Obesity is a huge public health issue throughout the world. Everyone puts forth a lot of effort to lose weight, whether it’s through food ...

## Everyone laughed when he married a Fat ugly girl, but two years later, they regretted it! ## Everyone laughed when he married a Fat ugly girl, but two years later, they regretted it!

## Everyone laughed when he married a Fat ugly girl, but two years later, they regretted it!

## Everyone laughed when he married a Fat ugly girl, but two years later, they regretted it!


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Obesity is a huge public health issue throughout the world. Everyone puts forth a lot of effort to lose weight, whether it’s through food or exercise. However, this girl’s purpose was turned on its head. When it reached 317 kg in weight, it was declared a success. Monica Riley, a native of Texas in the United States, set out to become the world’s heaviest woman.

Her lover, on the other hand, wanted her to become a mother. As soon as she found out she was pregnant, her dream of becoming overweight came crashing down. Monica, on the other hand, later stated that she now wants to be a mother and as a result, she wants to be thin. Monica Riley, 28 years old, gained £700 in her quest to become the world’s fattest woman. She’d Gorge herself on double cheeseburgers and eat as many chicken Nuggets as she could in one setting.

Riley, from Fort Worth, Texas experienced two miscarriages before becoming pregnant for the second time. She’s already working out in order to be active when her son is born in a few months. This is the story of a woman whose life objective was to be the fattest lady on the planet. She’s described how becoming pregnant served as a tremendous wake up call for her regarding her weight. Monica Riley, a morbidly obese woman from Fort Worth, Texas would consume 100 calories a day in an attempt to become immobile and bedbound.

According to her doctor, Riley weighed 700 lbs at the age of 28 and was dependent on her feet her fiance Sid for regular nourishment, but she was subsequently dropped an incredible £201 in just ten weeks. After becoming pregnant for the third time.

After consuming an extreme junk food diet including double cheeseburgers and 30 chicken Nuggets in one setting and gaining £700, Monica Riley of Fort Worth, Texas was forced to seek help. She was diagnosed with an eating disorder and underwent surgery to lose the weight. Monica and her young fiancee Sid became pregnant for the first time last summer, but the baby was miscarried.

The couple’s second pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 14 weeks, but they’re currently expecting their third child. Riley has had two miscarriages reevaluating her lifestyle in order to carry her child to term and be a hands on mother to her child. Riley is currently pregnant with her third child. In her own words, Riley States, at one point in my life I wish to be the tallest woman on the planet. I wish to be bedridden and immobilized and to be a continuous basis.

However, now that I’m expecting a child, it served a wake up call. She claims she is now 15 weeks pregnant and on a mission to lose weight, having already shed £201 in just ten weeks, bringing her total weight loss to £499 and that she’s now at her lowest weight ever. It’s important to me that I can be active with my child. I want to be able to get up and go about with him or her and be involved in every aspect of his or her life. She said she couldn’t do that if she was immobilized.

She found out she was pregnant for the first time last summer when she was 23 years old. Although the couple was taken by surprise by the news, they were pleased at the idea of becoming parents. Riley, on the other hand, was at her heaviest weight of £700 and continued to indulge in her extreme diet, completely unconscious of the potential harm this could be doing to the baby’s health on any given day. During that time period.

A typical day’s food might include six scones, six sausages in a bun, sugary cereal, two weight gain shakes, four MC chicken sandwiches, four double cheeseburgers, a large order of French fries, three chicken Nuggets, macaroni and cheese, Taco Bell and one gallon of ice cream.

Riley stated that she wished to become the world’s fattest lady and that her ultimate goal was to become immovable. Sid, her feeder fiance, would assist her in consuming her extreme Junk Food diet. After only a few weeks of celebrating their wonderful news, their expectations were dashed when a twelve week ultrasound revealed that the fetus had male formations and would not be able to survive. Riley and Sid continued to try for a child, and a few months later Monica discovered she was pregnant for the second time. Tragically, she began bleeding excessively on Christmas Eve at 14 weeks, and the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage once more.

I was depressed and had been sobbing a lot, she recalled. It was only after that that I picked myself up and kept going. I just had to put everything behind me and pretend like it never happened, says the author. Monica’s Extreme Junk Food Diet How She Consumed 10,000 Calories a Day A typical day’s food would contain the following breakfast six stones, six sausages and a bread roll and a large bowl of sugary cereal are on the menu in the morning. Snacks two protein shakes for weight growth.

