Many of us have our own routines that get us up and active for the day. From heading to the gym to consuming our body weight in coffee, th...

** Husband Sees His Wife Eating Alone After Work And His Reaction Is Priceless ** Husband Sees His Wife Eating Alone After Work And His Reaction Is Priceless

** Husband Sees His Wife Eating Alone After Work And His Reaction Is Priceless

** Husband Sees His Wife Eating Alone After Work And His Reaction Is Priceless

 Many of us have our own routines that get us up and active for the day. From heading to the gym to consuming our body weight in coffee, there is no end to the possibilities that can get us to wake up. However, it isn’t only the mornings that give us a chance to enjoy some personal time. Sometimes, after a long day at work, there can be nothing better than the thought of heading home, slipping off our shoes, and falling back into a comfy bed, are we right?

Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. The evenings can be a chance to keep up with all the chores from the day as well as an opportunity to catch up with our loved ones. After all, work can give us plenty to talk about. Maybe there was some gossip in the office, or someone new started their job? So what if you came home to find your wife eating all alone? That’s precisely what happened to one man. However, it didn’t take long for him to work out why she was looking for a meal for one…

Fitting in the time

Life as a married couple can be a huge turning point for many people. All of the sudden, two people must learn what it’s like to live as one. Although there are the incredible ups of marriage, such as waking up to the one you love and having your best friend as part of your life, there are also the hardships that come with any relationship.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to find time for each other, especially when there are careers, and bills that need to be paid.

When two become one

Jessica Baker and Philip Urtz met back in 2010, and it wasn’t long before they became a couple. After a whirlwind romance, Jessica said “yes” to Philip’s marriage proposal. It looked as though these two had found their missing halves at long last.

The pair eventually married in 2013 at a ceremony surrounded by their friends and family. Now, it was time to start building a life together. Where to start? Jessica and Philip needed to pay the bills, but for that they needed careers.

Building it up

Jessica and Philip now live in Rome, New York. Here, Philip has been able to start his own business with fellow owner Austin Pohl. Together, the pair run PUDS Dumpsters. The company now rent out roll-off dumpsters and have built themselves quite the company.

In fact, the two have several five-star reviews on their Facebook page that talk about how welcoming and friendly they are as a team. While Philip was building his business, could Jessica find her feet on the career ladder?

Time for scrubs

Philip might have been building his own business from the ground up, but that didn’t mean Jessica was going to sit back and relax. No, this hard worker opted for a life in the medical career.

However, with so many different options to choose from, what would she go for? Maybe Jessica would train to become a pharmacist? Perhaps it was going to be a life as a sonographer that would keep her busy? Instead, Jessica chose to study as a nurse.

On the rise

Amazingly, it is thought around 4 million nurses are working in America alone. As if that wasn’t enough, the figure is looking set to rise by millions more over the next few years. Why? With so many amazing medical breakthroughs, people are now living longer than ever before.

Unfortunately, they still need plenty of care whenever they are sick or injured. Team that with the fact the number of people in the world is continually rising and you could have yourself an answer.

Many ways to learn

There are many ways to start nursing. Many potential healthcare workers opt to study at college where they can learn all the skills they need before heading into the big wide world of medicine. Plus, students often get the chance to specialize in a specific area of study.

However, these degrees can take as long as four years to achieve. On the other hand, some nurses in training opt to learn on the job. Although the studying is long, this is only the beginning before the hectic work days…

Choosing a specialty

Did you know there are more than 100 different types of nurses out there? Yes, from registered nurses who work in hospitals to surgical nurses that help in the operating rooms; and emergency room nurses that are in charge of dealing with any emergency cases to telemetry nurses that are there to give care at all hours of the day – there is no end to the incredible jobs these individuals can undertake.

However, Jessica opted to study as a stroke nurse. This means she is in charge of caring for someone’s needs as well as preventing another attack.

A new job every day

Although Jessica is a stroke nurse, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the chance to work on several other cases throughout the hospital. In fact, it is often a case that nurses are stationed wherever they are needed at the time.

This means Jessica usually has to deal with broken bones, car accidents, and anyone else in a medical emergency. This is one of the many reasons so many people take to nursing – every day is different.

Left utterly confused

Philip is used to his wife disappearing out the door as she heads to work. However, it was one evening in particular that left this husband confused. Their morning had been just like any other.

