He was born without arms. Ten years later, he shocked everyone. Katie Whitton, a Texas mother, has been inspired by the video. Earlier thi...

## He was born without arms 10 years later he shocked everyone ## He was born without arms 10 years later he shocked everyone

## He was born without arms 10 years later he shocked everyone

## He was born without arms 10 years later he shocked everyone


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He was born without arms. Ten years later, he shocked everyone. Katie Whitton, a Texas mother, has been inspired by the video. Earlier this month, Widden posted a video of her four yearold son’s first steps on her Facebook page, and it quickly went viral. She documented Camden’s progress on social media.

When he learned to walk with the help of some coaching and a motivational speech from his father, uncontrollable tears streamed down my face. I am immensely proud of Camden, I explained, as the anticipation for this moment built from the previous four years.

In the footage, Cole can be heard cheering his son on from the opposite side of the street as he makes his way towards him. I’m walking, Camden can be heard saying in the video, which has already had more than 64,000 views. Amelia Folkamelia Syndrome, which means he was born without completely developed limbs, was diagnosed on Whitton’s blog.

The author wrote that Camden has both of his upper arm bones, but he lacks both of his radius bones and both of his ulna bones in both of his arms. In her writing, she stated that his right humerus was growing two to three weeks behind schedule, while his left humerus was growing roughly nine weeks behind schedule throughout pregnancy. On top of that, Camden’s left hip femur is only a few inches long. In addition to the tibia and fibula bones on each side, his right femur is missing. There were two to three weeks of delay in the growth of the left and right humerus, respectively, during her pregnancy with him, according to her writing.

On his left tip, Camden has a femur that’s only a few inches long. One of his femurs is missing, as are tibias and fibulas on both sides. Hundreds of Facebook users express their appreciation and joy at Camden’s remarkable achievement in response to his four year old self. When I think of my sweet kid, I’m thrilled that he’s in an atmosphere where he’s surrounded by adults who are prepared to give him positive feedback. The user Jackie Chapper wrote, thank you, Camden in response.

I had already seen it 20 times in the first hour of today’s morning. My tears are making things difficult at work, too. D MC Lennon Green, a Twitter user, expressed her admiration for the children in the group’s. Comments when it comes to your own mentality, I’d want to give you one piece of advice. Don’t change it at all.

Thank you so much, big guy, for everything you do. Having you as a member of your family is a huge honor and you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. User Natalie Weimer encouraged him to keep up the excellent work, saying, we enjoy keeping track of your development and enjoying your wins. Friends and family members of Camdens even send in images of their own children in similar situations. He can draw and paint and sit up and feed himself, as well as wash his own face or teeth, according to Widden’s blog.

Aside from picking his nose and finding Farts entertaining, he is rumored to be a constant source of conflict between his younger sister and the rest of the family. Despite the fact that Camden was born without arms or legs, his mother’s eyes welled up with tears as she watched him take his first steps on Sunday.

A moving video of a four year old Texas boy who was born with no arms or legs has encouraged thousands to take their first steps. After seeing his journey, her kid Camden, slipped across the floor of their dented apartment to her boyfriend, Cole Green and into his arms on Sunday afternoon. A long time had passed since the mother of three had anticipated this point in life.

23 year old Whitney tells People. He and his friends broke into tears because we were so pleased after the fantastic experience. When that day came, I had no idea when it would occur. I was shocked and delighted because I didn’t expect him to be ready for it quite yet. His sister Riley was weeping and giggling with glee over there.

It was incredibly wonderful. I’m right here. You won’t fall, Green tells the tiny child in the now viral video of him counseling Camden as he sits on the floor in a red and white striped onesie to you, I give an oath. The result in Camden has been amazing. Camden exclaims.

I’m coming to you in the video. Let’s go for a walk. As Camden makes his way to Green, his three yearold sister Riley, can be seen standing next to him. Camden arrives at Green soon after, where Riley can be seen bouncing around on her feet, video captioner Whitton stated. With some coaching and prep talk from his Daddy, Camden finally learned to walk.

