Lady Sees Crying Man Forced To Throw Package In Airport Trash, And What She Digs Out Is Heartbreaking

We are all used to the extreme rules that come with air travel in this country. Sometimes, this means parting with personal items before a flight. In 2016, Florida resident Ivelise Hernandez was awaiting a flight to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when she discovered something extremely troubling.

Ivelise Hernandez was being dropped off at the airport by her boyfriend, Rico Bankston. Bankston helped out with her luggage and walked with her to the security check before they parted ways. Just as he was ready to send Hernandez off, they noticed something that they just could not ignore.

Because of the strict laws in air travel, airport security was forcing a man to throw out a small package that he had in his luggage. Hernandez and Bankston couldn’t help but notice that the man was extremely upset as he reluctantly threw his package in the trash.

Rico Bankston said goodbye to his girlfriend and carried on. Out of curiosity, he decided to grab the package that the man was forced to throw out. He saw that the package contained a snow globe and decided to take it home with him.

Once Ivelise was back home, the couple decided to inspect the globe further. They found that the globe was a liquid filled snow globe with a photo on each side. One side contained a photo of an older couple and the other side was a photo of a little girl.

Underneath the photo of the little girl was an engraved message: “We love you Katie, Nana and Papa 1/25/16”. The couple had a feeling that this snow globe might have more meaning than a typical vacation knick-knack. They knew they had to find the owner and return the globe.

With no name or address on the package, Ivelise had to brainstorm ways to find this man. After some thought, she decided that their only chance at finding this man would be through social media. She went to Facebook and asked her friends for help.

Ivelise decided to make a post explaining the situation at hand. She wrote, “We felt bad about the situation and want to find out who these people are so we can return their gift out of the kindness of our hearts.”

Hernandez continued to write, “We wouldn’t want this to happen to us so if everybody could please share this photo so we can find the owners of this beautiful family and give them back their precious gift”. Once she made this post, all they could do was wait and hope for the best.

Their post had been shared over 48,000 times in just a week. This gave them hope in finding the family inside the globe. Finally, they received a message linking them to the owner. To their surprise, this message was not from anyone that actually knew the family.

The message that they received was actually sent by an employee from the company that sold the special snow globe called Things Remembered. Amazingly, this employee remembered the specific snow globe and the company was able to identify the person that had purchased it. This is where their story really got interesting.

The company linked the purchase to a woman named Linda Modry. Linda and her husband had the globe made for their granddaughter, Katie. Their son, Michael, was the man at the airport who was forced to throw out the globe. Michael was taking this globe to his daughter, Katie, but had to explain why it didn’t make its way to her.

With the company’s permission, Ivelise was given a phone number for Linda Modry. They were pleasantly surprised to find that Linda and her husband actually lived in their area. After speaking and sharing their overwhelming joy, Linda made plans to pick the globe up at Ivelise’s home.

When Linda arrived at Ivelise’s house, they fell into each other’s arms and cried tears of joy. Linda brought Ivelise a bouquet of flowers to show her endless appreciation for all she had done. Ivelise felt overjoyed to have been able to reunite this family with such a special item.

This meet-up could not have come at a better time. It turned out that Katie’s birthday was coming up and Linda wanted to get this special globe to her in time. The more Ivelise chatted with Linda, she began to realize just how special this gift really was.

Linda explained to Ivelise that the date inscribed on the snow globe was not a birth date. This date was actually the day that Katie was adopted and officially brought into their family. Linda and her husband cherish their granddaughter, Katie, and this globe was their way of reminding her of that.

Linda felt that her appreciation alone was not enough, so she did something that left Ivelise in tears. She called her son, Michael, so that he could thank Ivelise himself. Michael was the one that was forced to ditch this cherished item at the airport so it was even more special for Ivelise to hear his gratitude.

Joining Michael on the phone was his daughter, Katie, who was able to thank Ivelise, as well. The phone call was nothing short of emotional for everyone involved. Ivelise was smiling ear to ear when Katie exclaimed her overwhelming excitement to receive the precious gift from her grandparents.

Ivelise Hernandez said that her act of kindness was just a natural reaction for her. She didn’t think twice about finding the rightful owners of this special globe. She went on to explain that her mother raised her to always do the right thing.

Ivelise has received a lot of attention regarding this wonderful story and she hopes to be an inspiration for people to pay it forward. Her story is a perfect example of a good deed truly changing someone’s life. So when an opportunity to do good approaches, don’t think twice because it might mean more than you think!

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