Coming home to your furry friend at the end of a long day is one of the best perks of having a cat. Their weird and wonderful ways, includ...

@@ These Cats Explain Why It's Called a 'Cat Nap' @@ These Cats Explain Why It's Called a 'Cat Nap'

@@ These Cats Explain Why It's Called a 'Cat Nap'

@@ These Cats Explain Why It's Called a 'Cat Nap'

 Coming home to your furry friend at the end of a long day is one of the best perks of having a cat. Their weird and wonderful ways, including the "gifts" they bring us, help shape our love for them. Napping is most cats favorite past time. They are great at it and spend a large portion of the day curled up in dreamland. 


These owners managed to snap their cats sleeping in some genuinely bizarre positions, and some of them will leave you wondering how kittens can even find themselves in such weird situations. Whether it's in the garden or the utility closet, these cute cats fall asleep in all sorts of peculiar positions. 

The Comfy Couch

Getting in from work and sprawling out on the couch is something that we all look forward to after a long day. Settling in and binging on the latest TV series until the early hours is an all too familiar evening in for most of us. 


This feline friend must have seen its owner and tried to copy their antics. With the remote control in hand, dozing on the couch, we can all relate. The owner even commented, "I think my cat is a tiny man in a catsuit.". 

Spikey Situation

Cactuses aren't known for their smooth surfaces; in fact, pricking your finger can be quite painful! It's crazy to think this kitten has managed to curl up and rest so peacefully on top of one. 


The cat looks sound asleep, and even though the cactuses don't look too prickly, it is still impressive! So next time you need a nap, throw caution to the wind and take after this adorable ginger and white tabby cat. Or like a sane person, choose the comfy option and stick to your bed.

Fancy a Salad?

We are all partial to a salad from time to time, but it isn't often you find a cat on top of your leafy lettuce. Impressively, despite the small container the tiger furred feline seems to fit like a glove. Next time make sure to put your salad back in the fridge. Otherwise, you'll be left gobsmacked like the owner, who commented: "My cat fell asleep in my salad."


What's the best thing to do after a big lunch? Take a long nap, of course! Unlike our cat companions, we may have to find something a bit bigger to sleep in. Unfortunately for this owner, another trip to the store for some more food is on the agenda. The cat can, on the other hand, can wake up and have an after nap snack. 


Hiding In Plain Sight

Struggling to find the cat in this picture? The little beauty may be hard to spot at first glance as his coat blends in with the cat tree. According to the owner, he thinks its the best spot for a nap, and he loves to sleep like this with his feet hanging over the edge.


The cat pictured here is called Manu. Apparently, he isn't a light sleeper and can stay in this spot all day if left to his own devices. His owners say that Manu is a bit too big for the cat tree, and we don't disagree. But he does seem to be happy in his slumber here. 

The Balancing Act

Like an acrobat delicately walking the tightrope, this feline is clinging for dear life on top of the stairs. This daredevil is taking a significant risk by having her afternoon nap balanced on the staircase. It must just have been one of those busy days that requires sleeping where you fall. 


Let's hope that this cat hasn't used all of its nine lives. Not to worry, though, they always land on their feet, and this moggie is completely safe. Regardless, I am sure that her human had quite a surprise once they spotted her. 

Always Check The Wash

Making sure that you separate your whites from the darks is the first lesson you learned from your mom when doing the washing. This puss didn't get the message. Its white coat is hard to spot next to the towels it's lying on. 


This sleepy cat is renowned for finding weird places to fall asleep. We think the towels act like a mini mattress for the moggie to relax on, who could turn that down? Thankfully, the owner managed to spot the cat before turning on the machine "he is SO lucky I saw him before turning the water on." We definitely agree with that.


Walking In Your Footsteps 

Even wondered how comfy the inside of a shoe is? No neither have we. After taking a break from a stressful day's work, which includes exploring the house and staring at the neighbor, this cat needed a break. This carefree cat has taken it upon himself to find a new home in its owner's loafers. 


By the adorable look on the kitten's face, you could almost be mistaken for thinking its sleeping in a kitty sleeping bag. According to the cat's owner, it often "finds the weirdest places to sleep." Perhaps next time it could try and get an upgrade to a wellington boot. 

Two Best Friends

Rarely are our canine friends, the king of the castle. Here you can see Tonks, who is a two-month-old rescue kitten, acting like the boss and perching on top of his buddy Luna. Her owner said that since arriving at the house, Tonks favorite sleeping places are "on top of, underneath, inside, and next to our 70 pound Golden Retriever."


