When This Sailor Returned From His Deployment, He Couldn’t Believe His Wife’s Secret


For centuries and centuries, warfare has created a number of undesired situations — one of which includes a parental figure leaving his/her loved ones in order to head to the battle field. There’s no denying how heartbreaking it must be for all involved to utter the words “see you soon.”

For Chris Daugherty and his wife, Natasha, they had no idea how different life would be the next time they saw one another. As a sailor in the United States Navy, Chris was headed off to sea for an extended period of time. A week after his deployment though, Natasha discovered something that would change both of their lives forever. However, Natasha decided it wouldn’t be right to tell Chris her secret until they saw each other in person again.


Chris and Natasha are parents to three kids — two girls and a boy. The family hails from the southern California city of Temecula. Chris — a sailor in the U.S. Navy — is constantly deployed in oceans all around the world. His latest deployment was not easy on the family.


The entire family traveled to San Diego as Chris was set to embark on a six-month employment. As he boarded the U.S.S. Vinson, Chris was scheduled to be stationed in the tension-filled waters of the Korean Peninsula. He held a rather important job.


Chris is employed as a Navy cryptographic technician. In other words, he works tirelessly to decipher codes and signals. Ironically enough, his wife was sneakily giving him signals about a rather large secret she was keeping. Chris was unable to decipher this secret as he continued on with his on-boat duties.

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A week after Chris set off for the Korean Peninsula, the family had really begun to miss him. This was normal, of course. Being the spouse of someone actively in the military certainly comes with complications. Chris isn’t there with Natasha to see all of the quirks, memories, and fun instances revolving around their children.


During this time, Natasha uncovered something that would completely change the trajectory of their family for the rest of their days. At first, Natasha wanted to immediately come clean with Chris. However, she came to another conclusion..


Natasha had this to say over her deliberation over spilling the beans with her husband/keeping her secret under wraps:

“I found out about a week after he left. I didn’t believe it. I emailed him and I told him to call me as soon as he gets a chance but then I thought about it for a few minutes and I was like, ‘You know, this isn’t how I want to tell him — in an email.’ I emailed him back and said, ‘I just miss your voice.’”

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As fate would have it, Natasha learned that she was pregnant with the couple’s fourth child. She was naturally over the moon at this point. With the distractions going on in the Navy, Natasha decided to keep the pregnancy a secret from Chris. She documented each week with pictures of her belly. While this was a joyous occasion, something happened which dampened the mood considerably…


Tensions between the United States and North Korea grew exponentially over the next year. Looming threats between the respective governments had millions of citizens concerned. The threat became incredibly real for Natasha. This forced her into reconsidering whether she should keep the pregnancy a secret or not.

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Natasha understood the entire situation within the realm of military life. She first met Chris whilst both were working in the Navy. She had been functioning as an IT system technician. Along the way, Natasha understood the inherent danger that many of the sailors could potentially face.


Additionally, Natasha was hoping that one of her young precocious daughters wouldn’t spill the beans about the pregnancy. After thinking about the situation, Natasha decided to not tell Chris about the impending birth. She’d often send him pictures of herself and the family — though she had to get a bit creative in order to hide the ever-growing bump.


Natasha would take pictures of the family with her daughters routinely sitting on her lap. She’d also be positioned behind objects, and would even use emojis in text messages to cover the bump. Chris had no idea. While Natasha was working two jobs to keep her family going, she received an update from Chris which caused some considerable stress.


Though Chris’ deployment was scheduled to be for five months, he let his wife know that the tour had been extended by 30 days. This was in part due to North Korea’s testing of ballistic missiles in the region. This news certainly wasn’t comforting — though Natasha stood steadfast with her secret.


After a long six-month period, Chris was safely on his way back to San Diego. Natasha and the family were elated at the news. She was finally able to reveal the secret she had been keeping for over half a year.


Both of Chris’ daughters were wearing sailor outfits in anticipation of seeing their father. The couple’s son had a poster of an American flag that had “Hi Dad” prominently written on the front. As Chris made his way off the ship and through the crowd, he spotted his children.

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The children mauled their father in an incredibly excited fashion. Chris was over the moon in reuniting with his children after such a long time away at sea. After embracing the children, he turned to Natasha. She cleverly held a poster over her belly with a very poignant phrase…

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With a sign including the phrase “Welcome Home Baby Daddy,” Natasha moved the sign to reveal her pregnant state. Poking her belly, Chris was incredulous over what he had seen. Standing there dumbfounded, Chris asked if Natasha was serious over being pregnant.


As soon as Natasha confirmed the news, a shocked Chris went over and planted a long kiss on Natasha. Those in attendance began clapping and cheering. At long last, the family had been reunited — and the secret sitting with Natasha had finally been revealed.


The family’s story made waves on numerous media outlets — including local KTLA5 as well as Good Morning America. The news truly did shock Chris:

“She said, ‘Surprise!’ and dropped the sign, and I was confused. And then I actually poked her belly because I wasn’t sure if she was playing a trick on me or not. Clearly, she was not.”


Throughout this journey, Natasha and Chris went through a number of highs and lows. Keeping this personal secret was not easy for Natasha. Duly, being away from his family was not ideal for Chris — particularly with the geopolitical issues revolving around his profession. With that said, the joyous birth of his daughter occurred earlier this year. The family is now once again complete.

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