The Video That Started It All What was supposed to be a normal morning for one waitress working at a waffle house in La Marque, Texas, tur...

@@ This Waitress Was Recorded By One of Her Customers For an Unexpected Reason @@ This Waitress Was Recorded By One of Her Customers For an Unexpected Reason

@@ This Waitress Was Recorded By One of Her Customers For an Unexpected Reason

@@ This Waitress Was Recorded By One of Her Customers For an Unexpected Reason


The Video That Started It All

What was supposed to be a normal morning for one waitress working at a waffle house in La Marque, Texas, turned into anything but.


Indeed, as she was being discreetly recorded by a restaurant patron nearby, the waitress had no idea that she was about to be a star of a viral video online and that the events that were about to unfold would change her life forever...

Not Your Ordinary Day

As a long-time customer of the local Waffle House in La Marque, Texas, Laura Wolf thought she's seen it all as far as what went on in the establishment. Indeed, she's been having breakfast there for as long as she can remember—long enough, at least to have gotten to know the restaurant's staff real well. 


And while she expected the day to go like any other, on March 3, she noticed something rather extraordinary. It was so extraordinary to Laura that she knew she just had to put her food down and grab her mobile phone to record the event. And, after pulling her phone out, she decided to record discreetly.

The waitress whom she was recording, however, had no idea that Laura had her eyes, and her phone, documenting her every move.

It Was a Busy Day

Prior to the incident, the day had already proven to be an unusually busy one inside the Waffle House. While the restaurant has always been a very popular destination among the local residents, the number of customers on this particular day was significantly higher than usual. The place, needless to say, seemed to be bursting at the seams from the number of customers that came in.


Laura had no idea why the place was more packed than usual, but it seemed like the whole town was coming in for breakfast at the Waffle House. The servers, in particular, were kept up on their toes, trying to do their best to serve each customer.

The abundance of customers that needed to be served, however, was just one of the things that made the day extraordinary...

The Waitress

One of the servers, whom Laura noticed was running about to serve the sheer volume of customers, was Evoni Williams, who was called 'Nini' by the rest of the staff. Laura knew her to have been working at the restaurant for quite a while now—more than a few years, to be sure—and the regulars, as well as the staff, knew that Nini was as hardworking as they come.


Nini, as it turns out, had a very good reason for having such a fantastic work ethic. Indeed, she was working hard and saving everything she made—down to the last penny—to be able to enter the local college. Unfortunately, Nini hasn't got a lot saved up so far, so there was in fact a long way to go.

Taking Orders As She was Being Recorded

Like Laura, Evoni thought the day would be like any other. But when she came in and saw that the place was overflowing with customers, she saw it as a good opportunity to be able to take home a few more tips than usual. So Evoni immediately sprang into action, attending to customers left and right.


Soon enough, it began to seem like the Waffle House didn't have enough staff to accommodate the deluge of customers. Evoni herself felt overwhelmed. She found herself in constant motion, delivering plates, getting orders, and responding to requests. Then, she saw it.

A Nice Old Man

It was one particular customer who was able to get Evoni's attention. It was a nice 78-year-old man who many of her fellow servers knew as a regular who goes to the restaurant at least once every week. His name, Adrien, was known to the staff and the other regular patrons of the Waffle House, but he was also often affectionately called Mr. Karaoke.


Adrien arrived at the Waffle House to have his breakfast at the usual time. And despite that Adrien lugged around an oxygen tank, making it obvious to everyone that he was suffering from a few health issues, he was always jovial to everyone around.

A More Than Interesting Conversation

Evoni, due to the large number of customers in the restaurant, was up and about, getting orders, responding to requests, and just generally moving all around the place to be able to serve as many people as fast as she could. And that's when Adrien tried to draw her attention.


So Evoni walked over to Adrien, who was sitting at one of the barstools that were near the counter. Adrien then leaned forward to Evoni's ear and started to whisper something that he clearly didn't want the other people around to hear. 

Caught on Camera

Laura, who was at this point sitting directly across both Evoni and Adrien, noticed them communicating with each other in hushed tones. Although she couldn't hear what they were saying to each other, she had a pretty good idea of what it was about. Laura, nevertheless, leaned in closer to listen in.


The old man who had an oxygen tank beside him was quite flustered as he was talking to the waitress. Laura knew that this was no ordinary conversation and that what was going on right here in her midst was interesting enough to be recorded. So she discreetly lowered her hand to her purse to grab her mobile phone. And, soon enough, she was there with her phone on hand, secretly recording the two individuals who were right across from her, talking in hushed tones.

Recording the Events

As Laura was across from them recording their every move, Evoni was trying to hear Adrien through all the background noise. The place was packed, after all, and the cacophony of sounds emanating from everywhere in the restaurant was drowning out Adrien's gentle whispering. 


