-- Man Leaves Home For 15 Minutes. Returns To Find Home Up In Flames With Twin Daughters Trapped Inside

 You never know when tragedy will strike. For Ray Lucas, it was on the way back from a quick gas station trip. When he arrived back at home, or what was left of it, he was mere moments away from losing his entire family.

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He and his girlfriend had made a quick trip to the gas station early Saturday morning.

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It was a fast trip, less than 15 minutes or so, but when he got back home, everything was on fire.

“The house was engulfed in smoke, I saw my mom and my niece were standing at the door and they were frantic,” Lucas said.

They were frantic because of WHO was in the house, not what. Ray’s twin 18-month girls were in the burning home, asleep in the basement where he had put them to bed.

The realization spurred him into action.

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Ray knew that he needed to act immediately or he would never see his baby girls again.

“I just knew I had to get my babies out,” he said. “That’s what went through my mind.”

Ray ran into the burning home without a moment’s hesitation. The home that he and his family (his girlfriend, niece, and mom) lived in was completely on fire and about to come down.

“You really couldn’t see your hand in front of your face – I really only found my babies due to my memory, just knowing where they were and knowing how to get to them – just from having that same route.”

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With smoke choking and blinding him, he made his way to where his kids were.

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Like a scene from a movie, he dove into the flames and was able to pull both of his little girls from the encroaching flames like a superhero. Taking both of them in his arms, he brought them outside to get immediate treatment.

Malaysia and Milan, the twins, had some injuries.

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Malaysia had severe burns but was finally able to leave the hospital after intensive care. Her sister, Milan, had some second-degree burns and minor smoke inhalation but was in better condition.

As for Ray, things were a lot worse.

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“I was temporarily blind for three days and they said it was a miracle I could see,” he said. “I’ve got burns on my arms, but for the most part, everyone is still here.”

Currently, Ray isn’t able to work with his injuries. All of their possessions went up in flames and their medical bills keep coming in like a wave. They currently have a GoFundMe set up to help with some of the bills that anyone can donate to.

Helping the man who saved his kids is the least that many can do.

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“If anybody can support that’ll be great,” he said.

They think that the fire was caused by flooding from the day before (Detroit had serious flooding recently) and could have been an electrical short. Regardless, they have all the important things like family. All the others can be replaced.

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