-- Brave Teens Risk Their Lives To Save Neighbors And Their Pets From House Fire


What would you do when you see a house on fire?

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The immediate reaction would be to call 911 for help. It would be difficult to take it upon yourself to go out and help. But for these three teens, it was something they thought they need to do.

These freshmen in South Paulding High School risked their lives to save a neighbor and their pet.

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Kai Keller, Ryan Seymour, and Pearson Blair were hanging out one Friday afternoon. Ryan narrated what happened the day of the incident to FOX 4 Atlanta saying that they were riding a golf cart around Pearson’s Villa Rica neighborhood in Paulding County as they saw Kai walking his dog.

It seemed like an ordinary, fun afternoon with friends when they heard someone shout for help.

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Their neighbor ran outside of the house and screaming for help because their house was on fire. The boys didn’t hesitate and immediately ran for help.

Ryan described what they saw when they got in.

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He said they saw flames and smoke coming out of his windows when they got inside the house. Kai added that he went straight in through the garage, and it was completely black to the point that he couldn’t see anything.

They did not only help save their neighbor but also their Great Dane.

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Kai recalled that he just took off his shirt and used it to filter smoke coming into his lungs and having to go out every two or three minutes to breathe in oxygen. He and Pearson were trying to extinguish the fire using a water hose while waiting for fire officials arrived. Ryan went out and called for help and then continue to help his friend hosing down the fire.

After a few minutes, the fire officials came.

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The emergency response team took it from there and put out the fire. They also tended to the rescued child and the three teens who saved him. Thankfully, nobody was fatally harmed during the incident – all thanks to these boys that acted right away.

Their football coach, Coach Jason Nash, tweeted about this incident.

He stated that he was proud of his boys and that being a good and selfless human being isn’t that hard. In an interview with People, he added that he was in awe of how the three never hesitated to jump into action when the need arose.

He said that it was something that brought a big smile to his face.

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He added that what the trio did showed the kind of teammate everybody wants to be on their team: those ready to help when needed. He also mentioned that they always preached in the team that football is bigger than the individual; that above all else, it is about their community.

And even with the high praises they got, they never consider themselves heroes.

“It really wasn’t really a ‘want’; it was a ‘need.’ I mean… you didn’t really want to go into a burning house, but you needed to. You had to do what (needs to) be done to make sure people are safe,” Kai said in an interview with FOX 5 Atlanta.

Source: Twitter|Coach Jason Nash

We’re sure their parents, coaches, and teammates are proud of these three.

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