The Waffle House was quite a busy place. Indeed, as Evoni was leaning in closer to Adrien to hear what he was saying, she was also being called by one of the cooks from behind the kitchen, who had been trying to get her attention for some time now. Evoni, being the committed waitress that she is, ignored the other calls for her attention and focused on Adrien, whom she felt she had to help first.

His Breakfast Plate

Evoni initially thought that Adrien called her attention to report that he wasn't happy with his food and wanted to have it replaced. But, it turns out that that wasn't what Adrien wanted. As Adrien whispered his request, Evoni simply nodded with a smile, took the plate he was handing over, and put it on the counter right in front of her.


The plate had a generous amount of eggs, home fries, slices of toast, and ham. And, instead of bringing the plate back to the kitchen as anyone who witnessed her exchange with Adrien would have expected her to do, she put the plate back on the counter in front of her. And as soon as she was done with what she needed to do, she handed the plate right back to Adrien with a smile.

The Bystander

Evoni, during this time, was focused on Adrien to the exclusion of everyone else, as if he was the only customer in the Waffle House for her. Other people needed to be served, too, to be sure, but Evoni knew that Adrien needed her for the time being and that she needed to abide.


This, of course, was all happening in front of Laura, who was secretly recording their whole exchange. It turns out, however, that it wasn't only Laura's camera that had recorded what went on between Adrien and Evoni

CCTV Footage

The Waffle House, apparently, had a Closed Circuit Television camera that was pointed directly at Adrien and Evoni. And it recorded everything, from Adrien calling Evoni's attention, to Evoni receiving Adrien's plate, doing to it what she needed to do, and then handing it back to Adrien.


The security camera was, fortunately, able to record everything, giving a clear and unobstructed view of the table where Adrien and Evoni had interacted. The footage would later be used by the Waffle House management and will also go viral, allowing thousands (if not millions) of people on the internet to learn about the special thing that happened between Adrien and Evoni.

Sharing Online

Laura was stunned by what happened, and she was glad that she was able to record the whole thing. When Evoni was done with what she had to do with Adrien's plate, she promptly gave it back with a smile and went on with her work of helping the other customers. 


Laura knew that she had to share with others what she just witnessed—she thought that it could be an eye-opener for everyone else. So she created a post on Facebook about it and shared the videos she took in the same post. Needless to say, she had absolutely no idea what would come out of it, or how it would forever change Evoni's life.

What Adrien Requested From Evoni

What happened between Adrien and Evoni, which Laura was able to secretly record, started with a request Adrien made to the waitress. Adrien was going through a number of health issues, and some of them progressed up to a point where he was no longer able to do things for himself that he used to be able to.


For an interview with ABC News, Adrien shared that he now has difficulty with even the menial task of handling a fork. “I can hold a fork fine and dandy, but to cut it looks like I’m going to stab somebody,” Adrien shared. Since he ordered the ham and needed to cut it into more manageable sizes, he decided to ask a waitress for help. 

Helping Out

In Evoni's interview with ABC News, she shared what transpired between her and Adrien at the Waffle House: “He was like, ‘My hands are not functioning too well." Apparently, Evoni couldn't quite understand what Adrien wanted, so she leaned in to clarify.


Evoni told ABC News that Adrien needed assistance in cutting his food, and she was happy to oblige. “He needed me to cut his food for him, so I did,” Evoni said. So She took his plate and started cutting Adrien's food into smaller pieces. When she was done, she slid the plate back to Adrien and went about her day. To Evoni, there was nothing special about what she did, because she thought that anyone in her position would have done the same. Of course, she had no idea that she was being recorded, and that the video would become viral online.



Laura's Facebook Post

Laura was deeply touched by what Evoni did for the man that she wanted to immediately share it with the world. And she thought that the best way to do that would be to post it on Facebook. In Laura's post, she wrote “I don’t know her name but I heard this elderly man tell her his hands don’t work too good.”


Laura's post went on to describe what happened: “He was also on oxygen and struggling to breathe. Without hesitation, she took his plate and began cutting up his ham. This may seem small but to him, I’m sure it was huge. I’m thankful to have seen this act of kindness and caring at the start of my day while everything in this world seems so negative.” Surely enough, it didn't take long for the post to go viral and get a ton of reactions.

Gone Viral

Laura shared that it took only a short time for the post to get an inordinate amount of reactions, comments, and shares. Her phone, in fact, kept lighting up, all while she was having her breakfast in the Waffle House. It seemed like many people felt the same way she did—they were extremely touched by what Evoni did for the old man, too. 


Laura wanted to leave a message for people in her post that went viral, so she added “If we could all be like this waitress and take time to offer a lending hand…” Of course, Laura herself had no idea that her post would lead to Evoni's life drastically changing for the better. 

