Women have always been considered as an easy target and a vulnerable part of society. That evening, Polyana was out late when she saw a fi...

Woman Decides To Confront The Man Who Took Her To Be Alone On An Empty Street Woman Decides To Confront The Man Who Took Her To Be Alone On An Empty Street

Woman Decides To Confront The Man Who Took Her To Be Alone On An Empty Street

Woman Decides To Confront The Man Who Took Her To Be Alone On An Empty Street

 Women have always been considered as an easy target and a vulnerable part of society. That evening, Polyana was out late when she saw a figure following her. Was everything normal? Was she imagining stuff or was she actually being followed? She tried to act normal but the man came too close for her to ignore. She decided to confront him when it started getting too awkward. What happened next was not foreseen by the man.

The Dramatic Evening

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It was quite late in the evening and it was dark but nothing different from her daily routine. She was used to getting out at this time of the day. It had been a long day and she had been waiting for her cab to arrive. It was taking awfully long but she stood there waiting.

Just A Flicker Of Light

Today might have been a usual day but standing here, on the side of the road, she felt something weird. She was never afraid but there was something unusual about this evening. The road she was standing on was dark with just a flicker of light coming in through the street lamp that made it look even more unpleasant.

In The Dark

Image result for streetlight and darknessThere are a lot of incidents happening around us all the time. Sometimes we notice, sometimes we don’t. But what one can’t miss is the fact that darkness gives an edge to people with bad intentions. Women, children and old people are those who should be more careful while stepping out in the dark. Polyana was in the dark, all alone and she could be an easy target. 

Rising Anxiousness

She was now getting more and more uncomfortable. Were her premonitions leading her the right way? Was there something bad about to happen? Though she was standing just outside her apartment, she didn’t feel comfortable. Would it have been better if she would go back inside and stay there till her Uber arrived? 

Leading Into Darkness

Image result for leading into darknessIt was not cold so she wore her daily evening outfit, shorts, and a crop top. She had a personality to impress. She felt confident and beautiful only unaware of the series of events that were about to unfold. Polyana was already a bit irritated by the cab’s delay

A Shadow Approached

It was quite late and only a small number of people walked across the road to their destinations but Polyana could easily make out a shadow slowly moving towards her. She tried her best to ignore and make it obvious that a conversation was the last thing she needed at this point of the night but the shadow kept on moving towards her and suddenly was too close to ignore. 

A Weird Encounter

He didn’t seem like a passerby. It was evident that he was closing in on her. Despite her nonchalance, he was not ready to move on. First, she thought that he was trying to hit on her but soon realized that he had a different purpose of following her. 

The Strange Follower

As soon as he was close enough to touch her, she turned and looked towards him. He was of a despicable frame. He wore dirty clothes and was stinking. She was not willing to have a conversation but looked him in the eye to make sure that he doesn’t take her to be nervous or scared. 

On Guard

Image result for polyana vianaShe knew he was up to some mischief and would create trouble for her as well as himself. She looked at him firmly as if telling him to get away, but he was not in the mood to back off. She sat on the tarmac beside the road and he sat beside her. She planted her feet wide apart to give her an edge if she has to get up and react. 

Sat Beside Her

She sat quietly and waited for her cab, wondering why the car ha not arrived yet. She decided not to look at him which she thought could aid a conversation. She sat there lost in her thoughts when the stranger asked an abnormal question with the least amount of inquisition. She wasn’t interested in answering either but gave a vague answer without looking at her phone. 

A Sneaky Question

Image result for a mugger on the streetPolyana knew that he was not interested in the answer she gave but she was not sure why had he asked her this question. She guessed that he wanted her phone to be brought out and she did exactly the opposite. She shifted to keep her phone away from the man and kept it in her waistband.  

What’s The Time?

Image result for a dark questionHe asked her, “What’s the time?”When he saw I saw him, he sat next to me,” Polyana said. “He asked me the time, I said it, and I saw he wasn’t going to leave. So I already moved to put my cell phone in my waistband. And then he said, “Give me the phone.” 


