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Distraught Young Man Claims to Be Missing Boy Who Vanished 8 Years Ago Distraught Young Man Claims to Be Missing Boy Who Vanished 8 Years Ago

Distraught Young Man Claims to Be Missing Boy Who Vanished 8 Years Ago

Distraught Young Man Claims to Be Missing Boy Who Vanished 8 Years Ago



You may remember the disappearance of six-year-old Timmothy Pitzen in 2011. Born in 2004 to Amy and James Pitzen, all seemed normal in the Pitzen’s family life. However, on May 11, 2011, their world was completely turned upside down. Timmothy was kidnapped by his own mother, leaving James and the rest of Timmothy’s family in shambles.

Years passed without any promising leads, until a recent event gave hope that Timmothy may have avoided a tragic ending.

On May 11, 2011, James Pitzen dropped his son off at his Kindergarten class. Shortly after, Timmothy’s mother, Amy, picked him up from school, claiming there was a “family emergency”. When all was said and done, it was clear that there was, in fact, no family emergency — well, not yet.

It turned out that Amy had pulled Timmothy from school for a weekend away – just the two of them. Although James knew that his son was with Amy, he began to worry as he had not heard from them in a couple of days. He and Amy had been going through a rough patch, and he knew she had a history with depression.

On May 13, 2011, Amy called a few family members to assure them that she was safe and sound with Timmothy. It was odd, however, that she did not make an effort to contact her husband. The next day, Amy was found dead, and Timmothy was nowhere to be found.

On May 14, 2011, Amy Pitzen’s body was found by a hotel maid. Investigators declared that Amy’s death was clearly a suicide. Throughout the investigation, things seemed to get more and more confusing as they uncovered all of the evidence. The mystery began when they found a note from Amy.

In Amy’s note, she stated that she was sorry for everything she had done. The strangest part was that she claimed Timmothy was safe in the care of good people and that no one would ever be able to find him. This raised some serious questions, to say the least.

Through the investigation process, they found some pretty horrifying evidence. They found that there was a good amount of Timmothy’s blood in Amy’s car. This detail opened up a lot of scary possibilities as to where Timmothy actually was – or if he was even still alive.

Of course, this situation was absolutely horrific for Timmothy’s father, James. Although there were a few different factors that pointed to his son being gone for good, James strongly believed that he was still out there. Over the years, James never gave up hope and continued to search for Timmothy.

Eight years later on April 3, 2019, residents of Newport, Kentucky called the police to report a very suspicious looking teenager walking around. He was wearing a hood and he seemed to be extremely distraught. So distraught, in fact, they felt the police should take action.

“He walked up to my car and he went, ‘Can you help me?’” a 911 caller told dispatchers, according to CNN. “’I just want to get home. Please help me.’ I asked him what’s going on, and he tells me he’s been kidnapped and he’s been traded through all these people and he just wanted to go home.”

When police arrived to question this young man, they were absolutely dumbfounded. He claimed to be 14-year-old Timmothy Pitzen. Police took this young man in to question him some more. It was time to find out if this was truly the end of a tragic eight-year case.

This young man told investigators his story. He claimed that he had been held captive by two men for the past seven years. He gave a full description of his captors and the police were inclined to believe that this was truly Timmothy Pitzen.

According to pressherald.com, “He described the men as white, with body-builder type physiques.” One man was described as “having black curly hair, a Mountain Dew T-shirt and a spider-web tattoo across his neck. The second man is short, with a snake tattoo on his arm.”

This young man continued to explain to investigators about being held captive by these men for some time. He had finally escaped on foot from a Red Roof Inn where these men had been staying and keeping him. All that was left to do was to contact the Pitzen family and run a DNA test.

The Pitzen family have had many false alarms regarding their beloved Timmothy’s whereabouts. People have claimed to have seen similar looking people in different locations, but none of these tips ever led to anything – nothing but disappointment, that is. This time, the Pitzen’s were truly praying for the best.

Trying not to get their hopes up, the Pitzen family patiently waited for the DNA results to come back. Unfortunately, this young man that claimed to be Timmothy Pitzen was not in fact Timmothy Pitzen. Heartbroken, the Pitzen family couldn’t imagine why someone would claim such a thing.

The young man taken in is actually a 23 year-old man named Brian Michael Rini from Medino, Ohio. Rini has an extensive criminal history and seems to have his fair share of issues. The mystery still remains why he claimed to be Pitzen or how he even thought of such a thing.

Timmothy’s father, James, is absolutely heartbroken, once again. As stated before, they have had small leads throughout the years, but this one seemed real. It was hard to not get their hopes up when what seemed to be a teenage boy actually claimed to be Timmothy.

You will be happy to know that Rini is being charged for his actions, although it does not take back what he did. James and his family continue their search for Timmothy despite the recent heartbreak. No matter what happens, they refuse to give up and they truly believe that Timmothy is still somewhere out there.

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