Losing a dog is like losing a family member. We can just imagine how it feels – to lose someone who has been there for you every single da...

++ After Family Faces Hardship, Mom Opens Car Trunk To Find This ++ After Family Faces Hardship, Mom Opens Car Trunk To Find This

++ After Family Faces Hardship, Mom Opens Car Trunk To Find This

++ After Family Faces Hardship, Mom Opens Car Trunk To Find This

 Losing a dog is like losing a family member. We can just imagine how it feels – to lose someone who has been there for you every single day of your life. It must leave a hole in your heart and no one would want that something like that happens to them.

This can also be said about any pet a person (or a family) could have – a cat, a parrot, or even a goldfish. But yet, somehow, dogs always have a special place in our homes and hearts.

Let’s see what happened to this family's dog...

The Beginning

Meet the Robles, a family from Texas. They lost their Golden Labrador back in summer 2016. Her name was Lola. Upon realizing their beloved animal was nowhere to be found, they were devastated. Immediately, they started looking for the dog.


After a few months without the dog, they gave up all hope. The children were so sad and even their mother was feeling impotent for not being able to do something and find the missing dog. After all, Labrador Lola was a significant part of their family and now they were missing her pretty much.


Even though they felt helpless, they never gave up on their hope. Even when they realized that Lola couldn’t be alive for so long if no one fed her, they still believed there are some good people over there who maybe took her to their home and gave her some food.


Yet, they couldn’t even imagine the surprise they were going to experience! Neither of the children from the Robles family couldn’t believe what would be the outcome of their long quest for the lost pet. Still, all they had was a hope that the family would soon be reunited.

The Worst-Case Scenario

The family had a few possible scenarios in their heads about what could have happened to the poor dog. The best option in their minds was that some stranger took her and kept her imprisoned in his home. Another scenario said that, since Lola was so playful, she could be hit by a car or a truck.


What all of them agreed about was the fact that the dog was very trustful and innocent, so it could have happened that she took some food from an ill-intentioned stranger who poisoned her. All in all, all of these speculations the family had were making them blue.

The Dog Was Microchipped

As a preventive measure, the family got their beloved pet microchipped the moment they got her, but no one knew that the microchip would actually be helpful one day. They didn’t know that Lola would run away from home one day never to be returned. Or did she?


Icela Robles, the mother, didn’t think that the dog had run away because there were no obvious reasons for that – she was well-fed, well-groomed, and after all, everyone loved her. So, why would any pet run away from the perfect environment? It simply didn’t make any sense.


The Statistics

In the past, Lola was left alone outside of their home and yard, but always managed to return, so it wasn’t clear what could have gone wrong this time. When the family checked the statistics on the percentage of lost dogs who were returned to their owners, the numbers disappointed them.


The numbers they found on the site of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and according to a survey from 2012, said that more than 80% of the lost dogs who were found, were sent to shelters. In other words, more than 80% of the dog owners who lost their dogs had no idea their dogs were waiting for them in the dog shelters.

Where Does Lola Fit in?

Icela Robles and her family didn’t know what to believe in – whether her dog was found and kept in some shelter or perhaps it was killed in an accident. All in all, the predictions were not good. After all, more than 5 months have gone by and there was no real news about the dog.


Truth be told, they were receiving some calls from strangers who told them they might have seen the dog, but all these calls were dead-end. Still, one day, Icela received a call which was different. That call has changed everything…

The Call

Many people had called the family telling stories about how they’ve seen Lola but none of these stories helped the family find the dog they loved. Even some relatives and friends joined their search for the lost dog but alas, without success, until one day…


All the previous calls and the clues they got were leading to a similarly-looking dog but it always turned out that the dog in question wasn’t Lola. Of course, none of the family members wanted to settle for a replacement dog, especially not the kids.


The Long Year Has Passed

No one believed that the dog would be found when the entire year passed upon Lola's missing. Still, the kids and their parents didn’t want to give up on their hopes for Lola’s homecoming.


One day, the Robles family got a sudden call from the Dallas Animal Services which changed everything. The Icela Robles picked up the phone and her face lightened up… Do you want to know what was the news she got from the Dallas Animal Services? Of course, here are the details…


We have already mentioned that the Golden Labrador had a microchip implanted in her skin. Yes, it was of crucial importance in this case since Dallas Animal Services used it to find the owners of the dog.  They’ve found the owner’s information on Lola’s microchip and gave Mrs. Icela Robles a call.


Mrs. Robles immediately went to see the dog. When she reached Dallas Animal Services and saw the dog, it seemed that everything was okay with her. She even gained some weight, so Mrs. Robles was bewildered by this whole situation.

