Sixyearold girl says her last words before she dies Listening to her parents are shocked. You’ll be utterly taken aback by the last words ...

6-year-old girl says her last words before she dies listening to her parents are shocked 6-year-old girl says her last words before she dies listening to her parents are shocked

6-year-old girl says her last words before she dies listening to her parents are shocked

6-year-old girl says her last words before she dies listening to her parents are shocked


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Sixyearold girl says her last words before she dies Listening to her parents are shocked. You’ll be utterly taken aback by the last words that this sixyearold had to say before she passed away. After hearing what their daughter had had to say to them before she passed away, these parents were in excruciating discomfort.

It was an experience that cannot be described well, she took her hands in theirs and staring into her eyes, she convinced them to promise something that made them feel terrified. Although it was an extremely difficult task, they attempted to maintain their composure in the face of the situation.

However, they were able to determine the cause for her final request later on. It was a bucket of ice water for Martha and Philippe when they found out that their little girl only had been unwell. Because the little girl had always been a very strong and robust young lady who had never experienced any health complications, it was difficult to believe what was happening to her.

Her presence in their life had been a blessing from God and they had never believed that he would be able to take her away from them in such a short period of time. But that was exactly what had happened.

They had always been strong believers and they had reinforced that belief in her as a child. So Tiny Annie had grown up to be a devout believer. That little angel who had been so small grew in before of the couple’s eyes. It was of those who felt as if their lives were as full as a result of the joy the tiny Annie carried home with her were truly blessed. She was a lifeline for them at one of the most difficult periods of their relationship.

The most magnificent gift that God had sent them, providing them with strength and hope in their lives, was the crucifix. As a result, when Tiny Annie began to feel unwell, they made an effort not to be frightened. Due to the fact that their daughter had always been in excellent health and full of life, they were oblivious to the first warning that life sent them. The recurring bruises that developed out of nowhere on her petite frame were debilitating. The couple believed that the little girl forced them to play, so they downplayed the significance of the game as time passed and her situation deteriorated.

When the small child couldn’t stop vomiting one day her mother called 911. Alarmed by what was happening, her parents surrendered their daughter to the care of God and transported her to the nearest hospital in hope that she was only a temporary condition. However, as time went on, the little girl began to suffer significantly more. As a result, it was difficult for them to perceive her in that light because her symptoms were becoming more severe and their prayers were going unanswered. The doctors were in responsibility of conducting all of the necessary tests to establish what disease that little girl was suffering from.

Unfortunately, the news was not encouraging at the least. The results revealed that the small girl had a tumor on her head which would gradually crush her skull until she was reduced to the condition of a vegetative consciousness. The parents were torn apart by the news, believing that God had abandoned their children. They were baffled as to how anything like this could have occurred to their daughter, who is nothing more than a little angel of God. Although the doctors explained to them that nothing could have been done previously because the tumor wasn’t difficult to treat location, the doctor still refused to accept their explanation.

Despite this, they determined to do everything in their power to save the tiny child from harm. It was at that point that the parents decided to put God out of their minds. She and her husband concentrated on doing everything they could to save their daughter, who was exposed to extremely harsh therapy that did not provide them with much hope and made tiny Annie weaker and weaker. They, on the other hand, refused to believe that their tiny angel was from another realm. Unfortunately, they tried everything they could think of to try to extend the life of their daughter, but none of their efforts were successful.

Consequently, one day, when they had given up hope that tiny Annie would survive, they were approached by a doctor who shared their daughter’s potential to save lives of other children who were struggling for their lives. That prospect struck them as completely terrifying and out of the realm of possibility. Although the doctor attempted to explain that there were many children who were waiting for a transplant to save their lives, her father became upset and began screaming at the doctor, and her mother sobbed uncontrollably at the prospect of such a possibility.

The man’s parents ejected him from the house before he could complete his explanation of the circumstances of the situation. Little Annie, on the other hand, was dissatisfied because she understood that her small body was gradually losing strength and that she had become confined to a hospital bed, prohibiting her from performing the things she enjoyed the most dancing, which is the only thing she can do in life.

After a while, the little girl couldn’t take it any longer, and grasping her parents’hands in hers, she begged her father not to give her any more medicines because she didn’t want to have to go to the hospital any longer. She merely wanted to be content with God’s blessings. I don’t want it to be painful. I’m madly in love with you, but all I want to do is relax. I’m a little confused, admitted Tiny Annie to her bemused parents.

I’d like to live with other youngsters in a family setting. I have to save their lives just as the doctor instructed me to do. God has revealed to me that this is my life’s mission and I’m grateful. I, as well as you must go on. Please promise me that I will continue to exist in those tiny ones who are currently suffering in a hospital bed until they recover.

At first, the parents were absolutely immobilized since they were unable to explain how their young daughter had communicated with God, let alone how she had learned so much about the matter of transplanting her organs. However, as time went on, they came to the conclusion that this was unquestionably God’s plan for their little angel. As a result, they were forced to make the most painful decision of their lives. They had to cease trying to prolong the life of their daughter and allow her to live happily ever after. Annie began to show signs of progress.

From that point on, she was in a good mood. She was able to dance once more, demonstrating to them how much she cherished them. She also assured them that she would look after them herself once she was in the presence of God in paradise. Little Annie waved goodbye to her parents who couldn’t keep their tears from streaming down their faces. She grabbed their hands in hers and expressed gratitude to them for allowing her to be joyful over those last few days.

She also requested them not to mourn for her, but rather to be glad for her and to do everything they could to help her save many other little ones like her. Little Annie was taken from this world in a matter of moments, and although their daughter’s parents eventually agreed to their daughter’s request and many others had transplants as a result of their small girls efforts, it was a difficult blow for them because they did not comprehend the significance of doing something like that at that time. As a result of that awful event, they were left feeling entirely alone in this world, which was extremely difficult for them to bear. In a short period of time, their lives had taken a dramatic turn and they were haunted by guilt over the loss of their daughter. Her mothers slipped into a deep despair, sobbing uncontrollably from every room in the home.

However, the father continued to go to work on a regular basis, but he appeared to be dead even though he was still alive before. One day, while heading to work, he happened to come across a young boy who was waiting for him just in front of his place of business. He was shocked when this small kid approached him and gave him a spontaneous hug as he had no prior knowledge of the little boy from any place. Suddenly, the small boy went away, his eyes welling up with tears and said, Mr. My name is Mattiao and I’d like to express my gratitude to you for granting me the opportunity to continue living.

You see, I was suffering from heart failure a few years ago, but a donation saved my life one day I had a bizarre dream of a couple of days ago that I’d like to share with you. I had a dream about a young angel who wanted me to hug you and assure you that she was well. I woke up feeling relieved. She wants you to know that you made the proper decision and that you should be pleased with yourself. After that, I told my parents about you and the three of us decided to go on a search for you because his life was becoming bleak without his little girl.

Those words left the guy sobbing uncontrollably and at that same moment, he dashed to notify his wife believing that it had been an act of God and meeting the little boy that day helped him realize that his daughter had been an angel sent to Earth to test his faith. And as a result, they decided to move forward and seek safety in the Church. Grateful for the most precious chance that had been presented with God had been able to provide them with the opportunity to become parents. Please accept our sincere thanks for taking the time to hear this story once again. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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