Lunch special, four McChicken sandwiches, four double cheeseburgers plus a huge order of French fries. Dinner consists of 30 chicken Nuggets, macaroni and cheese, Taco Bell’s meal and a gallon of ice cream, among other things. Riley believes she is at fault for the miscarriages and after learning that she had developed type two diabetes as a result of her weight, she and Sid decided to put their intentions to conceive a family on hold for the time being. I believe that my weight had an impact on my previous pregnancy. There’s no conclusive medical data, but I believe that if I had been in better health, the infants would have been stronger.

I’m quite aware that my eating habits were appalling. The fact that I didn’t realize how risky it was to be pregnant at this size previously made me even more determined not to lose further babies. I want to be in good health so that the baby can continue to grow, Riley believes she has enough incentive to keep going because of the physician’s guidance and Sid’s assistance.

Riley has lost weight through exercise and eating healthier meals, and she’s determined to maintain her fitness level when her new baby is born in the near future. The Texas mothertobee has reduced her daily calorie intake from 100 to 20 calories, which she acknowledges has been difficult for her to accomplish.

I’m changing my eating habits, getting more exercise and taking better care of my body, she says. Trying to get appropriate sleep every night and waking up every day is making a difference, and I immediately notice a difference. I’m still a lot of weight. Walking is still difficult for me, but I’m regaining my energy now. She’s eating nutritious salads and steamed vegetables with chicken breasts, and she’s going on daily walks to help her weight loss goals.

However, it has not been a simple adjustment. At dinner, I like to have chicken breast with steamed veggies, but cheese and spaghetti are two things I really miss. The diet has been quite challenging for me, she admits. Much crying has taken place, as many as psychological difficulties. Food was, in a sense, an addiction for me, just like alcohol or drugs were for others.

I am now eating 2000 calories per day, as opposed to 100 calories per day previously, which is a significant reduction. Avocados and Brussels sprouts are two healthy meals that I adore, and they’re among my top five favorite foods. Dinner for me is usually chicken breast with steamed vegetables, but I have to admit that I miss cheese and pasta when I’m not eating them.

In addition, although her weight was initially what drew Chubby chaser Sid’s attention, she believes that becoming parents will improve their relationship even as she loses weight. Despite her initial concern that he would grow less attracted to her, a part of me was concerned that as I dropped weight, Sid would lose interest in me on a sexual level.

We did meet on a fat fetish website a little more than a year ago, and I’m sure he’s a sucker for my curves. I discussed it with him and he told me that he loves me regardless of my physical appearance. I’m not simply drawn to her physical appearance, he continued. I’m attracted to her because she’s a complete and total person. At this rate, it doesn’t matter if she weighs £120 or not.

I assured her that no matter how small she is, I would still be head over heels in love with her. In other words, there’s no two ways about it. In the meantime, Riley and Sid, who is of average build and has always eaten healthily, are looking forward to the future and intend to keep up their healthy eating habits after the baby is brought into the world. I don’t have a specific weight in mind. It’s more about health than physical appearance.

For me, the pregnancy is proceeding normally and the baby’s heartbeat is strong. As the baby grows older, we’ll urge him or her to consume nutritious foods. I don’t want my children to grow up believing that being overweight is a bad thing. All I want is for them to be active, healthy and happy. All we want is for the baby to be healthy so that we can finally begin our lives together as a family and perhaps even have additional children in the future, said continued.

All I want is to provide him or her with the best possible life and that’s all that matters. Monica’s Tale made headlines a few years ago and it continues to do so today. Let us inform you that numerous studies have been published that demonstrate that obesity is hazardous to an unborn kid. Study was conducted by Columbia University and the Texas University of America last year. The researchers looked at 368 moms and their children.

Women who were obese during pregnancy had children with an intellectual level that was up to five points lower than children of women of normal weight, according to the study. Obesity is a complicated condition characterized by an abnormally high level of body fat.

Obesity is a serious health issue that goes beyond appearances, an underlying medical condition that increases the likelihood of developing various diseases and health problems including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and certain malignancies, among others.

There are a variety of factors that contribute to some people’s inability to lose weight. Obesity is typically caused by a combination of genetic, physiological and environmental variables as well as individual nutrition, physical activity and exercise decisions.

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