Katie Page’s life hit a bit of a bump in the road in her early thirties. Unfortunately, her marriage began falling apart and ev...

Single Mother Adopts 2 Children 1 Year Apart – Then She Finds Documents That Defy All Odds Single Mother Adopts 2 Children 1 Year Apart – Then She Finds Documents That Defy All Odds

Single Mother Adopts 2 Children 1 Year Apart – Then She Finds Documents That Defy All Odds

Single Mother Adopts 2 Children 1 Year Apart – Then She Finds Documents That Defy All Odds

Katie Page’s life hit a bit of a bump in the road in her early thirties. Unfortunately, her marriage began falling apart and eventually ended in a divorce. While this can be an extremely rough thing to go through, it opened Katie’s eyes and led her to what she believes to be a miracle.

Through her rough times, Katie knew that she needed a new beginning. She wasn’t quite sure where she wanted to take this new life, but she knew she would eventually find her way. So, her first step was to move to a new location. Katie decided to move from Alabama to Colorado.

Katie was very happy with this new move, and quickly found a great new job in the commercial construction industry. She bought a large home that she intended to fix up, and it had enough space for plenty of guests. She would soon realize the space in her new home would actually come in handy for a very important reason.

Katie began renovating her new home by herself. She realized that hiring workers to fix up the house would be way too pricey, and she looked at it as a fun project for herself. However, once her house was all fixed up, she still felt like something was missing.

After some time of being along in her new home, Katie had a bit of a breakdown. She felt as though she had lost herself and life began to get extremely lonely. One day, her church reached out to her, explaining a program to foster children in need. This was when Katie’s life truly changed forever.

As soon as Katie heard about this fostering program, she felt something special inside of her. She was searching for a larger meaning in life, and she knew this was exactly what she wanted to do. With some more thought, she decided to attend the meeting about the program.

Katie’s mother attended the meeting with her for support. As soon as they began explaining the ins and outs of being a foster parent, Katie was sure this was the path she wanted to go down. For the first time in a long time, Katie knew exactly where her life was headed.

Katie knew she had to be smart about this huge decision. She had already decided that she wanted to take on this responsibility, but she knew it wouldn’t be easy. At this point, Katie knew it was the right decision, but had no idea where this beautiful path would truly take her.

Finally, the day had come where Katie completed her application process. She began fostering children in need of parents and she soon realized it was what she was destined to do. Sadly, these orphaned children suffered plenty of trauma early in their lives, and were in desperate need of a loving home.

While Katie was already taking care of a 1-year-old, the agency came to her begging for her to foster a second child. There was a sweet newborn boy that had been abandoned and needed a home. Sadly, this baby was exposed to drugs during the pregnancy.

After contemplating her options, Katie found a possible solution to also take care of this new born baby. She decided to ask her mother for help. If her mother could come and live with Katie for a few months to help out, she knew she would be able to handle taking on this baby boy.

Katie realized this baby boy was not even named yet, so she named him Grayson. She felt an immediate connection with him and she felt that he was brought to her by God. While the search continued for Grayson’s biological parents, Katie took care of him as if he was her own.

When Grayson turned 11 months old, his biological parents officially had no rights over him. This was when Katie made the life changing decision to adopt Grayson as her own son. On May 25, 2017, Grayson officially joined the family, legally becoming Grayson Page.

Because Grayson had been exposed to drugs in the womb, his developmental skills were much slower than a typically healthy child. Because of this, Katie decided to wait a while to take on another case so that she could give 100 percent of her attention to her baby boy.

After some time had passed, Katie received a surprise phone call from the fostering agency. Once again, they called out of desperation as another newborn baby had been abandoned and was in serious need of a home. Katie was torn at first because of her plan to wait a while for another case.

Katie went against her own plan and took on this baby girl. Although she knew she needed to give Grayson extra attention, she felt she had it in her to take great care of both of these children. After a short time with this baby girl, Katie began noticing something odd.

Katie started seeing very extreme similarities between her adopted son and her foster daughter. So much so, she created a theory in her head that they may be related. Katie began to do some research and what she found was beyond anything she could have ever expected.

After looking up their birth records, Katie had reason to believe that her adoptive son and her foster daughter may be siblings. Their birth mothers had the same name, but her listed information did not match up perfectly. Katie, determined to find the truth, found the girl’s biological mother.

Katie sat down with the baby girl’s mother and finally got some answers. The woman admitted to giving birth to a boy around the same time Grayson was born. After this conversation, Katie arranged for the case worker to meet up with the biological mother, as well.

After the case worker met with the biological mother, she told Katie that she believed her theory to be true. After a bit more research, it was official. Katie’s adopted son and her foster daughter were in fact siblings. Katie was absolutely ecstatic.

Because Grayson was Katie’s legal child, it made the process very easy for Katie to adopt his sister. Once Katie adopted this little girl, she named her Hannah. Their story felt like an actual miracle, and Katie’s friends and family were absolutely thrilled for her.

Now, Katie, Grayson and Hannah are one happy family that were brought together by the universe. It is sad to think of where Grayson and Hannah would have ended up if Katie had not found them – not to mention they most likely would have never met. Katie saved these children, but it is also safe to say that they saved her.

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