She was shell shocked but again didn’t show it to him. Questions bombarded her mind. What should she do? Should she raise a cry or just stand still? As she planned to move, he told her something which made her heart skip a beat. She went cold feet and could not move. She took the time to gather herself back. 

Don’t React

The man guessed that she was about to do something and said, “Don’t react. I am armed.” He then put his hand on his weapon under his shirt. For any woman, this would be the most terrifying scenario but Polyana was different. When she watched him tease her by running his hand on his weapon, she doubted that it was a fake. The next move was decided. 

The Bold Move

“I realized it was too soft. He was close to me. So I thought, ‘If it’s a gun, he won’t have time to draw it.’ So I stood up.” Polyana stood up and close to the predator, she was ready for a better introduction. What if she was wrong? What if the weapon was real? Now that she had got up, there was no turning back. 

Safety Compromised


Had she just compromised her safety? Her getting up in anger could trigger the man and he could do something unforeseen. Was a cellphone worth this risk? Shouldn’t she throw the phone and run away before he could react. She might lose her phone but wasn’t it better than risking her life?

It Took Only A Second

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It all happened within a second. Her getting up for doing what might be her next move to his moving his hands towards what might be a deadly weapon. Most women here would decide to run away for their life leaving behind whatever the man with a concealed deadly weapon demanded but Polyana Viana was different and what was about to happen was for sure different for the thief himself.

Sweet Justice

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Before he could get that weapon out, Polyana had landed two jabs and a kick and he lay then and there. She then held him in a rear-naked choke. The tables had turned. She sat at the same place as they did before and held him tight. “Now, we’ll wait for the Police,” she said. The man was in grave pain and was confused about what had just happened. Only one person could have told him. Polyana Viana. 

A Weapon Herself

Polyana Viana was now holding the culprit tight and she did this with her bare hands. The man could have had the deadliest weapon but he stood nowhere in front of the confident Polyana. She instead of crying for help or letting him rob her in misery decide to fight back and she was a weapon herself. Nobody could have seen it coming, let alone the mugger who thought it to be an easy kill. 

Picked The Wrong Girl

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Unfortunately for the bad guy, he decided to pick up exactly the wrong girl. She might look like a fairly short 110lbs harmless girl, Polyana is a UFC Star. Yes, you read it right. The girl he tried to mess with is a professionally trained MMA fighter. It was not only her braveness and determination to fight that won her this fight but also her will to resist was backed by years of training as a ring fighter. 

A Blind Guess

She might have been a professional fighter but she could only decide to retaliate when she thought that the weapon she was being scared with was a duplicate. Though even if the weapon would have been real, circumstances would not have been different. Her belief that it was a replica made her more sure of the attack. Later, it was found that he was carrying a fake gun cutout of cardboard. 

Not Playing The Victim

Not every woman has the courage that Polyana showed that evening. She set an example for many like her who go mute when a crisis like this arises. Polyana does not believe in playing the victim. She believes that if one can’t fight for themselves, there is no point calling yourself tortured or victimized. What she did was to show that women are not vulnerable and can fight back harder than anyone can imagine.

An Ideal Answer

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You cannot be at the receiving end every time. Not every time would a woman face the consequences designed for her by the wicked people. Sometimes she needs to address it in her way. Polyana decided to do it exactly this way. She was not scared of taking it heads on with the mugger and what she did was an ideal answer to anyone who thinks that they are here to suffer. 

A Second Thought

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It was not as if she didn’t think as most women would do then. She was ladened with emotions as well. Her mind asked her to surrender as well but she decided to work against it. She knew running away would cause her no harm but she was also aware that if she fought her way out, it would give her satisfaction and confidence. You don’t always fight in the ring. 

Knowing The Risks

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Polyana had always known that wandering this late at night had its risks. She usually didn’t want to be out of home at this time of the day but she was comforted because she was just outside her building gate and close enough for the security guard to see her. She didn’t see the threat coming. 