Like many households with multiple pets, these best pals do have some troubles throughout the day. According to her owner, the cat takes time out of her day to "harass" Luna, who is only two years old. But by the end of the day, they have made best buddies again, and the retriever is found "sleeping with Luna like nothing ever happened.". If you ask us, it sounds like your standard sibling rivalry. 

Defying Gravity 

Hang in there! This beautiful white-furred cat is defying gravity by hanging off a drying rack, effortlessly holding on by its paws. Most likely taking a break from helping its owner fold the drying, the cat seems to be set to hang out there for a while. 


We're not too sure how the kitty ended up asleep on the drying rack. But we would love to find out how it managed to stay there! Even with its legs dangling below and belly curved over the bars, it continues to sleep uninterrupted. Next time we'd recommend something a little closer to the floor. 

Green Paws Galore 

This picture is every green fingers nightmare. Imagine pruning the flowers only to find this ginger tabby sound asleep in your hard work. We never thought the term plant bed would be taken so literally, but this cat seems comfortable and out for the count.


Who doesn't want to relax in the garden and catch some rays? We think this adorable cat must have tired itself out from a hard days work chasing things around the yard. After it found this "perfect place" and fell asleep, its owner swooped in and snapped this cute photo.

The Ultimate Stretch

We couldn't quite decide whether this cat is taking in the summer rays, finishing up its morning yoga routine, or collapsing on the couch after a tiring day. Someone even commented that the cat could be posing for the photo. Whatever it's doing, it looks comfy, and we may also have to give it a try! 


The owner clarified that he is, in fact, just taking a catnap. Apparently, he likes to starfish while he sleeps, just like its owner. It looks like there isn't room for one more, anyway, who would want to disturb something that seems this peaceful?

Bin Better

Well, we've heard of the cat out of the bag but never the cat being in the bin. It looks like this feline friend has taken a break from walking over its owner's laptop. It instead chose to wander into the garbage bin and snuggle up among some old pieces of pather. This black and white cat looks deep in slumber. 


Cats often find themselves in tricky situations, but this one has found itself on top of the recycling pile. We've struggled to find an explanation for this one, so we figured the kitty is just looking for some peace, with the paper absorbing the noise from its surroundings. 

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

This snoring alley cat looks like it has had one too many catnips. Looking rough from a night in the neighborhood, this sleeping cat doesn't seem ready for a week of hard work. Nevermind life isn't so tough for our furry friends, and it has the rest of the week to sneak in a few more afternoon naps.


Fans of the sleeping cat, commented on social media saying how similar the face its making is to the groaning looks they make when faced with their early morning alarm. We agree but think next time a pillow and somewhere cozy may work better.

A Day Out At The Park

Nothing quite beats dozing off on a warm summer day underneath a lovely comfy tree in the park. The cute cat pictured here has the right idea but may have mistaken his owners for an unlikely couple, who are joined at the hip. 


After a busy afternoon chasing critters around the local park, this tired kitten just had to find a spot for a catnap. The sculpture, which depicts a young couple gazing towards the surrounding town, seems to be the perfect spot. We think it must have reminded the moggie of climbing onto the couch at home and into the loving arms of its owner. Who said art couldn't be brought to life!

Absolutely Boot-iful 

Does this orange tabby look familiar? It has a striking resemblance to the adorable but fierce cat who appeared in "Puss in Boots" alongside the big green ogre Shrek. The famous character was so loved it went on to star in its follow-up movie, aptly named after the charismatic kitty. 


This dozing cat must have been exhausted to have fallen asleep in an upright position like this one! Unfortunately for its owner, we don't think that this real-life cat will have the same deep husky voice as that of Antonio Banderas, who voiced the cat in the movies. Hopefully, this cat gets some much-deserved rest and picks somewhere a bit comfier next time, like a slipper or a shoe!

A Classic Recreated 

Something is certainly different about this cats sleeping position. For once, it isn't the location. No high flying napping attempts or sleeping in salads. But if you look closely, you can see an uncanny resemblance to one of the most famous images ever. One user even asked, "Is it a sign from above?".


If the picture doesn't jog your memory, you'll need to get a quick refresher on your art history using our old friend Google. The painting, which was created by the insanely talented Michelangelo, is arguably one of the most recognizable images around the world and sits in the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. We think the owner should get this cat a brush, and you never know what it may create next!

Wardrobe Malfunction

Have you ever tried calling your cat and wondering where they have gotten off to? Ever wondered why your newly hung clothes have fur on them? Well, this next picture may have all the answers you need. It turns out that sleeping on clothes may be comfier than sleeping in clothes, well according to this cat anyway.


