Sometimes you hear stories about women who don't know   they're pregnant   until they give birth, but it's not often that you ...

++ Utah Woman Gives Birth On A Plane Without Realizing She Was Pregnant In The First Place ++ Utah Woman Gives Birth On A Plane Without Realizing She Was Pregnant In The First Place

++ Utah Woman Gives Birth On A Plane Without Realizing She Was Pregnant In The First Place

++ Utah Woman Gives Birth On A Plane Without Realizing She Was Pregnant In The First Place

 Sometimes you hear stories about women who don't know they're pregnant until they give birth, but it's not often that you actually get to experience firsthand what happens when someone unexpectedly has a child. Recently, a whole flight full of people had a front-row seat to a birth that was a total surprise to everyone — even the mom.

Lavinia Mounga was flying from her home in Salt Lake City to Hawaii when she suddenly went into labor. To make things even more interesting, the experience was documented and shared on TikTok by Julia Hansen.

In the TikTok shared, you can hear a crew member announce the birth happened and also asking everyone on the plane to remain seated so the mom and baby can exit first. Julia explained that she was seated next to the woman's dad on the flight, who told her no one knew she was pregnant.

In her follow-up TikTok, Julia says, "To those wondering how she was able to fly in her third trimester, I sat next to her dad on the plane and he said they didn't even know she was pregnant."

A nurse from Kansas City named Lani Bamfield assisted with the birth and wrote about the experience on Facebook. "We delivered a 26-27 weeker in the airplane bathroom, in the middle of the ocean, with three NICU nurses, a Physicians assistant, and a family medicine doctor we were able to make it THREE HOURS before we could finally land but the baby and mom did great."

Both mom and baby, whom she reportedly named Raymond Kaimana Wade Kobe Lavaki Moung, were taken to Honolulu and are recovering. The baby's father, Ethan Magalei, also posted his own message on Facebook thanking everyone for their help.

He began by praising the mother of his child. "Life. It’s a crazy thing. It’s strange knowing that millions of people on the internet know about a birth that took place on a Delta flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to Honolulu, HI. A birth I could not be there for but still blessed to see videos of. A birth that only Lavi could endure and go through.. only her. If you don’t have the opportunity to know Lavi, it is nothing short of a blessing."

He continued, "With baby being born, waiting 3 hours to land, and rushing to the hospital, the fact that our son is here is a miracle and nothing short of it. Only being able to make FaceTime calls and sending texts to see him for the moment being is hard but trying to stay grateful and blessed that he is even here on this earth in the first place. The birth came as a shock to us both as we had NO idea that she was pregnant."

"I tried reaching out to all those personally who helped Lavi and deliver baby safely here while on that flight and if I didn’t message you but you are somehow seeing this, thank you. Thank you doesn’t do justice of how grateful I am for God putting you all on that flight to be there for Lavi, her family, and our son. I have no words to express my gratitude besides thank you. I am forever grateful."

"Our lives have forever changed and things are going to be challenging but with faith and work it will all be beautiful. I want to thank all of those that have reached out to Lavi and her family during this time and have even gone out to see her and baby, you are appreciated and loved."

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Un Garçon Sort Un Vieux Sac à Main De L'eau Et Appelle La Police

Un Garçon Sort Un Vieux Sac à Main De L'eau Et Appelle La Police

Quand Il Regarde à Lintérieur

North Carolina College Students Charged With Felony After Newborn Found Buried In Backyard

Published Oct 11, 2021
High Point Police Department/Facebook

A pair of college students have been charged after the remains of their newborn son were found in the backyard of a residential property.

High Point University student Olivia Billington, who's 21, birthed the child with boyfriend Alex Best, who's 19. According to authorities, both parents refused to seek out medical attention for their baby boy once he was born.

The boy, who was born on September 4, reportedly lived for two days before dying. As of right now, it's unclear how the boy died. Police say that Best took the boy's remains and buried them at his family's home on Tomlin Mill Road in Iredell County in North Carolina. The remains were found in a shallow grave after suspicions arose.

According to the High Point Police Department, Billington turned herself in on October 1. Since the time when the baby was found, both Billington and Best have been cooperating with authorities. When the baby boy was discovered, his body was in a box filled with blankets.

Both Billington and Best have since been charged with felony concealment of death. A High Point University spokesperson made a statement about the unfortunate loss, stating, "Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected. While the High Point Police Department oversees the investigation, the university continues to provide health, safety and support services on campus to all students."

After being interviewed over the incident, Alex Best was taken to the Iredell County Detention Center, where he was held on a $10,000 secured bond. He was reportedly released the next day, with a charge of failing to report the death of a child. While the incident happened in September, there's still a lot to figure out over why this happened.

It's also unclear as to whether or not the families of the young couple knew about the pregnancy. While there are plenty of resources out there for young parents in need of assistance, many people still don't know about them. Billington and Best have yet to state a reason as to why things happened the way they did. That information may come out during their hearings.

North Carolina, like many other states, has a safe haven law in place. That means that infants under 7 days of age can be surrendered to authorities with no questions asked. This has been put in place so that the child can be adopted to a family safely, without the parents living in fear of being arrested for abandonment.

For many young parents, they may be unaware of how important it is for newborns to be surrounded by medical care during and after their arrival. Not many people are knowledgeable about what can happen during childbirth. Even though home births are possible and often successful, pregnant women often opt to use midwives or doulas who know how to handle emergencies, and they're usually there as the birth is happening. But it seems like Billington and Best's baby was born without qualified medical personnel around.

