at the age of 32 she would have to go back and live in her childhood bedroom along with a daughter. 


Rebecca said, “I left the beach and moved back to crummy ole Tennessee. To make things worse, it was SNOWING when we moved back. It was March and snowing in Tennessee. How could this situation get ANY worse?!” But that was the only place she could go with the kind of situation she was in. 


At nights, Rebecca would cry silently. She missed the life that she had built for herself with so much effort and affection and she missed the part of her heart that she had loved her ex-husband with. But things were going to get beautiful very soon. 

Pulled Together

After crying for days and blaming herself, Rebecca finally decided to move on and look at things positively. She put herself together and started working extensively to pay off the debts that her fraud husband had left on her name. 

Meeting Friends

While Rebecca was happy that her daughter was getting to spend quality time with her grandparents, she herself felt a little lonely and thought of catching up with her old friends in town. And this decision of hers will change her life forever. 

A Text

Rebecca recalls, “I desperately needed to find some friends. I finally texted an old guy friend from high school… I jokingly asked if he knew any hot single dads. This wasn’t even relevant in our conversation, just a random thought that popped in my head. To my surprise, he said yes and immediately gave me a name.” 

Up For It?

After Rebecca had been betrayed so ruthlessly by her ex-husband, she was not sure if she was open for dating another guy so soon. She decided to search for the man whose name was Steven, on Facebook, and said, “My Facebook detective brain got to work. This single dad had a daughter, who appeared to be the same age as mine.”


Rebecca showed her mother pictures of Steven and suddenly her mother shouted, “I KNOW THAT LITTLE GIRL!” in excitement when she saw Steven’s daughter’s pictures. It turned out that Rebecca’s mother’s hairdresser was Steven’s ex-wife’s sister and she had pictures of the little girl in her salon. 


After such a co-incidence, Rebecca’s mom insisted that she should go and meet Steven, and Rebecca agreed to it after much convincing because somewhere deep inside she felt like maybe this coincidence was a sign of something magical to happen in her life. 

First Hello

Rebecca had already searched for Steven on Facebook so she decided to send in a text on the same platform. And to Rebecca’s surprise, Steven replied right away. From that day onward, the two talked on texts and calls and after a couple of them, they decided to meet each other.


Even though Rebecca was a 32-year-old mother of one and had been married once, she felt nervous this time. It felt very different that she was going to meet someone new after so long and after passing through such a hard time that she could not contain in the nervousness! 

The Date

After spending the whole night wondering what it would be like to meet Steven, the day finally arrived and the two single parents met each other. And Rebecca’s experience was, “I had the biggest grin all day, and I was smitten. I could not stop thinking about him!”

Too Early

But Rebecca did not want to keep herself in a fake light and make herself happy. “After all, I was just damaged goods. With my awful credit and all the baggage I had, surely this guy would just move on and there was no reason to get my hopes up”, she said. 

All Planned

Even though Rebecca was skeptical about Steven, God had other plans for the two. Steven was equally smitten by Rebecca as was she by him. Days passed by and the two secretly loved each other but Rebecca was scared to say anything because she did not want Steven to run away from her life. 

Trust Issues

Since Rebecca had been betrayed once, she was finding it very hard to trust Steven. To bring her out of the traumatic experience that she had faced, Steven did all that he could. He showed him his bank statements, credit scores, up-to-date mortgage payments and all that was required to help Rebecca regain the trust.


Steven put in all his energy and affection on letting Rebecca come out of the traumatizing experience and falling in love with him freely. She was glad she had him and said, “I was slowly letting him into my heart and he was helping me rebuild, piece by piece. I certainly didn’t need to be saved by anyone, but he swooped in and saved me.” 


Rebecca and Steven spent as much time together as they could and soon the two became inseparable. Not only the two of them but even their daughters had become best friends and spent all day together. And soon, Rebecca’s life was going to change. 

One June Morning

Steven went down on his knees and proposed Rebecca. He wanted her to be his forever. Rebecca, on the other hand, was also sure about what she had to do. She said, “At that moment, I knew my intent to move out of Tennessee just wasn’t part of the plan right now. Something brought me back home and love was going to keep me there.”

Wedding Bells

In a small and intimate ceremony on the 15th of August, the two lovers said yes to each other and became a happy, loving family. From suffering intensely, Rebecca did find love where she least expected to and Steven and Rebecca moved in together in a small house.

Love Conquers All

After being married for some time, Rebecca and Steven moved into a bigger house and stayed happily with their two daughters. They were, and are still determined to beat the odds of meeting so abruptly and having such a short courtship period. 

A Unique Story

The couple is aware that people will question their relationship if they know of the details. Rebecca says, “People are always curious to hear our story, so we just look at each other and smile. Usually, our story goes, ‘We met on a blind date and got married 4 months later.’ In the end, love wins.” 

New Member

And soon enough when Rebecca was 35 years-old in 2017, they welcomed a new member of their family. They had a child and it was yet again a beautiful daughter. The couple started off from a blank canvas and had slowly but steadily painted it with love. 

No Negativity

People always talk negatively about Rebecca and St

A Battle Together

Both Rebecca and Steven are fighting their battles with the exes. The drama has not ended yet and both are trying to fight for the custody of their little princess’. But none of them is willing to give up and will do all that they can to win every battle that comes their way.

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