The Idea YouTube American idealist Bruce Beach likes to think outside of the box. When he sees a used item, Beach is able to repurpose it ...

Man Buries 42 School Buses Underground For Secret Lifelong Project Man Buries 42 School Buses Underground For Secret Lifelong Project

Man Buries 42 School Buses Underground For Secret Lifelong Project

Man Buries 42 School Buses Underground For Secret Lifelong Project


The Idea


American idealist Bruce Beach likes to think outside of the box. When he sees a used item, Beach is able to repurpose it in a far more exciting way compared to the average person. Roughly 40 years ago, Beach began collecting — of all things — old, broken down school buses. While most people would find this rather odd, Beach looked towards the future with equal parts inventiveness and gloom. What he created is something absolutely fantastic.

Early Beginnings

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Beach was originally born in the small town of Winfield, Kansas. He was the only child of a grocery store owner. Eventually, Beach found himself working in the bustling metropolis of Chicago. Beach worked primarily as an electric engineer (a profession which most certainly paid him a handsome salary). Though it appeared as if Beach was living a wonderful life in one of America’s most prestigious cities, Beach quickly found himself feeling anxious.

North Of The Border


The Cold War period had created quite the amount of hysteria around the United States. Many thought that a nuclear war was inevitable. Beach was one of those individuals. As his fear of nuclear weapons increased, he decided to leave Chicago and move to a rural part of Canada as a means to become safe. He settled on the tiny city of Horning’s Mills (roughly 90 minutes north of Toronto). Little did Beach know that he’d meet a woman who’d change his life forever.

A Woman Name Jean

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Whilst in Canada, Beach met a woman named Jean. The two fell in love, and eventually married. Today, Jean is roughly 90 years of age. She spoke about the quick courtship:

“I’ve often asked myself that question. I almost married another guy but my Dad broke it up, and I am glad he did. Bruce takes care of me — and I take care of him.”

Feeling Unsettled


Though living a simple life, Beach couldn’t shake the nervousness around nuclear war, preparing for a potential apocalypse, and conserving food. It just so happened that Jean’s family owned a large chunk of land in the area. For 10 years, Beach sat on an idea that would make him — as he put it — look like a “nut” to his neighbors. However, Beach went ahead with a plan that many today are envious of.


Buying…School Buses?


In 1980, Beach surprised all of his neighbors by purchasing a fleet of old school buses. Each bus cost roughly $300. In total, Beach bought a whopping 42 old school buses. Those in the area found it utterly bizarre, especially when the buses were lined up in organized rows. What occurred next was something no one saw coming.

More Construction

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Once all of the school buses were lined up in the way Beach wanted, he began covering all of the buses with both soil and concrete. For two years, Beach worked on this entire project. Many were wondering — why was he burying these school buses underground? Quickly, Beach’s vision all came into view. He was preparing for something far more significant than anyone realized.

The Vision

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Essentially, Beach was building a gigantic bomb shelter in the event that a cataclysmic event were to occur (such as nuclear war). The metal ceilings of the buses actually served well when it came to structuring tunnels. This network of underground tunnels comprised a sophistication that many didn’t see coming. When it came to having people live with him at the Ark Two Shelter, Beach was highly selective.



When first constructed, Beach estimated that the 10,000 square-foot bunker would hold up to 500 people (though that estimation has shrunk over the years). Beach told National Post about his initial plans:

“I used to always say the end of the world was going to be two years from now. But now I say it is going to be two weeks from now — and if I am wrong, I will revise my date. People think, ‘what a nut,’ and I know that. But I don’t mind, I understand the world looks upon me that way.” 

Legal Issues

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Both neighbors and those in local government have voiced their displeasure over this project. According to Beach, he’s been dragged to court allegedly over 30 times since 1980. He built this bunker without a permit — though justifies it by saying that the project is “a matter of life and death.” There are even fire officials in a local town which consider Ark Two a hazard.


SAFE Ark Two

Beach created a website for those interested in his project. He is steadfast in the idea that this bunker is more about reconstruction — where those in the bunker will be tasked with essentially re-starting civilization (should there be some sort of deadly pandemic event). Beach welcomes people from all different backgrounds. Upon analyzing the website further, one realizes that the underground network of tunnels is more complex than many would assume.