I burst into tears finally. I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was a kid. I’m so happy Camden has no arms or legs. According to Witten, who claims to have had an ultrasound when she was just 18 weeks pregnant when he was diagnosed, it was determined that he had Amelia Folkamelia. When I first learned that baby would be born without arms or legs, I figured he would just be a vegetable, she tells People magazine.

I wasn’t sure what to anticipate, she says. I was nervous because I was only 19 and didn’t know whether I could live up to his expectations. When he was about two months old, I had him lying on my bed, his mother says. He was pitting the toys in the face when I saw them in the corner of my eye. It made me so happy and it confirmed my hope that he would achieve his goals.

That I broke down in tears. That’s exactly what he did, and he did it perfectly. He was quickly doing things like raising his head, rolling over and throwing toys. At first, Widen says, I was skeptical, but he’s just shown to me that I don’t have any reason to be skeptical when it comes to social media. Wooden doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing photos of Camden and isn’t shy about reporting his medical condition when it comes to helping others, she believes he isn’t the only one like him.

Giving him this exposure will provide him a platform so that when he’s ready to speak for himself, he’ll have people who truly want to hear what he has to say. Also, another case with similar circumstances about a boy who was born without arms and legs inspires he does everything any other kid does. A mother may identify her child even if they’ve never met. Devin Toomey felt that way in 2009 when she saw a photo on an international adoption agency for special needs kids. It was my third visit, and I’d seen so many kids, I was moved by them all, she recalls.

A mother may identify her child even if they’ve never met. Devin Toomey felt that way in 2009 when she saw a photo on an international adoption agency for special needs kids. It was my third visit, and I’d seen so many kids, I was moved by them all, she recalls. Except for one kid delivered without limbs or legs, she had never felt prompted to email the agency. He was our son.

The moment I saw him, something spoke to me, she says. Bowen, to me age five, is a happy Kidner gardener with two older brothers living in Eagle, Idaho. Nearly four years later, he enjoys school, trampolining, reading and keeping up with Heath, eight, and Brooks, also five. Bowen uses his lips or a special band to handle objects like a spoon when most kids use their hands. He does everything a kid does.

He just does it differently, so if they’re skating, he skates. I think he already knows how to get on and off, the mother says. Bowen enjoys swimming and can already dive and swim independently, using barrel rolls to navigate the pool. Water is the one location where he feels truly unrestricted, says Toomey. Toomey, a former special education teacher, and Jeremy knew they wanted to adopt.

Nine months after finding Bowen on an orphanage’s website in Serbia, the whole family traveled to Belgrade to welcome him home, watch the footage from NBC affiliate KTVB. Bowen had been adequately cared for after the orphanage, but he was clearly overlooked. They couldn’t help him, so he just laid in his crib to me, adds. The young boy’s reaction to his new family stunned everyone. He really emanated delight from the moment we saw him, she adds.

Back in America, Bowen’s physical limits and lack of care muted his joy. He was 18 months old and unable to move. He couldn’t bend. He was mute. He couldn’t even chew.

Due to the orphanage’s neglect, Jamie recalls. Bowen couldn’t chew because his prior meals were merely hot broth and watered down porridge. But with therapy and perseverance, he could soon sit up and move around on his own. Then Bowen had to learn to use a wheelchair and prosthetics, which was not always easy. It’s not like removing limbs through surgery.

That’s to me and amputees muscles don’t know how to walk. When he dislikes the prosthesis today, his parents insist he practice with them so his body becomes accustomed to them. In the future. Bowen utilizes an electric wheelchair at school. He just started kindergarten in a regular class.

He reads first grade. He was counting up to 280 recently. His only problem is conversational speech. But he understands everything his mother explains. Bowen manages at home alone with the occasional support from his protective big brother, Heath.

People stare at him and call him weird, says the eightyearold who confronts the taunters. Sometimes I say Bowen was born and can accomplish many things we can’t to me, acknowledges it’s hard to hear snide remarks or endure snide looks. I won’t lie and say it’s always easy, but we try, she says. Strangers who notice Bowen’s grin and pure delight comment on his smile and pure joy. He admits everyday challenges include moving up and down the stairs.

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