Springing a Surprise

Mrs. Robles couldn’t wait to spread the good news, but somehow she managed to prevent herself from doing it before she reached her home. She knew that her two kids, Jeslyn and Joshua, would be thrilled to see the dog after so much time but decided to spice up the surprise.


Now, you will read how it all happened and you can even see the recording online since she had the whole reunion filmed. Now, we will give our best to describe the event, if maybe you weren’t able to see the video which was viral at some point.


The Video

At the beginning of the video, we can see the two kids, Jeslyn and Joshua, in the kitchen talking to a woman who is filming them. She tells them to go outside and meet their mother by the car. The children find it strange and they look confused like ‘why should we do that?' but they go anyway.


While they are leaving the kitchen, the camera is following them towards the SUV parked in front of the garage. Their mother is standing by the car with a smile on her face. Upon approaching the SUV, the girl sees something furry in the SUV.

The Kids and the Dog

The kids might have thought that their parents finally decided to help them get over Lola by replacing her with another dog of the same breed. Still, that was not the case.  Their mother didn’t want to do that because she knew that Lola would come back one day.


“What the heck? Did you get a dog?”, asked Jeslyn, surprised by the presence of a furry friend. Not in their wildest dreams did they dream about their beloved Golden Labrador returning home after so many days of absence.

Lola is Back!

Upon seeing the kids, the Golden Labrador jumps out of the car and walks towards them. The kids are speechlessly looking at the site of their long-time-no-see family member. They are not sure if that is Lola or some replacement dog. The mother hugs Jeslyn saying: ‘’It’s Lola!’’


Not until the moment Icela hugged her daughter did Jeslyn realize the miracle they were witnessing. Unbelievable! Their dog is back home after so many days and nights thinking and praying for her and hoping for her return. The kids started laughing and crying at the same time.


Everyone is Happy

The family simply cannot stop hugging! They are so happy for having their Lola back that they cannot stop hugging. They are hugging each other, then hugging Lola, then hugging each other again. The kids are laughing and smiling both singly and simultaneously.


At some point, the mother says: “We have Lola back! Do you believe it?” And not only did they get her back but she is also in great condition, even with some extra pounds. They cannot but wonder where has she been all this time. Can you guess? Could she get so much weight in a shelter? Is the food there so good?

The Dog is Fat

When Mrs. Robles got a call from Dallas Animal Services, they informed her about the state of the dog, i.e. that the dog was well-fed. It was a conclusion they made based on the fact that she was fat. Apparently, the dog had great care during her absence from home, but where did she actually spend all this time.


Of course, what is most important is the fact that Lola is finally back home and that the family is complete again. She simply cannot stop running through the garden she used to spend all her time in.

The Questions Arise

While Lola runs through the garden checking if all the stuff she once left were there, the family members cannot stop themselves from asking: ‘’Where was she all this time?’’ After all, it has been more than a year since they last saw her and here she is now, as happy as before with a few extra pounds.


“Can you believe we have Lola?”, says Mrs. Robles at some point letting the dog kiss her after jumping around the garden.


The Microchip Saved Her Life

While Joshua is playing with his pet, he is asking his mother where did she find Lola. Icela explains that the dog was wandering the streets when people found her and took her to a shelter. People at the shelter realized Lola had a chip and, after that, it was easy to reach them.


Unbelievable, right? Well, not exactly. It would be impossible to find this dog if she didn’t have a chip, but she did, so basically, the family saved her life in advance by inserting the microchip into her skin.

She Missed Everybody

At one point in the video, the mother says: ‘’Everybody rub her belly!’’ Apparently, she thinks it was the part Lola missed the most. Well, of course, if she was used to such treatment in the past when she was at home before she roamed into the unknown.


This video was published on Facebook under the title: “This dog is about to reunite with her family after she was missing for over a year.” The reactions of people who have seen the video have been amazing. Just read through some of them and see for yourself.

People are Awesome

For a rather short period of time, after publishing, the video got thousands of shares and comments. People were simply amazed by the fact that the dog was found after so much time. We believe that no one expected this miracle.


Most of the reactions can still be found and read on the original post, but here we are going to describe some of them for you. To make you realize how people can be unselfish and emotional, we will talk about the best of the best comments.


Microchips are Important!

This is perhaps the best message we get from this story – it is important to get our pets chipped. Even though they actually don’t want to leave us, sometimes it happens that they simply wander off and cannot find their way back home.


One of the comments on the published video said: “It’s so important to get your pets chipped, that way dogs like Lola can be found and returned to their proper homes.” Isn’t this the point we all got after hearing about Lola’s story?

