-- Dairy Farm Sisters Hilariously Belt Out Journey Hit As They Tend The Cows


There is a lot of good that can come from growing up on a farm.

Incredible work ethic, for one, not to mention the hearty measure of self-sufficiency and independence a kid can pick up on as they tend to the ins and outs of running one.

And that’s to say nothing of the adorable animals you get to spend your time with.

One thing that’s always needed on a farm is a good set of extra hands.

Source: Flickr/Peter O'Connor

A lot of farms do have to look outside to hire or for volunteers to help keep up with the day-to-day. Luckily for the Wright family, they have their daughters to help with some of the day-to-day.

John, Nichole, and their three daughters, Madisyn, Bailey, Peyton live in Dekalb, NY as third-generation dairy farmers.

Although farming is their main work and passion, they also work side jobs as a salesman and baker to help pay the bills.

From early on, these girls have been helping out on the farm.

Source: Facebook - Nichole Countryman Wright

Part of that help entails tending to the cows and cleaning up the barn.

While swapping out dirty straw for a new stack and filling food troughs seems easy, it’s not.

Despite this, they bring positive, hilarious energy to the room, making it way more fun than cleaning a barn really should be.

Source: Facebook - Nichole Countryman Wright

Just like most of us, these girls work better when they can jam out to their favorite tunes.

Bored with the work at hand, they decided to kick things up with some Journey.

As soon as you hear that iconic piano, you already know what’s about to come next.

They love to sing and dance while they work, but who wouldn’t? Especially when you’re listening to one of Journey’s classics.

Source: Facebook - Nichole Countryman Wright

But they are still hard at work

These sisters know the true balance of work and play. You can see in the video, that even though there is work to be done they can still have a little fun with it.

I bet it definitely made the time go way faster too.

Source: Facebook - Nichole Countryman Wright

Future Stars on our hands

This video is packed with raw potential and they even come with a barn stage and a cow audience. Not only did they curate their dance moves too, but also used props to enhance their routine.

You’ll see the use of air guitars, pretend microphones, rakes, and picks to really make their performance flow and take it to the next level.

Source: Facebook - Nichole Countryman Wright

Their mother, Nichole Countryman Wright, had posted the video on Facebook in response to the #dairydanceoff challenge.

Their video went viral and quickly racked up over 40 million views.

Many viewers had even commented how much they loved the trio themselves. The sisters even had so much fun creating the video that they even made a second to the Facebook post using Luke Bryans, “When It Rains It Poors” with over 170,000 views.

This #dairydanceoff challenge was born after two dairy farmers named Jessica Peters, and Katie-Dotterer-Pyle had exchanged dancing videos in their barns to provide stress relief.

They quickly realized this could easily be a challenge that could really benefit the dairy farmers by bringing a smile to their faces and bring more awareness to the low milk prices farmers struggle with.

Source: Facebook - Nichole Countryman Wright

There’s no question that these girls are an internet treasure. We can only hope they keep their positive attitude and work ethic as they move on with their lives in the world.

One thing we’re really hoping for, though, is to see a lot more videos like these from them in the future. The world needs it, after all.

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