In 2013, a college student, Katie, met the love of her life, Jeremy Musser. Finally out of high school and out in the r...

Boyfriend Shares Deep Secret After 6 Weeks With Girlfriend, Changing Her Life Forever Boyfriend Shares Deep Secret After 6 Weeks With Girlfriend, Changing Her Life Forever

Boyfriend Shares Deep Secret After 6 Weeks With Girlfriend, Changing Her Life Forever

Boyfriend Shares Deep Secret After 6 Weeks With Girlfriend, Changing Her Life Forever

In 2013, a college student, Katie, met the love of her life, Jeremy Musser. Finally out of high school and out in the real world, Katie felt she really knew what she wanted. As they got closer, they fell deeper in love and their relationship started getting very serious.

Since Katie and Jeremy were so young, they assumed that there wasn’t much baggage coming into their fresh, new relationship. However, this couldn’t have been further from reality. Katie would soon find out that Jeremy was keeping a huge secret from her. It was only a matter of time before she would discover the truth.

Things seemed to be moving fast between Katie and Jeremy, which he had not expected. Usually, college relationships come and go without expecting things to get too serious. After just a few weeks, Katie and Jeremy had a feeling their relationship might actually be going somewhere.

When it came time for Jeremy to confess his secret to Katie, he was not sure what to expect. This extreme baggage had the potential to end the beautiful relationship that they had developed in such a short time – but he knew he had to be honest.

At this point, Katie and Jeremy had been dating for over six weeks – which is a long time to keep a secret from a significant other. This made it even more difficult for Jeremy to open up to Katie, but he knew the longer he waited, the worse it would get.

Finally, one night while Katie and Jeremy were texting, he decided it was time to open up about his secret. Jeremy confessed that he had a son named Landon. Katie was absolutely shocked by this news. Little did she know, this piece of information wasn’t even the half of it.

Katie had no idea how to react to this information. Not only does having a son change the picture quite a bit, he also kept this secret from her for far too long. She gathered her thoughts and responded with a question.

Katie figured Jeremy must have been a teenage father. It is not exactly common to have a child in your early 20’s but it does happen and she was not in any way going to judge him for that. However, this surprising news got even more shocking when she asked how old Jeremy’s son was.

As if Jeremy’s confession was not overwhelming enough, he told Katie that his son was only three weeks old. Katie was frustrated and confused that they had been dating for six weeks, yet his child was only three weeks old. A million thoughts rushed through her mind as she tried to wrap her head around everything.

Katie was mainly curious about the relationship between Jeremy and his son’s mother. If his son was just born three weeks prior, what did that mean for him and the mother? Katie didn’t know what to think. How could she have been so in the dark while this baby was born?

It is only natural for partners to learn new things about each other throughout the beginning of their relationship. However, this was a bit extreme. Katie was not sure how to respond to Jeremy as she wasn’t even sure how she felt about the situation.

Deciding to be open minded, Katie simply replied, “Omg that’s so exciting!” Instead of being angry with Jeremy, she decided to hear him out and listen to his story. This is where she learned Jeremy and his son’s mother, Casey Bender, had been broken up for a long time.

Katie struggled for a while with this news. She loved Jeremy enough to stay with him, but she constantly worried if she was getting the full truth. He was constantly fighting with his ex, Casey, and it took a toll on his relationship with Katie. They had a lot more in store for them than they expected.

Since Jeremy and Casey did not get along, inevitably, Katie and Casey did not get along either. Casey was hanging on to her past relationship with Jeremy, while Jeremy had moved on. Katie and Casey were constantly feuding, which made life even more difficult.

Although Katie and Casey did not get along, they both loved Landon, which did connect them in a way. Of course, Katie did not have the same role in Landon’s life as Casey, but they both respected the love they shared for him. This eventually helped their relationship take a turn.

One day, Katie realized how much her toxic relationship with Casey was eating away at her. They had their differences, but ultimately, there was no valid reason for them to hate each other. So, she decided to reach out to Casey – woman to woman.

Casey was understandably reluctant at first, but eventually eased into the idea of making amends with Katie. They both shared what had been bothering them, and put the past behind them. After all, they were both a big part of Landon’s life and it wasn’t healthy for him to witness their feud.

Over time, Katie and Casey became very good friends. Casey had even gotten married to a man named Tyler, expanding their family even further. The girls even went on what they called “mommy dates,” where they would meet up and talk about Landon and other life topics. However, what really made their friendship official took place on the day of Katie and Jeremy’s wedding.

During Katie’s vows at her and Jeremy’s wedding, she asked Casey and her husband, Tyler to stand. She then said, “First, I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend and allowing me to be a part of Landon’s life. I promise to be an amazing mother to your son…”

She continued, “I will guide, teach and love him every single day. I promise to respect, work, listen and communicate together as co-parents. I love you guys no matter what comes our way. We are one family, always.” Needless to say, everyone was in tears.

Now, Katie, Jeremy, Casey, Tyler and, Landon are truly one, big happy family. This story just goes to show you that love is far more important than any silly feud that might take over our lives. Be the bigger person, make amends and count your blessings.

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