Family Reunited

In their wildest dreams, the Robles family didn’t dream that their beloved Lola would leave them. Then, when they realized she was gone, their nightmare started.  Now, after a whole year of hope and despair, they are reunited with their Golden Labrador.


We can only assume what could have happened with the poor animal if she didn’t have a chip with her owner’s information. Maybe she would be kept in the shelter for the rest of her life while her family would miss her so much.

A Real Mystery

Despite the happy ending, some questions couldn’t be avoided – Why wasn’t the family contacted much sooner? Why did the whole year pass if the dog had a chip the entire time? When was she actually taken from the streets? Did she wander the streets for a whole year?


The viewers of the video could not but notice how chubby the dog is and wondered if she was kept as a pet by another family. Did she feet like home there while she was given all the food and care she needed?

The Answers


Dallas Animal Services didn’t have a 100% sure answer to these questions but they themselves assumed that the dog was kept by some other family as a pet. Yes, this is exactly what everybody thought upon seeing how fat Lola is.


The probable story is that someone saw this Golden Labrador roaming the streets hungry and exhausted looking for her way home and he, or she, decided to feed her and give her shelter. Lola might enjoy the care for some time but missed her owners and decided to run away from her helper's home.

Dallas Animal Services

This organization found Lola in the streets and immediately called the owners. They were surprised themselves when the family told them that Lola had been missing for a whole year. If she lived in the streets for the entire time, she wouldn’t be so clean and chubby.


Upon talking to Mrs. Robles, the people from the Services agreed on the time she could come and pick her lovely pet. When Lola saw Mrs. Robles, she wasn’t able to hide her happiness and probably could hardly wait to go home and see the children.

The is No End to Their Happiness

Now, when Lola is safe and sound at her home, the whole family can relax and enjoy their days to come. She will probably be careful from now on not to lose her way home ever again. After all, this entire experience was so stressful that she might have gotten those ponds on out of stress.


What do you think? Is it possible for a dog to gain weight out of stress? We know people can but what about dogs – do they eat comfort food like people?

Up Next; A Decade Later, She Never Gave Up Hope About Her Lost Dog

If you’re a dog owner, we’re sure you’re aware of the love humans have for their furry companions. There’s a reason dogs are often called “a man’s best friend.” They aren’t just pets. They are incredible beings that express unconditional love and compassion to their owners. 


For the dog, the feeling is mutual. Research has shown that dogs feel the most confident and excited exploring the world with their human owners, rather than other dogs. Studies have proven that they can feel certain emotions that human beings feel; such as joy, jealousy, and even love.

A Lifelong Bond

It’s no doubt that dogs have amazing effects on our nervous systems. They allow us to feel more calm and content in their presence. They also improve our overall health. If you’re a dog owner, you’re more likely to spend time outside with your pet. This regulates blood flow and promotes heart health, and can ultimately improve your social life.

BBC World Service - BBC OS, BBC OS, I was reunited with my missing dog  after 12 years

Humans form intense, lifelong bonds with their dogs. A dog owner’s biggest fear is something happening to their fluffy friends. That’s why when Katheryn Strang’s beloved dog, Dutchess, went missing in 2007, she was completely devastated.

Just a Normal Day in the Strang Household

Our story starts off in February 2007, on a sunny day in Orlando, Florida. It was a typical day in the Strang residence.


Katheryn finally arrived home after a long day at work. From the moment she entered, she noticed something strange: her front door was left slightly open. She feared perhaps someone broke into the home. She immediately rushed to her twelve-year-old son, who arrives home from school a bit before Katheryn finishes work. 

Something Fishy

It turns out that Katheryn’s son simply left the door open to the house and forgot to close it after he got home from school. Katheryn felt relieved that she figured out the cause of the open door, but something still seemed off.


Katheryn and her son did a quick check around the house to make sure everything was in its place, and she eventually sat on the couch to relax after her long workday. However, she still felt as though something was missing. And then it suddenly hit her: Where is Dutchess?


Where is Dutchess?

Dutchess normally comes running to greet Katheryn the moment she arrives home from work. Katheryn then realized how strange it was that her puppy didn’t come to say hello to her today when she got back home.


Katheryn immediately began to worry that something had happened to Dutchess. She started to frantically search around to find her precious fox terrier. She and her son checked every room in the house, praying Dutchess just fell asleep in one of the bedrooms or was busy playing with a toy somewhere.

Calling Out For Dutchess

Dutchess is typically a very obedient two-year-old dog. She normally responds right away when her owners call out for her. That’s why Katheryn entered panic mode when she was greeted with dead silence after calling out her dog’s name.