Tours Available


Beach has a team of employees who help keep the bunker functioning. Presumably, they have secured spots within the bunker in the event of a world emergency. Additionally, many media members — and even interested parties — have been granted access to Ark Two. As one can see from the photo above, the old shell of a school bus functions rather brilliantly as a ceiling.

Communication Options


In order to communicate with the outside world, Ark Two has a communications room. An antenna enables those underground to broadcast on FM stations — as well as throughout North America on AM stations. In order to keep the bunker running smoothly, Beach normally enlists his volunteers to come help throughout various weekends in the year. Much of the communication equipment is buoyed by generator power.

An Impressive Kitchen


Though Beach estimates that he’s thrown away tons of food over the years, he still has his bunker equipped with two full-fledged kitchens. Not only are there a number of stoves and microwaves, but Beach even has non-perishable foods (such as a jar of pickles from 1987). Most recently, Beach was able to procure a pizza cooker for those who will be down underground. At the height of a potential emergency, Beach has a soup pot big enough to serve thousands of people for a single feeding.

Washroom Facilities

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Ark Two has a number of facilities specifically designed to make living as ‘normal’ as possible. This includes washroom stations for both men and women. As one can see, there are a number of sinks, showers, and toilets which all function. While a bit outdated, Beach insists that they’d all work well in this sort of communal way of living.

Living Situations


There are a number of bunk rooms within Ark Two. This is where men and women will sleep. Conversely, there are separate areas for small children and teenagers. Among the primarily rules of the facility, one main one is that children are not to sleep in the same bed/area as their parents. The reasons for this rule aren’t exactly known.

A Daycare Center?


Those with young children need not to worry. Beach accounts for all sorts of situations. Aside from the traditional toilets/bunk beds, Beach also built a children’s play area with toys, a quiet room, and a nursery-daycare center of sorts. If there are more children than available bunks, Beach envisions a scenario in which two childen share a bed for 12 hours — while another pair of children share the same bed for another 12 hours. Essentially, the children would take ‘sleeping shifts.’

An Operational Dentist?


We aren’t sure whether we’d want our teeth cleaned by this equipment. However, Beach swears by this shabby dental equipment — which likely comes from the 1980’s. Aside from the scary chair and antiquated dental materials, Beach even has included an x-ray machine. By the looks of the chair, we can’t imagine many people experiencing dental care in the bunker.

Needing a Gym?


No, this isn’t Equinox (or even Planet Fitness). However, Beach recognized the importance of exercise. This small side room enables those work outs on what appear to be shabby exercise bikes. With the bunker being roughly 14 feet below ground, there doesn’t appear to be much of a possibility for its inhabitants to go on a long bike ride on the surface — let alone for a walk in the sunlight.

An Apocalyptic Feel


Beach is certainly inventive. This bunker was reportedly built with the help of many contractors and engineers. Beach even has a septic tank positioned which is large enough to account for a big hotel. When traversing through the underground dwelling, there are a number of apocalyptic items which signal that Beach is truly expecting something life-changing to occur sooner than later.

Preventative Measure for Radiation

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Of course, Beach is preparing for a potential nuclear war. By his calculations, Beach reportedly believes that toxic nuclear waste is a form of light. As such, it only travels in a straight line as opposed to bending around objects. The entrance to Ark Two was crafted as a ramp down underground. It then immediately includes a sharp turn into the actual bunker. This was done reportedly as a preventative measure against nuclear radiation.

Ultimate Plan


According to one report, Beach plans on having the bunker’s population primarily made up of women and children. In fact, he reportedly wants 80-percent of those in the bunker to be children. If the human race is indeed in danger, Beach views this breakdown as the most positive one when it comes to theoretically repopulating the world. Along with that, the bunker is said to have heating, lighting, running water (with the help of a well), and at least three months of diesel fuel to power the generators.

Bruce Beach’s Vision


Bruce Beach is a wildly fascinating person. Someone clearly intelligent, he feels strongly in his convictions about a potential global tragedy. Whether he’s accurate or not is one thing. However, no one can deny the impressive nature of this bunker.

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