The Wrong Presumption

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Her presumption that she was close enough to the gates and that the security people would notice anything wrong went in vain when this man who now lay in her grasp crept in and threatened her. The road was so dark that the guard was out of sight and there was nobody to help. Not that Polyana needed someone. 

The Tables Turned

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The mugger was laying still on the ground with Polyana grabbing him in a lock. She could see the horror in his eyes. He knew he messed up with the wrong woman. He had still not been able to absorb the punches he had received and doubted that he could be beaten even more. He was trembling and opened his mouth to utter these words.

Let Me Go!

He said, “Please let me go. I had only asked you the time.”  I said, ‘Asked for the time, sure buddy!’ He could see how angry she was and after this, he failed to utter any word. He lay there still thinking that she would soon call the police and hand him over to them. Nothing was going towards that. So he spoke again. 

Call The Cops!

This time he requested her to call the cops. He was afraid of what she was going to do with him and wanted the cops to come as soon as possible. Polyana remained calm and didn’t pay heed to what he was saying. But the cops had to be called. 

Remain Calm

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Polyana then asked some passerby to call the police and handed him over to them. It was then that she came to know that he had been recently released for some other crime. Guess, he had some more days to spend in the prison. All throughout the incident, she kept calm, mostly because the thief did not react after those hard hitting punches. 

A Similar Experience

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This was not the first time that Polyana had to face such a debacle. Long time back she had to face a similar situation as she recounted how two men approached her on a motorcycle and what happened then was a bit different from what happened today. 


This happened in her home town Belem and again for a smartphone. One of the two men on following her on the motorcycle charged at her while the other stayed. This time she was scared she recounts, “This time I was scared. I don’t know if it was because there were two of them.” He tried to snatch the phone from her hand but she was reluctant.

A Same Old Polyana

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“He tried to take it from my hand, I punched him in the face, and he was scared. She went on to talk about the encounter. “He broke my umbrella and tried to take my phone,” She said of the earlier incident. “I said I wasn’t going to give it to him. He tried to take it from my hand, I punched him in the face, and he was scared.”

Prepared For The Second Round

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The Belem incident was the first and her approach might have been a bit reckless but she did what she thought was right and did not give up to the bad guys. This incident at her hometown gave her an experience that held to her till this night at Rio. She was prepared for anything of this sort coming her way.

It’s 2-0

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So, after what Polyana did to the muggers at Belem and now Rio, it’s two for the fighter and zeroes for those crooks. Polyana has always known how to fight, be it in the ring or outside, she will take her opponent on with the same confidence. Inside the ring, we adore her fighting skills and outside she is making news beating up bad people. 

A Quiet Meal

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What Polyana did after handing over the mugger to the cops was something cool in itself. She got back home, cooked a meal and had a peaceful dinner. She felt there was nothing too serious about it. A mugger tried to rob, she showed him his place and got back to hers. She did not let this event hamper her routine. She was all ready for her training the next day. 

Nothing Serious

The next day at her training she said, her hands hurt a little. Might have been because of the punches she threw at the thief last night but there was nothing serious about this. She was used to getting hurt in the ring and this time this pain gave her an altogether different level of confidence. 

Making A Name

Dana White, the president of UFC tweeted a picture of the mugger’s broken face and said that mugger choosing Polyana was indeed a bad idea and everybody at UFC and outside praised her for the courage she had shown in fighting against the bad guys. Guess she was making a name for herself and not only in the octagon. 

Sending A Message

Polyana after the incident has made sure that every woman like her knows how to fight for her. Not only from the thieves, muggers and bad guys but also against the taboos of the society and decide what’s good for them. Her story sends a message that women are not vulnerable and will not accept their fate decided by the men. She has become a symbol of women empowerment across the world. 

Positive Till The Very End

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Polyana herself feels no negativity about the world around her. Moreover, she’s happy that what happened with her and the way she faced it will help other women take up martial arts training to protect them at all times. This is what will lead to a safer place for women.

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