Can you imagine the utter fear running through Katheryn’s mind? She knew something had to be terribly wrong for her well-mannered pup to ignore her calls out for her. 

Assuming the Worst

In the heat of the moment, Katheryn’s motherly instincts kicked in. The stress caused her to expect the worst when it came to Dutchess’s whereabouts. Perhaps someone had come into the house and taken her? Or she ran far, far away, and she somehow wouldn’t be able to find her way back home?


Katheryn’s biggest fear was that Dutchess’s life was suddenly and painfully taken away from her. The Strang’s Orlando home was located on a fairly busy street with plenty of traffic. All Katheryn could do was pray that Dutchess knew to stay away from the cars speeding down the road. 

Lost Dog


Reality began to set in for Katheryn. She accepted the fact that her dear Dutchess was officially a lost dog. 


The months following Dutchess’s disappearance were almost unbearable for the dog’s devastated owner. Katheryn was determined to track down her pup, making hundreds of “lost dog” signs and posting them all across Orlando. She made daily visits to the local animal shelter, praying someone had found Dutchess and dropped her off to be picked up by her rightful owner. A desperate Katheryn tried her best not to lose hope and continued to spread the word to everyone she knew. 

The Aftermath

The consequences of Dutchess’s tragic disappearance were starting to put a heavy strain on Katheryn’s life. She was spending less and less time with her family and friends. Checking the local animal shelter daily was taking serious time out of her everyday life. The daily trips made it difficult to clock in hours at her job, which she needed to support her family.


The emotional effects were just as significant. All of Katheryn’s thoughts and energy were dedicated to finally finding her beloved dog. Her heart broke a little bit more every time she left the shelter empty-handed.

Beginning to Let Go

As much as it hurt her, Katheryn realized it was time for her to take a step back. She needed to bring her focus back to her own life, for her sake and for her family’s sake. She began cutting down on the animal shelter trips and checked the shelters occasionally rather than daily. She spent less time hanging up fliers and more time at work and with her family.

Person Sitting in Front of Body of Water

Katheryn understood part of her needed to let go. However, she never forgot about her beloved Dutchess. Katheryn and her family never lost hope that someday Duchess would come running back to them.



Time passed, and every year was just another year Katheryn and her family had to go on without their furry member of the family. As Katheryn’s life continued, she couldn’t help but feel that something crucial was missing. She knew Dutchess was the only thing that could fill that void in her life.


At one point, the family even debated getting another dog. But Katheryn couldn’t follow through with it. She knew that no dog would ever be able to replace her dear Dutchess, and she still had hope that she would come back. 

Thankful for the Microchip

Even though Katheryn thought a new dog might help her get closure from the situation, she didn’t want to take that step until she knew for sure there was no way Dutchess was coming back. According to Katheryn, until she heard otherwise, Dutchess was still alive.


Luckily, Dutchess was equipped with a microchip before she went missing. If she was found and brought to a shelter, they could scan the chip to obtain access to Katheryn’s contact details and they could be reunited. Katheryn continued to pay a yearly fee to keep Dutchess’s microchip activated. 

Never Losing Hope

As the years went by, Katheryn continued on with her daily life. She kept her focus on her work life and family. Occasionally, her mind wandered back to Dutchess.


She often reminisced about the memories she had with her dog. She hoped that wherever Dutchess was, she was happy and healthy. Even after all of this time, she still remained optimistic regarding Dutchess’s return. Paying the yearly $15 fee for the microchip was her way of showing she still hasn’t completely let go. She hoped one day the payments would be worth it.


The Phone Call That Would Change It All

Twelve years after Dutchess’s disappearance, on October 7th, it was a normal autumn day in the Strang household. Katheryn didn’t know she would suddenly get a phone call that would change everything.


Her phone rang, and the caller ID showed an area code that Katheryn was unfamiliar with. She answered the phone suspiciously and was in shock by what she heard on the other line. The voice on the phone was actually an employee from the Humane Animal Rescue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They were calling to notify Katheryn that they have found her dog. 

Way Too Good To Be True

At first, Katheryn was in complete and utter shock by the phone call. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and it took her a few moments to actually process what the shelter volunteer was telling her. 


Well over a decade since Dutchess had run away, Katheryn couldn’t begin to understand how her dog has actually been found nearly twelve years later. Once she had begun to comprehend the significance of the phone call, a million questions started to fill Katheryn’s head. How could this be?


Out of all of the questions running through Katheryn’s mind, the biggest one was how in the world Dutchess ended up in Pittsburgh. The city is almost 1000 miles from the Strang’s home in Orlando!