If you glance too quickly, you may have even missed the kitten tucked away among a row of hangers. The hangers are acting as the bedframe with the clothes as the mattress. This cat looks as comfy as can be. But we are still perplexed by how the cat managed to get up there in the first place and how it will get down! Nevertheless, we all occasionally go to extremes to get a good night's rest.


As anyone who has ever used a printer knows, they jam, often. Despite following all the instructions carefully, you'll be lucky to get away scot-free. If it's not the lack of paper, it'll surely be a paper jam or the ink running out. Imagine this owners shock when they found out it's not a paper jam, but a cat jam!


Thankfully, a cat jam is stress-free, easy to fix, and provides us with this cute photo of our feline friend. It looks like the cat just needed turning off and on again. We figured that the warmth the printer generates after a long spell of trying to print out documents attracts the feline,  or it's looking to get a couple of black and white copies made. 

Squeezing In Some TV

We have all been there after a long day. Sitting in front of the TV when our eyes grow heavy and before you know it, you're snoozing to your favorite show with your cat companion at your side. So imagine the surprise for this owner when they found their catnapping behind the television!


We can't imagine that it is very comfortable behind there, not with all the cables and cobwebs. But thankfully the Reddit user snapped this photo and shared its adorableness with the world. Maybe the kitty just grew tired of the TV choices and was waiting for its favorite show to come on. 

The Cup Cat

This picture takes "If it fits, I sits" to a whole new level. At first glance, you could almost mistake it for a teacup kitten. But this baby kitten is regular sized and just loves sleeping in car cup holders! This adorable picture reminds us of how cute little kittens really are and the tiny places they like to squeeze into. 


The owner will have to make sure to remember their feline friend's favorite napping spot next time they grab a drink from a drive-thru. It turns out cup holders are for sleeping cats so the unlucky passenger will have to do all of the holding. We're sure that won't be a problem once they catch a glimpse of its adorable face.


Snug as a Bug

Being curled up in front of the fire on a cold winter's evening is an image that most people have fondly ingrained in their memory. This furry friend takes that to a whole new level. Pictured snuggly alongside the burning fire, this cat also happens to have made a box its bed. 


Despite being too big for the box, the cat is comfortable and content to spill over the edges, and the result is so adorable it could melt your heart. But according to its owner, the cat was stubborn. He declared that "My cat just can't accept the fact that the box was too small for him."

Squeezing in a Nap

There's nothing like a big summer BBQ where you can stuff yourself to the brim and then take a nap in the garden chair with the sun still glowing. This cat couldn't even wait for the BBQ to get started before taking its nap. 


By the look of deep slumber on its face, the grill has long since cooled down. We can't figure out why this cat chose to balance between the top and bottom grill plates rather than taking a beautiful flat "bed" on the lower level. Regardless, he was spotted like this by his owner after returning from work. It looks like he wasn't the only one who had a busy day. 

Risky Business

This is undoubtedly an out of office message with style. Anyone who wandered upon this sleeping kitty would be under no impressions of any work getting done. According to its owner, "He loves sleeping there whenever I'm on my pc." Perhaps he could have chosen a comfier position that does have its head touching its tail!


Without any caffeine, this picture would be a more familiar sight in most offices around the world. Isn't it everyone's dream to take a midday catnap? Let's hope the little kitty manages to straight out its neck when it wakes up.

The Best Of Both Worlds 

Who hasn't had a night of tossing and turning in bed? Well, this cat has decided that enough is enough. The hard surface of the wood is on its back. While it has the soft cushions of the sofa on its paws, this kitty looks in heaven. It even blends perfectly with the color of the couch. Hopefully, nobody disturbs it.


Let's hope that it doesn't look down; otherwise, what is sees may frighten it. We can't quite understand how it remains so balanced, but it looks away with the fairies. Its snaps like these that make us glad that cats have nine lives. 

Dreaming Up The Next Album

Creativity has always been hard for aspiring artists, and it is no different for our feline friends. This cute kitten looks like it is trying to dream up some inspiration by sleeping on its owner's CD and DVD collection. Is it dreaming of rock, rap, or the blues? Who knows, either way, its definitely in a deep slumber.


Despite the uncomfortable position this kitty looks in heaven and the CD rack has become the newest resting place for the cat. The owner said that he captured this photo unexpectedly after returning from work and finding the cat sound asleep. Let's hope they get a few more pictures before online streaming services do away with disks entirely. We'd definitely keep CD's if it meant discovering cuteness like this.

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