Teenage years can be extremely difficult. The pressure of cliques, bullies and school work can be a terrible combination. For ...

Student Nominated for Homecoming Queen as a Prank Fights Back and Defeats Her Bullies Student Nominated for Homecoming Queen as a Prank Fights Back and Defeats Her Bullies

Student Nominated for Homecoming Queen as a Prank Fights Back and Defeats Her Bullies

Student Nominated for Homecoming Queen as a Prank Fights Back and Defeats Her Bullies

Teenage years can be extremely difficult. The pressure of cliques, bullies and school work can be a terrible combination. For 16 year-old Whitney Kropp, high school wasn’t exactly an easy breeze for her. Then, when she found out she had been nominated for Homecoming Queen, she saw a beam of light.

Whitney was beyond flattered to receive this nomination as she always felt like she didn’t fit in with her peers. She only had a few close friends so she was a bit confused by the nomination, but she of course could not complain. Whitney would soon find out this nomination was not what she had thought.

Whitney became suspicious when the Homecoming court was announced over the loud speaker. When she heard her name, she was surprised but excited. However, shortly after, she heard her classmates giggling at her. She brushed this off and decided to stay excited.

The day of the announcement, Whitney was anxious to tell her family the good news. Her family, of course, was thrilled for her. She even posted on her Facebook page, “In the Homecoming Court! 🙂 Little nervous but this is going to be fun :D”

Whitney Kropp did not blend in with all of her classmates. She enjoys dying her hair eccentric colors and enjoys music that most people her age do not. Because of this, she didn’t have much communication among her peers. Things began to make more sense when she heard that she was nominated as a joke.

As if the prank alone wasn’t bad enough, Whitney began discovering that it was more in depth than she had thought. She realized that almost everyone in her class supported the prank. Whitney was so devastated, her mind turned to extremely dark thoughts.

Whitney was even told that a male nominee rejected his nomination because he didn’t want to be involved with her in any way shape or form. All of this nasty information sent Whitney into a deep, dark depression and she even contemplated suicide. Luckily, she had a loving family on her side.

Whitney began feeling like she didn’t belong at her high school and that she was nothing but a big joke. “I had actually reached a point where I had thought about suicide for how bad this case was in,” Kropp told WNEM. “I thought I wasn’t worthy at Ogemaw Heights at all.”

Instead of holding all of this in, Whitney decided to open up to her family. Her family was understandably devastated to hear what these kids had done to her. They tried their best to convince Whitney to attend the Homecoming coronation anyway just to spite her bullies – but it wasn’t that easy.

Whitney’s sister, Alivia, started a Facebook group to support the recent events. This Facebook group blew up and before they knew it, hundreds of thousands of people were standing by Whitney Kropp. This terrible prank turned into a huge platform for bullying awareness. What came next was something Whitney never could have expected.

Whitney received an overwhelming amount of support from local businesses offering their services for her homecoming. Businesses donated new shoes, a new dress, a makeover, a homecoming dinner and an awesome limo to transport her to the Homecoming coronation. This prank was officially turned around on her awful bullies.

Local hairdresser, Shannon Champagne, offered up a free makeover for Whitney. Speaking with People, Champagne explained, “Every girl looks forward to being on that homecoming court and for her name to be called. For her to be so excited about that and then just to find out it was all a joke, it really touched me.”

Although Whitney had an immense amount of support, she was still extremely nervous about attending the Homecoming coronation, which took place during the halftime of their school’s football game. She knew plenty of people had her back, but she really wasn’t sure how the night would turn out after the intense week she had. Little did she know, her life was about to change forever.

Whitney arrived at the Homecoming coronation wearing a beautiful orange dress and showed off her awesome new haircut. To her surprise, she saw thousands of people rise and clap for her as she walked across the field with her father. They all held signs showing their support for Whitney and even had orange T-shirts made in her honor.

News teams were at the scene to capture this amazing moment. Whitney was in awe of all of the support she had on this huge night. She could not believe her eyes as she gazed upon the thousands of people cheering for her – someone who thought she meant nothing to the world.

When being interviewed, Whitney sent out a beautiful message to her fellow peers after the event -“The kids that are bullying you, do not let them bring you down. Stand up for what you believe in and go with your heart and go with your gut.”

“It is absolutely awesome to see her stand up. And it’s so cool to see emails we’re getting from parents and other students from all over the place telling her stories and how it helped them and it touched them. My daughter is out there as an inspiration to a lot of people, and it’s a really cool thing,” Whitney’s mother stated, according to

Now, the Kropp family is receiving an overwhelming amount of emails and messages showing support. They were even offered a deal to turn Whitney’s story into a movie. While the fame can be a bit much for them, they are just  glad that Whitney’s story has raised awareness for this issue.

Whitney has grown tremendously from this entire situation. Now that people know who she is and know her story, she is thinking about becoming an anti-bullying advocate. This terrible situation was turned into a beautiful one, and could possibly lead Whitney to discovering her career.

Bullying is a huge issue across the world – especially for teens and preteens. It’s a shame that it takes situations like this to shed light on such a harmful issue, but in the end, the positive feedback made huge improvements towards the prevention of bullying. Lucky for Whitney, she had a wonderful support system behind her through her rough times.

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