Throughout the years of looking for Dutchess, Katheryn had always kept the search somewhat local. Her shelter visits and lost dog signs were restricted to the central Florida area. When she pictured finding Dutchess again, she assumed the dog would have been picked up by some family in the Orlando area. Katheryn never would have expected Dutchess would turn up on the other side of the country. 


The Real Dutchess

The story seemed so unlikely to Katheryn that she assumed the Pittsburgh Humane Society could have possibly mistaken Dutchess for another dog. When Dutchess first went missing, Katheryn was bombarded with phone calls from strangers that believed they’ve found the missing pup. 


Toy fox terriers are a relatively common dog breed, so it was natural that Dutchess was often mistaken for other dogs. Nonetheless, Katheryn was disappointed and discouraged every time she thought she was finally going to be reunited with her dear puppy and it ended up being a false alarm. This made it difficult for Katheryn to trust the humane society that they have found the real Dutchess. 

Time for a Road Trip

Katheryn knew she had to see it to believe it. Her first instinct was to travel immediately to the humane society to confirm it really was Dutchess.

This Florida woman lost her dog in 2007. They were finally reunited when  she turned up in Pittsburgh

She searched for the earliest flight out of Boca Raton, where she now lived, to Pittsburgh. Unfortunately, flights to Pittsburgh were very expensive on such short notice. She realized her best option would be to load up a gas tank and embark on a road trip to reunite with her pup. She packed her bag and set off on a fifteen-hour overnight drive. 

On a Sunday night in Pittsburgh

You’re probably wondering how Dutchess really did end up all the way in Pittsburgh.

Boca Raton woman reunited with missing dog after 12 years

Meanwhile, it was a typical Sunday evening in a small town called Carnegie outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A couple was sitting in their living room when they heard a bizarre rustling noise coming from their backyard. When they went outside to see where the noise was coming from, they noticed a small animal hiding under their storage shed. The couple took a closer look and identified that it was a skinny, terrified dog with long and overgrown nails. 


In Serious Need of a Nail Trim

The couple had no idea whose dog it was, how it got there and how long it had been out there hiding under their storage shed. Their first instinct was to get in touch with their local animal shelter. They made a call to the Pittsburgh Humane Society who came quickly to the couple’s home to pick up the terrified dog. The humane society staff member who found her described Dutchess’s state as “hungry, shivering, and in serious need of a nail trim.”


The staff member was able to scan Dutchess’s microchip during the veterinary examination at the shelter. They traced Dutchess back to an owner from Boca Raton, Florida.

High Hopes

After a long and suspenseful road trip, Katheryn finally arrived at the Pittsburgh Humane Society. Though she felt exhausted after a sleepless night of travel, Katheryn was thrilled to hopefully reunite with her long-lost dog after all these years. 


Despite her excitement, Katheryn tried not to get her hopes up too high. Who knows, maybe the dog they found wasn’t actually Dutchess. Even though she fit the description, so many years have gone by. It seemed unlikely that it was actually her dog. And assuming that it was Dutchess; would she even recognize Katheryn after all this time apart?

The Moment Has Come

Katheryn patiently waited for her questions to be answered in the lobby of the humane society. After twelve years of waiting to reunite with her dog, she wasn’t sure if she was prepared for the intensity of the upcoming moment.


A humane society staff member entered the waiting room with a small, shaking pup in hand. The second Katheryn laid eyes on the dog, she immediately recognized that it was her dear Dutchess. Katheryn spread her arms open wide to welcome her long-lost love into her arms, which she hasn’t seen in over a decade.


Alive and Well

Katheryn couldn’t believe her eyes: it was actually her! Due to the fact that she probably was not used to being around that many people in so many years, Dutchess was a bit out of it. Naturally, the fourteen-year-old dog was exhausted from her many days of travel and no one had any idea what kind of trauma she could have experienced during that time.


Overall, Dutchess was in fairly good shape considering what she has been through. Most importantly, she was alive and finally reunited with her grateful owner.

Life-Long Lessons

Luckily, the humane society had set up a camera, prepared to record the emotional reunion. Cameras flashed and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Katheryn held Dutchess in her lap for the first time in twelve years. “They are like your babies, you just don’t give up hope,” Katheryn explained tearfully during their reunion. The fifteen-minute video has gone viral with over 100,000 views. 


Katheryn inspires us to stay optimistic, even when the situation seems hopeless. She also teaches the importance of microchipping our dogs. The humane society offered a half-off special after Dutchess’s homecoming to encourage owners to microchip their pets.

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