The Community Finds Out

It would take just a few days for Laura's post about what she witnessed in her local Waffle House to reach epic viral proportions. Amazingly, the post has received north of 90,000 likes and a whopping 47,000 shares from people all over the world. Everyone was praising Evoni for her seemingly simple act of kindness, and many were saying that the world needed more people like her around.


Adrien, during the same ABC News interview, even said, laughingly: “Somebody told me two days later that I was very popular because they saw me on Facebook. They got a fancy picture of my suspenders in the back.” Everyone in the town—and many across the nation— had caught wind of what happened in the Waffle House. What's more, a very important person in the town heard about it, too, and decided to do something special.

The Mayor Pays a Visit

When the mayor of the city of La Marque, Texas, saw the viral video, he knew he had to pay Evoni a visit. 


Evoni was aware that the mayor was going to visit—indeed, a whole camera crew was waiting to film the event. But Evoni had no idea that it wasn't merely going to be a simple visit—oh, no, there was much more than the mayor planned.

The Big Day

The cameras, needless to say, were everywhere. And, not only that but reporters were also around, getting ready for the big meeting between Evoni and the mayor. A crowd already formed—it seems like a lot of people wanted to see the mayor honor Evoni for her inspiring act of kindness. Nobody knew, however, that the event would turn out to be more special than anyone expected.


When the mayor arrived, he immediately stood behind the counter, pretty much at the exact place where Evoni could be seen in the video cutting Adrien's food. The mayor told everyone that he had a special presentation to make, and then he proceeded to announce that March 8 will be a special day for the town—it will be known as the “Evoni ‘Nini’ Williams Day.”

Another Act of Kindness

Although it was the video that showed her helping Adrien that went viral, Evoni's newfound fame also led to the circulation of a few other heartwarming stories about her that people who knew her were sharing. One particular heartwarming story was about how she got her job at the Waffle House.


People found out that the reason Evoni was working at the Waffle House was so she could make enough money to be able to go to college. And since Evoni was now considered an inspiration for a lot of people in the town, a few La Marque residents set up a GoFundeMe page for Evoni, hoping it would help her raise the funds to go to college. And, as luck would have it, one very special person heard about Evoni's story and the fund put in her name.

Funds For College

The GoFundMe page that was set up to help Evoni raise funds to pay for her college was being shared by more and more people. And it very much seemed, even since the beginning, that they would reach their goal of $16,000. Many locals who've heard of Evoni's story immediately pitched in for the young waitress to be able to realize her dream of going to college. 


News of the effort gained steam all over social media. Indeed, the staff of the nearby Texas Southern University, which was located approximately 30 miles away from the Waffle House, got wind of the ongoing effort to get Evoni into college and decided to help. “We wanted to reward Evoni’s act of kindness,” said one school staff member for an interview.

The Special Guest

The Waffle House was packed again. It was the day the mayor visited Evoni to award her with her very own special day. Evoni's family and friends were all there. Laura and Adrien were there as well. But, unbeknownst to Evoni, someone very special was there in the restaurant, too. 


That special guest was the president of Texas State University. Apparently, he heard about Evoni's story and wanted to meet her. In a television interview, he explained that he wanted Evoni to know that “good deeds do not go unnoticed.” And when he was finally able to meet Evoni and tell her of his offer, everyone was overcome with emotion.

A Wonderful Gift

While the mayor was telling everyone that he was creating a special day to honor Evoni, the president of Texas State University stood behind him, ready to make another announcement. Finally, when the mayor was done with his speech, the University president started talking. And, then and there, in front of all Evoni's friends, family and supporters, he made the big announcement. 


The University president announced that the school was awarding Evoni with a scholarship to attend their school. He said that Evoni more than deserved the opportunity, because she was, in fact, a model citizen. The University president then proceeded to hand Evoni a gigantic check, which was for the aforementioned scholarship grant. Naturally, Evoni and a lot of the people in the room started to well up. They were simply touched by what they were witnessing. 

The New Friends of Evoni

Both Adrien and Laura, of course, were shedding tears of joy. Laura could never have guessed that her post would lead to everything turning out the way it did. She thought it would put a smile on a few people's faces, get a few likes, maybe even a few shares, and that would be the end of it. But what happened was much, much bigger than that. 


“It was so busy in here, you know? And she actually took the time to stop and hear what he had to say instead of walking past him. It just meant something to me,” Laura said, recalling how Evoni helped Adrien. 

Kindness Served Over Easy

Despite all the positive attention she received, despite all the praise, Evoni feels that she didn't do anything special. She even asserts that anyone in her position would have done the same thing.


In an interview for the local news, Evoni said “I don’t know, it was something I would do any other day." For everyone else, however, Evoni's beautiful act of kindness was so inspiring that it, without a doubt, merited recognition.

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