It's unclear if they even processed at the time that their actions would be a crime. "Any person who, with the intent to conceal the death of a person, fails to notify a law enforcement authority of the death or secretly buries or otherwise secretly disposes of a dead human body is guilty," the statute states.

If the baby was taken in after birth, Billington and Best could have relinquished their rights and moved forward. "The Safe Haven law does not replace adoption, but rather provides a process for parents who feel that they have no other choice but to surrender their child," the North Carolina Medical Board states. "The parent's age does not matter."

While nothing will be able to erase this upsetting memory for Billington and Best, hopefully their case will raise more awareness for other young people who find themselves pregnant and confused — or pregnant without any knowledge about what to do when the baby arrives. Resources are out there, and nobody should feel nervous about checking them out. A baby is a life-changing experience.

While it seems as if Billington and Best are doing everything they can to cooperate in the investigation, it's still ongoing as an autopsy didn't reveal the cause of death. It's possible the baby may have had complications in the womb due to lack of medical care, if the parents chose not to see a doctor throughout the pregnancy. No matter what, this is a sad story that could have been prevented.

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Un Garçon Sort Un Vieux Sac à Main De L'eau Et Appelle La Police

Un Garçon Sort Un Vieux Sac à Main De L'eau Et Appelle La Police

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 Le Grand Mystère Derrière 'Oak Island' S'est Refermé - Une Fois Pour Toutes

Le Grand Mystère Derrière 'Oak Island' S'est Refermé - Une Fois Pour Toutes

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Baleine Commence à Faire Du Ram Diver, Elle Regarde En Bas Et Réalise Pourquoi

Baleine Commence à Faire Du Ram Diver, Elle Regarde En Bas Et Réalise Pourquoi

Regarde ce qu'il

Husband Says Wife Ruined Their Family Trip After Not Laughing About Mistress 'Jokes'

Published Oct 11, 2021

Just about every couple has jokes that are shared between them that not everyone will understand. But sometimes one person can think something is just a harmless "joke" and the other person might really have their feelings hurt.

One woman recently wrote on Reddit that she and her husband disagree in a big way about something he's saying is just a joke. The situation is pretty sticky and involves a family tradition of infidelity.

She writes that men in her husband's family all cheat on their wives.

To kick things off, the woman says that she found out after her wedding that men in her husband's family all have mistresses:

"I found out after we were already married that it’s very common for the older generation of men in my husband’s family to keep mistresses as long as they’re discreet about it and don’t have any outside babies."

Some family members joke about the practice.

"We went on vacation with my husband’s family, including his sister, cousins, and their spouses," she continued. "My sister-in-law needed to get some new clothes because she was supposed to leave earlier than the rest of us but decided to stay. While we were shopping the shop assistant was flirting with my husband. His cousin 'James' made jokes about adding her to my husband’s collection of girls in every country and how he always said a leopard never changes his spots and he knew marriage couldn't stop my husband. My husband and his other male cousins thought it was the funniest thing ever. I didn’t find it so funny and neither did his sister, who told James to shut up."

The woman felt extra sensitive about it.

Understandably, the woman doesn't really think the jokes are very funny.

"In the evening we were supposed to go for dinner and my husband noticed I wasn’t getting ready, so he asked me to hurry up," she explained. "I told him I didn’t want to go. We had an argument where he was saying James was just joking, I told him I didn’t find it funny, and he could take his mistress to dinner instead."

Her husband tried to apologize, but the damage was done.

"He kept insisting he didn’t have a mistress and that James was just making a dumb joke and he was sorry for laughing but I refused to budge. In the end, none of the other girls went to dinner with them, we all ended up going somewhere together and wouldn’t let them come with us."

Her sister-in-law agreed with her.

She and her sister-in-law decided to have their own trip:

"For the rest of the vacation my sister-in-law insisted we would treat it like a girls’ trip and the boys could do whatever they wanted without us. My husband was pissed at me for overreacting to a joke and ruining the family vacation, especially since James apologised too but things didn’t go back to normal."

People understand where she's coming from.

The woman wanted to know if she was in the wrong, and people don't think she was.

"'Joking' about a mistress is a deeply disrespectful thing to do," one commenter noted. "It sounds like you weren’t the only woman fed up with this kind of banter. It is a shame the holiday wasn’t what any of you planned it to be, but you are NTA for being upset.

"I will say this: now that you are home, perhaps it is time to move past it. Make it abundantly clear that these kind of 'jokes' are not tolerated, but let go. If it happens again, then it might be time to worry about the people in your life and re-evaluate things, but until then, enjoy life. Good luck."

The woman should probably also have a serious talk with her husband.

One person also suggested that the woman lay out specifically what she isn't OK with in her marriage: "I recommend a very serious conversation with your husband in which you make it very clear that you are NOT okay with adultery. And be explicit about what you see as cheating. Get your husband’s opinions on the matter, too. You’ll want to be very clear on these issues before you move forward as a married couple."

For some, the problem is definitely that his family member made the joke.

"My husband jokes about cheating. And I laugh with him. But it's only funny because it would never happen and we both know it," a commenter said.

"But you can be sure that if his friends or family were making the jokes, it would be anything but funny."

Ultimately, the whole group of men probably need to be more thoughtful.

"Knowing that it’s common (and seemingly accepted???????) in your husband’s family for men to have mistresses, it’s not really much of a joke," added a commenter. "It seems like they’re trying to make light of a very toxic reality - heaven forbid that’s not fun for you. It’s extremely telling that the rest of the women on the trip felt the same way. Your husband needs a reality check."

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