Jessica had woken up, got dressed, tied her hair back in a ponytail, and grabbed her lunch before giving Philip and their dog a kiss goodbye. So what made the evening so strange? Philip had no idea how to react to the scene he saw that night. The only thing to do was to take to Facebook.

Taking to Facebook

Philip didn’t want just to post his photo on his personal Facebook page. No. After he realized what was happening, this husband wanted to share their story far and wide. Love What Matters is a page that lets users upload photos or videos of their loved ones as a way to show they care and appreciate everything they do.

Thousands of people often see these posts all around the world. Is there a better way to say “I love you” than telling half the planet?

The winning shot

Just as Jessica was taking a moment to himself, Philip snapped a photo of his wife. She was eating all alone, still dressed in her scrubs from the day. Philip always knew that Jessica had a hectic work schedule.

However, for the first time, he genuinely appreciated the toll that working as a nurse was having on his wife’s life. How could he have missed it for all these years? Philip wanted the whole world to know the incredible work Jessica did each and every day.

Declaring his love

To many, it might just have been a typical picture of someone eating a sandwich. To Philip, it summed up the 14-hour day Jessica had just completed at the hospital. This husband realized his wife rarely gets time to take a break or sit down throughout the day.

After all, what is Jessica supposed to do if there is an emergency? People can’t always wait to be treated. That’s precisely why Philip wanted to share his love for his wife with the world.

Looking for inspiration

It wasn’t long before Philip’s post racked up a tremendous amount of online attention. However, his wasn’t the first nurse-appreciation post to take the world by storm. In fact, in November 2015, Bobby Wesson took to the web to show his love and appreciation for his wife, Rayena.

In his post, Bobby highlighted the stress Rayena will go through at work thanks to her immensely long shifts, as well as how she is still able to juggle being a mother.

Everyday sacrifices

It isn’t just Rayena’s work that Bobby wants to appreciate. No, this husband also wants to show the world how much his wife means to him and their son on Mother’s Day. Once again, Bobby took to Facebook to declare his love and appreciation to the world.

In the post, Bobby talks about all the wonderful sacrifices Rayena makes in her life to help support her husband and son, as well as how working as a nurse has taken an incredible toll on her life.

Spreading the Christmas joy

As if that wasn’t enough, Bobby wants to show his love to everyone in the world that help to make people’s lives every day. Being married to a nurse has shown this husband the sacrifices and work that goes into helping keep people safe and healthy.

However, Bobby also notices the ones that might go unseen by many: the delivery drivers. Christmas marks a special time for many around the world, and Bobby wanted to thank the drivers for bringing all the beautiful gifts to people. Without them, many wouldn’t have a Christmas at all.

Taking lead parenting roles

Bobby isn’t the only one that likes to share his love for his wife with the world; Rayena has also used Facebook as a way to tell the world how much she cares about her family. In June 2017, Rayena posted a heartfelt message and photo for Father’s Day that summed up how much she appreciates all the parenting Bobby does while she is away working.

Together, it looks as though this pair are creating the perfect foundations for their growing family.

Plenty of support

It might be a surprise to hear that Philip was soon inundated with love from all around the world. People from all corners of the Earth began to comment their love and appreciation for the work that Jessica does. Without nurses like her, many of us would be left in desperate need of medical help.

As well as people thanking Jessica for her work, other nurses came together to show support for their fellow colleague who was working all the hours under the sun to help others in need.

All coming together

Now, more than 80,000 people have liked the post. As if that wasn’t enough, there are over 3.2 thousand comments as well as more than 10,000 shares as people want to spread Philip’s love far and wide.

On top of the many thankful comments, various people used the post as a way to share how they have been affected by nurses over the years. Some had received care from stroke nurses while others had been cared for by other nurse specialists after big operations such as heart surgery.

Another reason to smile

Jessica wasn’t the only one to receive plenty of love for all her work for the healthcare system. Philip also received plenty of kind words. Not only had he highlighted the many issues that nurses all around the world face, but he had also proved how he is always there for his wife.

Many commented how Jessica is lucky to have such a supportive husband, while others mentioned how their relationship must be so strong. After all, Philip had learned when Jessica needed her space.

Defying the odds

Many relationships are put to the test over the years. Trying to find the perfect balance between working and making time for loved ones can sometimes seem like an impossible juggling act.

However, Jessica and Philip have proved how they have made their marriage work, even with 14-hour shift. Many might crumble under the pressure, but this couple are still married. Could this be the beginning of many years of marriage yet to come? Only time will tell.

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