Mother of tripless dies after her husband’s death. The reason will break your heart after this mother of triplets loses her husband in a tr...

@@ Mother Of Triplets Dies After Her Husband’s Death @@ Mother Of Triplets Dies After Her Husband’s Death

@@ Mother Of Triplets Dies After Her Husband’s Death

@@ Mother Of Triplets Dies After Her Husband’s Death

 Mother of tripless dies after her husband’s death. The reason will break your heart after this mother of triplets loses her husband in a tragic car accident. She also passes away. This heartbreaking story is not for the faint of heart.

Anna Paula Faria was a beautiful young mom

She once made headlines in Brazil when she gave birth to triplets in 2016. At first, she thought she was pregnant with twins, but after being admitted to the local hospital, the medical team broke the news to her. While giving birth, Anna discovered she was pregnant with triplets. Apparently, one of the babies had not shown up on the ultrasound scans. Luckily, the baby did not cause any problems and she delivered the triplets within five minutes.

All three babies were healthy. Her husband, Renato Santos, was delighted, and the newspapers also loved this story. The small town where Anna lives has just over 20 inhabitants and she became a local celebrity for a while. The couple’s life was great. They had three healthy children and loved each other very much, but things were about to change.

Now back to the story

The first tragedy struck the family in September 2021, when Renato died in a car accident. Now Anna had lost her beloved husband and her three children were left fatherless. The grief was immense and Anna’s last Facebook post was to remember her husband five months without you, she wrote.

I miss you. My chest hurts, the tears are flowing and there’s nothing I can do. Nothing fills this void. You left and I am looking for a way to move on. You left me with three reasons to go on by the three healthy reasons.

She was, of course, referring to her triplets. By now they were five years old and required a lot of attention. This must have been a very hard time for her. Anna posted the message on Monday, 8 March 2021, but she wrote the text to express her grief that would ultimately turn out to be her farewell. And just five months after the children lost their father, they would also lose their mother.

A week before her death

Anna developed symptoms of COVID-19 and was tested, but the result was negative. To be sure, she repeated the test a few days later. This time it was positive. She was admitted to hospital, but her condition worsened. Shortly afterward.

She was admitted to intensive care but passed away. This was the same hospital where she had given birth to her three children. Anna’s death came just a week after that of her sister, Karina Angelica Faria, 33, who had also contracted the virus due to her worsening condition and needed to be intubated. But no ventilator was available. The three five-year-olds are now orphans and are in the care of their grandparents.

What a tragic story

Laurie and Chris Kobel, two people who also know how tragic life can be are Lori and Chris Cobell. On 4th May 2007, their lives were shattered in an instant, but almost a year later, a miraculous turnaround would occur on what seemed like an ordinary day. Laurie was on her way home with her three beautiful children, Kyle, Emma, and Kate. Laurie’s mother was sitting next to her and the children were sitting in the back of the car.

They were each doing their own thing. Kyle was playing a video game, the ammo was watching TV and Kate had fallen asleep. It was the day after Kyle’s fifth birthday and they had spent it visiting the local Ferris wheel. The last thing Laurie remembers was looking back as the car stopped to check on her children. They were all fine.

She squeezed Kate’s toe to wake her up and then turned around again

What happened next? She only knows from what others have told her. A huge loaded truck traveling at an estimated 122 km/hour slammed into the back of her car. Lori was knocked unconscious and the children and their mother were seriously injured.

The accident was so serious

That rescue team decided to send Lori and her children to different hospitals. The husband, Chris, was kept in the loop, but as he soon learned, even the best experts could not save the children. As Laurie’s body had suffered, she had no memory of what had happened. In mourning, Chris had to inform his wife of the accident and explain the loss of the three children. Determined that what had happened would not be in vain.

The bereaved couple began to investigate the road transport industry and its shortcomings and soon realized that there were many with a history of speeding. The truck driver responsible for the accident pleaded not guilty to three counts of manslaughter and was sentenced to jail. But Lori and Chris wanted more than justice. This is an industry that is based on pay for miles driven, Chris said at the time, for many truckers, if that truck is not rolling, they are not getting paid. This creates a whole industry where danger and real safety issues are encouraged.

These truckers are speeding and they are tired

But right in the middle of their quest for justice, the couple stumbled upon a strange twist after the death of their children. Their grief was immense and it was a long time before they managed to get back to doing the most basic things. But one thing that had always been clear from the beginning was the fact that they wanted to have children again. Their three children had added so much to their lives.

Already. Six months after the accident, a pregnancy test revealed that Lori was pregnant. But this was not all Lori was carrying, not just one baby, but three. And of the three, there were two girls and a boy just like the ones they lost. The triplets were conceived through in vitro fertilization.

In the procedure, ten of Lori and Chris’eggs were fertilized

and three became viable embryos. According to Chris, there was only a 10% chance that they would be viable. The doctors wanted to implant only two of them, but Lori and Chris thought that this would not be right. They had a hunch that this was bound to happen. And as they had lost three children, they asked for all three embryos to be transferred.

After some convincing

The doctors agreed. Now the tragic loss of the couple was met with new hope. Over the months, they saw a counselor every week to help them deal with the emotions. On the one hand, there was the immense loss of three beautiful children, and on the other, the promise of three new babies, Ashley, Eli and Jake. I think the reason I survived was to stay here with Chris.

I believe that he couldn’t make it alone, and I think that I survived so we could continue our family talking about these moments, Chris said counseling helped us work through the issues of trying to deal with grief and at the same time thinking happiness is a two sided coin, and we deal with it every day. Of course, the three little miracles would be no substitute for the lost children. But the couple believe that the children taken by the accident are somehow responsible for the magical coincidence. Today, they seem to be doing well.

And in August 2021, the family posted a photo of Ashley, Eli, and Jake on Instagram, in which they are seen holding a piece of paper stating that they are about to move on to 8th grade.

Of course, Lori and Chris are also still thinking a lot about their

Other three children and frequently share photos of Kyle, Emma and Kate, Tara and Dirk Lindsay. One night in 2004, Tara and Dirk Lindsay decided to go out to dinner with their three children, Rachel, Madeleine, and baby jets. They were excited about the future. They wanted to celebrate their plans to start a sheep farm in Texas, but instead, their lives were about to change. A drunk driver crashed into their car.

The couple was rushed to the hospital, where they were in critical condition for a week. Then they found out what had happened. The medical staff didn’t want us to know. They were afraid it would make our condition worse, said Tara. When Tara woke up surrounded by friends, she knew something was wrong.

She asked for her children

And the silence spoke for itself, still fighting for their lives to live and not even be able to attend her children’s funerals. Tara’s mother instead planned the funeral of her grandchildren while her daughter mourned in the medical ward. We were able to attend the funeral by ambulance, and then they brought us back, Tara explained. To add to their grief, the drunk driver never apologized, but the Lindsays knew they still had much love to give wanted a future with children, and could not imagine a life without them.

They were ready to rebuild their family.

And as Tara had her tubes tied after the birth of their son, adoption would be their method. It was a long process, but two years after the accident, they received a phone call that their adoption agency had approved their application and they would soon be parents to twin girls whom they named Dobb and Fate. When asked how many children they have, the couple replied that they have five, three in Heaven and two on Earth. We don’t want Daub and Fate to feel in the shadows, but we will never forget our biological children.

Tara admitted we will always have that pain in our hearts

But you can live after a tragedy. For me, tragic stories like these serve as a reminder of how short life is, and I hope the families are doing well. How did these stories make you feel? Did you find them inspiring or heartbreaking? 

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