-- Doctors Gave Conjoined Twins A Slim Chance To Live If Separated But Now They're Thriving


Michelle and Bryan Mirabal had the surprise of their lives.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

They just had their first son, Gage, when they found out that they were pregnant. They were surprised by this news, but more so to know that they were having twins. However, the doctors said something about the babies that shocked them.

They were conjoined twins and had little chance of survival.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

The doctor himself told the couple that this case is rare and that the twins might not make it that far. Plus, Michelle’s pregnancy was delicate, and she is in danger of miscarrying.

A lot of people advised the couple to abort the babies.

“There were people telling us we should have terminated the pregnancy. There were people telling us we shouldn’t carry this out,” Michelle said.

But the couple never listened to them, and we’re thankful they didn’t.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

Michelle gave birth to Carter and Conner Mirabal on December 12, 2014, at the Wolfson Children’s Hospital. There, they were kept in the NICU for months to prepare them for their separation surgery.

The kids are called Omphalopagus Twins.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

These are the type of conjoined twins which shares a part of their abdominal wall and gastrointestinal system. Their best chance of survival is to have them separated. This occurrence only happens as rarely as 1:200,000.

Separating this kind of twin can be a challenge to a pediatric surgeon.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

The separation surgery is to be timed just right, which can be tricky. Doing it prematurely might add more damage since the children’s organs haven’t developed fully. But doing it too late can also pose complications. The operation also needed careful planning by undergoing multiple tests and scans to ensure the twins are safely separated without any other complications and anomalies.

Thanks to the nurses and doctors of Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the twins were successfully separated.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

Since then, the twins had to undergo more medical tests, scans, and more surgeries to ensure that their separation didn’t damage other organs and correct the development in their gastrointestinal system.

The couple was thankful that they carried on with the entire process.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

Despite having people advise them otherwise, and despite everything that the twins had to go through, the couple was grateful for the whirlwind ride they had so far. After all those medical operations, the twin was able to go home after a year.

And since then, nothing has stopped Carter and Conner from living their best lives.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

From beach trips to trick and treats, from their first day at pre-school to graduating. They went so much together that there’s no way people can discourage them from shooting for the stars. Their bodies might be separated from each other, but this adorable bunch has been inseparable since.

They also have a solid and supportive community around them.

Source: Facebook|Prayers for Carter & Conner

Since Bryan’s sister set up a GoFundMe page for the twins, they got the love and support from people around them. Their updates on the twins made donors feel connected to the boys one way or another. But the best part is, they found a warm family within the hospital.

At least we all know that they will grow with positivity around them. Kudos to Michelle and Bryan for not giving up on their boys.

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